Treatment To Get Rid Of Fleas In Human Hair

Yeeeewww! Do you feel like itching and scratching your head? Are the fleas in your hair the reason behind making you feel so repugnant and irritating? Well… not to worry because their existence is not permanent rather you can get rid of bothersome fleas just by espousing some easy treatments. It might take some time but will surely grant you relief against this problem. Moreover, it will also ease you from the problem of itching too. Though there are numerous ways to cure this trouble but you need to follow these methods properly and have a little more patience to achieve success.

Along with natural treatments, there are also few homeopathic treatments too which can assist you in the mission to remove fleas from your hair effectively. To be clear, homeopathic intervention might take a little long time because they are not as effectual as the chemical interventions. But the best part is that they do not leave any side effect like irritation. Mark a point to never opt for any such treatment that are contrived for your pets else its fallout could not only be disastrous but also would prove to be useless. So, kindly do as it is advised for you. Now, let’s check out few effective treatments for fleas in human hair:

  1. Dish Detergent, Hot water & Lemon Extract:

First way could be to mix a dish detergent in the bucket of your hot bath water along with one cup of lemon juice. Now soak your hair in this bucket for a time period of half an hour which contains all the three: hot water, lemon extract and dish detergent. You must be thinking how this will work? The fatty acids present in the dish detergent and lemon extract will do their work effectively and kill all the fleas in the hair.  What you need to keep in mind while following this treatment is that the water should be hot enough (only as much you can bear) and if required should be cooled again so that the treatment does not turn out to be a waste. Once the time of treatment is over, gently soak the water of your hair with towel and comb your hair. You might find few fleas coming out along as you comb. In this case, put those fleas in that same bucket of hot water so that they are killed. Later you can shampoo your hair thoroughly. You are sure to find relief from fleas.

Moreover, in order to derive the maximum benefit from this treatment; you can repeat this method twice in a week and continue following the same measure till you get rid of fleas completely. Also, take necessary measures to abolish these fleas from the environment too so that they do not remerge in your hair or your pets fur and again become a bothering issue for you.

  1. White Vinegar & Shampoo:

Second natural remedy that can help you in getting rid of fleas from your hair is: While shampooing your hair just add few drops of white vinegar to it. Now massage your scalp softly so that the solution can be absorbed deep and let it remain on your hair for about ten to fifteen minutes and then wash off your hair with lukewarm water. As a piece of advice; don’t let this solution get into your eyes at any cost else it might cause excessive irritation and in case if it happens by chance, immediately wash your eyes with slightly warm water. Replicate this treatment twice in a week. It will definitely lend you comfort and kill fleas.

  1. Alcohol & Shampoo:

The third way to get rid of fleas is: Rub alcohol. While taking shower just pour one cup of alcohol in your hair and rub or massage it on your hair for some time. Don’t let the entire scalp getting exposed of this rubbing alcohol and also save your eyes from letting this solution entering in your eyes. Wash your hair properly once the time is up. To add on, this intervention can be repeated several times until you fully do away with fleas in hair.


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  1. Tree Oil & Shampoo:

In addition to all the above methods, one more method that can turn out to be a savior in your flea free mission is the Tree Oil Treatment. Pour the required shampoo in a mug and add little tree oil to it. Now mix it well and rub your hair with this mixture. Then let it remain on your hair for around ten odd minutes before you rinse it off. Just take care of your eyes while applying this because like alcohol and vinegar, this might also cause annoyance to your eyes. This application can also be applied twice to thrice in a week or whenever you are going for a hair wash.

Mind you; whichever treatment you choose, it will demand time, patience and effort. If you are ready to give all these three then your hair will be flea free for sure.


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The above methods are the ways to get rid of fleas but there is a famous proverb which says ‘Precaution is better than cure; which here means that you need to be extra cautious to not let these fleas make a home in your hair. Meaning thereby; you strictly need to keep your home, furniture and pets also flea free. Now for this, you can either go for flea removal methods that are available in the market or can try the natural ones. In addition, keep your environment very neat and clean.

Hope that the above given piece of information proved helpful to you. Please share if you have any additional ways as it might be a help to others too in getting rid of fleas from hair.

