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Mouth Ulcers: Types, Causes, Symptoms And Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Them

Mouth Ulcers can be called as the synonym of pain, discomfort, irritation and annoyance in one or the other sense. They are something that will take your comfort away from every angle, if not treated properly. There are lots of reasons behind their emergence; so there are many ways too to get rid of them. In this article, you will go through every bit and byte about mouth ulcers which will serve as a guide to you.


Mouth ulcers can attack people of any age. You will be surprised to know that even mouth ulcers are of different types and one can easily differentiate them according to their symptoms. Generally, there are types of mouth ulcers:

MINOR ULCERS: As the name speaks, minor ulcers are the small sized ulcers that cover the diameter of about 2mm to 8mm. In comparison to the other types of ulcers, minor ulcers take less duration to get mopped up; ranging around 10 to 15 days. They are less painful to those of other types.


MAJOR ULCERS: The name clarifies that these types of ulcers are larger in size as compared to the minor ulcers. The roots of major ulcers are hidden deeper into the skin tissues and hence they take various weeks to be recovered. Such ulcers normally have an aroused border and are blamed to leave the scrapes behind even after they are cured.


HERPETIFORM ULCERS: Herpetiform Ulcers are also termed as Herpes Ulcers and these are caused due to the herpes virus. They are commonly found in clumps and appear like pocket-sized pinheads. The worst part of HU is that they can re-occur speedily even after being cured and the situation always gets worst every time they pop up.


One fine thing about HU is that it is not transmittable like the herpes is. Moreover, it has also been discovered that HU occurs more in females than in males. Also, it attacks the aged adults in good number.


Apart from the above three, most common type of ulcers is the standard ulcers. They pop up on the inner side of the cheeks and takes about a week’s time to get cured. These are painless and even get healed without any medical treatment.



As mentioned; mouth ulcers are painful and the trouble can even get toughest to bear especially on the intake of drink, food or bad oral hygiene. So, one must know the symptoms of mouth ulcers so that necessary medical intervention can be taken on time without any delay. The symptoms of mouth ulcers could be any of the below:


For the Standard Type of ulcers:


  • Infliction around the sore portion
  • Annoyance in the impacted area
  • Swallowing becomes troublesome
  • Beginning of pain close to the sore area


For Minor & Major Ulcers:


  • Appearance of circular shaped wounds that are yellow, gray or white in color from the mid and is with red bordered
  • One or more dreadful sores cropped up over the tongue, cap of the mouth or over the cheeks
  • On the uttermost eruptions of mouth ulcers, the sufferer can also feel lethargic with fever and puffiness in glands


For Herpetiform Ulcers:


  • Unending infection thus resulting into their rapid reoccurrence
  • Increment in the size of the sores
  • Can emerge at anyplace inside the mouth
  • Gradually merging in one another to form big and getting worst each day
  • Highly painful and not getting cured within a week


The causes of mouth ulcers differ from one person to the other and so one cannot detect their actual cause. But there are few common causes that are responsible to give birth to the problem of mouth ulcers. The causes could be any among these:

  • Laying off to the habit of smoking instantly
  • Any dental set up that is causing fray to your gums and mouth like: braces, poor-fitting of dental plates or any other
  • Any injury in the mouth
  • Daily consumption of very spicy food, citrus fruits or the food which are responsible for sourness
  • Hereditary reasons
  • By mistake biting of cheek or tongue
  • Regular intake of medications like pain killers and beta-adrenergic blocking agents
  • Tension or anxiousness
  • Intestinal issues
  • Oral cavities
  • Weak immunity system
  • Changes of hormones during menopause, pubescence and maternity
  • Due to any peculiar medical condition
  • Excess inadequacy of nutrition, iron or Vitamin B12 in the body



You need not to go anywhere outside to search for remedies for mouth ulcers. There is almost everything present right in your kitchen. All you need to do is to accumulate them. We bring best 15 home remedies that will help you in treating and healing mouth ulcers very quickly. In the meantime, these remedies will also work as a pain reliever to you.

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Turmeric is considered to be a marvelous antiseptic and antibiotic to cure the infections internally and externally both. So, there is no doubt that how effective its anti-inflammatory and disinfectant qualities will be, to heal mouth ulcers speedily.


What needs to be done – Take a rough bowl and make a paste by mixing one tablespoon of water and two tablespoons of turmeric in it. Now, with the help of a finger apply it over the mouth ulcer and let it remain there for two to three minutes. Then clean your mouth with normal water. Do the same twice in a day; morning and evening, till the ulcers get cured.



Epsom salt is copious in those minerals which possess antibacterial attributes when put over the mouth ulcer. Hence the remedy is really effectual.


