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Are the white Spots over your fingernails making you worried??

Well, we understand your concern. Though this is not a big health issue but their appearance still makes you worried. Rather, you should be. The healthiness of nails is equally important as the healthiness of the entire body. In some of the people you may find these white spots in the form of tiny dots or lines whereas in some others you may find it in big dots that are expanded. So, it varies from person to person and so do the causes. There are certain causes that result in these white spots on nails:



  • Any injury to the nail
  • Inadequacy of minerals and proteins in the body
  • Infection caused due to fungus
  • Due to allergy
  • Manicures done very frequently

Any of the above could be your reason and if not, then it is better to consult your doctor to know the exact cause. But there is no harm in following few home remedies that can help you to get rid of such white marks completely. There are no side effects and the results are just mind blowing.



Apple Cider Vinegar is enriched with anti-fungal properties and this makes it an outstanding home remedy for curing white spots over the fingernails. Take consistent quantity of apple cider vinegar and water in a bowl. Put it over your nails and permit it stay for 15 minutes. Then wash your hands with regular water.

Be a regular follower of this home treatment and you will see the ridges disappearing in no time. To add on, you can even prepare a fungicide scrub with this ingredient. Make a paste with some rice flour and little ACV. Scrub your nails gently with this paste. This will eliminate all the dead skin cells and keep your nails healthy.


Another pick from your kitchen is: White Vinegar. Take a bowl full of lukewarm water and the quantity of vinegar should be half of it. Now drench your fingernails into this liquid for 15 minutes. Then dry your nails in order to ward off fungus. Isn’t it a simple yet wonderful recipe? Do give it a try.

Mind you, in case if you feel any sort of infliction, reduce the quantity of vinegar. Stick to this remedy for a month and the results will make you happy at heart.


Orange oil is also an effectual home treatment to clear off the white patches popped up over your fingernails. You can even use this oil by mixing other oils to it. The ratio of orange oil should be equal to those of other oils. Use a dropper or cotton to apply it and give yourself a good rest for an hour. Then wash your hands thoroughly with moderately warm water.

Note – Do pre-examine the effect of oil over skin. Take a drop or two and check if you are not allergic to it and then only go for this remedy.


Tea tree oil is a magical medicament that has the potential to treat numerous skin issues. For treating white spots, take little olive oil and merge it with tea tree oil. The remedy is ready for the use. Apply this commixture to your nails and allow it to persist there for 15 odd minutes. Then you can wash your hands with lukewarm water. You will definitely experience its magic.


Garlic has accilin within it which is a known component to prevent the emersion of fungus. Thus, the oil of garlic also comes out as a superb treatment of white patches over the finger nails. What you need to do is – Unify garlic oil with an equilibrated amount of vinegar to make a perfect home remedy for curing ridges in nails. Apply this mixture over your nails and wrap it with a bandage or a cloth.


The ridges in the nails are not a good sign and so needs to be cured instantly. Baking soda is one such home remedy that restricts the further formation white patches over the nails and cures the existing ones. The remedy requisites are:

  • One-fourth cup of Peroxide
  • Half cup of Epsom salt
  • Half cup of baking soda
  • Four cups of hot water

Mix all the above ingredients and home remedy is ready to use. But before you put this concoction make sure to plunge your nails into one-fourth cup of vinegar for one minute. Then apply this homemade remedy. When applied, cover your nails with a soft cloth.


Continue to follow this procedure for one month. If you are sincere enough to do so, this home treatment for white patches will leave you speechless.

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Lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C and so, citric acid is also present in abundance in it. This makes it capable enough to restrict the emersion of bacteria which are responsible to cause infection over the nails. This infection is then visible in the form of white spots or patches on the nails.

Just squeeze the juice of lemon and put it directly on the nails. Now forget it for ten minutes and then cleanse your hands with moderately warm water. Keep doing this treatment for a month regularly to get completely rid of white spots over your nails. You can even mix lemon juice with olive oil and give a gentle massage to your nails.


Listerine mouthwash is regarded as a medicated solution which works surprisingly well as a bactericide. Take a small bowl and merge lemon juice, Listerine and vinegar into it. Now put it over your nails with the help of cotton and allow it to rest for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash your hands with normal water.


