Hickeys can be commonly seen nowadays. A hickey is something that is not for a gender in peculiar; it can happen or be given to both men and women from their beloved partners as the sign of their love making. For few, who wanted it willingly; it is a matter of proud as they do not shy on getting this love mark from their partners rather they love showing it off. But for few others who got it unwillingly, hickey becomes a matter of disgrace. They want to get it removed as soon as possible or they keep hiding it. So, opinion differs. It is true that hickeys are mostly seen in women in comparison to men but then this does not signify that men do not have them. The only difference is that some hickeys are hidden while some can be well interpreted.   Generally, hickeys are neither painful nor dreadful but then situation varies from person to person. Here we bring an article to acknowledge you regarding every little and big thing about hickeys.


A love bite or a kiss mark is generally termed as Hickey. It is a sort of contusion caused due to aggressive sucking, kissing or biting. This aggressiveness ensues in cracking of the small and soft blood vessels, known as capillaries. As a result of which the blood oozes out into the environing tissues making a red colored mark over your skin.



If you are the one who has got hickey unwillingly, then the first question that pops up to your mind is “for how long will it lasts?” Well, do not worry at all because a hickey is not everlasting at all. It withers away with the passing time; leaving no proof behind as if it ever existed. On a general note, hickey usually endures for a week or two and there are two reasons behind why it takes so much time. They are:

  1. Severeness: Some of the hickeys last for such long time and also takes a good time to cure. The length of time taken to heal entirely depends on the amount of destruction caused to the blood capillaries within the skin. The severe the hickeys are, the more time it will demand to mend.
  2. Your own health: Your own health also defines the time period a hickey will take to fleet. The healthier and stronger you are internally, the quicker the hickey will vanish. So, live a life; healthy life!


For the ones who do not feel fine to flaunt their hickey and are looking for the ways to get rid of their hickey, here we bring some of the most amazing home remedies to get rid of hickeys quickly. Check these out:

1. Magic of Massage

This is an awesome home remedy to get rid of hickey is massaging. You can take any essential oil that suits your skin to massage. But yes, you need to do in a proper manner. For this, put two fingers over the affected part and firmly rub it in a round gesture. This massaging should be always done in one direction for first two minutes and then the direction can be changed. Do it for at least 15 minutes and then you can repeat the procedure at any time of the day. Moreover, don’t be surprised if you observe some outlines after the massage. Though it is rare, but nothing to worry about.   Basically, massaging disperses the clogged blood thereby abridging its color. It is believed that the potency of massaging completely counts on the severeness of hickey. So make sure that you do it in the best and right manner for effective results.

2. Rubbing Alcohol

Well, this method of getting rid of hickey will only work if it has been just some hours around after you have got a hickey. The chilling, bactericidal and soothing elements of rubbing alcohol will make you attain your goal speedily. Take a cotton ball to apply alcohol. If not painful, you can a gentle massage through the same. When done, do not forget to put on a moisturizing cream or lotion over it. This is because of the dryness caused by the alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is experienced to be the quickest method to get rid of hickey. But just do it for a day or two and that too twice to thrice in a day. Don’t forget to apply a lotion every time after you are done with it. Isn’t it the simplest home remedy to get rid of hickey?

3. Cocoa Butter

Another effective home remedy indeed! Cocoa butter is an excellent gift of nature to not only cure hickey but also other injuries. It serves to be a fantabulous beauty product by being a natural moisturizer thereby enhancing the development of skin tissues. In order to cure hickey, you will need to massage the affected place with cocoa butter for some duration and leave it for a while. To add on, if you are looking for more effective result, apply cocoa butter after the procedure of warm compress. The results are sure to leave you amazed.

4. Arnica Salve

Arnica Salve is a clinically tested and proven curative emollient or balm. It is also considered as an efficacious home remedy to get rid of hickey. This ointment not only helps in repairing the collapsed blood capillaries but also trims down the irritation and puffiness caused due to hickey. Simply, apply Arnica Salve over the hickey and impacted area nearby to it. You are sure to feel much better.

