The benefits of organising and clearing out your home


We’ve all been there at some point. Your possessions are piling up around you and it feels like you’ve run out of places to store them.

It can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed and prevent you from relaxing properly in your home – the place that is supposed to be your sanctuary.

The solution is a good-old clear out. By figuring out what you need and don’t need, you can quickly get back on top of things.

Here are some of the benefits of the process and the all-important tips on how to do it successfully.

How decluttering helps your state of mind

A decluttered space that you can freely move around, knowing for sure where each item is and not having anxious thoughts about jobs that are yet to be done can all have positive effects on your state of mind.

The process of cleaning and decluttering itself is also a common behaviour that people use to combat stresses in life.

Achieving things is a vital part of living a rewarding life, and the simple act of getting on top of your clutter gives you an instantly recognisable reward in the shape of a clear and tidy space.

Any items that can be donated to charity can also give you some self-satisfaction that you’re doing your part for good causes.

It helps prevent new mess

Getting on top of your clutter can also help you stop it from coming back – if done properly.

Assigning a designated home for each item is important and having as many in drawers and cupboards – and therefore out of sight for the most part – is another factor that can result in a successful declutter.

It’s also vital to avoid falling into the trap of buying new to replace the old after a clear out. If you’ve just discarded a similar item, ask yourself the question, ‘How is this one any different?’ If the answer is tough to come by, don’t buy.

It could make you some cash

Not everything you decide to part with will simply go into the rubbish. You may even be sat on a potential windfall if your unwanted items like clothes, jewellery and appliances are in sellable condition.

A study by fitted furniture experts Hammonds found that, on average, Brits’ wardrobes include £173.82 worth of unworn clothes – a figure that jumped up to £189 among those aged 18-24.

So get digging all the way to the back of your clothing collection. Who knows what money-making gold might be in there?

How to clear out properly

Seeing things spilling out of cupboards or piled up on surfaces is enough to give anyone the fear of tackling them – which can result in compounded issues. Hammonds’ poll found that 3% of Brits don’t even attempt to declutter!

If you’re in the 14% that at least tackle it once a year, here is some expert help when it comes to decluttering from professional organiser, Mimi Bogelund.

She said: “Having a good clear out is well known to have huge positive effects on your mental and physical health. Knowing where to find things avoids frustration and helps time management, as well as cuts visual noise from clutter and makes cleaning so much faster and easier.”

Mimi’s steps to a successful clear out are:

  • Go deep into all cupboards and get out belongings, working in sections such as clothes, linens, toiletries, books etc. to avoid feeling overwhelmed.   
  • Go through everything, choosing what you love and need the most, letting excess go.  
  • Give yourself several months and work at regular times. Once done, you will never need to clear out radically again. A swift re-set every season is all you need.