Vicks Vaporub also serves as a wonderful home remedy to flaunt your healthy nails. You will just need to apply it over your nails and then cover them with a patch (bandage). But before you apply, do not miss to properly wash your hands and cut the extra grown nails. Let your hands dry and then only put the Vicks Vaporub.


Oregano oil is nothing less than a perfect remedy for curing white marks on fingernails. In order to cure white spots, mingle a few drops of olive oil with oregano oil and apply it over the nail. You can take the help of cotton ball. Follow it punctually for some weeks and the results will leave you amazed.


Coconut oil is said to be an efficacious antimycotic agent – an agent that restricts the growth of fungi. You need to do is: Dip a cotton ball in the coconut oil and apply it over the impacted area. Replicate the same thrice in a day and see the results.

Also, being a fungicidal, coconut oil restricts the nails from getting in contact with moisture. Hence, this precludes the emergence of fungus over the nails. So overall, this turns to be an amazing home remedy to cure the problem of white patches on nails.


Vitamin E oil is also an incredible way to get rid of the problem of white spots over the nails. All you need is a cotton ball to swiftly apply Vitamin E oil over the affected nails. Do it whenever you mind remind you! The more you apply the quicker will the results.


Strip the skin off from an onion and cut it into the circular slices. Rub it over the septic nails which have white spots over it. Make it a habit to follow this treatment twice in a day and you will experience its effect in no time.

  1. YOGURT:

Yogurt is considered to be a pro-biotic edible that aids in the treatment of white marks on finger nails. All you need to do is to just put some amount of yogurt over the white patches on nails. Let it stay there for some time and then clean it with water.

Apart from the above home remedies, you need to take care of few other things as well. Protein plays a significant role in keep your nails healthy. So, always intake a diet that is copious with protein element. Milk, cottage cheese, fish, chickpeas, peanuts, chicken and baked beans are some of those foods which contain protein in abundance.


Lavender oil is bestowed with multiple uses to treat fungal related problems. It not only works as an astounding remedy to heal white marks on fingernails but also cures the problem of discoloration. Apply this oil on to the nails and then wrap it with a soft cloth. This will enable the oil to engulf effectively.



All you need to do is:-

  • Keep yourself hydrated as much as you can. Make it a habit to drink three to four liters of water every day.
  • Add more of green veggies and healthy fruits to your daily diet. This would also strengthen the immune system of your body
  • Always keep your nails neat and clean – away from any sort of dirt
  • In order to get rid of toxic elements from your body, it is advisable to drink cranberry juice on regular basis
  • Immediately confer with a doctor in case the white spots over your nails are progressing and stringing out.


All that you don’t need to do:

  • Do not apply nail paint over your nails
  • Do not get worried on finding tiny white spots over your nails because they are of no harm at all. Moreover they get vanished soon.
  • Reduce the intake of white sugar as it promotes the development of fungus
  • Stay in less humid environment


Hope this piece of information helps you to ‘Just take a little more care of yourself!’ Do leave your comments and please share your feedback.

Are you fed up of freckles ?… Here are some treatments for you

Do you know anyone who has freckles or are you the one fed up with them?

Everyone wants to have a healthy skin and look young and beautiful always. But the coin is not always on our side. With the passage of time there has been a lot in increase in various skin problems due to whatever reason and Freckles is one of them. Medically, Freckles are little round light brown colored patches on the face which appears due to excess exposure to the sun. The harmful ultra violet rays of the sun are its main cause. Mostly, the people with fair skin are seen the victims of Freckles. They are found on cheeks, nose, forehead, arms and shoulders. They began to slightly appear from a very young age like one or two years. At times, the color of freckles may differ from person to person. Like, they might even be reddish, black or yellow but they are sure to be darker in comparison to the complexion of your skin and so they appear to be visible to everyone. In winters, somehow they get lighter but in summers they turn to be darker and denser. The usage of sunscreen is mandatory for the ones who have Freckles.