5. Peppermint

Peppermint ameliorates the circulation of blood due to the stimulant impact it leaves. It also assists in the mending of capillary blood vessels. When applied over the affected area, one might feel the prickling sensation but it dilutes within few minutes. For the ones who want to get rid of hickey, you can either apply a toothpaste containing peppermint or even use peppermint oil. As an alternate to peppermint oil, the use of olive or almond oil is also advisable.   All you need to do is to gently rub either of them (peppermint containing toothpaste or oil) and let it rest over it for some time. Once you stop feeling the prickling sensation, remove it through a warm washrag. Remember few things: if you apply peppermint ointment immediately after getting hickey, then it will disappear in no time. Secondly, the application of peppermint should be done only once in a day. If exceeded then it might result into skin irritation.

6. Peel of Banana

Now this is something that will give you instant comfort right in your home! You will need not to go anywhere for this remedy of hickey removal. But what is it? Well, it is a fruit that is always available in our homes. Banana peel is the way to get rid of hickey this time. The peel of banana is bestowed with many natural curative properties to impart comfort in many conditions.   You will just need a ripe banana for this remedy. Cut a new and clean piece of banana peel from it; somewhat as the size of your hickey. Now put that piece over the hickey and let it rest over it for 20 to 30 minutes. The cooling and soothing effect of banana peel will lend you great relief from the discomfort. You can repeat the process thrice or even more times in a day to get speedy results. Just make sure that you throw away the used piece and use a fresh one every time.

7. Vitamin K

Vitamin K is also used to get rid of hickeys and discomforts caused due to it. Its decoagulant qualities are capable enough to dispel clogged blood in your body thereby hastening the therapeutic and curative process of your hickey. Wondering, what you need to do?   Well, without a delay, begin the intake of those food supplements that are plentiful in Vitamin K. These will instantly alleviate the curing process. Also, there are various medicated creams and lotions available on the medical stores which work effectively on hickey removal. Just pick one of them that is rich in Vitamin K and apply it twice or thrice in a day to get the healing results quickly.

8. Vitamin C – Lemon or Orange

Vitamin C has plenteous bleaching properties which also makes it an incredible element for curing and clearing the marks of any sort of bruises. Thus it also helps in getting rid of hickeys. Lemons and oranges have the highest amount of Vitamin C in them. So, you are advised to drink freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice as soon as you discover a hickey. It will add on many other health benefits too. You can even make the orange pack and apply it over the hickey as a substitute. If any of these forms of vitamin C are followed, then hickey is sure to get vanished as if it was never there. So, a little extra effort can help you gain quick results. A home remedy that also serves as the fastest way to get rid of hickey removal!

9. Use a Toothbrush

To your surprise; yes, using a toothbrush is also an amazing home remedy to get rid of hickey. But you will need a new toothbrush with strong and firm bristles for this remedy. Comb can also be used as a substitute. What you need to do is to gently brush the hickey and area around it with the comb or a toothbrush. Then give a break for 15 minutes to observe the outcome. You will notice that after brushing, redness and puffing has also scattered. Don’t, don’t worry! It will become a lot okay after 15 minutes.   As a word of caution; ‘Do not press it too severely while brushing, else the results might be worst.’ Only if required, replicate the procedure else do not. If you are thinking, how effective is this remedy? Well, this entirely depends on the harshness of your hickey. But yes if you are lucky enough then this method can turn out to be a savior for you within no time.

10. Cold Compress

Cold compress is one of the fastest ways to get rid of hickey. Now the question is what to do. All you need to do is to take a towel and roll four to five ice cubes in it. Then just press that wrap and roll over the hickey for about 8 to 10 minutes. Ice plays an important role in curing the pain and swelling stimulated by hickeys. Never place the ice cubes directly onto the skin as it may result into destruction of internal tissues by freezing or even ice burn.   The other way of using cold compress method is by placing a frost metallic spoon inspite of ice cubes. For this, you will need to put a metallic spoon in deep freezer for about ten to fifteen minutes. Then take it out and enfold it with a towel type of cloth. Press it over the impacted skin or gently rub over the hickeys. You can make use of these cold compress methods as many times as you are comfortable. The more time you invest in taking care of it, the sooner it will cure. The primary role of this hickey removal method compresses the collapsed blood capillaries and minimizes bleeding.

