What are the good reasons to live on a Yacht ?


The wealthiest people in the world have one and celebrities prefer them more for their holidays. On yachts, you can enjoy a high-end vacation, or even a life at the sea with everything you need in your boat. You benefit from the comfort of a hotel, while enjoying the mobility of a boat. In other words, the best way to travel the seas with a customized boat to your desires and in absolute luxury. Here are 3 good reasons to have a yacht to live in or spend a luxurious holiday.

The main advantage of Yachts: luxury and comfort

Living in a yacht is like living in a luxury hotel on the water. The cabins are furnished as 5-star hotel rooms with all the necessary facilities to spend very good stays. With a comfortable bed in the cabin, shelves to store your belongings, a shower and toilet, air conditioning, furniture, you have everything you need to live in comfort for a long time at sea. Moreover, you can now arrange your luxury yacht according to your needs as some more sophisticated boats that offer a bar as well as food storage for several days. You can also have your yacht equipped with a kitchen. Ideal for those who wish to prepare dishes with a beautiful sea view or for those who wish to hire a special cook to concoct small dishes.

The technology used in this type of boat

If yachts are known for their comfort, it is also because of the different technological equipment found there. The most efficient models offer up to 40% tilt. This means that in terms of stability at sea, yachts are among the best. In addition, they are able to climb slopes that go up to 40%. Also, facing the waves, these boats offer a soft landing, in the same way as in airplanes. So, in front of a rough sea, you can navigate in peace with the most efficient models. At the engine level, yachts can reach high speed up to 50 knots. On average, most models run at 15 knots, about 17 mph or 28 km/h. Today, there are models with different designs that are even equipped with tracks for off-road travel.

The art of living in a Yacht

Living on a yacht is no different than living in a house. The slight difference is that you get away from the daily stress from being on the sea, and live to the rhythm of the water. You can do whatever you want in your boat. Moreover, you have all the equipment you need on a daily basis. You can even now afford to arrange luxury furniture and a living room in your boat. With regard to electronic equipment, yachts are now connected to provide you with more comfort. You can even enjoy the Internet even if you are away at sea. There are today many models that can meet your needs. Whether it is for a holiday, or to live at sea alone, with a partner and children or more, there are as many possibilities as there are many luxury ships. Just choose the right yacht to enjoy the sea, fishing and everything you can do on a boat.