Pamper Yourself With Some Amazing Natural Hair Spa Treatments At Home

Hair SPA treatments have now become the latest trend to maintain the healthiness of your hair by conditioning them deeply. And why not, when they are giving sure shot results. These hair SPA treatments are meant to condition your scalp, strengthen the hair strands, enhance the blood circulation, relax the muscles and lend you with lot of comfort. In addition, these SPA treatments also precludes aging of the scalp and hair, removal of impurities, nourishment of the scalp and hair thereby making them healthy, annealing the oil secretion in the scalp and relief from mental stress. All in one package! With these hair SPA natural treatments, one can get solution to many hair problems like: damage hair, dull hair, weak strands, hair fall, dry hair etc and that too without any side effects. The best thing is that you need not to take prior appointments or spend hours in parlor or do lot of expenditure. These can simply be done at home with much of ease and as per your convenience.

Here we bring you some of the most amazing natural hair SPA treatments that can you can do at your home easily and quickly. Results are guaranteed, if performed with perfection.

1. Olive Oil Massage

Since ages, Olive Oil is known for its miracle properties especially when it comes to hair. To give yourself a hair SPA treatment at home all you need to do is to: Gently massage your scalp and hair with Olive Oil and allow it remain for fifteen minutes. After that, take a cotton cloth and dip it in lukewarm water. Then remove additional water by squeezing the cloth and enfold it around your hair in such a way that it steams your hair properly. Let it happen for a period of ten minutes. Once this is done, rinse off your hair with a gentle shampoo. The best thing about this Olive oil massage & hair SPA treatment is that you need not to apply conditioner to your hair as Olive Oil works as an effective conditioner too at the same time when you apply it your hair. It is a two in one magic.


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2. Avocado Conditioning Mask

Avocado has the magical properties of bestowing the hair with superb radiance because it is a rich source of nutrients. Moreover, this further helps in precluding any sort of damage to the hair thereby making them a lot-lot healthier. For the Avocado conditioning mask and hair SPA treatment, what you need is: two big avocados and honey. Take a wide bowl and make a smooth paste by squashing both the avocados. Also mix one big tablespoon of honey to it. Comb your hair finely so that they do not twist or tangle. Then apply this amazing hair SPA paste, right from the scalp to the hair tips. Once applied properly to your entire scalp and hair let it remain as it is for about twenty minutes. Then wash off with a mild shampoo. You will be left astounded with your lustrous, smooth and soft hair and this is sure to make you earn lots of complements too.


3. Eggs:

Eggs are enriched in protein factor and thus turn out to be an effective hair SPA treatment that can be easily done at home. The process that you need to follow is to: Take a bowl and take some coconut oil in it. Now also add one egg to it and mildly apply in the form of hair mask. For good results, twine your hair with a warm towel and leave it in the same way for next 15 to 20 minutes. When done, rinse off your hair with a gentle shampoo. Mark a point that you do not use hot water to water to clear the egg mask rather use cold water so that the smell of the egg can also flee away. Egg is efficient enough to save your hair from any damage thereby rendering strength and enhancing the growth.


4. Ripe Banana Mask

Vitamins, Potassium and natural oil is available in banana in abundance so here you will come to know about the hair SPA treatment that can be done with the help of ripe banana. Take a bowl and add a small cup of olive oil, one ripe banana and one egg white to it and blend it well. The ripe banana hair SPA mask is ready. Apply it on your hair properly with and let it remain as it is for next 15 to 20 minutes. When the time is over, use a soft –gentle shampoo to clean your hair. This treatment will turn your hair much softer and will also safeguard them from any sort of damage like hair fall and split ends. It will also lend your hair with natural elasticity.


5. Milk and Honey Mask

A simple and quick SPA treatment to your hair! Pick up a bowl and pour one glass of raw milk in it. Then add one big tablespoon of honey to it. Mix it well and Apply this milk and honey mask in such a way that it covers your entire hair that is right from the root to the layers and the tips. Now softly massage your hair. Let this mask rest on your hair for next 15 to 20 minutes. After the advised time, rinse it off with lukewarm water and later followed by shampooing. Sheen and soft hair will leave your spellbound. The best part about this hair SPA treatment is that it fulfills all your hair needs in one shot.


