Wake up the inner chef in you with these quick recipes

Food Recipes

 The entire world is in lockdown due to coronavirus. All the restaurants are closed and takeaway options have also reduced. People are left with no option other than cooking at home for their families. Since many are working from home without any house help, it becomes even more difficult to manage the house. Making simple and quick recipes is the best thing to do in the current scenario. Since you are cooking at home, the final dish will be healthier than the ones you order.

In this article, we have compiled a list of delicious recipes that will excite the inner chef in you. These recipes are so simple that you can enjoy cooking them with your loved ones also. Who would have thought that cooking can be fun and an easy task to execute?

Egg recipes

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The eggs are cheap, versatile, and full of protein. Due to these reasons, people love eating eggs for breakfast. Having an egg in breakfast will help you start your day on a stronger note. Some easy egg recipes that you can make at home include omelets, scrambled eggs, egg salad, egg and cheese sandwiches, sunny-side eggs, baked eggs, etc. Recipes of these mouth-watering dishes are easily available online. Egg-based recipes are infinite in number, pick one that suits your taste buds, and enjoy it with your family.


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Pasta is another food item that is easy to make. Pasta recipes are delicious and kids love pasta dishes. It is a staple food in Italy which is served for lunch or dinner. You can use wheat pasta in the dishes to make it healthier. White sauce pasta, red sauce pasta, broccoli pasta, mushroom pasta, etc. are some of vegetable pasta recipes. For kids, you can try making spaghetti or veg pasta soup. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can add meats and eggs to your pasta recipe as per your taste. The internet is flooded with easy pasta recipes if you want to make some at home.


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Salads make for easy family breakfast or dinner. Adding seasonal fruits and vegetables further enhance the flavor of salads. Eating salads is a healthier option. You can try recipes like chicken salad, broccoli salad, chickpea salad, Greek salad, corn salad, etc. These recipes are simple to make and can be found on the internet.


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Coffee has a lot of health benefits and provides energy to start the day on a high note. A cup of coffee in the morning is refreshing. You can buy flavored coffee pods to make delicious coffee at home. The coffee in pods is high-quality stuff and can also be used to make different coffee recipes like cold coffee, Dalgona coffee, etc. The coffee pods are biodegradable and can be recycled easily. Using coffee pods will reduce your household’s carbon footprint as well.


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In quarantine, since no one is unable to move out and all restaurants are closed, getting baked items is difficult. It’s natural that nice in a while you might feel like enjoying a good dessert. Kids at home would also be requesting you to make something different at home. Trying simple cupcake recipes is a good idea to bring a change in the standard house food menu. Vanilla, orange, lemon, or chocolate-flavored cupcakes are easy to make. These recipes are available on the internet. You can even cook cupcakes with your kids to enjoy fun family time.

Chocolate desserts

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People at home, especially kids would be missing tasty and delicious desserts available in a nearby bakery store. Chocolate-based desserts are easy to make at home. Some of the recipes you can make at home are brownies, mousse, cupcakes, fudges, cookies, ice-cream, cakes, and many more. Recipes are available on the internet, so you can search and pick any that you want to try. It will be a nice change to make a decadent dessert recipe once in a while in this tough quarantine time.

Make full use of the quarantine time and rejuvenate your enthusiasm for cooking by making these recipes at home. Share the recipes with your friends and families to spread some love.

Do share your comments and other simple recipes that you have learned during this quarantine. Happy cooking!