Why every man should own a beard clipper ?

For the common adult man, a beard is a natural part of your face. You wait it out, it grows, and before you know it, it’s time to trim it down. With all the hassle of everyday life, it seems like you barely have any time to focus on menial activities like shaving, so convenience is definitely something that is desired.

For this reason, every man out there should forget about shaving with a razor, and instead opt for something much quicker: beard trimming. A beard clipper, as long as you look towards getting a good one, is the ideal way to shave in modern day. Here are three reasons why:

1. You Save A lot of Time:

If you’re always on the go, business or family related, you really don’t want to dedicate 10-20 minutes to shaving traditionally. By using a beard clipper you can trim your beard down to a very short length if you want and it takes no longer than 5 minutes. You only need to make sure it is charged, unless you buy one that is corded.

2. You Save A lot of Money:

Just think about this for a minute. When you shave with a razor, you have continual expenses that add up over time. You need: 1) the actual razor 2) a replacement of blades 3) shaving cream 4) after shave or lotion to heal your skin. That adds up very fast and you won’t even notice that you are spending that much.

With a beard clipper, aside from your initial purchase, the only thing you really need is some clipper oil to keep it lubricated and working like brand new. And that costs under $5 per bottle, which can last you a couple of months. Big difference.

3. You Have More Control:

Shaving with a manual razor pretty much gives you one option; to completely remove the hair off your face or at the very least get it to a short stubble. With a beard clipper, you will be equipped with guards so that you can choose the length you like and trim as necessary.
People who grow very long beards have only one alternative, scissors. If you have tried to trim your beard using scissors before, you would instantly find out just how trivial it is and how long it really takes. There really is no better way to handle a beard than a clipper. Your barber uses it for a reason: it is the best product for controlling facial hair. You can even use it on your head or body if you really want, and some clippers do come with these attachments.

Portability Is Another Plus

Have you ever travelled and needed to bring with you shaving supplies? Between the razor, the blades, and the shaving cream, it can get pretty roomy very fast. That isn’t the case for a clipper, as you can easily bring it with you fully charged. You most likely won’t need to ever charge it if it has a lithium ion battery and if you do, then it’s a pretty long trip as is and you should bring everything with you regardless.

It’s time to get serious men. Beards are all around us now, and it is time that the rest of you join the movement and own the right tools.

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