6. Coconut Cream Mask

Saturated fats and Cholesterol plays a vital role in repairing the body. Such an example is Coconut. It imbibes of saturated fat in high content within it which is excellent is the deep conditioning of hair. Hence this is used in lending a perfect hair SPA treatment too. Now how this will work is:


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You need the coconut cream to perform this Coconut Cream Mask hair SPA treatment and this you can either purchase from a departmental store of make a smooth paste of coconut with the help of a blender. Whatever you choose; take ample amount of coconut cream in a bowl and then warm it up decently with the help of your hands. Now apply it to your hair and softly give a massage too for next five to ten minutes. Next step will be to dip and squeeze a soft tissue towel in lukewarm water and let it rest over your hair and mask for at least one hour. Finally, clean it off with a mild shampoo and it is a strict NO to blow dry thing after this treatment.

7. Strawberry Mask

The name of strawberry is enough to make your mouth watery. They not only taste delicious but serve as an amazing way to treat your hair too. Sounds surprising, isn’t it? But yes, this is true and even you will agree on the same once you try this Strawberry mask hair SPA treatment. Check out on what you need to do: Get a bowl from your kitchen and mix all these so well that it turns out to be a smooth paste: one egg yolk, two big tablespoons of olive oil and one cup of sweet red strawberries. Apply this paste to your hair and let it remain for at least 15 minutes. Then clean and clear your hair by washing them with a gentle shampoo.


8. Honey

Honey is one of the best gifts to us from nature. Right from medication to beauty, it has endless magical properties. When it comes to hair treatment, honey leaves an everlasting impact. It brings back life to your dull hair, safeguard them from getting damaged and make them very soft in texture. Now, to use it as hair SPA treatment, all you need is just half cup of honey and that’s it. Now dip your fingers in it and very gently massage it to your hair. Keep in mind that your hair should not be completely dry while you apply it rather they should be slightly wet. Though it might feel viscid and messy to your hair but after leaving its affect, you will have no complaints but only complements and complements from yourself and everyone.

9. Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Treatment

Apple Cider Vinegar is also known for its medicinal wonders so how can it be left behind when it comes to be a part of hair SPA treatment. Very quick and easy steps for the SPA treatment: Take equal proportion apple cider vinegar and water in a small spray bottle. Mix it properly. Now spray this concoction over your hair and let it rest for next five minutes. Then just rinse off your hair with a mild shampoo followed by conditioner. So if you have to go for any party or occasion in the evening, then this Apple Cider Vinegar hair spray is the quickest and simplest hair SPA treatment. This will prevent hair from crimping and lend it with a smooth touch.


10. Beer Hair Treatment

Rich in protein, Beer turns out to be a savior especially when it comes to conditioning dry hair. It fortifies your hair thereby bestowing them with the required moisture. Beer hair SPA treatment is not only easy to do but a speedy way to render shine and softness to your hair. The process includes: Shampooing your hair as you normally do and then pour little bear through your hair. Give a soft massage and wash off your hair after five minutes. You will definitely notice the change.


11. Cucumber Hair Treatment

Cucumber hair SPA treatment involves of the following steps: Make a fine paste by mixing four pieces of grated cucumber, two tablespoons of olive oil and one egg white. Gently massage this paste to your hair for about fifteen minutes and wash it off with the help of lukewarm water only. Isn’t it easy and quick way of lending yourself with a hair SPA at home itself? The, rush and give it a try to welcome the smooth and silky texture of your hair.

  1. Hair SPA Treatment for Dandruff:

First of all apply oil to your hair and scalp before you go for this treatment. Get yourself a bowl and add two tablespoons of henna powder, two teaspoons of reetha powder, two teaspoons of amla powder and two teaspoons of shikakai powder to it and mix them well. Now apply this mixture over your scalp only and let it remain there for one hour. Once the time is over, clean it off with normal water. You must be thinking what the role of oil was. Well, here the oil will preclude henna from leaving its color effect over your hair but this is an amazing hair SPA treatment to cure dandruff.

  1. Hair SPA Treatment for Dry Hair:

Are you dry hair churning you up? Don’t give up as here is such a hair SPA treatment that will kick off all your irritation. Pick up a bowl and mix all these properly: two tablespoons of olive oil, one teaspoon of honey and beat an egg too. What are you waiting for! Apply this paste on your hair and leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes. Later, rinse it off with moderately warm water. You can even shampoo as to avoid any sort of smell. The results will leave you speechless.

  1. Hair SPA Treatment for Oily Hair:

Are you disgusted of your oily hair and looking for some hair SPA treatment? Here it comes, take out ample fresh aloe vera mush and add some drops of lemon juice to it. Apply it to your oily hair and let it remain for 15 minutes. Then wash it off and don’t forget to shampoo your hair. You will certainly experience the change. Do it once in a week.

