Maintaining Healthy Relationships In College


The college years typically last from 18 to 22 years old. Within these years, you become independent and learn to live on your own. Although it is an exciting time, it comes with many challenges and obstacles to overcome. Many students need to juggle their relationships, schoolwork, and personal health. Sometimes, it can feel like a struggle to keep healthy relationships with the people you care about while also trying to take care of yourself. Thankfully, as you progress in school, it becomes easier to manage everything and you learn what works for you. Maintaining healthy relationships brings people more happiness and less stress, so follow for some tips on healthy relationships! 


Talk To Each Other 

It can’t be emphasized enough, communication is key for healthy relationships. Take the time to genuinely be there and listen. Sometimes the best thing to do is simply listen to the other person while they confide in you. If something is bothering them, it is important to ask the right questions and provide a helping hand if they need. If you are living with a roommate, this is especially important, as you have to share common areas like the living room or kitchen. Cleaning duties or having other people over in your dorm or apartment needs to be run by the other person. Therefore communication is key in all instances! 

Be Flexible 

If you’re in college, chances are you have lots of responsibilities to attend to. With this said, you must be flexible with friends or significant others if they don’t have the same time to meet as you do. Try to plan hangouts in advance when you both have the time, If something comes up, don’t hang it over their head. Instead, remember that we all have busy lives, so it is okay if the other person bails or makes a change of plans. 

Dating Life 

Safe Sex 

Dating and making new connections is an important part of the college experience. If you decide to have sex with a new partner or become intimate, practice safe sex. Remember to use a condom and ask the tough questions that matter. For example, asking your new partner if they have gotten tested recently is not something you should be afraid of. Of course, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you are worried that you have an STD, there are signs and symptoms you should look out for. One of the most dangerous sexually transmitted diseases is HIV. HIV symptoms can progress and become worse if you don’t get it treated or looked at by a doctor. In fact, it can progress to AIDS if it gets worse without being treated! Overall, get tested frequently if you are going to be sexually active. 

Having Fun 

If you are new to dating someone, it can be fun to plan dates and various activities that you both enjoy. Some great date ideas include bowling, dinner, the movies, or a hike. It is great if you both have common interests that you can appreciate together. With all the stress that comes with school, having fun and socializing is important to your health and happiness. If they are also in school, you can study together and make trips to the library. It is amazing to have someone who also supports your goals.

Hobbies And Social Life 

Joining A Club

Joining a club is a great way to meet new people and foster a great social life. Through a club, you can find people with common interests who you can relate to. This is also an amazing way to meet new friends and connect with people you wouldn’t have otherwise. There are many great ways to get involved on campus. Check out the clubs or events at the beginning of the semester, as most students will create pop-ups and hand out flyers during this time! 

Parties And Social Events

With college comes parties and social gatherings. Make sure you are safe while you attend a new party and don’t do anything crazy that will compromise your education! Meeting new people and attending a social event is healthy and part of the college experience!