What are the movies with the most mind-blowing endings?


A movie with twist ending thrills.  The Avengers: Endgame comes into mind. It has one of the best ending experiences.

There is some good feeling when you watch a movie, and at the final grip, you realize it was a twist. 

If you love Marvel Cinematic Universe, you can watch Marvel movies in order of release to see which one beats them all.

I would think mind-blowing endings would work best for horror movies, and they act as the critical shock for anyone who watches a film with mouth wide open for the final rap.

Fans identify their best movies due to their twist-ending. Such is mainly seen in killings, such as when a killer appears too fast. For instance, the Falcon and Winter Soldier ending was fantastic. Or John Walker, the New Captain America who beat up an enemy who had already yielded to death.

Most of the MCU movies have a perfect ending. As some end up in a battle, and everyone is eager to see who will win or cry after defeat. This has brought about the success of the films.

 Best movies with the most mind-blowing endings

 Avengers: Endgame: The greatest battle

 When we think of the ending of Endgame, our minds go to some of the fan’s favorite superheroes such as Chris Evans and the uplift of Mjolnir, Iron Man in the Avengers Assemble, and finally, how Steve Rogers had it all and the end with Peggy Carter. You cannot miss watching the film and having a taste of its ending.                                                   

At the end of the game, fans were on their toes, waiting for the final act. Finally, the Avengers had to return to their past moments after the completion of their mission. They grouped up with six Infinity Stones eager to take up all Avengers dead folks back to survival( Avengers: Infinity War).

The mission worked, with only one falling to come back. Black Widow decided to sacrifice herself to save the Soul Stone, while the new Hulk decided to bring back the dead who were killed by Thanos using the gauntlet. Hulk also tried to get back Black Widow but to no avail.

Sadly, there was no time to mourn the loss, and not everyone came back, which was one big blow for the doomed universe; it would be wiped away through extinction.

We cannot miss talking about Avengers Assemble who fought Thanos with an epic sequence, where Captain America had powers over Mjolnir.Everyone who has been in the Avengers: Infinity War was returned to life but entered into a different world.

It’s hard to miss the intercession of Doctor Strange and other favourite heroes who made it possible to walk through the giant mystical portals and arrive on time.

 At this time, Captain America delivered the team’s signatures, which were long-awaited by the fans for years. Though Marvel had produced a fake Avengers Assemble in the Avengers: Age of Ultron, this time around, the deal was good with something real. This made the fans rejoice even though they were on their dead-end for the final battle against Thanos.

 Iron Man gama radiation death

Iron Man’s ending was foreseeable, and he indeed needed a stellar ending that has its place in the franchise. While he deserved that memorable ending, others thought it never fitted well.

Iron Man’s death was so upsetting, and no fan can dare to forget. It was death at the cost of defeat. He laid down his life to raise back half of humanity with the use of his own Arc Reactor that poisoned his body.

He uses all six Infinity Stones as a snap to kill Thanos and his army. However, this ended up being at his own cost. At the climax, everyone has a hearty attempt to stop Thanos from snapping, but to no avail. As they tried to remove the gauntlet, they wrongly removed the stones.

Anthony Russo and Jos couldn’t hide their tears as they learned of Iron Man’s death due to gamma radiation.

 Black Panther Dramatic Ending

Black Panther gives MCU one of the best ending moments with tough battles and a lot of bloodshed. 

The fight ultimately would fall over N’Jadaka and T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman). Both were great fighters, had powerful suits, and were ready to fight to the death as per their opposing deals.However, T’ Challa seems to compromise and the end. This was unexpected, though, it was a choice that Marvel seemed to be plotting right from the beginning.

 It seemed that Black Panther was fighting as revenge for Killmonger. But time revealed that there was more to his motivations. There seemed to be a thirst for progress though he was being driven by vengeance, and it seemed to control his actions.

Finally, we see T’Challa was eventually forced to do away with the usurper and later uncovered Killmonger’s past actions even after his death. It brought Villains’ desire to the forefront.

 Doctor Strange The defeat of the bad guy( Baron Mordo)

 Doctor Strange could not put on a suit but relied on magic.

The incredible misuse of power caused the bad guy to lose faith, making him turn to what he formerly held. Doctor Strange made terrible decisions and revealed a dark secret that The Ancient One had kept for years.

While the Supreme had warned anyone not to abuse the dark powers, she was doing it herself. Unfortunately, the Ancient One saw this as hypocrisy and believed that Dormammu had done this to empower himself. But, this was to be kept as a secret to Mordo.

 Finally, he learned about the secret from Strange, which put him down to learn things were different from reality. He was disappointed by his mentor’s mistrust and had some strength to fight Doctor Strange.

Towards the end, Strange defeated the bad guy (Baron Karl Amadeus Mordo) and moved to Sanctorum. The end left fans with questions about what would befall Mordo and whether he would be seen on the screen again.