  1. Hair SPA Treatment for Damaged Hair:

Simple and speedy! Take a ripe Avocado and mash it well. Now mix two tablespoon of curd to it. Apply to your hair and leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse it off. Later on, you can shampoo and enjoy the change.

  1. Hair SPA Treatment for Dull Hair:

Are you finding some solution to your dull hair? Do you want them to look refreshing, shiny and smooth? Well, then here is the solution. Soak one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds for overnight one day before this hair SPA treatment. Next morning, Take a bowl and mix all these three: one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and three tablespoon of curd. Now apply this concoction on your hair for about half an hour and then rinse it off followed by shampooing and conditioning. You are sure to be left stunned!

Above given hair SPA treatments are one of the best and hence give them a try. The results will make you earn lots of accompaniments. So, get ready to be the center of attraction wherever you step. Also, don’t forget to share your experience and ideas as they are most welcome.


Why every man should own a beard clipper ?

For the common adult man, a beard is a natural part of your face. You wait it out, it grows, and before you know it, it’s time to trim it down. With all the hassle of everyday life, it seems like you barely have any time to focus on menial activities like shaving, so convenience is definitely something that is desired.

For this reason, every man out there should forget about shaving with a razor, and instead opt for something much quicker: beard trimming. A beard clipper, as long as you look towards getting a good one, is the ideal way to shave in modern day. Here are three reasons why:

1. You Save A lot of Time:

If you’re always on the go, business or family related, you really don’t want to dedicate 10-20 minutes to shaving traditionally. By using a beard clipper you can trim your beard down to a very short length if you want and it takes no longer than 5 minutes. You only need to make sure it is charged, unless you buy one that is corded.

2. You Save A lot of Money:

Just think about this for a minute. When you shave with a razor, you have continual expenses that add up over time. You need: 1) the actual razor 2) a replacement of blades 3) shaving cream 4) after shave or lotion to heal your skin. That adds up very fast and you won’t even notice that you are spending that much.

With a beard clipper, aside from your initial purchase, the only thing you really need is some clipper oil to keep it lubricated and working like brand new. And that costs under $5 per bottle, which can last you a couple of months. Big difference.

3. You Have More Control:

Shaving with a manual razor pretty much gives you one option; to completely remove the hair off your face or at the very least get it to a short stubble. With a beard clipper, you will be equipped with guards so that you can choose the length you like and trim as necessary.
People who grow very long beards have only one alternative, scissors. If you have tried to trim your beard using scissors before, you would instantly find out just how trivial it is and how long it really takes. There really is no better way to handle a beard than a clipper. Your barber uses it for a reason: it is the best product for controlling facial hair. You can even use it on your head or body if you really want, and some clippers do come with these attachments.

Portability Is Another Plus

Have you ever travelled and needed to bring with you shaving supplies? Between the razor, the blades, and the shaving cream, it can get pretty roomy very fast. That isn’t the case for a clipper, as you can easily bring it with you fully charged. You most likely won’t need to ever charge it if it has a lithium ion battery and if you do, then it’s a pretty long trip as is and you should bring everything with you regardless.

It’s time to get serious men. Beards are all around us now, and it is time that the rest of you join the movement and own the right tools.

Reasons for hair loss with some remedies

Hair loss has become a very critical issue in almost every person’s life. The worst part is it is not because of two or three reasons but there is a big list. One thing is sure if you read these reasons that are responsible for hair loss sincerely and avoid those reasons to occur in your life you are sure to enjoy happy, healthy and shiny hair. Always remember the proverb which a true fact too ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ meaning thereby why not to take proper care of our hair in advance rather than after being surrounded. Let’s know twelve primary reasons behind hair loss:-

Ageing factor

Age is one of the factors that are responsible for hair loss. According to a survey, it has been observed that hair fall is seen generally between age group of twenty to fifty years but there are some exceptional cases too where hair loss occur at very early age. The reason could be any of these: hereditary, hormonal imbalancing, disturbed lifestyle, unbalanced diet etc.

Use of cosmetic chemic products


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Second reason behind hair loss can be excessive or at times even lesser use of cosmetic products like: using hair gel, hair colors, bleaching etc. All these have strong component of chemicals and harmful substances that are sure to damage your hair.