11. Hot Compress

Here comes a question for you… what do you do for the stubborn type of hickeys? Are you fed up of trying everything? Well, we have a magical solution to your problem. Hot compress is the way to get rid of obstinate sort of hickeys. Where all the efforts go in vain, this method kicks off the problem with root. Check out on what you need to do. Dip a washcloth in hot water for few minutes. Then take out the washcloth and twist and squeeze the excess water from it. Put this washcloth over hickey and impacted area for some time. Dip it again if required and follow the same process. Inspite of a washcloth you can even use a recyclable a heat patch. Heat patches are easy to execute with least investment required and stay hot for longer duration. You can get them from a nearby medical shop.   Now how does it work? The warmth exerted from the washcloth aids in distending the blood capillaries. This further allows the fresh blood to enter to the hickey thereby removing the clog of blood. Even the hair dryer can be an option for hot compress to treat hickey. Turn on the hair dryer at normal speed and massage the place with two fingers.

  1. Aloe Vera

Here comes another endowment of nature! Aloe Vera, known for its countless qualities, also serves as an effective remedy to get rid of hickeys. This is also used as a medicine to reduce inflammation by providing relief for various causes. Cut a piece of fresh aloe vera and massage its gel over the impacted area. Do it at least three times in a day. Aloe vera accelerates the healing process of the cracked blood capillaries thereby minimizing the skin sensitivity too. It is also said to be a natural moisturizer hence you can also apply the Aloe Vera grounded cream, gel or lotion as a replacement if you do not have an Aloe Vera plant nearby. Thus, Aloe Vera serves to be an incredible hickey home remedy.


Well, there is no magic that will make hickey vanish instantly within few seconds so let’s be practical and learn on the methods to hide it. There are times when hickey pops up on the place where its visibility becomes an issue. The reason to hide can be either: you have to go to a party or there are guests coming at your home or any reason which is valid enough for you to hide your hickey. It could be anything.   Now the question is ‘how to hide a hickey?’ One way is to hide it through the art of makeup. Apply concealer and other make up tricks that will surely help you to hide hickey smartly. The other way could be to wear such clothing which hides it automatically. When it will not be visible, your mind will be automatically relaxed. Such are the ways to hide a hickey.   Hope all the above home remedies prove a great help to you. Do comment and let us know which home remedy proved to be a savior to you and also share other remedies if you have any.

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Some Effective Ways To Handle & Reduce Stress

Stress has entered in the blood of one and all and this has further given rise to unlimited health issues which are not at all beneficial. This is because we cannot hold control over every situation but yes, this does not mean that we cannot live a stress free life. We definitely can and so all we need to do is to smartly manage stress. Here we bring you some amazing ways which will surely help you to handle stress in the easiest way.


Continuous stress impacts a person very adversely especially from the health point of view. Mind you that opting for options like: taking alcohol, gambling, over spending when you are stressed are not the right solutions. So, better stay away from all these negativity. Talking about the damaging impacts of stress over health; they could be any of these:

  • Feeling Dizziness all the time
  • Insomnia
  • Muscular pain shoulder, neck or face
  • Continuous headaches
  • Pain in chest
  • Depression
  • Upset tummy & Indigestion
  • Panic attacks
  • Clenched jaws
  • Hastening heart
  • Chilled and sweaty palm all the time
  • Excess tiredness
  • Heart diseases
  • Either loss of appetite or increase in it leading to weight loss or increase respectively
  • Irritation, angriness and exhaustion in your attitude
  • Sexual issues
  • Palpitation (shaky motion)



Some of the effective ways that will help you to reduce and handle stress are as follows:


The first and foremost way to manage stress is to discover the gateway of stress, meaning thereby; where is the stress actually coming from. You must be thinking that how will this help. Well, if you know the reason behind your stress then taking action against it will be much simpler. There could be any reason like: dispute with your boss, any of your upcoming business projects, business meeting, family issue or anything such but the solution to stress will only be attained after understanding the gist of the problem. Discovering the gateway of stress will take you much nearer to organize things and make your life stress-free.


