What is the line segment?

line segment

Do you like geometry? If yes, then you might love to learn “What is line segment”.

Definition of geometry:

Calculation (geo signifies “earth”,“ metron” signifies “estimation”) is one of the most seasoned parts of science that involves arrangements with lines, focuses, shapes, distance, and points.

A mathematician working in the field of calculation is known as a geometer.

What is the point?

A point is a definite area or position with no size. It implies the point has no length, no width and no profundity.

You can show a point by a speck, i.e., Point A.

What do mean by line?

A Line is a straight way that reaches out in inverse bearings. A line is a one-layered figure, which doesn’t have width. Likewise, It doesn’t have clear finishes in the two bearings.

There are various kinds of lines like vertical lines, level lines, and equal and opposite lines.

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What is the line segment?

A line section is essential for a line with two endpoints, i.e., a start and a completion point.

You can name a line section utilizing its two endpoints and an image without bolts. This line section is named AB.

Types of line?

In geometry there are four types of lines:

  1. Horizontal 
  2. Vertical
  3. Parallel
  4. Perpendicular


A level line is one that maneuvers from left to squarely in a straight course across the page.


An upward line gets to start to finish in a straight heading across the page.


Equal lines are two straight lines that are consistently a similar distance separated. They never meet or converge anytime, even at endless times.


At the point when two straight lines meet or cross at a point of 90 degrees, they are opposite to one another.

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