Ways to Find Your Destiny in Life & Be Happy with Her


Do you believe that there is a person created especially for you? Do you want to find your destiny? Use the ten striking recommendations to find your true destiny and live happily ever after. Sounds interesting? Go ahead and read!

Is it possible to find your destiny?

You can find who- or whatever you want, no matter whether it is your destiny or just a thing if only you had enough motivation. Your destiny is desirable to find because we all have only one life to live and be either happy or not. Therefore, looking for your true love is a must if you want to succeed in the family life with her. However, you would better follow some principles on your way to find your destiny in life.

Tips to find your destiny:

Tip 1. Create an image of your dream woman.

First of all, you should know what you will be looking for, right? If you have an image of a person you want to be with, it will be much easier for you to meet her in reality. Therefore, imagine yourself to be a painter and generate a possible portrait of your beloved future one. Your ideal charming lady must match the criteria you have about the way she looks.

Tip 2. Generate a list of her traits.

Appearance is not everything you must be looking for. She should pass the find your destiny test, meaning that you will have to create a list of features she must possess. For instance, you might write that she should be kind, polite, smart, good-looking, generous, and more. The next thing you are supposed to do is to write the features of an ideal husband for her. For example, if you want her to be kind, her husband must be generous, and so on.

Tip 3. Begin to seek.

Start your searching process online on a dating site. To do it, you would better mention all the criteria in the search engine of a particular dating website. For instance, you might specify her age, height, religion, and marital status. Additionally, some dating sites allow you to specify her or your interests and hobbies. You might either seek your ideal bride outside, not on the dating sites only, it is up to you.

Some of the most well-known dating sites include eHarmony, Match.com, OkCupid, and Bumble, each offering their own unique features and user experiences. One factor that often differentiates these dating sites is their cost. While some dating sites are free to use, others require a paid subscription or offer premium features that come at an additional cost. Different resources like this Match vs eHarmony cost comparison to get a sense of which apps are worth the cost and which ones may not be.

Tip 4.  Google her.

Once you find your perfect match on a dating site and she seems to be nice and good-looking, you would better check the information about herself she shares with you on Google. For instance, you might find her comments and the places where she used to work. Make sure she is telling you the truth when you date her.

Tip 5. Never give her your financial data.

It might be weird if a woman begins to ask you questions about your finances on the first date. It is absolutely impolite and ridiculous! You would rather stop dating her when she is too curious about the place where you work and your income. Of course, money matters, but it is not the most important thing in every relationship and definitely, not the first thing to ask on the first date.

Tip 6. Ask your friends to share their opinion.

Your friends might know you very well. Therefore, you should not neglect their opinion. You might also ask them or your relatives to say a few words about her when you introduce her to them. You should not be afraid to hear something negative about her if you know your friends for a very long time. You would better trust them more because it is your destiny and they are partially responsible for your happiness.

Tip 7. If you have children, ask them to describe her.

Your kids might understand who this person really is very fast. It is common knowledge that kids can feel people and cannot stand mean individuals. If your children do not want to meet with your charming lady and often cry in her presence, probably, you should take their opinion into account and think twice before you decide to propose and marry her.

Tip 8.  If you have a dog, let it express itself.

It might look strange but pets can feel the way a person really is, but they can not tell it in words. If your dog barks angrily when she comes to your house or when you date her, you would better trust your little friend and make sure there is no malicious thing behind such a behavior.  

Tip 9. Relax.

Try not to be nervous and too focused on finding your destiny. Often the best appears in our ways when we expect it the least. Therefore, you would better relax and enjoy your life the way it is. Slow down for a while and accept yourself and your life with all its drawbacks and advantages. In other words, you should be humble and love your life the way it is.  

Tip 10. Love other people.  

This tip is not weird at all because if you want to have a good harvest, you should sow a seed. If we compare your life to the harvest, then, you should sow the seeds of love. Give your love to most people that show up on your way. If you do, you will learn to love others even if they do not deserve your love. However, sooner or later, true love will appear on your track.

Does destiny exist?

Yes, it does somewhere and somehow you will find it if you keep searching for your true destiny. Therefore, you should always have hope in front of you and never give up, no matter what happens.

Will it be easy to find your destiny?

No, it will not be simple to meet your destiny. Sometimes, you will have to test it to make sure that the person is really your fate. If you think that you have already found your destiny, let her go. If she comes back to you, our congratulations, if she does not, you would rather wait until you meet your destiny later on. However, you should be active and in the constant process of searching for the right candidate to win your heart.

Can you choose your destiny?

Yes, you can do it because we all are not designed to be robots. People were created to be creators, so we can select our destiny. However, the process of selecting and finding the one might not be easy. You will have to apply a lot of effort, time, and even resources to find your one and only.

Summing up

Finding your destiny is one of the most complicated things in your life. However, if you entrust your life to higher powers and have, at least, a little faith in your success, you will find her much easier. However, it does not mean that you should just sit and do nothing. You should do the work you like, spend your free time with people whom you love, and walk a road of love. The end of this road is your destiny. If you take the tips mentioned above seriously, you will find your destiny faster. If the world tells you to compromise and choose something you really do not want, do not listen to it. You deserve to be with a person you have always been dreaming about. Just wait for the right time to come, friend.