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Tesla phone – Tesla, one of the world’s biggest conglomerates, has now decided to become a rival of the phone companies. Yes, Tesla is bringing a phone. With its legs already standing firm in the automobile industry and the other tech innovations, Tesla has decided to develop a much more scientifically advanced mobile phone, unlike all the other rivals in the market. This $900 Billion company is often seen leading to different paths of innovation as Elon Musk leads it as its CEO. With Tesla launching new cars, cyber trucks, Tesla Semis, superchargers, and solar roofs, Tesla is planning to launch a Tesla phone called the Tesla Phone PI.

Recently, Tesla has been the center of both good and bad public image. For instance, when Neuralink came out in the market, Musk’s vision blew everyone’s mind and had them believe this idea might change the world for good. But the recent Twitter fiasco has put a great dent in Musk’s image in public. So whatever he tweets or posts on social media picks up the limelight like wildfire. So when there was a video posted online on YouTube about Tesla coming up with a phone, the public was bound to be curious. To clear doubts, we will read whether this rumor is true.

Not one, not two, the public reacted to the humor with a dozen of questions. People had doubts like these; what does it look like? What is the price of the Pi phone? While some people reacted as if it was just a marketing gimmick to gain the limelight, others claimed that it was true that Tesla was bringing a new phone to the market. So to clear all the doubts and rumors here is a complete article to answer all your queries. 

Tesla PI Phone Price: How much does a user has to pay to get the Tesla PI Phone? 

Elon Musk is known for bringing some scientists level technology to the general public. For instance, the Tesla car is more technologically advanced than all the cars present in the market and will be even after five years from now. So to expect the price of the device that is supposed to come with futuristic tech to be below $1000 dollars would be insane.

However, the price may not be fixed; just like an apple, Tesla may also follow the same pattern where they might reduce the price once the device catches up with the attraction. The speculated price of the device at launch is estimated to be around $1000 to $1500. Once the phone comes on the market, we can judge if the price is justifiable.

Tesla PI Phone: Updates so far from Elon Musk?

To the public’s surprise, Elon Musk has always done something he has told the public he would not do. And as Elon has stated before, he is not interested in reviving basic and old technology. To our surprise, when Tesla launched an umbrella, it caught the public’s attention more than it caught when Tesla was rumored to bring a phone to the market. 

A dude who sends cars to space and spends billions on his dreams to build a space company can never be taken for granted, and in his recent tweet, he hinted that this might be a reality soon when we get a Tesla phone.

In his tweet, he said:


Now he may have never publicly admitted that he will be bringing a phone soon, but this sure looks like he is giving the possibility of bringing one.

Tesla Pi Phone: When will it Release?

According to some rumors, it stated that Tesla might release the new phone in early 2023. However, if we look at it more professionally, there is no chance Tesla can launch in early 2023; as we all know from the public statements Tesla has made before that, Tesla is currently engaged in so many projects and has another responsibility to launch another consumer based products is nearly impossible. To kick start the project, Tesla has to raise an entire army to take charge of this project.

The following statement might break a few hearts, but even if Tesla came out in the open and accepted that they would go into the smartphone business, expect the first smartphone to roll in and around the year 2030. 

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Tesla PI phone: Features and Specifications

Have you seen the falcon doors on the Tesla dance on the Christmas song? Or have you seen the uniglass on the windscreen that follows up to the back of the car? Tesla products have always been way above what the market already offers. The Tesla Pi phone is speculated to have the following features:

Neuralink Connectivity

A technology that connects the brain of a human to a computer; no, we are not talking about the movie Terminator; it’s the Neuralink Tech. Now, this is not the first time we have seen a giant tech talk about some futuristic tech. But if they can do it in a small science lab in 2022, they can surely provide it in a cell phone ten years from now. Hold your horses; 10 years is a very long time because, by the time we get there, some other advanced technology might come into being.

Wonder what stars look like up close? Pull out your Tesla Phone to see them.

We already have smartphones in the market offering almost 100x zoom from their cameras. It would not be a shock not to relate a Tesla product to space tech. Tesla might develop some amazing camera tech to target the already-targeted audience. Some reports have suggested that they might bring Astrophotography into their products. Through this, you can zoom in to see the galaxies and stars. 


Yes, mining. Wait, not mining for ores but mining for crypto. Elon Musk often promotes growing cryptocurrencies and has even collaborated with the crypto. Elon, not long ago, announced that there would be Mar’s coin. So all these ideas and Elon’s advances towards the crypto world suggest that the new Tesla Pi phone will come with a crypto mining feature.  

Solar Charging facility

Since Tesla will compete in an already full of a competitive market with phones with wireless charging ability, charging other devices wirelessly, and other interesting features, Tesla might take this up a notch by introducing the ability to charge the phone with sunlight, just like you see one over the roofs. 

Starlink Internet Connectivity

Elon Musk has proved to the world what a vision can do. His vision to improve connectivity and have a unified internet connection worldwide is not just a gimmick. This idea of him has already come into existence and has helped many Ukrainians during the war.

Not long before, SpaceX had launched Starlink Maritime into some seas and oceans. Now it is available for even the most basic android and ios devices, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that Tesla Pi phones will come equipped with Starlink connectivity all over the world. 

Controlling a Tesla from a Tesla

People who already own a tesla know what modern tech is. You have heard about Planes flying on autopilot, but did you know a tesla can also run on autopilot? Yes, sit back and relax while your Tesla drives itself. On top of that, users also get the feature of controlling their cars from their mobile phones through dedicated apps. To cut the middle, men’s Tesla will come equipped with a factory setup app to control your Tesla. In that way, you can control and manage your Tesla from your Tesla. 

Tesla Phone Specifications 

With great features comes great storage. To maintain the plethora of features we just talked about, it should not come to less than 1TB. Another assumption we can make about the screen size is that it may be around 6.5 inches.  

With all the features that this phone is speculated to have, even batman would need more tech. If it comes to market iPhone will take a major hit. 

Now don’t get hopes up since there is no official statement regarding the same, and it is currently in the talks, let alone being manufactured. More details will follow once we get any official word.


Now to wrap this up, let’s look at the points we talked about; a Tesla phone is rumored to have Neuralink, astrophotography, the ability to control your tesla car or a tesla semi, and the ability to mine cryptocurrency all in a single cell phone. All these rumors were thoroughly read and analyzed, but if, in any case, you might find any discrepancy or any other rumor you have heard of, feel free to comment below.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the Special about a Tesla Phone?

Wrong question, duh! What is not so special about a tesla? From having technology that even a superhero might not have, this phone is speculated to have almost everything and anything that one can think of.

What is the price of a Tesla Phone?

Since there is no word about the launch of a tesla phone, looking at the list of features it offers, it can be priced around $1000 and $1500. 

What is the Operating system on a Tesla Phone?

There is no official word from Tesla regarding their phone’s specs, but we know that a tesla phone will come with its developed operating software.

Which one is better, IPhone or a Tesla Phone?

You can be the judge of that with all the list of specs we mentioned. Yes, a Tesla phone is better than an IPhone. 

When is the estimated launch of a Tesla Phone?

Even Elon Musk doesn’t know the answer to this question since this project is still in talks. More information will follow when we get the official word from Tesla.