Never let your passion and love go waste! Even though you try to manage and do best at your job but still somehow, more or less, it is stress central. Now the question is what you can do to be stress-free in such a situation? Quite simple… pick out one or two hobby of yours that you are passionate for and include them in your daily life at any cost. Though in beginning it might be a little hectic for you but within few days you will surely start loving this change. In case, if you are not sure about what you should actually do, then you can probably try few different activities and do a selection. You will even love those new experiences. Try it out!


This is one of the biggest stress agents in the lives of many. No one would deny to this fact that the list of our to-do activities is always bigger than the time available. Hence, with less of time and lot more to do in pipeline definitely gives ample place to stress. Reply honestly… how many times have you wished to God to have few more extra hours in a day? A lot many times, isn’t it? It is understandable that you are trying to be best but still no one can ever conquer the world in one day so sit, relax and supervise your time in such a way that you fulfill all your priorities. The more efficiently you manage your time, the more relaxed you will be.


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To add on, many a times it has been noticed that your habit of being too good and helpful also becomes a reason of stress in your life. So, you really need to learn to say polite NO to remain stress free. It is good to be helpful but not at the cost of being stressful because when time is limited and work is more there will always be something or the other that will be criticized. So it’s better to be not overloaded unnecessarily. There are always soft phrases that you can use gently, like:

“I am sorry but I can’t promise to do this as I have other precedence at this time.”
“I’d love to do this for you, but …”

Such phrases will not even hurt the person asking for help and also not leave you stress free.


Understand this way that you are stuck in a huge traffic jam and your patience is no more your good friend now. Then taking a deep breath or relaxing on your seat with eyes closed for two minutes will definitely be an awesome stress reliever. But the same technique won’t work if you have an unavoidable urgent business meeting to attend because stress is sure to capture your mind. So, you need to make a tool cabinet for yourself with different techniques for different situations. This will help you to handle various such situations completely stress-free.


Pull out some spare moments to sit and understand your everyday activities and analyze which of them needs a break. Here the meaning is that, there are definitely few such activities which have left you stressful so either they should be changed or completely removed. You need t understand that whether you are doing a particular work because you are interested in doing it or just because you have to do it in order to please others. If your heart does not favor any of your actions and make you feel that you are doing it forcefully, then it’s high time to make the right judgment. You are sure to experience a hell lot of difference instantly.


At times there are such matters which do not require any of your special attention. But it happens that you being physically tired due to excess of physical and mental work or less of sleep, you keep on thinking on the same thing without any productive purpose which again turns out to be a stress factor for you. Mind you; when you are fully relaxed (physically & mentally), your thinking power is lot more times much better and you do not take small things as stressor. So, sleep well and give adequate rest to your mind and body. On holidays, like Sunday try to take more sleep than usual so that you feel relaxed at all the three: heart, mind and body.


Do not intermix the terms ‘caring’ and ‘worrying’. To care, is absolutely fine but over caring turns out to be ‘worrying’. The worst part is that we don’t even realize when our care gets converted to worry and then there begins the stress part in our mind. Make sure that you only take that amount of burden that can be actually borne by you else no one can stop you from entering into the stress world which is very unhealthy from every point of view.


If you are the one who are a regular lover of alcohol then it is high time to impose some restriction on yourself. Drinks that contain nicotine, alcohol and caffeine contents are more subjected to enhance the stress level in you. Inspite of these, prefer and include herbal tea, diluted juice of natural fruits and ample of water in your daily diet because these are not only good for health but will keep your body hydrated and this in return will deal with stress very effectively. Moreover, also diminish the intake of refined sugars in your daily diet and increase intake of more and more green vegetables and fruits. A little adjustment with your everyday diet can keep your happy and stress free always.


Exercise serves to be the best medium for a healthy body and mind. Especially, when it is about attaining relief from the disaster termed as Stress, then you just can’t miss on doing exercises and yoga even for a single day. There are some specific exercises that are even known as stress Relievers. Laughing your heart aloud is one of them. These exercises give you a lot of relief in all the three: mind, body and soul.


