An introductive guide to tom cruise teeth before and after 

tom cruise teeth before and after 

Tom Cruise is one of the most celebrities in the world, and his smile is instantly recognizable to anyone. One can simply find the difference between tom cruise teeth before and after because of the treatment he is taking from some popular and professional dentists. From his toothpaste commercial to his romantic partnership with Katie Holmes in the movie “Mission Impossible,” Tom Cruise has had a notorious effect on society. It is well-known among Hollywood A-listers that he has an obsessive preoccupation with his teeth. 

In 2009, he told London’s Daily Telegraph that his smile was once described as “the eighth wonder of the world” by a casting director. However, rumors about his teeth started spreading when Cruise appeared on David Letterman’s talk show in 2005, when he complained about being scolded for smiling too much by a television interviewer. 

Apparently, she warned him that people had started commenting on how “bad” his smile was after Katie Holmes became pregnant with Suri Cruise. This article will look at what happened before and after Tom Cruise got dental implants that allowed him to have teeth that look like he did when he was young.

Basic about the concept:

He has not been reluctant to speak out in public about his obsession with his teeth. His dentist, Sharwin Agnew, who runs the Clear Wellness Centre in Syracuse, NY, said that he had had cosmetic procedures to improve the overall appearance of his teeth for over 15 years. According to him, Tom’s incisors were already naturally very well aligned. Hence, he only needed a little bit of correction on them, and the dentist was able to add veneers on top of the incisors. 

However, Tom was unhappy with this and decided for more drastic measures. So he had “Tom Cruise Teeth” reshaped and reshaped again until they became what you see today on the screen. Surprisingly, he has been known to go to extremes to perfect his teeth. For example, in 2008, he had some of his teeth removed to change the shape of his jaw. 

It would be considered a drastic measure among other dentists because it would inevitably cause him considerable pain. However, Mr. Agnew was confident that he had done the right thing in not following this advice and instead encouraged Tom to keep working with him and getting regular checkups.

Before the surgery:

After seven months of avoiding the dentist’s chair due to fears of discomfort after those procedures on his upper jaw, Scott Miller and Tom Cruise finally got around to seeing Dr. Agnew in 2010. Until then, the only visible change had been that his teeth were brighter and whiter. He had already done the veneers on top of his incisors but is still taking the time to ensure they remain healthy and shiny.

Before the surgery, Tom had quite a wide smile and a tooth gap between his front two incisors. So Dr. Agnew decided to narrow it down by using dental implants. But, unfortunately, it meant that he needed to embed titanium posts into his jawbone so that he could screw them into place to let them support the crowns. Because of how much it would hurt, Tom decided not to have dental implants until after he finished work on “Mission Impossible 4”. And that is why you see him without teeth in the poster for the movie.

After the surgery:

In 2010, Tom said he was delighted with the results of his previous procedure. Dr. Agwin told reporters at a press conference that they are as perfect as they can be given his natural teeth. But, it seems by now that it has become Tom’s unmistakable trademark. So, after over 15 years of getting implants, he decided to get some new ones too. And this is where “Tom Cruise Teeth” next took place.

In August 2011, Tom Cruise had a surgical procedure for this very reason called full-mouth replacement, which involved everything from dental implants and a bridge to a Veneer Lift and Crowns. Tom and Dr. Agwin have said that this is the best actor.

The surgical process:

Dr. Agwin said there is many excellent prosthodontics for dental implants in Los Angeles, but none were found in New York. Despite telling him how uncomfortable it would be, Tom Cruise was determined to fix his teeth back up himself. So he went under the knife again and had the dental surgeon place three implants into his upper jaw, which helped with new crowns and veneers. It seems he was completely satisfied with the results this time around.

He says, “For the first time in more than 15 years, I can eat almost anything.” A year later, he was seen on a promotional tour for his latest movie, “Jack Reacher,” where he was spotted wearing an upper denture of gold. Although it is said to be a requirement in the acting industry to have at least one front tooth missing on screen, Tom Cruise’s case shows that if you plan and take care of your teeth, they can remain intact even while you are putting them through their paces.

What Was Wrong With Tom Cruise Smile?

Many might ask this question after seeing his smiles before and after photos. The answer is simple; he has a class 2 malocclusion, also known as a little bite. His upper jaw is too narrow, which causes tom cruise middle tooth to overlap his lower teeth when he closes his mouth. It makes it look like he’s snarling; hence, when he smiled, the bottom half of his mouth was hidden by its top half!

What Dental Implant Procedure Did He Have?

It is said that Tom Cruise’s full-mouth replacement procedure was performed by Dr. William B. Ewald Jr . and Dr. Scott Miller. It was an extensive procedure that replaced all his existing crowns and veneers with more permanent ones.

If you take a close look at his smile, you will notice that the color of his teeth is not uniform. Instead, his natural teeth are yellower than the rest. It is because he has dental composite on top of the titanium dental implants.

He also had a Veneer Lift done during this procedure to give him more room for his upper teeth when he smiles. A veneer lift is a cosmetic dentistry procedure used to make the teeth appear longer and straighter. It increases the width between two teeth by removing an enamel layer from one tooth and placing it on top of another.

Tom cruise teeth top gun:

In “Top Gun,” he wore a dental prosthesis on his upper teeth. The dental prosthesis is used to fill out the silhouette of his face and make the rest of his teeth look bigger. As a result, Tom Cruise Teeth have gone from becoming a running joke to being one of Hollywood’s most recognizable trademarks. So, there is significant change between tom cruise teeth before and after

The best thing about having your mouth look this perfect is picking your best smile for every occasion and photo opportunity! As an actor, it’s important that you look good and feel comfortable in front of cameras and your audience when filming or during interviews. 

What about tom cruise teeth braces?

Tom Cruise’s teeth are not naturally straight. If you can believe it, he had braces to fix his crooked teeth when he was younger. So getting in and out of the dentist’s chair is priceless!

Ultimately, these procedures cost Tom a pretty penny. And if you have ever had a root canal, you’ll know why. Even though Dr. William B. Ewald Jr. is known for providing the best dental care for celebrities, other dentists in Los Angeles can provide similar services at a much lower price (around $3000-$5000) for their full-mouth replacement procedures. So, now you can easily understand the difference between tom cruise teeth before and after.