Things That a Newlywed Girl Goes Through


Have you ever heard of Pre-wedding jitters?

Most probably yes, now tell me ever heard of post-wedding jitters, which commonly indicate things people feel after marriage?? Not really? 

Alright…. So let me tell you that, yes, there is a thing as post-wedding jitters. Though pre-wedding jitters are experienced by both the parties (the bride and the groom), post-wedding jitters are the anxious feelings or things that a newlywed bride goes through. 

If we talk about the feelings of a bride, we could say that it’s a mixed feeling. It is mostly the happiness of starting a new phase of life and at the same time, there is sadness for leaving behind the comfort zone and the most loved ones of her life. The place she called home for around 20 years of her life is suddenly not her house anymore. One of the most prominent wedding day feelings is fear. She feels scared for the overnight change. Till yesterday she was her father’s princess, mother’s doll and sibling’s best friend, living life king size, with no responsibilities to worry about. She is not just a daughter or only her sister now. All of these changes in one night, now she has whole new luggage full of responsibilities, new relations to cherish and take care of, and a completely new life. She is currently a daughter in law, sister in law, and most importantly, a wife. Life of the bride takes a complete 180-degree turn in one night. Now the girl cannot behave like a daughter and throw tantrums anymore. Instead, she has to man up and act like a woman, even matured at that. As happy as this stage of life is for any girl, it’s totally scary at the same time.

Let’s discuss the things that a newlywed girl goes through usually:

The Girl Feels Homesick

Even though a girl accepts her new home, but for some time, her first home is where she has come from. It doesn’t matter if the new home is more lavish and luxurious; she misses her home, her parents, and siblings.

Everything Seems to Be Changed & Difficult to Adjust

One of the things people feel after marriage as it implements to the bride and groom both. All the things and persons around suddenly change. Not only these, but the whole aura changes for a girl. In this case, a girl finds it uneasy about adjusting. But of course, with time, things start to come into place.

Have to Be Careful All the Time

A girl never has to take care of anything before her marriage. Because her parents act as her shield. But suddenly, a heap of responsibilities comes on her shoulders, and that is to be burdened and responded correctly. But being patient is such an environment that solves all the problems eventually.

The Girl Misses being Privileged and Pampered

Before marriage, a girl is given extreme importance by her parents, but as soon as she comes to a new place, there’s hardly a few people or no one to pamper her. Instead of all this, she has to go with the responsibilities she’s opted for.

A Girl Starts Doubting Herself

Coming to an all-new environment makes a girl anxious. She starts doubting herself. She feels so because she gets doubtful about her fulfilling all the responsibilities correctly.

Feelings of the bride remain full of speed struck anxiety. Wedding day feelings contain a lot of emotions at once, which then comes out in the form of tears. Hence, the brides get emotional.

Though this anxiety and this weird feeling in the pit of the stomach doesn’t live long, it gets regular with the time, and this new life turns into the usual life of the girl.