With whomsoever you are comfortable with, do share your talks, worries, feelings and whatever is there in your mind. This trick will definitely bestow you with a lot relief. Your heart and mind will become burden-free. Mind you; that the person with whom you share your feelings is very reliable and trustworthy. This person could be anyone in your family and friends.


Since ages, meditation is known as the best remedy to provide a lot of physical and mental relief. Meditation is a sort of mindful prayer to enhance your focus and provide you relaxation. It releases the emotions out and supplies you with instant benefits that will do well to you in many other ways too. The advantages of meditation are limitless especially in terms of kicking out the stress of your mind.


You can even take the help of a counselor to overcome stress because their advice and way of understanding our state of mind is very efficacious. The other way could be to take good stress management class so that they guide you on how to keep your life stress free. Both of these ways are also superb options to help you to reduce stress.

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Hope these ways prove a great help to you and pull you out of a stressful life. The key to unlock the stress free life is to remain positive in every condition. Be happy at heart, do what you wish to do, act according to the time, be more social and friendly, smile and spread smiles.


All about receding hairline; it’s meaning, signs & causes…from teens to men

Are you horrified with the trouble of receding hairline and that too at such an early stage, when you are in your eighteens and twenties? Well… this happened because you were unaware about the causes and signs of this issue else if you would have taken the correct measures timely, you might have not suffered this amount of loss. Hair loss is a huge loss because hair enhances your overall personality and makes you look smart and handsome. Still, not to worry because here we bring an informative piece of article for you centering the topic of receded hairline in men.



Receding Hairline is a sort of continuous hair loss, specifically underwent by men and rare women. When the hairline thins down on both the sides of the forehead and proceeds in the form bald speckle in the mid top of your head and then towards the front is termed as ‘Receding Hairline’. It is also generally known as male baldness patterns and androgenic alopecia in the medical world. In simple words, it is a stage of excessive hair loss in men. Moreover, it is highlighted by a widow’s peak where the forepart of the forehead contours a pattern forming ‘V’ shape.

                                                                    Receding hairline

While this trouble is usually found in men with 25+ age but with some of the changing factors, it is now common in very young boys as well, aging 13+. Surprised to know? Yes, it is a fact. It is just that the ones who face this problem in their teens do not notice it and when they are in their 19s or 20s, receding hairline can be easily seen. Below you will read about the causes that are supremely responsible for the beginning of this problem. But first of all, learn about the signs so that when you notice any of these, you immediately go for the cure.





After understanding the term ‘Receding Hairline’ and before entering into the depth of its causes, it is equally significant to know what the signs of this problem are. Knowing every bit of this problem will give you a clear picture and will be helpful in attaining its cure. You should know that the receding hairline is not something that suddenly happens in an overnight duration. There are various small stages that you undergo but actually do not notice the same. It begins with little baldness over your temples and forehead and hair on the sides and the middle remain as it is. This is the first and foremost stage of receding hairline. With the passage of time, the hair loss will be visible enough on the top mid of your hair. Then gradually it will impact both the sides and you will be able to notice this issue clearly. But yes, differing from person to person, the pattern of receding hairline also differs.



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As a matter of fact, the ones who are the sufferers will surely notice lot of hair fall while hair washing and combing. Many times broken strings can be seen on your shirt that you are wearing. Some other signs that symbolize this problem are: dead hair growth in catagen, anagen & telogen levels, very slacken growth of hair, very sensitive to cold etc.




When we have come to know about the problem, it is very important to know about its causes as well, so that the solution can be taken in the same accordance. Hence, let us acknowledge as to what are the primary causes of receding hairline one by one. Check out the list here:

1. Exuberant and Continuous Production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

If we talk about the factors that are creditworthy for receding hairline, then hormones and genes will hold the topmost place. A male sex hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), is considered to be one of the major factor causing receding hairline. If found more than the required quantity in the body, this hormone turns out to be a disaster in the growth of hair and hence starts producing undesirable side effects in the form of excessive hair loss. Logically as per the medical science, this hormone should be abridged after puberty but if its level keeps on increasing then it fortifies different places in the body thereby even causing hair follicles. In such a condition DHT adhere to these follicles and then clogs up the blood circulation. This further does not allow hair follicles to receive adequate nutrition and so they start weakening, shrinking and falling.