Facts about Freckles

  • Generally, one can recognize freckles as flat and tiny tanned spots on the sun-exposed skin, which are light brownish in color.
  • Freckles are the indication of skin damage which occurs due to the increment in the production of Melanin in few cells of the body. It also results in the change of color of freckles thereby turning darker.
  • Apart from dangerous ultra violet sun rays, the other cause of Freckles is hormonal imbalance or hereditary.
  • Though these are quite harmless and hardly develop into skin cancer till they are of unusual nature.
  • If anyone notices uncertain change of color in them or any sort of pigmentation, one should immediately get in touch with dermatologist or any skin specialist.
  • The medical science has become highly advanced and hence there are effectual interventions available for its remedy.

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Through this piece of information, we will share some natural remedies and few cosmetic treatments that can help you to get rid of Freckles and return your natural skin tone back. Frankly speaking, the cosmetic treatment might help you to get rid of Freckles permanently but also carry side effects along with it and on the other side, some simple natural remedies can help you by lightening or even removing these but no side effects are there at all. So, it is your choice completely as to want you wish to choose. We bring you both the solutions here:


The medical science has bestowed us with various cosmetic treatments for curing freckles like: Fractional Resurfacing, Chemical Peeling, Cryotherapy and many others. Though these treatments are highly effectual but are highly-priced and have equal risk of side effects too. Check few of the treatments given below:

  1. Cure through Microdermabrasion


This is one of the cosmetic cures for freckles. Very little particles are used to remove the topmost layer of the skin and in the similar ways different sessions are carried out to remove them permanently. This complete process is known as Microdermabrasion.

  1. Photofacial Treatment

Photofacial treatment done for getting rid of freckles is also known as Intense Pulsed Light Treatments in the medical world. Though, this is not a laser sort of method, but an intense light source.

  1. Cure through Laser Treatment

This is one of the most usually used treatments for getting rid of freckles with huge success results and least chances of skin discoloration. There are various types of lasers that assist in lightening the freckles or reducing their appearance safely. Laser technique is followed for this type of treatment. First of all, get in touch with a skilled and professional dermatologist and confirm back that freckles like dark spots are not the indication of skin cancer. Once you have received the confirmation, you can opt for the laser treatment which will be executed by the dermatologist himself.

  1. Cure through Retinol Solution

The cure through retinol solution is also an effectual way to lighten the freckles in case of deep dark spots or to remove them permanently if is already light in color. Through the dictated retinoid or with the help of retinol solution this treatment is carried. Mark a point that at times, negative side of this cure is also seen and as a result of which the retinols lighten the skin nearby the freckles rather than lightening the freckles themselves. This in turn makes the freckles more seeable. Again, the choice is yours.

  1. Cryotherapy

Some peculiar types of freckles are treated by this method named, Cryotherapy. A light freeze along with liquid nitrogen is performed at the dermatologist lab for this process. Mind you, not all sort of spots or are healed through freezing.

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On one hand, in order to get rid of freckles fast thereby ignoring the later side effects, the cosmetic treatment can help you but if you are the one who believes the proverb ‘Slow & Steady wins the race’, then the treatments through natural remedies is the best option. Though the cure process takes time but has no fallouts at all. These natural remedies might not obviate freckles completely but will lighten them to the maximum. Go through such effective natural remedies below:

  1. Mint, Banana & Lemon Face Pack:


This is a quick and easy method to make a face pack on own to treat freckles. All you need to do is:

  • Take one banana and mash it properly. Then, add few drops of lemon to it with two teaspoons of crushed desiccated mint leaves. Mix this well in such a way that it turns up to be a smooth face pack. Once done, softly apply this face pack on the freckles and let it remain on them for about half an hour from the clock. The moment time is up, wash your face off.
  1. Sour Cream with Butter Milk:


The sour cream and butter milk are highly rich in lactic acid and has hence proved to be very successful in removing freckles naturally. This face pack is the best one for all the ones with delicate skin. You can apply it daily once a day to derive the maximum result. Follow these steps:

  • Take some sour cream and put it on the part highlighting freckles. Now let it dry for about a period of ten minutes and then immediately wipe it away using a wet sponge or cotton. Then with some buttermilk, massage your face for two to three minutes and finally rinse off your face with water. If you feel dryness after this application, you can use moisturizer. In case, if you do not have sour butter, you can use yoghurt.
  1. Yogurt, Honey & Turmeric Face Pack:


