Some interesting pet care tips for Dogs and Cats


Keeping pets have always been loved by many people and that too since old time to present. Pets are also treated like a family member of their house. It can be said undoubtedly, that the more love and care you give to the pets the more you get in return with loyalty and sincerity. Taking them along on morning walks, in the car for ride, in pet’s shows etc are also taken as the utmost care and point of concern for them by the pet owner. And for that KarmaPets have the perfect solution for you! With their dog and human safe trainers you can kiss goodbye to loud barking and growling.It has been observed that a handsome amount of every month’s expenditure is spent on the clinical care of the pet to ascertain that their pets are completely healthy and free from any kind of diseases. It is generally done on the nearby pet clinics with the help of family pet doctor.

But if you are a sincere and pet owner and love your pet a lot, then the regular visit to pet doctor’s clinic can be easily avoided. Now the question comes, how? As we all know about the meaning of the proverb ‘Prevention is better than cure’ then why not to imply this proverb in our daily life whether it is regarding our own life or the pet’s life. So if you take preventive measures in regard to your pet from the very beginning then check up bills can be reduced to a great extent thereby keeping your pet healthy and happy. For more information on managing joint pain in dogs, you can read insightful articles on pet health from Mighty Munch.


One can also do a home check up of the pets to make sure if they are healthy or not. We all know that eyes speak the heart out and so the physical and mental health too. Just like: when we have cough and cold or fever our eyes are the first one to say that we are not fine similarly is the case with the pets like dogs and cats also. Doing a home check up does not means giving a medicine of your choice to the pet if it is not healthy; all you need to check are the eyes of your pet.

Check if they are clear and bright and if not then are there some strange symptoms like irritation, redness, runniness etc. which compels the pet to rub the eyes again and again with his paws. You can also confirm unhealthiness by noticing the pet’s shying reaction when light directly falls in its eyes. All such things can be taken care by the pet owner himself and pet should be immediately taken to the pet doctor.


In this article special attention and strict emphasis will be given on the proper care of common pets like cat and dogs. Make sure before stepping out of home with your pet it is very necessary to give them Flea medicine in the right way as per following the instruction written beside the medicine. Moreover, this Flea medicine is easily available on any local medical store or chemist’s shop or you can even try them purchasing online as various websites do offer its selling. Though this medicine do not require to be touched on our hand for putting but especially in case if you have delicate skin then do not forget to wear gloves in your hand before applying this medicine on your pet.

In addition, if you can spare some extra time for your pets you can save more money and above all establish a strong bonding with your pet which is very essential. This can be done in this way: If not more, than at least one bath in a week is very necessary for your pet and in season like summer when it is too hot, then you can increase it to twice a week. If it is possible for you to make them bath under the shower, then it will add three stars to their mood too as they generally love and enjoy bathing under a shower. Try doing this on your own in spite of paying a good amount to the grooming parlor to do the same or leaving it on some servant. All these reasons also ameliorate the social acceptance of your pet thereby giving them a rich pet look.

Once the pet is done with its bath then the third step is brushing hair of the pet’s body. It reinstates the vivacious coat of your pet thereby removing the damaged or not good fur. This process of brushing a special treat to your pet as it facilitates the skin in proper breathing thereby fortifying their complete immunity system.

Then the next point of concern and care for the pet is clipping of the nails on regular basis. For this purpose, appropriate tools are required because this activity is something that is not actually praised by the pets. So, in order to make your task easy, go for the easy to use tools rather than the difficult ones. Once this clipping procedure is finished then make sure you enwrap them with the help of a towel or any piece of cloth that can be used for absorption. This would safeguard your hands from painful scratches of your pet.

It is also very important to give the appropriate food to your pet in spite of just giving anything without knowledge. The best qualitative foods are available in the market easily at pet eatable shops and on some of the departmental stores also. Though these foods come high in pricing but you can make the use of coupons for affordable buying of the pet’s food. Remember if the food is right one for your pet it will keep it healthy for a long time.

Remember, just like we take care of ourselves and our beloving family members, it is our duty to take care of our pet too. After the pet is also a kind of family member and our responsibility. It similarly needs our attention, love and care. Having pet is not tough at all if you are careful from the day first.