Now, if the problem of receding hairline is not taken care of, it will turn out to cause baldness gradually over the whole scalp and later on leading to permanent loss of hair. Mark a point that this problem only happens when DHT production in the body is more than required else DHT leaves no harmful effect if the production happens as per the requirement.


2. Genes – Inherited Elements

The hormonal factors are also equally liable for the problem of receding hairline along with that of genes factor. As per the medical science, the ones who face receding hairline trouble are detected to have a gene known as AR (Androgen Receptor) within them. It is said that as firmer as this AR is, the sooner you will face this problem. Hence, this fact also makes it clear as to why receding hairline is usual in teenagers and the ones till the age of fifteen. In the early research it was found that this gene known as AR could only be transferred from mom to son but as per the new research, it has been made clear that this gene can even be transferred from father to son. So, both the parents can be responsible for this problem.

In addition, apart from AR, there are few other genes as well which have been discovered as the reason for initiating baldness in males in different ways but AR is the primary one.


3. Age Factor

Moving further, another major factor behind the trouble of receding hairline is ‘Age Factor’. Even the researches have justified this point. As per the analysis and research done by National Institute of Health (US), it has been found that the problem of receding hairline is the highest in old aged people and there are nearly 65% of men who undergo baldness or sort of baldness. Among these 65% of men, there are about 25% of such men who are the sufferers from an early age of thirties. This shocked you, didn’t it?




4. Ecological Elements – Stress

It is not only DHT that is majorly responsible for baldness and receding hairline, but also there are various ecological elements that equally hold the credit of this problem. You must be thinking how? To justify this, it can be said that persons who undergo emotional and mental stress everyday are the supreme sufferers of receding hairline. They experience hair loss at a huge extent. So, stay stress free always.



5. Drugs & Medications

You will be surprised to know that there are some such medications that result to receding hairline. This goes for both; men and women. To add on, there are even some drugs that can quicken the issue of hair loss thereby resulting in the problem of receding hairline. Such medications and drugs are: the ones used for handling heart diseases, cholesterol, gouts, blood pressure etc. Even the drugs which have Vitamin A in high quantity and are anti-depressants are also risky for the hair growth. A therapy known as Chemotherapy, which is given to cancer patients also accelerates the loss of hair at the fastest speed.


6. Bad Eating Habits

Last but not the least, our eating habits play a major role in our body. It can impact our body both the ways: positively and negatively. Same is the case when we discuss about the cause of receding hairline in men. If the body gets healthy food which is rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrition, these will definitely accelerate the receding of your hairline. On the other hand, if you are a food lover and eat more of refined food in your daily diet like grains and sugar, then the problem of receding hair will increase speedily. Ascertain that you consume lot of protein eatables in your regular dietary chart because protein is considered as the most important element for hair growth. To add on, smoking is considered injurious to the growth of hair as well apart from the overall health. This is a sure fact proved by some researchers.


Additional Causes of Receded Hairline

Apart from all the above, there are many other specifies and diseases that also hold the credit of causing receding hairline in male. They are as follows: Trichotillomania, burns, thyroid issues, cancer in Adrenal Gland, Seborrheic Dermatits (causing both: dry scalp & excess oily scalp) and last but not the least, diabetic patients undergoing weakened immunity. Moreover, even scalp infections like acne (majorly cystic acne in relation DHT), fungal, eczema can also result to receding hairline. Excluding fungal contagion, rests of the causes are rare to be found. All these are also the reasons of normal hair loss as well.