Regular usage of Medicament and drug doses


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If your drugs addicted, or take medicines or pills on every second day problem of hair loss is sure to prevail in your life. These includes various names like: drugs inferred from Vitamin A, drugs taken for high blood pressure, few antibiotics, few arthritis medications, antidepressants, contraceptive pills, few blood thinners, drugs taken for ulcers, amphetamines.

Moreover in case of treatments like cancer termed as chemotherapy given along with radiation therapy also block the development of hair vesicles. The outcome of which is unexpected hair fall with full speed.


Here comes another reason for hair loss and it is hereditary. This occurs due to genetic sensitivity in male or female for patterned phalacrosis or in simple language hair loss. This whole process is termed as Androgenetic alopecia. Generally both, male and female are equally responsible but majority of times male person is responsible for transmitting this alopecia.

Unbalanced hormones

Hair loss is also the result of hormonal imbalancing. To re-iterate you, the hormones in men are known as androgens while in females are known as estrogen, when these hormones are not in balance in one’s body it shows the symptoms of hair loss. In addition, hyperactive and hypoactive thyroid gland also conduce in unexpected hair loss.

Dangerous infections and diseases

It is always said to live a healthy life by concentrating on your lifestyle, balanced diet etc and thus if you follow it from beginning you need not face any disease. To inform you, diseases like diabetes, cancer, thyroid imbalancing like hyperthyroid and hypothyroid etc all these also cause hair loss along with fungal infections in scalp too.

Weak immune system

In case of the immunity system of your body is disturbed and perturb, this also contribute to hair loss as it weakens the inner strength of the body thereby destroying blood cells which restrict the growth of hair on scalp.

No proper blood circulation

Make sure you are a regular doctor visitor at least once a month for routine check up as this always helps to get rid of any health problem before they become too large. At times, it is observed that blood is not circulated properly in complete body in which scalp is also one the place. This is due to deficiency of sufficient nutrients and glucose in the blood.

Maternity months

Many a times, new mothers also face the problem of hair loss. It generally ranges for a period of 3 to 6 months after delivery. Again this might be either due to hormonal changes or physiologic effect of pregnancy over the complete body.

Plucking hair

It is always a piece of advice that if you are pony tail lover or bind your hair in any other way, don’t tighten it as it might result into unnecessary pulling and breakage of your hair. This way of hair binding weakens the root of hair and thus causes hair loss.

Stressful lifestyle


Stressful life has been a true hazardous in living a healthy life. But do you actually know what stress can lead you to? Then go through this, taking stress suddenly or too much can adversely impact the growth of new hair. The hair follicles that are responsible for the generation of new hair go on a resting stage within very few months of stressed life and still if not broken the circle of stress it might result in shedding your hair down.

If you are a hair fall sufferer too then above given reasons gives you an option to choose your reason as well. Understand how crucial this all can be and make sure once you discover your reason you definitely visit hair specialist who can give you the best piece of advice and any medical treatment too if needed.

Have healthy hair with proper care!!

To add on, ‘Where there is a will there is a way’ so whenever there is a problem there is always a solution to it. In summarized way, Hair loss can be controlled if you intake those food items that are rich in Vitamin C and E as it provides more healthiness to the capillaries thereby circulating blood to the scalp. At times it is seen that deficiency of copper also causes hair loss so induce little quantity of nuts in your regular diet like: beans, milk, cashewnuts, peanuts, almonds etc.

Do massaging on your scalp with almond oil or castor oil at least twice a week. Enwrap them with a hot towel for better absorption. Fenugreek also serves as an amazing conditioner. All you need to do is soak them in water for few minutes and apply to your scalp, and then wash after 30 minutes. Try this at least twice a month.

Alcohol also works as a miracle in terms hair conditioning. You just need to mix two teaspoons of brandy along with an egg and give a soft massage to your scalp. Leave it for about 15 minutes and then wash it well.

Above given home remedies will work mysteriously for you and work great in getting rid of hair loss gradually.


Makeup Hair Brushes ascertaining hairs and fibers

The selection of right makeup brushes depends on the quality of hairs and fibers they possess. It is just the magic of hairs and fibers that makes it worth of its price. The hairs and fibers should have a strong capacity to arrest the powdered cosmetic products in such a way that it distributes its content fairly on the skin by giving a complete look. The technology is getting so advanced that it has increased the modernization and advancement in cosmetic brushes also thereby acquainting both types of fibers: naturally organic and synthetic fibers.

