Silicon sex dolls vs TPE sex dolls: Which one is better?


To have some physical pleasures, we love sex. Especially when we are tired, we need relaxation. How do we get it? Obviously, sex. But, technology has changed things for us. If you want some realistic sex experience, you don’t need a girl every time. No girlfriend. No problem. When love dolls are giving the same experience just like the real female. You must be thinking about the types of love dolls. Which type is better for you? What you should select, right? Let me list the basic types of love dolls.

  • Silicone sex dolls
  • TPE sex dolls
  • BlowUp sex dolls
  • Cloth and stuffed sex dolls

Are you reluctant to decide about buying a better sex doll? Don’t worry. We are here to provide you with complete knowledge about love dolls. At the end of this article, you will be able to point out a better sex doll.

What is a silicone sex doll?

Do you want to know what is silicone sex doll? If you are going to buy a sex doll then you must know about the amazing qualities of silicone sex dolls. Silicone love dolls are famous in the world for their unique and attractive look and high-class features.

If we talk about the manufacturing materials of silicone sex dolls, silicone is the main constituting part. In addition, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen are also mixed with silicone. Silicone sex dolls owe their charming look to the silicone material used in their creation.

Having numerous features like softness, real human-like experience, and beautiful shape make them the first choice for the dolls lovers.

What is a TPE sex doll?

While buying a love doll, the TPE sex doll must be in your mind. It’s nice to gain full knowledge of the products to buy the best one.

TPE sex dolls are made of thermoplastic elastomer. Do you want to know the special features of the TPE dolls? Surely you would like to. It’s the softness of the TPE love dolls that makes them a high-level product of the sex industry.

That’s why TPE dolls are also very popular worldwide.

What are the differences between silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls?

Are you confused about silicone sex dolls and TPE dolls? Do you want to know the differences between the two love dolls? No need to be confused now. Everything is clear due to awareness of silicone dolls with their features.

I will let you know about the differences in the features of silicone and TPE love dolls. To solve the riddle about silicone and TPE sex dolls, take a look at these differences;

Temperature resistance

You would always try to buy sex dolls that show some resistance to temperature variations. Don’t you? Temperature resistance is a critical need for sex dolls to be useful for a long time.

Silicone sex dolls are more resistant to high temperatures. While TPE sex dolls are less temperature resistant as compared to Silicone love dolls. This unique feature makes people prefer silicone sex dolls over TPE dolls.

Deformation resistance

A simple strain can break your low-quality love dolls. Need a solution for it? Go for the best love dolls that offer deformation resistance.

In this case, Silicone sex dolls show more resistance against pressure. They can maintain their normal charming look. While TPE dolls are less likely to be resistant to the stress applied for a long time. Owing to this feature, if I were you, I would like to prefer silicone sex dolls over TPE dolls.


Everyone thinks Silicone sex dolls are more expensive than TPE dolls. This is not true today. You know, why? Because the latest silicone dolls in our collection are not expensive. Nowadays, you can purchase silicone sex dolls almost at the price of the TPE dolls. Then, why wait for it? Just go for silicone sex dolls that have numerous advantages.

Sex positions

Are you interested in having sex in many sex positions? Silicone sex dolls are surprisingly designed to make any sex position. While TPE sex dolls can make limited sex positions. Are you a sex position lover? Great! Just go for the silicone sex dolls.


Tired of heavyweight dolls? They are true pain when it comes to carrying them. But, the scenario is changed a lot nowadays. Silicone sex dolls are lighter than TPE dolls. Incredible, right?

So, if we have a detailed comparison between the weight of both TPE and silicone dolls, it is obvious that silicone dolls are 30 percent less heavy than TPE dolls. You can carry your love dolls easily wherever you want. Impressive!

Which doll is better?

Still, not decided? But, why? Everything is clear in front of you. Just forget the past concepts of the silicone sex dolls. They are now better than the TPE dolls in touch, durability, and obviously, the cost. Even in the above discussion, it is obvious that silicone sex dolls are better.

Sometimes, people get confused about silicone dolls. You know, why? Because they have common misconceptions like Silicone dolls are hard to touch and expensive. Now, the scenario is quite different from what you can expect. Silicone sex dolls are hundreds of times better as they are more qualitative.

Then what are you still waiting for? Hurry up to confirm your order today to avail the best experience.