Belly fat, when the excessive fatness accumulates at the waist portion… sounds so scary, isn’t it? Are you the one who also tops in the list of ones with belly fat? If yes, you are not alone. With every passing day, changing lifestyle, eating habits and stressed life, the problem of increasing weight, belly fat, obese is also continuously increasing. It is a serious health issue which can lead you to something you have never imagined before. It is pretty sure that you want to get rid of this as soon as possible but before that it is very important for you to know what the causes of belly fat are. This will help you to at least learn some unknown truths and understand how you can save yourself from such a disastrous disease. The issue of belly fat not only precludes you from living a healthy life but auspicate troubles like high blood pressure, heart disease, insomnia etc. Here is the answer to your question which has moved your life upside down. Just remember the proverb… Prevention is better than cure and hence you need to follow them strictly so that you can relish the precious life without any sort of hindrance.


What makes it necessary to lose belly fat?

Apart from looking beautiful, there are other reasons too as to why it is important for one to lose belly fat. From the above given causes, it is quite clear that health and belly fat are closely related to each other. The increase in belly fat leads to increase in various health related issues. The fat accumulated at other places of the body is not that harmful as in comparison to the waist portion which is termed as belly. If we talk about the human body, it is naturally designed in such an amazing way that it stores additional fat and expels when needed, especially at the time of hunger but when our weight has increased, this system works completely opposite thereby impacting the whole metabolism process of the body. The fat cells automatically start ejecting fat molecules in our blood at speedy rate which is quite harmful. As a result of all this, a rapid increase of risk is seen in your health like; unnatural lipids, diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, insulin immunity and even few types of cancers. The major reasons that result in belly fat are given below:


  1. Excess Eating:

There is a well known proverb which suits the best here and that is… The excess of anything is harmful. When it comes to health, one needs to be extra conscious and careful. From a balanced diet to regular exercise, everything is essential. Well, it is good to be a food lover but if you do not manage your body systematically then your love towards the food can really be dangerous. This can lead to the constant increase of fats and calories in the body, further resulting in the gain of more and more weight and finally turning up to be the reason of belly fat. So, avoid eating immodestly. Basically, belly fat starts emerging immediately when you miss on the proper dietary chart and daily physical exercise. The only way to burn off the extra calories in our body is regular exercising, so if you want to eat what you love and also maintain yourself, then do not forget it. Make it a part of your everyday activity and enjoy your life.

  1. Changes in the hormones:

Though hormonal changes in the body results to various problems in one’s body but continuous increase in weight causing surplus belly fat is one of those along with menopause. Menopause is a natural process that everywoman undergoes. It results into the least production of sex hormones like estrogen and this fosters the increase in the abdominal fat which is generally termed as Belly fat. Another negative impact of Menopause can be seen in the form of fats storing in the body which used to excrete out earlier. This fat increase can be seen on your waist, hips, arms, legs and also the abdominal area. Such hormonal changes are obvious to occur and it cannot be prevented hence exercising in the form of yoga or morning and evening walk can definitely be a great help to you. So, do your part and leave the rest because by regular exercising at least you will stay healthy at heart.

  1. Tension or Strain:

Today, tension is one thing that every second woman is prone to or rather it should be said that this is something that almost every woman falls in love with. Tension is much more harmful than one’s imagination. Whatever the reason may be behind being stressful, the result is just the same and that is the increase in weight along with many other uncountable health issues. Very rare of us know this fact that strain can be a reason to gain weight but the question is how? The increase of tension in the mind results in excreting the quantity of the hormone named Cortisol generally known as hydrocortone or cortef. This hormone is liable to the additional development and gathering of fat in extremum quantity and that too in the abdominal area. So, tension will take you nowhere rather mislead your health hence be happy, stay chill and kick the stress off your life if you love to look wow.

  1. Ageing:


With the increasing age, the problem of belly fat also tends to increase. The difference is just that, few people struggle with excess weight issues right from the beginning where in other few start putting on weight in their thirties and then it gradually keeps increasing with the passing age. This goes for both, men and women. One need to understand that with the age changing phase one also needs to change food habits, exercising, sleeping time and many more. Eating late hours and then sleeping later than was fine when you were in your youth age but now when you can see side effects like belly fat impacting your health, everything needs to be done on time and systematically. So, ageing is also one of the main causes of belly fat.