What needs to be done – Your requisites are: One glass of moderately warm water along with two tablespoons of Epsom salt. Now mix it well till the salt completely dissolves. The remedy for curing mouth ulcer is ready. Just gargle with this solution for a minute or two and then mouthwash with normal water. It is advisable to gargle with Epsom salt for about twice to thrice during a day.



The allicin present in garlic gives it the power to fight against the bacteria and germs causing infections. Hence it becomes easy in treating any sort of infections very effectively.


What needs to be done – You will need to take one garlic clove and cut it into half. Now gently and slowly rub it over your mouth ulcer for about two minutes. Then leave your mouth as it is with the effect of garlic clove. After half an hour, wash your mouth with regular water. If comfortable, try doing this thrice in a day.



The cabbage juice is highly rich in anti-inflammatory properties which also aids in curing the problem of mouth ulcers.


What needs to be done – water and one raw cabbage are the requisites. Take a container and pour water into it. Now boil the cabbage into it till you find the water is left half in quantity. Then pour out the left over water into a glass and keep sipping it. This remedy will serve as a reliever against pain caused due to mouth ulcers. As there are no side effects of the same, you can consume three to four glasses of this cabbage water in a day.


  1. HONEY:

When it comes to cure mouth ulcers, honey is a beautiful gift of nature that provides relief against the irritation caused by them. Being a germicide, honey is plentiful of the qualities that help in curing any sort of injuries.

What needs to be done – All you have to do is to take a little honey on your finger and put it over the ulcers. Allow it to stay for some time there. Make sure your hands are properly washed before you do so else the infection might spread due to unhygienic reasons. Repeat the procedure within every hour or two.

This remedy fastens the healing treatment of the mouth ulcer thereby keeping it away from any sort of infection. Moreover, it also abbreviates the discomfort and puffiness caused due to mouth ulcers.


A virgin coconut oil is also a clinically proven medical treatment for mouth ulcers. It serves as an ‘anodyne’ which means something that provides relief against pain.  The anti-inflammatory and disinfectant qualities are present in abundance in this oil. All these factors help to treat mouth ulcers naturally thereby minimizing infliction and swelling caused due to it.

What needs to be done – Swob two to three drops of virgin coconut oil on the mouth ulcer and leave it over. Try doing it for few more times during the day. For more effective result, do not forget to apply the virgin coconut oil over ulcers before going to sleep. This will make the oil stay for a longer duration without any disturbance.

  1. ALUM:

Alum has been very efficacious in inhibiting and destructing those micro-organisms that creates health issues in various parts of the digestive system in the body. All the credit goes to its antimicrobic qualities. Thus alum serves out to be an awesome remedy for healing mouth ulcers.

What needs to be done – you will require three things: water, cotton ball and crystals of alum. Now squelch the crystals of alum into a fine powder. Then soak the cotton ball in clean water and squeeze the excess water. Plunge the cotton ball into that alum powder and right away put it over the mouth ulcer. Let that stay over it for one to two minutes and then properly wash your mouth after removing it. Replicate this procedure only twice a day.

Attention – Mind you that alum might prick a bit, so have a mind set for the same.


Orange juice is robust source of Vitamin C. As per a research, it has been found that even the inadequacy of Vitamin C also causes mouth ulcers. So, the best way to regain the contents of vitamin C lies in this remedy. Moreover, Vitamin C boosts the immunity of your body thereby defending all sorts of infections.


What needs to be done – Simple & Sweet! You will just need freshly squeezed orange juice daily to heal mouth ulcers. Keep drinking two glasses of orange juice daily until and unless the mouth ulcers disappear. Moreover, orange juice has many other benefits too; so anyways it is healthy to drink.



Sodium Bicarbonate is the other name of Baking Soda. The antibacterial elements present in it are fully responsible to maintain healthy oral hygiene. It is one of the main ingredients of the kitchen world and also is an amazing remedy for curing mouth ulcers too. Right from providing comfort from the pain; it fastens the cure procedure too.

What needs to be done you will require one tablespoon of water and one teaspoon of baking soda. Take a glass and mix both the essentials in such a manner that it becomes a paste. Then with the help of a finger, put this paste over the mouth ulcers. Wait till it dries a bit and then clean your mouth with normal water. Gargle properly so that it is entirely cleaned.


Salt water is a sort of medicinal drug which is full of antiseptic properties. The gargle with salt water is meant to leave a soothing expression thereby saying goodbye to the annoyance caused by mouth ulcers.

What needs to be done You will require one glass of moderately warm water with one tablespoon of regular salt in it. Merge both of them well and gargle with this solution thoroughly. Once done, clean your mouth with normal water so that you get rid of salty flavor. This remedy can be followed several times during the day.


