Sex Around The UK

A young couple enjoying each others company outdoors in London

It comes as no surprise that after being trapped in lockdown for what feels like an eternity, many of us were left feeling deflated, unmotivated, and all in all, just not our usual sparky selves. With our social lives completely pulled from under us (with no prior warning!) and the sudden ban on being able to visit family and friends, it’s safe to say the nation was left feeling somewhat subdued.

One way in which the pandemic did help, however, is allowing us to press pause on the world for a little while, to slow down, and to spend some quality time with our partners whilst confined to the space in our own homes. Hunkemöller found that in fact, 47% of Brits claimed this to be true, with couples stating upping their intimacy has helped to rekindle the romance in their relationship. Other positives that came from their research about UK couples quarantining together included: learning more about our partner (65%), sharing cooking responsibilities (43%) and drinking more cups of coffee (27%) – to give us a much-needed energy boost for all of that increased alone time spent together!
Now that the days of the pandemic seem – dare we say –  behind us, at least for the time being, we wanted to delve into the statistics of Brits sex lives over the past 12 months, to explore which cities across the UK have been having the most fun during this time.Unsurprisingly, racing in to take the crown for Britain’s friskiest city, was the Big Smoke, London – with Southampton, Newcastle, Birmingham, and Belfast also claiming top spots.Unfortunately for Manchester, they didn’t qualify to fly the flag for the North West on this occasion, with residents confirming that the past year has proved to be far less lucrative in the bedroom across this city.

But aside from discovering where the UK’s most rampant relationships reside, what else have we learnt over the past 12 months of lockdown?

Further to this, more than 9 million Brits admitted to having more sex in 2020/21 than they had previously, proving that perhaps pre-lockdown many couples simply weren’t making enough time for another, no doubt due to demanding work lives and busy schedules.

Hunkemöller also discovered that a further one in ten UK couples had “more exciting sex” over the past 12 months, with 7.9 million Brits investing in sexy lingerie within that time frame. If you want to really spice things up in the bedroom, dressing up can be one of the most powerful intimacy tools at our fingertips. Ladies, trust us when we say, grab yourself a saucy lingerie set, and be amazed at how instantly empowered and sexy you feel when you’re next enjoying some alone time with your partner.