how to make turmeric tea


A blessing to the world by the nature! Turmeric is the spice known for its meditative magic, since ages. This yellow-orange colored aromatic spice is an amazing antioxidant with high anti-inflammatory qualities within it. Its taste is distinct and subtle from other spices. Moreover, it is used all over the world as an important ingredient in preparing curries and veggies. This is one way of consuming turmeric on daily basis. The other way that has become popular is by making turmeric tea and enjoying it. Few sips of this tea regularly are equal to countless health benefits. To stay healthy and happy life long, do not miss to add this turmeric tea to your daily diet.



The amazing anti-inflammatory quality of turmeric tea works wonders on the patients of arthritis. It assists in allaying swelling and inflammation in them. As per one study, it has been discovered that Turmeric tea possesses an active element known as curcumin. This element is said to be highly effectual for the arthritis patients in terms of decreasing pain caused due to osteoarthritis. Hence, this benefit of turmeric tea is really beneficial.


Another advantage of turmeric tea is equally amazing. Despite of many researches; Alzheimer’s disease is such a rare disease whose actual cause is still not known. But what has been discovered is; the element, curcumin detected in turmeric might help in forestalling it. Also, big thanks to the antioxidants which are abundantly present in Turmeric. Researches prove that these antioxidants are highly capable of precluding damages like: accruement of amyloids and synaptic market loss that can contribute to Alzheimer’s.


According to The National Cancer Institue, curcumin present in turmeric has been acknowledged as an efficacious anticarcinogen that aids in preventing cancer. To add on, along with being a powerful antioxidant; Turmeric is bestowed with such magical medicative components and anti-inflammatory factors that it could turn out to be a savior for cancer patients. So, add on this benefit of turmeric tea to your regular diet.


The treatment of Ulcerative Colitis is also an addition to the list of benefits of turmeric tea. Ulcerative colitis is such a recurrent medical condition which results to ulcers of the rectum and colon. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric can serve as a great help in suspension of symptoms of ulcerative colitis. In accordance with the University of Maryland Medical Center, one of the study has detected that the ulcerative colitis patients in remission who have consumed turmeric had importantly lower reversion rates.


The stronger the immune system of your body is, the healthier you will be! The medicative factors present in turmeric are so magical that it boosts the immune system. The ones with immune disorders are advised to consume turmeric as it is efficient enough to cure your problem. And turmeric tea is one of the best ways to do so.


The cholesterol level in the body needs to be maintained for a healthy living. Increased cholesterol increases the risk of giving birth to various serious diseases like: stroke and many other heart diseases which are hazardous for the life of any person. So, why to take a chance when turmeric can contribute a helping hand in it! The curcumin present in turmeric maintains the level of cholesterol in your body and keep your heart healthy. Isn’t it an incredible benefit of turmeric tea?


The inflammation of iris causes Uveitis. As per the researches done earlier, it was discovered that the curcumin present in turmeric can serve as an effective cure for Uveitis but only if there are no side effects. HOW TO MAKE TURMERIC TEA? Heard about the wonders of turmeric tea and so the next point that comes to the mind is to how to prepare turmeric tea. Isn’t it? Well, here comes the answer. All you need to do is to follow these few steps.

  1. Switch on the gas and put three to four cups of water for boiling.
  2. When the water starts boiling, put two teaspoons of turmeric in it and stir.
  3. Then slow down the gas and let it simmer for five to ten minutes.
  4. Once the time is up, switch off the gas and filter the tea in a glass or cup.
  5. To add flavor and additional healthy benefits, pour little milk, few drops of honey and lemon or orange juice. And the turmeric tea is ready.

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WHETHER EVERYONE CAN HAVE TURMERIC TEA? Well, turmeric tea is something that is highly rich in medicinal properties and hence it is regarded safe for almost everyone. But yes, diabetic people or ones who intake blood thinners are advised to have a word with their respective doctors before you drink this tea. It is always better to be safe and secure rather than risky. So, consult and then act.

