Best OSRS Strength Training Weapons


osrs strength training weapons – In this article, we will look at the best osrs strength training weapons but What Does OSRS Strength actually Mean?

Their Strength level determines a player’s strength in melee combat. Players can inflict greater harm against opponents as their Strength level rises. Players typically prefer strength leveling because it raises their maximum hit.

Additionally, improving your Attack Level is necessary because you’ll need a good weapon to reach your maximum hit. While certain weapons just need a certain amount of Strength, they are not the best for strengthening exercises. 

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Why Strength Train in OSRS?

Before looking at the best osrs strength training weapons, one must note numerous justifications for training strength. First, it boosts your damage output, which makes killing adversaries much quicker. You need more than a good weapon and a high attack level to deal the most damage. Strength training is, therefore, essential in RuneScape.

Additionally, it allows you access to money, such as slaying bosses and difficult monsters. Strength is also necessary for several significant tasks, including Demon Slayer and Dragon Slayer 2. This is because you’ll have to defeat foes with high fighting levels, and having a high Strength level will be quite helpful. 

In Old School Runescape, you truly belong to a sizable group of gamers if you haven’t trained strength. It is crucial to develop it because it symbolizes your strength in melee combat. By doing this, you’ll be able to do more harm to your adversaries. Even though it may take a while, you won’t need to purchase OSRS gold to reach level 99. In terms of OSRS GP, it is one of the less expensive abilities.

We will examine the OSRS weaponry that we must employ in order to level up to 99 in this article.


You should use the Rune Scimitar to level up to level 40. For this, you must be at attack level 40. The goal will be to concentrate on training strategies that won’t use up much of your OSRS gold. The Brine Sabre could be used routinely, but it is much more expensive. So if you wanted to practice with it, you’d need to think about buying OSRS gold.

Granite Armor:-

We can then utilize the Granite hammer at level 50 and a level 50 attack; however, this will cost you a lot of OSRS gold. You might also employ the Granite longsword. Although its attack is slower than the prior alternative, it is far less expensive.

Infernal Scimitar:-

When we reach level 60, we will switch to using Dragon weapons. These are some of the game’s top melee weapons. Ranged weapons won’t be discussed, so put your Twisted Bow away for the time being. Since the Dragon Scimitar is less expensive than other weapons of this level, let’s concentrate on it. However, you must have completed the initial Monkey Madness mission.

If not, you can employ the Dragon sword. The issue with this is that it will cost more OSRS gold and has lower benefits. Despite these drawbacks, it remains a worthwhile alternative. A third option is the Dragon longsword, which is less expensive but attacks slowly. 

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Sword of Saradomin:-

We can then utilize the Saradomin sword once we reach level 70. Expect a light hit on your OSRS GP from this rather inexpensive blade. Use this weapon effectively when against opponents with minimal defense. The Abyssal Whip is also an option, but you’ll also need to practice defense. This is important to note because if you merely develop strength, you won’t be able to use it properly.

Rashidi Rapier:-

Now that our attack level has reached 75, we may unlock the best melee training weapon in the game. Obtaining it, though, will require a substantial amount of OSRS money. You will also need to find it, so it’s not just about the price. You might attempt the Abyssal Tentacle or the Blessed Saradomin since it’s a very difficult weapon to find. You should be warned that these weapons can be destroyed, though. The Staff of the Dead is a decent substitute for a slashing weapon. Furthermore, it is more accurate than the Saradomin sword when used with a defender.

Despite its lower strength, save it for opponents with stronger defense.

All of these tools will help you reach level 99. Gaining the top level will take a lot of time and effort, but happily, it won’t cost your OSRS GP as much. Having a high strength level is highly desirable, and having one can be helpful if you’re player-killing. Make sure you consider the kind of harm monsters are susceptible to. Watch the monsters’ stats to determine what bonuses they have, then select the appropriate weapon to kill them with

Conditions For Strength Training

Given the wide range of training techniques available, strength is an excellent skill to develop. Before you start, you must be aware of the best tools to utilize.

A high attack level will be necessary as strength-only weapons aren’t as effective. A scimitar is the most effective training weapon due to its quick attack speed and several offensive benefits.

  • Iron scimitar is level one
  • steel scimitar is level five
  • The black scimitar is level ten
  •  mithril scimitar is level twenty
  •  adamant scimitar is level thirty
  • And rune scimitar is level forty.
  • Granite Hammer, level 50
  • Level 70: Abyssal Whip or Saradomin 
  • Sword Level 60: Dragon Scimitar or Longsword
  • Ghrazi Rapier at level 75.

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The list of the best osrs strength training weapons is complete. 

Those are ideal tools to utilize on your way to level 99 strength. You’ll have access to a wider range of weapons starting at Attack level 70 because they all have top-notch stats. If you don’t want to train Attack, you can utilize low-tier weapons up to level 99, but it will be difficult to face high-level enemies.

Additionally, to lessen your damage, put on the appropriate armor for your Defense level.