  1. Sugar Consumption:

Are you taking lots of sugar in your daily diet? Yes… then this is also one of the reasons of having belly fat. Consuming eatables that are rich in sugar also enhances the production of insulin in your body which further accelerates your craving for more food increasing hunger and also the development of visceral belly fat too. Please keep a safe distance from sugared soft drinks, desserts or candies. To add on, apart from belly fat all this will also boost your overall sugar level and gift you the disease named Diabetes. So, one precaution can save from many upcoming problems. The choice is all yours.

  1. Consuming surplus salt:

Like sugar… consumption of excess salt in your diet also results in belly fat. Though salt plays an important role in maintaining overall development of the body but surplus of this can lead to several health issues. The redundant usage of salt happens to shift water into the skin from your bloodstream. So, sincerely ignore adding surplus salt to your body by saying no to the canned foods, cottage cheese, various dairy products, over salads etc. You will be shocked to know that as per the scientific research, there are about 90 percent of people who consumes more salt than the one advised for the body. At least you don’t be the one and let’s start from you today!

  1. Performing incorrect workout:

Do as you are advised to! If you perform an exercise that is not meant for reducing calories or burning fat rather it is for something else, you will end up getting zero results when the examination is about deceasing belly fat. In fact, at times few exercises work adverse. For example: the exercise suggested for heart would never work for belly fat. Prefer doing muscle work out because muscles have the capability to exhaust additional calories in comparison to fat.

  1. Inactive lifestyle:

Now this is the main cause of health issue like belly fat… Inactive lifestyle, which means where the person is not at all an active worker, he performs very less or nothing at all, when it comes to physical exercise which needs lots of efforts and energy. Few examples could be like: sitting on the chair and then working, too much computer addicted work etc. Even if you have any such job profile, it becomes very important to involve yourself in the work where physical effort is required. All in all, go for an active lifestyle which will definitely help you in burning extra calories and fats.

  1. Scarcity of Magnesium:

Magnesium is an important element of the body that maintains the complete metabolism. As per the scientific report, our body urges for magnesium surplus than about three hundred chemical reactions. This nutrient also efficiently manages the stable heart beat and maintains appropriate blood sugar levels which in further helps to maintain the overall development of body by maintaining the weight and shape of the body. If there is scarcity of this nutrient in the body, it will adversely impact the body weight and shape both and result in becoming the cause of belly fat.

  1. Very less sleep:

Scientifically, eight to nine hours sleep is considered to be mandatory for maintaining a healthy body. If a body does not get the required, it makes you irritated thereby increasing the level of stress hormone named Cortisol and also boosts your urge for sugar foods. This in all, results to the cause of belly fat. So to keep everything under control or in a balanced form, make sure you take ample sleep so that your body gets the sufficient rest and the internal system does not act weird.

Include following in your dietary chart to get rid of belly fat:


  • Sleep on time and take ample sleep of about eight to nine hours as recommended by the doctors. A sound sleep will give you a stress free life. Also you can add Holy Basil in your dietary chart because it is an adaptogen herb which not only taste nice but effectively cuts down the production of stress generating hormones.
  • As per the research, it has been proved that one with the belly fat should eat those food items that contain zinc in it so that it restrains the production of cortisol hormone. Non vegetarians can go for beef and seafood such as oysters and strict vegetarians can prefer spinach, pumpkin seeds, cashews, beans etc.
  • Consume more of such fruits that are highly rich in Vitamin C like lemonade drinks, kiwis, oranges etc. This also reduces the cortisol production immediately. Add spinach in your daily dietary chart as it is highly rich in magnesium and worls for the same cause.
  • Dark chocolate also work wonders in terms of stopping the output of cortisol in the body, so one who are crazy for dark chocolates gets the advantage here. Reduce the belly fat with something you love.

Eat healthy and stay healthy. So, the secret of reducing belly fat also lies within you because the more effort you do, the more fit you will be. Understanding each and every cause of belly fat, make a point not to add any of them into your life instead follow the above given dietary chart sincerely in your daily life and enjoy a fit and healthy body. Make a point to exercise daily like regular walks, doing specific belly fat reducing yoga; few sit ups etc which initiates muscular work out more and more. A healthy body also enjoys improved metabolism and gets the power to fight against other harmful diseases. You are sure to get a great help from all of these.