Apple Cider Vinegar has a long unending list of qualities. Being the king of kitchen, it equally contributes to the medicinal world too. The sourness factors present in it are effective enough to destroy the bacteria causing mouth ulcers thereby curing it.

What needs to be done half cup of lukewarm water and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar is the requirement of this home remedy to treat mouth ulcers.  Mix both of them well in a glass and the remedy is ready to use. Swoosh this liquid all around the mouth for about two minutes and then gargle your mouth with regular water. It is recommendable to replicate this remedy both the times of the day; morning and evening, daily till the problem of mouth ulcers vanish.


Clove oil is known for its healing properties to treat oral issues very speedily and efficaciously. You are sure to experience a lot of easement when it works on ulcers.

What needs to be done – A cotton ball and clove oil is that you will need for this remedy to treat mouth ulcers. All you need to do is to immerse the cotton ball into clove oil and directly put it over the place of ulcer. Let it be there so that the oil could be sopped up by the skin in order to cure the ulcer. As a piece of advice; before you follow this remedy, wash your mouth with lukewarm water in order to cleanse the entire area around ulcer.

Replicate this remedy of mouth ulcer for about twice to thrice in a day.


Like the others, toothpaste also possesses effective disinfectant elements that fight against the infections and bacteria causing the problem.

What needs to be done The requirements of this remedy are: A toothpaste and Q-tip. With the help of Q-tip, apply the toothpaste over your mouth ulcer and let it stay over it for some time. Then clean your mouth with normal water till the remains of toothpaste are split away. Keep following this therapeutic till the whitening part of the ulcer becomes invisible.

Attention – You are sure to undergo prickling sort of sensation after applying this toothpaste remedy for mouth ulcers. So it is advisable to apply little aloe vera gel later on post to this remedy.

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The core job of cayenne pepper is to render relief from the pain in case of infections. The capsaicin present in it contributes it its hotness which benumbs the painfulness. Hence it also helps in destroying the bugs and germs surrounding the mouth ulcer.

What needs to be done Cayenne powder and a Q-tip are needed for this remedy. Put a slender layer of cayenne with q-tip over your mouth ulcers and forget it for few minutes. If you do not have Q-tip you can even use your fingers. Then after some time, rinse your mouth with plain clean water. Repeat the same twice during the day.

Attention – You are sure to go through a slight stinging pain when applied cayenne so be prepared for the same.


Fresh coconut milk serves out to be wondrous home remedy in the treatment of mouth ulcers. You are sure to experience a great comfort from the pain thereby letting you to eat normally. Such is the smoothness of coconut milk!

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 What needs to be done – Coconut Milk is the only required item for this remedy to treat mouth ulcers. Following this remedy is the simplest of all. Take some coconut milk in a glass and gargle your mouth thoroughly with it for few minutes. Then just mouth wash with plain clean water. You are advised to follow this process at least thrice in a day.

These were some of the top home remedies to cure any type of mouth ulcers. They are sure to grant you a sigh of relief. Make a sincere use of them and the results are bound to be in your favor.


Below are the reasons when you should neither delay nor try any sort of remedies rather contact a doctor immediately. So, go through:

  • If you are facing the problem of mouth ulcers frequently
  • Emergence of painless ulcers in the mouth a one or more places
  • If the period elongates for more than three weeks
  • Emersion of ulcers result in fever
  • Ulcers seem expanding to larger area
  • Sort of strange ulcers which pop up in a new manner in the mouth
  • Ulcers are getting enlarged and causing unbearable pain
  • Ulcers caused due to any changed or new medicament

So, it is sincerely advised not to take any chance if any of the above symptoms persist. Kindly contact the doctor at the earliest.


The outgrowth of mouth ulcers is completely unpredictable but there is no harm in not doing those things which can give them birth. Moreover, there is no particular precaution to follow for preventing mouth ulcers. If they have occurred once, they are likely to recur again. All we can take care of is:

  • Always keep your mouth and teeth clean and tidy through brushing and other means to prevent mouth ulcers
  • Some medications do not suit everyone and hence turns out to be the cause of ulcers. So, do have a word with your doctor if there is any such change
  • Say NO to those eatables that can either spark or aggravate the symptoms of mouth ulcers
  • Avoid those things and reasons which have become your cause of mouth ulcers in the past

At least, what lies in our hands is to make efforts to not giving them the chance to emerge intentionally; in fact minify their severity by understanding their causes. Try to stay away from the reasons that are the cause of their growth.

Hope this article proves to be a great help to you. Please comment and let us know about your feedback.