Here comes, an awesome natural remedy for lightening freckles which can be prepared at home with much of ease. In this combo, Honey is rich in a special type of enzyme which works to lighten up the pigmentation and so this works superbly. You are advised to strictly continue this for a month at least once each day and looking at the results you can continue further. The process is:

  • Take equal proportions of yogurt and honey in a bowl and add a pinch of turmeric to it. Now blend them well and apply it gently on the freckle impacted area. Once applied, let it remain and dry for few minutes. When completely dried, wash this pack with moderately warm water. Also remember that in case, if your skin results to darkness due to turmeric, you can avoid it and make a face pack of the rest of the two.
  1. Potato & Buttermilk Face Pack:


This is a sort of Ayurvedic face pack which not only helps in curing freckles but also makes your skin look rich. There is no sort of side effects at all of this. For the desired results, you should make the repetition of this natural remedy thrice a week. The process is:

  • Pick a potato and cut into slices. Now take a bowl and pour buttermilk in it and soak all the slices in it. Let the slices be soaked for the complete night. When you wake up the next morning, rub and gently massage these dipped potatoes slices on the freckles for about five to ten minutes. When your face dries, wash it off with lukewarm water.
  1. Magic of Onion:


Have you ever known about the wonders of Onion? You will be shocked to know that Onions can help you a lot in curing Freckles because of the rich sulfur content that is naturally bestowed within it. It has superb exfoliating property. If you follow this treatment twice in a day on regular basis you are sure to love the change. It is advisable to keep this treatment continue till the time freckles disappear completely. Here is the process:

  • Pick an onion from your vegetable basket and cut it into dense wedges. Take any of the wedges and softly apply of the freckle affected portion. The other way to make the use of onions to cure freckles is to extract the juice of an onion by grating it and put that juice on the freckles. This is all that you need to do. Isn’t it really simple? Well, as per your choice, you can try either of the two.
  1. Marvelous Caster or Almond oil:


Almond & Caster oil is also one of best gifts of nature which helps thoroughly in the treatment of skin problems like: mars, sports, freckles and many more. It adds moisture to the dead or dry skin and gives you an even skin tone. You can follow the below given remedy on daily basis until you get the desired results.

It is really simple and quick to be done. Take few drops of Caster oil or Almond oil on your palm and apply it in the massaging way on the freckle impacted area lightly. Let the oil be absorbed by the skin so leave your face as it is for the whole night. In the morning, clean your face with lukewarm water or soft towel. That’s it.

Fruit Face Masks for the treatment of Freckles:


For the ones, who is in love with the fragrance of fruits and would prefer fruits face packs rather than any other, then here is an easy option for you, which will need least of time and effort. At least, give a try before coming to any conclusion:

Ingredients that you will need:

  1. A) Tomato pulp B) Papaya juice C) Cucumber slices D) Pineapple pieces

Process – Take all the above four ingredients and blend them together so well that the mixture can be applied as a face mask. Once it is ready, apply it on your face and let it remain for fifteen minutes. As soon as the time is over, wash your face with normal water. This is all that you need to do at least twice in a week till you get the desired result.

You can choose any of the above natural remedy and begin the cure immediately and as mentioned earlier, for any sort of cosmetic treatment you should hire a professional and trustworthy skin specialist (dermatologist). Apart from all this, you should also take few preventive measures which targets at the protection from sun exposure. They are:

  • Before going out, make sure you apply Sunscreen cream SPF 50 and lotion as well.
  • If it is urgent to go out in the sun, you can either cover your face with soft cloth or wear wide hats which do not let harmful rays of sun reach to your skin.
  • Make sure that you wear sun protective things like: Summer coats, full sleeved tees or long lengthen trousers etc.
  • Try avoiding going out in the sun during peak sun hours that is from around 11a.m. to 4 p.m.

The prevention of freckle is far more important than the freckle removal. So, stay safe from the sun as much as you can. Do share if this piece of information helped you or not and also share if you have any other effective solution to this bothersome freckle problem.

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