There was also a time when the professional makeup artist of the earlier generations used to use hair brushes made form natural hair of animals. A change has also been noticed in this regard, because no doubt that the hair brushes made with hair of animals were delicate which used to get scattered easily but were also antiseptic in terms of designing. But now the hair brushes used for makeup are available in the market with more durability and that too in both the scenarios: in case of luxury and expensive brushes and in case of inexpensive and normal ones too.


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These hair brushes come in huge diversity of shapes and sizes. Some of them are available in the market looking at the general need of a common man and most of them are specifically designed keeping in mind the necessity of makeup artist. These artists are related to the world of entertainment and celebrities who make the use of special and highly modernized techniques when it comes to the usage of cosmetics that help in beautifying the skin. All cosmetic designers are well aware about the different shapes and styles of hair brushes and make use of them accordingly. They can be identified as: 1) Chisel 2) Round 3) Kabuki 4) Angled 5) Pointed

The first and foremost type of brush that was used by professionals especially in entertainment and celebrity world were the hair brushes made of animal hair. Animals like: squirrel, badger, mink, camel, goat, sable and pony contribute a lot in making animal hair makeup brushes. These makeup hair brushes feature extremely natural and soft hair with the power to carry and store coloring for a refined look. Though there are few brushes that are still made with animal hair but in this case it is taken proper care that animals are not harmed at all.

Nylon and polyester fibers are used to make the Synthetic makeup hair brushes. They are more versatile, soft, and free of allergy causing no skin damage or infection. Such hair brushes are successful in giving more natural and fairly distributed layer look to the makeup wearers. It is also simple to keep these brushes clean.

Hair brushes with the combination of both of them are also available in the market and they are termed as Duo or fiber optic hair brushes. Such brushes have two colored hair – generally black and white. The black exemplifies animal hair fiber and white exemplifies synthetic fibers. Their combination bestows more refined look with a natural glow to the makeup wearer.

So, choose the right makeup brush, to get the most desired look you have always been wishing for!


Conditioners for damaged hair

Hair is very important to enhance the beauty of a girl. If you have long, straight and gorgeous looking hair then you need not do anything to look beautiful. Beautiful looking hair adds a style statement to your look. Nowadays hair styling is in trend and by excessive use of heat, straightening, curling and styling, you end up damaging the hair. So it’s important to take care of your hair and conditioning it regularly. Shampooing is not enough to get rid of dry and damaged hair. Generally, we don’t realize that our hair are damaged. Below are some signs through which you will get know the signs of ultimate damage:


  1. SPLIT ENDS: Wrap small section of hair around your finger or a pen. Any small, uneven strands sticking out indicate that you have a split ends, a snitch sign of damaged hair.


  1. HEAT DAMAGE: You will know whether your hair styling tool is adversely affecting your mane—the texture will be brittle and you will probably have split ends.


  1. EXTREME BREAKAGE OR SHEDDING:If you see a large amount of falling when you comb, brush or style your locks; then your hair are weak for sure.


  1. DULL SHINE: If the shine of your hair gets dull, you can go for gels, pomades and sprays if your locks are lackluster.


  1. DYE OVERLOAD: If you frequently color your hair, the hydrogen peroxide in hair dyes can leave your tresses dry and damaged.


  1. TOO MANY TANGLES: Using cheap, plastic brushes rather than those with nylon bristles will tear at your head and leave your hair in a tangled mess.


  1. LACK OF MOISTURE: Healthy hair is supple and soft not brittle and dry. If your hair is dry, you should use conditioner ofa good quality and should use it more often- preferably, every time you wash your hair. Conditioner locks and seals moisture in your hair shaft and let you attain the desired quality.


A conditioner is the most important element for dry and damaged hair and it is also a must to use the best brands of conditioners on your hair. Some of the top brands and best conditioner for damaged hair are:

  1. TONY AND GUY NOURISH CONDITIONER FOR DRY HAIR:This conditioner nourishes and regenerates dry, dull hair for manageable, soft and smooth hair. It penetrates into hair fiber to lock the moisture from root to tip.

