Tips To Easily Dispatch Acrylic Nails

Are you among the one of those million girls who is irritated of fixing their chipped nails? If yes, we can really empathize with you. No one admires broke away and knapped nails, instead we hate them for how tardy they make us look. It is not that everyone possesses weak nails because some people are really blessed with strong nails whereas some needs to deal with brittle growths. Brittle nails are technically difficult to be taken care of and that sometimes make us feel the need to opt for alternatives. One of some amazingly beneficial and handy alternatives is ACRYLIC NAILS. These are one of the most popular remedy to outcast the spell of brittle nails. They also possess additional benefits along with providing strong nails, the length and texture which is just so desirable. Well not just this, but there are a lot many pros related to them but where the pros exist, the cons are attached too. Let us tell you some of the most prominent pros and cons of ACRYLIC NAILS.


  • Acrylic nails prove to be an amazing nail extension for women whose natural nails are brittle and feeble.
  • If you are habitual of chewing your nails, that is one most lofty reason of your knapped nails. However, if you opt for acrylic nails you would be enjoying double benefits of forgoing a bad habit because these nails are harden to be chewed and having beautiful nails.
  • Acrylic nails are available in admirable shapes and lengths and thus they prove to be astonishing canvases if you are a nail art lover.
  • They are way more cheap and handy than gel nails and other twins and also last for a longer duration.

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  • When acrylic nails are covered over natural nails for a longer time, it often prevents growth of the natural nails and can lead to some serious damage to them.
  • If acrylic nails are not applied in an appropriate manner they do seem fake and filthy.
  • Hike applying acrylic nails over the natural ones, some chemicals are used which leads to fume formations and chemical reactions in your cuticles thus can damage the cuticle and also can be allergic to some people.
  • Refilling is required on monthly basis if you keep the acrylic nails for a longer time, and this refilling can cost some valuable worth of money.

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Undoubtedly, irrespective of these cons acrylic nails have been saviors for a lot of girls but a complete headache too when the chance comes to remove them. This painful task can be more annoying if we do not properly manage our nails. Possibly, it isn’t that easy to take care of them in the hectic schedule. But it is possible to rescue the pain while removing those nails. Are you thinking how? The answer is one wonder element ‘acetone’.   Yes, you read it right. Acetone can help you remove the acrylic nails at home and save you from all the pain and save some money too. All you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned below. Nevertheless this procedure demands a lot of patience but at the end you will be satisfied with the results.

Apparatus Required:

  • Bottle of Acetone
  • Small tub of hot water
  • Tweezers and nail cutters.
  • Ball of cotton.


Step 1

Take a nail cutter and cut down the lengths of your nail to the minimum length possible. This will make the removal easy and will also cut down the time required to complete the task.


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Step 2

Now take a ball of cotton, dip it into acetone and use it to remove the nail paint from your nails if applied on it. While removing the nail paint, make sure that the color does not cover your hands precisely finger tips.


Step 3

One your nails are all clean then we shall start the removal of nails to do so you would first need to warm up the acetone a bit. How to do that? Take two bowls; Pour acetone in one and hot water in another. Now, take the acetone bowl and locate that bowl into the one that contains hot water.

Step 4

Once acetone gets a bit warmer, soak our hands into it and keep it that way for a span of minimum 20 and maximum 25 minutes in order to allow them to turn gentle to be easy to remove.


Step 5

After 25 minutes as you feel the nails are getting softer then take your hands out and remove the layer of acrylic nail by peeling it off using a pair of tweezers. If you still feel that’s it is hard enough to come out do not forcefully dispatch it. Dip your nails again in the solution for some additional minutes and then continue the removal.


Step 6

Once you dispatch all the nails off, immediately apply specialized oil for cuticles onto your fingers. This will help you to prevent any damage that can happen to your natural nails.


Step 7

At the end, take a good moisturizing cream and apply it onto your fingers and palms.

This is the simplest way to remove the acrylic nails at home. All that is needed is; considerable amount of patience. Try this trick to dispatch acrylic nails easily at home and please tell us how well did it work for you by commenting below.

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