Advisable quantity: 15 grams of turmeric root in 135 ml of boiling water is the right amount to consume at once. You can drink this turmeric tea twice in a day.


Wondering if the title of the article is right or not? Also thinking if turmeric can ever have any side effect? Well, answer to both the question is ’yes’. A famous proverb says’ A little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ and so here comes the entire information about the turmeric tea. With all good and bad, we have brought all necessary information under one roof.

1. Risk to increased bleeding

Though the intake of turmeric in any form has always been a great healthy benefit but in certain medical conditions, things are not the same. If you are the one bearing bleeding disorders, then turmeric might raise the risk of bleeding and contusing. Also, at times it can happen that turmeric might not go fine with some medicament which in result can lead to increase bleeding.

Prevention Method

Immediately stop the intake of turmeric tea in such condition.


You must be thinking this as an advantage of turmeric but here the sense differs. Here ‘lower blood pressure’ means the excess fall in blood pressure which can make the situation turn worst. It has been found that redundant intake of turmeric can make your blood pressure fall to lowest, thereby putting your life on risk. Hence, blood pressure patients who are or are not taking medications, both must take extreme care while devouring turmeric.

Prevention Method

Always consult your physician before taking a decision yourself.


Turmeric, if taken by mouth by men, might lower testosterone levels and decrease the sperm movement. This might eventually lead to infertility. Men need to be highly careful while ingesting turmeric directly by mouth. Wondering why? Well, this might lead to infertility in them thereby reducing the sperm motility and depressing the testosterone levels in their body.

Prevention Method

Avoid excess of turmeric in any form and take only in a required form.


If the dose of turmeric is taken in the form of cooked veggies and curries, no sort of gastrointestinal and tummy related issues are detected. But conditions might differ if you over take it directly from mouth for chronic conditions like joint ache or arthritis. The troubles related to abdomen and gastrointestinal are sure to occur. Moreover, in case of hyper acidity and dyspepsia (upset stomach), you should say a big NO to the turmeric consumption. It can also result in heartburn problems. At times it has also been found that overdose of turmeric than the required amount (400mg to 3g) for longer time is expected to cause the above given problems peculiarly in adults.

Prevention Method

The only way to prevent such health issues is to take turmeric within the advised quantity only.


A chemical known as oxalate is found in fairly large amount in turmeric. Thus, its presence is the cause of increasing chances of gallstones in an individual. So, 20 to 40 mg supplementation of turmeric are accounted to raise the possibility of gallbladder compression. This fact has also been proved by one of study that was printed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which says turmeric has immensely raised the degree of oxalate in urine as equated to placebo.

Prevention Method

Instantly discontinue the consumption of turmeric if you are suffering from any sort of gallbladder problem. Also ignore if you are taking any sort of medicines for the same.


The excess of anything is not good and similar is the case with turmeric. The reason is the good quantity of oxalate present in turmeric which has the power to adhere to calcium to figure indissoluble calcium oxalate. Now this is the major reason which is causes the problem for kidney stones. So, if you have the possibility of forming kidney stones, delete turmeric from your diet menu.

Prevention Method

Not only kidney stones, but also in case of any sort of kidney issues, stop the consumption of turmeric or make it least in usage.


With the increased dose of turmeric, also come two major health issues: Diarrhea and Nausea. This is due to cur cumin factor present in it which has the propensity to bother the gastrointestinal tract. If we analyze the clinical study done in this regard, persons who supplemented just 3.6 to 8 grams of cur cumin on daily basis also went through mild nausea conditions. Hence, this proves that even least intake of cur cumin can evoke nausea in few individuals.

Prevention Method

Take turmeric within limit. If you observe any symptoms, stop the intake and consult your doctor immediately.


As a word of precaution, for all those individuals who are on the blood thinning medicines like Coumadin, Warfarin etc are notified to not consume turmeric. It is because of the cur cumin present in turmeric that is responsible to drop-off the functioning of platelets thereby impacting the health adversely.

