Period Pampering 101: 7 Self-Care Rituals for That Time of the Month


So, you’ve marked that dreaded day on your calendar and stocked up on tampons in true doomsday-prepper fashion. If Aunt Flo’s monthly visit is known to knock you off your feet and leave you bed-ridden for seven gut-wrenching days, tackle period symptoms with some good old-fashioned TLC.

Those who experience periods understand the mental, emotional, and physical disruptions that come hand in hand with menstruation cycles. Between dysregulated feelings wreaking havoc on your day-to-day life and sharp, shooting cramps that persist for days on end, menstruation can feel impossible to manage. However, though it can take time to find the best methods for your body, there are limitless ways to treat any adverse period symptoms through kind and loving self-care rituals. 

Instead of running from uncomfortable symptoms and fearing your cycle, try leaning into the natural flow of your body and listen to what it needs from you. Read on for stress-busting and pain-reducing rituals you can adopt during that time of the month

Take a warm bath 

Unfortunately, most period-havers experience abdominal cramping, back pain, and full-body aches during that time of the month. Fortunately, there is an extensive list of remedies to help remedy discomfort and offer relief. Warm baths, for example, are excellent for relieving period cramps and relaxing the body by warming your internal temperature and stimulating blood flow. You can even try adding essential oils like lavender, rose, or eucalyptus to decompress your pelvis further and enhance your bath time experience.  

Make a hot cup of tea

Just like a warm bath heats your internal temperature, increasing blood flow and reducing pain, a hot cup of tea can have similar effects. Flavors like chamomile, peppermint, and ginger root can help send your body into a state of calm and relaxation, drawing your attention away from painful cramping. Additionally, tea can clear a busy or emotional mind, allowing you to recenter yourself during your menstrual period. 

Journal your thoughts

Often, people on their periods experience frustrating PMS symptoms, leaving them feeling emotionally vulnerable and ultra-sensitive. However, though your senses may be heightened, it doesn’t mean they aren’t valid or valuable. Instead of shrugging off mood swings or reacting with judgment toward yourself, spend some alone time journaling about what you’re experiencing. That way, you’ll gain insight into your emotional states and work through any deregulations without bottling up your feelings. 

Take a walk through nature

Often, period-havers overlook the natural world’s positive effects on their physical and emotional health during their cycle, cocooning indoors until their symptoms subside. However, taking a gentle stroll through your local park or hiking up a low-intensity path can help reduce pain and regulate your emotional state. By immersing yourself in the natural world, breathing in the fresh air, and moving your body, you can fend off significant symptoms while nurturing your body and mind. 

Cook up a balanced meal

Though it’s tempting to give in to every craving you have while on your period, feeding your body healthy foods is critical during monthly cycles to help support your natural flow. Nutrient-rich meals promote healthy gut function, which is a vital system affected by your menstrual patterns. Instead of diving deep into a bag of greasy, salt-heavy potato chips, consider chopping up fresh potatoes and pairing them with a hearty portion of protein and fruit to balance out the meal. 

Wrapping up

Though it can be challenging to stick to your self-care routine while experiencing unwelcome period symptoms, practicing healthy, loving habits can reduce the discomfort each month. Make sure you listen to your body and remain gentle when interacting with yourself, tending to your body and mind with kindness.