From ancient Romans to modern-day celebrities – engagement rings have remained fashionable to wear during a couple’s engagement ceremony. Why do people often wear this ring on the fourth finger of the left hand? Ancient Romans believed that this finger contained the vein of love that’s directly connected to the heart. These rings demonstrated affection in the past, and now they’ve become a necessary element of every marriage! However, couples are often left confused by ever-changing shapes in the industry. With 1.8 million engagement rings being purchased by Americans annually, it isn’t easy to select the one perfect for proposing to your beloved with!

Seven Reasons Why You Should Get An Oval Ring

Are oval rings just a fad? Many famous brides-to-be have lately adorned their slender fingers with these timeless alternatives to the traditional round-cut rings. These elegant diamond ornaments offer elegant and captivating façades to some well-known women in our days. We have multiple examples of celebrities investing in this beauty. From Diana’s sapphire gift, which the Duchess of Cambridge wore at her wedding, to Hailey Bieber’s Blake Lively-inspired $500,000 ring. Where can these rings be purchased? These rings have become more popular recently not because of their oval shapes but because of the unique façade of these ornaments.

Several trends have emerged in the engagement ring industry that can help you earn the would-be bride’s pleasure while winning over her family. People are often confused about different varieties of rings, their shapes and sizes, and what to offer the bride’s relatives. So, how to show your affection for the love of your life and respect for her folks? We advise grooms to purchase matching rings for sisters at Bryan Anthonys where you can get different rings at affordable prices. Now, you have something to offer both your bride-to-be and her dear little sister.

So, coming back to the oval ring, what other reasons make oval rings some of the most amazing connubial souvenirs for a couple? We’ll attempt to answer this question here now:

  1. Symbolism:

An oval ring represents more than just romance and commitment; it also represents feelings other than love! Its egg-shaped look expresses originality and distinction while also expressing rebirth, family, and fertility. It depicts a person’s effort to overcome breakups and divorces to find genuine love in the end. Its elegant exterior provides a sense of fulfillment and connection with your loved one. So, it’s a remarkable souvenir for your girl. 

  1. Classics:

As we’ve explained, historians trace the antiquity of an oval ring back to the Greco-Roman civilization. However, the modern oval-cut became fashionable in the late ’50s and the early ’60s as well. It was invented by Lazare Kaplan – the famous diamond merchant – at the beginning of the 20th century. It retains its durability even after being trimmed, thereby being perfect for ordinary lifestyles. Women can wear these rings daily and imitate the fashion sense of our American ancestors from the past.

  1. Appearance:

What makes oval shapes better than round shapes? Cutting a stone egg-shaped can make it appear bigger by getting more coverage! This fact’s been verified by the Gemological Institute of America as well. They stated that oval rings appeared larger to one’s eyes, and fingers adorned with them may seem slender. Since these rings don’t have corners, they aren’t vulnerable to chipping as other fancy shapes you might have purchased before. Its symmetry makes an oval ring less prone to damage.

  1. Affordable:

Does an oval ring cost less than their round-cut alternatives? Factors often determine a diamond’s price and quality called the “4Cs,” including its cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. However, experts have opined that oval-cut rings cost 20-30 percent less than other fancy shapes. Since the round façade has more demand in the market, cutting a round diamond leads to more rough wastage. Also, an oval ring doesn’t sparkle that intensely, thereby giving your finger a modest look.

  1. Uniqueness:

Oval-shaped rings are unique since they’re essentially a modified formation of round shapes. But an oval ring has many facets and sparkles brilliantly enough for a decent marriage proposal this winter! An oval-shaped diamond has remained distinctive for its various variations in gorgeous proportions, stretching to its uniqueness. Engaged individuals often prefer stones that are around twice/thrice as long as they’re wide. But couples also choose thinner/thicker versions for a successful ceremony.

  1. Bow-tie:

Another feature possessed exclusively by an oval ring involves what we label a “bow-tie formation.” This visible pattern makes your finger appear more furnished than other non-oval façades. So, how do we attain this bow-tie effect? This effect is caused when light doesn’t bounce from side to side in the center of the diamond, thereby contributing to the ring’s uniqueness. Even though some experts have labeled the bow-tie effect as an imperfection, this ribbon shape seems pretty on your finger.

  1. Trendy:

Celebrities are famous for their lavishness, but their extravagance does influence people’s mindsets. Two celebrity proposals are considered trendsetters for the return of oval rings in the 2010s. When Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his mother’s legacy – a 12-carat oval blue sapphire – the trend became immensely fashionable. Then Ryan Reynolds proposed to Blake Lively with an oval pink variation and became the godfather of these rings in modern times. These trends have lived!

Conclusion An oval ring compliments your finger and furnishes your appearance for the most important ceremony of your life! With their elongated frontage, these rings give slender fingers the illusion, giving them elegance. It’s estimated by Vogue that “oval rings” were among the top-searched ring cuts for the last five years. Though it fell off the charts after the ’90s were over, celebrity proposals have reignited the popularity of diamond-cut rings. With their exclusive bow-tie formation, these classic and beautifully-proportioned rings symbolize affection and dedication for married couples. By offering more variety, oval engagement rings are inexpensive endowments to propose to a woman.