Prevention Method

If you are the one who follows the medicament of blood thinning, then turmeric is not meant for you. So, it is better to avoid it rather than facing any serious health problems.


The studies done in regard to turmeric have discovered that the compounds available in it stick to iron. This in return lessens the body’s power to engross the components of iron from the food we eat, thereby further causing iron inadequacy in a person’s body.

Prevention Method

Do not forget to go for a time to time check up of your body. This will help you to keep updated about the level of iron in your blood. Moreover, if the iron deficiency already exists, then it’s better to stay away from its use.


For the ones, who have to go on any surgery, are apprised to abstain from taking turmeric at least two weeks before. The reason is the propensity of turmeric to curb the blood clotting procedure.

Prevention Method

Follow the above given information as an advice to not to consume turmeric from 15 days prior to the surgery.


The usage of turmeric can also become the cause of allergic reactions in the body. The reactions can be either through consumption or skin contact or both. The reasons could be any: if you are allergic to yellow colored food or if you are allergic to ginger or turmeric itself. Most of us are unaware about the fact that turmeric is said to belong to the ginger family line. To add on, there have been various medical reports which prove that the intake of turmeric also causes urticaria and dermatitis. Now this is due to curcumin present in turmeric which is also said to be an active allergen. Even skin eruptions like: abruptness of breath and skin rashes are also its allergic symptoms. Prevention Method

Simplest way to stay away from such allergic reactions is to exclude turmeric from your diet completely.

  1. Preggers & breastfeeding women

The supplements of turmeric are said to be harmful for mothers-to-be. But if it is consumed as a part of veggies and curries, then it is perfectly safe. This is what The University of Maryland Medical Center has said. As a word of precaution, always remember that if you are allergic to turmeric then it is a big NO during pregnancy too. Well, there is not ample of information present over the side effects of turmeric on breastfeeding and expecting mothers but because this period is delicate, it is better to avoid the ingestion of turmeric on temporary basis.

Prevention Method

Because there is no sufficient details mentioned in this reference, it is advisable to not include turmeric in the food list during the time of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Well, this was all about the fallout of turmeric. Hope this accumulation of information will prove a great help to you.


In addition to the all above knowledge, there are few such medications with which intake of turmeric do not make a good pair. Let’s check them too:

  • First and foremost is the medication that is taken for diabetes. Turmeric should be ignored with those medicines.
  • Secondly, the medicines like aspirin, warfarin and clopidogrel are used for in blood thinning purpose. Ingestion of turmeric with any of these is also not advisable.
  • Thirdly, medicines used to cure stomach acid like omeprazole (Prilosec), rantidine (Zantac), cimetidine (Tagamet), lansoprazole (Prevacid), famotidine (Pepcid) and esomeprazole (Nexium) should also not be combined with the intake of turmeric.

To add on, when turmeric is consumed with herbs like ginger and black pepper might cause allergic reaction to the body. Though nothing clear has been mentioned in the same regard but do consult your doctor before you make the combo of turmeric with any of these two herbs.


Inspite of few side effects, turmeric is considered to be very beneficial for health. All you need to take care of is the right dosage at right intervals. Check out the quantity of dosage:

Dry root in the powdered form: 1.5 to 2.5 grams daily.

Standardized powder form of Turmeric: 1.2 to 1.8 grams daily.

Water-based extract: 30 to 90 drops of this extract daily.

Tincture: 15 to 30 drops of this tincture, four times on daily basis.

Conclusion:- Turmeric is one such spice that can never be excluded from the kitchen. Any delicious dish tastes incomplete without turmeric. But to our amusement, it has got certain fallouts as well. Well, this does not mean that you totally obviate its usage; after all it has so many amazing benefits too. Make use of it in moderation and equally take care of the above given details. **Always take the advice of your doctor ** Hope this article has highlighted each and every thing one must know regarding turmeric tea. Do comment and let us know.