What is Spider Bites Piercing? Cost and Aftercare Rules For Spider Bite Piercing

spider bites lip piercing
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What is Spider Bites Piercing?

Spider bite and other bite piercing are very much in trend these days. Spider bite piercing takes the complete look to a different level.

Spider bite piercing consists of two piercings placed close to each other on both sides of the lower lips, resembling a real spider bite look. This piercing style is perfect for people who are looking for an edgy look instead of subtle piercing like cyber bites or shark bites.

Just like any other lip piercing, you should consider your oral health before getting any kind of lip piercings. The location of spider bite piercing is such that the piercing jewelry rubs against gums and teeth, which can cause complications for you in the future. The level of complications depends on the anatomy and how the piercing jewelry rubs against your teeth.

Before going forward with your spider bite procedure, there are some things, you must know like issues that might arise and how to handle them. Here is all that you should know about the spider bite piercing

what is spider bite piercing
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How much do Spider Bites piercings hurt?

Every person has a different pain tolerance level. Some people do not feel much pain and easily go throw the entire piercing process without any trouble and enjoy the thrill.

On the other hand, some people feel major discomfort, intense stinging mid, and after the procedure.

In general, the people who got lip piercing done reported that it feels like a pinch similar to getting a flu shot for immunization.

You will feel like a sting and just some soreness and sensitivity afterward. If you have experienced getting ear piercings done, then it will hurt a little more than ear piercing but less than nose piercing.

However, you will get two piercing done together at the same time so that it can intensify the pain a little.

If you have a low tolerance for pain, then you should probably put a few days off in between getting both the piercings.

How long do Spider Bite piercings take to heal?

Piercing usually takes 4-12 weeks for healing completely. Everyone has a different healing speed, but if you stick to aftercare practices, then you can shorten the healing period.

Remember, piercing looks healed even before it does actually heal completely. You should visit the piercer before you stop following aftercare practices.

Sometimes even if you follow good aftercare practices, the body takes its own time to heal and repair itself.

Aftercare rules

Spider bite piercing is not complicated to heal, just like any other lip piercing. The majority of complications in piercing come from poor oral hygiene and oral issues, breaking teeth, biting jewelry, failing to clean the healing piercing food debris.

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These are some tips that will ease the healing:-

Use sea salt water to rinse and clean your mouth properly. Just like any other piercing, take saline water or sea salt solution to clean the piercing and get rid of harmful bacterias twice a day.

For lip piercing healing, adding sea salt mouth rinse in your aftercare routine will prove very helpful.

Stay away from harsh toothpaste and switch to milder toothpaste. Toothpaste that contains mint can irritate the piercing in the initial few days of the healing process.

Instead, use children’s toothpaste with mild flavors and that do not have mint ingredients.

The biggest risk that comes along with lip piercing is that you might accidentally bite on your new jewelry. Make sure you eat soft foods.

Choose a larges sized first lip jewelry to accommodate swelling in the new piercing. To avoid any dental disaster, consume only liquids or soft foods.

Get the piercing on the side, which you don’t do not sleep on. Even when you sleep, aftercare does not sleep.

Try and do your best to refrain from sleeping on the side, which you have got a new piercing done. Your pillow is the first place with harmful bacteria and will come in contact with the piercing.

If you place pressure on the new piercing, this could cause piercing rejection or lead to embedded jewelry.

To avoid this from happening, it is better to get the piercing done on the side, which you don’t sleep on often so that the aftercare continues even when you are asleep.

Do’s and Don’ts to follow:-

The Do’s
  • Remember to cover the piercing with a bandage, and make sure to change it at least once a day.
  • clean your hands, wash with soap and warm water before you touch the piercing
  • Always use distilled water and a mix of a saline solution to rinse your mouth and your piercing at least twice a day
  • Use a clean towel to pat dry piercing after you have rinsed it
  • Use
  • It is important to make sure you keep the piercing dry while you shower or bathe
  • carefully take off and put on clothes, helmets, or hats, anything that comes near your piercing
The Don’ts
  • Never touch your piercing with dirty hands or after you are done eating food
  • Avoid using your mouth for oral sex till the time the piercing is healed completely. It is an open invitation to introduce bacteria in your piercing site.
  • Do not use antiseptic to clean the piercing or use alcohol rinses for cleaning the mouth.
  • Do not drink alcohol, until your piercing has fully healed.
  • Do not eat spicy foods as it can cause a burning sensation on the spider bites piercing site.
  • Do not remove or play with your jewelry for at least about 1 to 2 months till the piercing fully heal to avoid gum damage and tooth damage.
  • Avoid getting your facial hair entangled into your jewelry
jewelry styles for spider bite piercing
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Spider Bites piercing jewellery styles

One of the most loved things about lip piercing is the unlimited jewelry options that you have. Many people choose flats labret discs studs to achieve fanged bite aesthetics if you want venomous fangs to look chooses bead end dots.

You will get many varieties of beaded jewelry options and gemstones to spikes. Go for seamless hoops to achieve sleep look, and circular barbells are also a great option.

People who want their spider bite piercing to stand out choose this jewelry. You can also try twisted barbels.

Some jewelry options to try:-

  • Circular barbell: it is a thick ring-shaped similar to a horseshoe that has round beads at both ends that can be taken off by you easily.
  • Captive bead ring: it is a thick, and circular ring with an attached spherical bead at the center where both the ends of the ring snap together
  • Curved barbell: it is slightly curved shaped bar piercing with attached round beads on both ends

Why shouldn’t I get a Spider Bites piercing?

One of the main enemies of your lip piercing is your personal oral health. If you cannot stick to proper aftercare routines and you are not used to brushing teeth twice a day, or you are genetically blessed with poor oral health conditions, then you should probably stay from getting any type of lip piercing.

Wearing lip piercing jewelry for a very long time contributes to oral problems like enamel wear and receding gums.

If you struggle with these issues currently, then sorry to say, but lip piercing will not be your friends.

How much will it cost?

Spider bite piercing will cost you easily around $40-$80. You should find a good and experienced piercer who will locate the piercing in the least harmful location for your gums and teeth. If your teeth are naturally crooked, then find a piercer who can navigate you with this problem.

Instead of trying to cut costs, it is important to look for a well-qualified piercer. The piercer will know which piercing jewelry with be best for you and what aftercare practices you should stick with so that the piercing is a success for you.

The first step in getting a successful piercing is finding a good piercer which will make the healing process a lot easier.

Potential side effects of Lip Piercings:-

There are some common side effects that you might face when getting a lip piercing:

  • allergic reaction to metals used in the piercing jewelry, such as nickel or any alloy
  • piercing being torn or ripped out of the skin in case it gets stuck or caught on an object or clothing item.
  • Infections from not following proper aftercare routines or if the piercer does not use sterilized tools
  • if the jewelry is too small, you can experience embedding
  • migration and rejection of the jewelry, where your body grows back tissue and pushes the jewelry out of the pierced area, and the jewelry falls out.
  • nerve damage from an improper piercing procedure or from being done too close to a sensitive nerve ending for faster healing.

cost of spider bite jewelry

How Much Does Spider Bite Piercing Cost?

On average spider, bite piercings cost between $40 to $80 each. You should find a professional piercer who can help you pick the right piercing site that is least harmful to your teeth and gums.

you happen to have crooked teeth it is extremely essential to get the help of a good piercer for navigating the process of individual piercings.

Finding good piercings studios is always a great idea. The piercer will give you professional advice and also help you pick the right jewelry fit and also share the piercing aftercare routines you need to follow.