There are many sleeping positions that we follow like the stomach or side or on the back. All these sleeping positions say a lot about your personality. You can easily find out what your sleeping position says about your personality.

It is known that one-third of our lives is spent sleeping so that we can relax our bodies and reboot. And proper sleep is ensured only when you spend on getting the right accessories for yourself. The right accessories include a comfortable mattress, high-quality pillows, and a proper bed frame. When you try to have a peaceful and comfortable sleep, the position in which you sleep may be a hindrance to you not being able to sleep. No matter if you are on your back, your side, or in any other sleeping position, your individual sleep position matters a lot in judging what type of sleeper you are. Your sleeping position will not only ensure you have a peaceful sleep but will also help you beyond the bed.

According to research the body language that you portray while you sleep also connects to your personality traits while you are awake. Below, let us find out a few of the sleep positions that hold a meaning about you.

Common Sleeping Positions

Fetal: If you sleep in this position you are more likely to be introverted, sensitive, and shy. You have this urge to protect yourself from the public. People who sleep in this position have a harder shell on the outside but from within they are big softies. In a national survey, this position has been reported as one of the common sleeping positions. This position is a safer way to doze off because, in this position, your spine rests in proper alignment which is helpful.

The Log: This position is indicated by lying on the side with the arms just by the side. This position indicates your versatility to roll off and accept whatever life offers. Another report says that people sleeping in this position are prone to be social butterflies and are also said to be friendly, carefree, trusting, and popular as well. They are also quite gullible and consider themselves fit, healthy, and always ready to accept whatever life offers. Following health, one is suggested to sleep in the log position as they can rest more comfortably and have the chances of having uninterrupted sleep.

The Yearner: In this position, you sleep with your arms stretched out in the front as if trying to get something. This type of sleeper is considered as having a complicated attitude and also open-minded sometimes. They can sometimes get cynical and suspicious while making big decisions. Their behavior seems as if they are looking for the right answers and once they make up their mind, nothing can make them change it. Talking about health benefits, those who are suffering from hip and back pain can start sleeping in this position to get benefits from it.

The Soldier: The soldier sleeper sleeps on their back with their arms by the sides. This type of sleeper is said to be quiet and reserved. They consider themselves superior to the other in terms of standards and sleep in this position owing to the health benefits. Those who always sleep on their sides or their stomach, their skin tends to age maturely and there can be visible creases on their face when they wake up. Sleeping on the stomach or sides can also cause breakouts and wrinkles on the face which is not a good sign. Therefore it is suggested to sleep on the back to avoid damaging your skin.

The Starfish: This type of sleeper crawls and sprawls the entire night on the bed while sleeping. This is a very comfortable and carefree type of sleep and these sleepers consider themselves as bed hogs. Starfish sleepers are said to be very much selfless and always eager to help people in need. Along with being good friends, they are also very good listeners.

Starfish sleepers mostly sleep on their back and also on their bellies. Given, you feel pain while sleeping in this position, you can try placing a rolled-up towel under your knees. This will help in aligning the curve of your backbone.

The Freefaller: This type of sleepers Sleep on their stomach and have their arms wrapped around the pillow. Their head is turned to the side. These types of sleepers are likely to be bold and are very much social. They also can be considered extroverted and thick-skinned. They take criticisms very sportingly and can deal with intense situations with ease. In a survey, it has been seen that introverts don’t prefer or avoid sleeping in this position. A small tip for those who sleep on their stomach. You can use a soft pillow to avoid keeping your neck at a disturbing angle or you can use no pillow at all.

Which is The Best Sleeping Position

You must keep in mind that the above descriptions are interpretations and observations. All you need to know is what a healthy sleep looks like. It has been found out that side sleeping has more health benefits. It can keep the airways open and also helps in controlling snoring. But side-sleeping also has visible side effects. If you sleep on your left side, then you can face heartburn and acid reflux symptoms. Again, pregnant women must also avoid sleeping on the left side as this can harm the unborn baby. You can use a light pillow under your head and between the knees. This can help a great in aligning your spine, hip, pelvis, etc.

As we have understood the usefulness and importance of sleep and the various positions, the right accessories also help achieve this. Just like the mattress, soft and comfortable pillows, the proper weight blanket is also required to achieve good sleep in your favorite position. There are different types of weight blankets available with varied functions and weight that helps create happy sensations to put you to sleep. The right weight for the blanket would depend on your weight and age. Talking about mattresses, you need to find out the proper mattress size and style that comforts you while you sleep. The selection of these accessories largely matters in providing you a comfortable and peaceful sleep.


We hope that you have learned about your personalities depending on your sleeping positions. Also, we have explained that no matter what position you choose, you need to have the right accessories required for a peaceful sleep.