Snake Bite Piercing- Everything You Should Know

snakebite piercing

Snake bite piercing is a kind of body piercing, or you can say facial Piercing. Snakebite piercings are named after the similarity in appearance and are a variation of labret lip piercing. The Piercing is done on both the sides of the lip to mimic the look of snake fangs. The two piercing are separated evenly. These are usually fitted with CBR’s encircling the bottom lip or Labret stud depending upon personal preference. Decide what you want to wear on your snake bite before stepping in the store, you can’t change the jewelry type from labret to a ring, the holes for both are made differently. A lot of healing problems and irritations come along with the changing jewelry holes. You need to know one thing that two piercings are done at the same time in snake bite, and it can get a bit stressful and irritating for your body. You also need to find a piercer who is experienced and can line them carefully because even a slightly off-center or higher lower lining will look bad. Snakebite piercings look very aesthetic, but before jumping into the shop, here are a few things that you must know. From the healing process, expenses to piercing jewelry, we have covered it all. Scroll down to get answers to all your questions.

Snake Bite Piercing- Everything You Should Know
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How much does the snake bite piercing hurt?

Snakebite piercing includes getting under the needle twice, one after the other. This can be stressful for the body, and the second Piercing might hurt more than the first one because all the adrenaline for dealing with pain is used up in the first Piercing. However, this type of Piercing hurts less than other types of lip piercings because the skin beneath the lip is not as sensitive as on the lips. Many people have claimed that they feel more discomfort in the initial few days after getting Piercing. You might come across swelling around the pierced area accompanied by throbbing and pain. Snakebite piercing swells more than other types of piercings and can cause impeding speech and difficulty in eating.

 How much does the snake bite piercing hurt?
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What is the snake bite piercing healing process?

Just like the labret piercing, snake bite piercing heals in around 6-8 weeks. Because of two simultaneous puncture healing, you might come across some complications. During the initial few days, you might see swelling around the lower lip. You will have to be extra careful while talking and eating, or else you will risk aggravating Piercing.

After Care rules of Piercing:-

What is the snake bite piercing healing process?
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You need to be vigilant and extra careful in your aftercare practices when dealing with two new piercings. If anyone of the Piercing gets infected, there are chances that the other Piercing might also get infected. It is crucial to refrain from touching the jewelry. Your saliva is a breeding ground for bacteria and microbes; therefore, it becomes essential to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Some unique aftercare tips to follow in snake bite piercings are:
  • Eat soft foods- During the initial healing stage, it is advised to consume smooth, comfortable to eat foods. It will be challenging to move mouth for a few days, and eating becomes quite challenging. Consume easily to chew foods to avoid chomping on your new jewelry and cause painful damage. You would want to avoid salty and spicy foods to prevent the wound from getting irritated.
  • Avoid touching the Jewelry- Sometimes, we absentmindedly keep playing with the new jewelry, but it is essential to leave them alone. Our tongue and fingers carry harmful bacteria, which can cause infection in the wounds, and continuously moving the jewelry will cause healing skin trauma. This can have bad complications like piercing rejection and also scarring.
  • Choose the right sized jewelry- your Piercing will be fitted with a large-sized jewelry piece to make room for swelling. After the swelling goes down, consult with the piercer to switch to a small-sized jewelry piece.

Popular snake bite jewelry styles:-

There are wide verities of jewelry style options for snake bite piercing. It will be a good idea to first decide the style of jewelry you would like to go for, a hoop style, or a labret stud because the punctures differ for both of these. It is not easy to make a switch from one jewelry style to another as the pierced area may experience trauma; therefore, it is recommended to consider what form you want before visiting the piercer carefully.

Snakebite piercing Jewelry
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  • Labret stud mimics the look of actual snake fangs or bite. Choose a stud with a flat back disc to minimize the rubbing against gums and teeth. You will get many options to choose from like-colored balls, spiked charms, prong-set diamonds, etc.
  • Seamless hoops and Captive bead earrings are the most popular style form in hoops jewelry.
  • Circulars barbells have balls on ends and make a statement jewelry style.

Snakebite jewelry usually comes in 14G or 16G.

Why shouldn’t I get a snake bite piercing?

Like any other lip piercings, snake bite jewelry goes inside of the mouth. It runs the risk of damaging gums and teeth by causing tooth decay, broken teeth, enamel wear, and receding gum lines. The two simultaneous piercings run the risk of encouraging infections. If you have sensitive gums or any teeth problems steer away from lip piercings. Following aftercare practices, religiously is very important to avoid the growth of any kind of infection.

How much will it cost?

You will get two punctures in snake bite piercing, and it will cost you somewhere around $80-$120. Snakebite piercing is expensive compared to other types of lip piercing. Always choose an experienced piercer who can puncture the snake bites in symmetry. You wouldn’t want to discover that your new Piercing is not aligned. Find a reliable piercer who has a steady hand and sharp eyes. Take a close observation at the marks made by marker before getting punctures. Be sure of the alignment however you have to live an entire life with those piercings.

Labret studs
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