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  1. L’OREAL PROFESSIONNEL EXPERT SERIE LISS ULTIME LEAVE IN CONDITIONER: This leave in conditioner treatment hydrates and moisturizes dry and frizzy hair. It leaves hair soft, smooth and radiant. This conditioner is quite different as after shampooing, applies it and you don’t have to rinse your hair after applying it.




  • TRESEMME KERATIN SMOOTH CONDITIONER FOR DRY AND FRIZZY HAIR: This conditioner makes hair sleek with less frizz which are easy to manage and style. It nourishes each strand to leave hair smooth, shiny and manageable.



  1. MATRIX BIOLAGE DEEP SMOOTHING CONDITIONER FOR DRY AND FRIZZY HAIR: It softens and detangles hair as it conditions the hair for a polished shine, smoothness, lasting control and manageability.



  1. DOVE NOURISHING OIL CARE DAILY TREATMENT CONDITIONER: It has 3X more nourishing power and provide deep nourishment to dry and frizzy hair. It contains weightless nutria oil which hydrates hair without weighing them down. Its advanced care and repair formula lessen the damage resulting from styling.



  1. HIMALAYA PROTEIN CONDITIONER- REPAIR AND REGENERATION: It moisturizes hair and makes them vibrant and full of life. It is enriched with Aloe Vera, yarrow chick pea and sprout which helps in strengthening, providing a cooling effect and moisturizing hair with unique essentials. Dryness and frizziness will be controlled and hair will be left smooth and silky.



Some of the top LEAVE-IN CONDITIONERS: Leave in conditioners are specially designed for curlies, coilies or wavies. A leave in conditioner is not same as the daily conditioner, also known as a rinse out conditioner. Leave- in conditioner are light and more watery than the daily conditioner. Top brands of leave-in conditioners are:




BEST DEEP CONDITIONERS AND DRUGSTORE CONDITIONER FOR DAMAGED HAIR: If you are dealing with hair dryness on the regular basis, you should definitely try a deep conditioner. These are some of the best drugstore deep conditioners that will allow you to completely rejuvenate your locks without breaking the bank.

Some of the renowned brands are:



Deep conditioner should be used at least once per week if your hair is dry or damaged. To get the most effective results from a deep conditioner, apply a generous amount to clean, towel-dried hair and comb through with a wide-tooth comb. Cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic wrap then applies heat to the area. Let your hair absorb the conditioner for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Dry and style your hair.


Some general tips to make your hair healthy:Mereconditioner is not enough to solve the problem of damaged hair. There are few general techniques which you should use and they are:

  • GET A TRIM: Be careful about choosing a right stylist. Hair stylist is the main cause of hair damage. If you have split ends then first thing you need is to get your hair trimmed.


  • STOP USING HEAT: Use heat only if you use heat protective spray along. Minimize the use of blow dryers, curling iron or straightening iron to help making your hair healthy.


  • STOP DYING OR PROCESSING YOUR HAIR:Bleaching the color from your hair and adding chemical to dye it can seriously harm your hair. Bleaching or dying hair can lead to hair breakage, hair loss and bald patches.


TIP: Always remember girls, shampoo and conditioner go hand in hand; so never use any one alone.

Meanwhile, feel free to write to us in the comments section below!

Stay beautiful and healthy always!


Shampoos for dry hair

Hair is the most popular feature of a girl’s beauty. Being a girl, I can say no one’s hair are perfect. Every girl gets worried and conscious about their hair and its problems. There are many types of hair: it can be long and wavy, short and straight, frizzy and unmanageable, or smooth and shiny. Hair comes in many different lengths, styles, color and texture. No matter what kind of hair you have but at some point in life, you will face at least one of the biggest hair problem.

We will now analyze different hair problems and best shampoo to solve that problem:

  1.  DRY HAIR: Blow drying, straightening, highlighting, curling regularly can harsh your hair and make your hair brittle, broken and unmanageable. Split ends and dry hair are just two casualties of over styling.

Inordinate styling and heat can cause split ends, which occur when the cuticle i.e. the outermost layer of your hair gets damaged and flakes back. Some general care which you should do while you have dry hair are:


  • Don’t over brush your hair, brush gently with the soft, flexible hair brush.
  • Avoid towel-drying. If you do dry your hair with a towel, rub it gently.
  • Use a conditioner and leave on a deep conditioner once a week.


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Hair needs moisture and a certain amount of oil to keep looking healthy. Some of the measures that may result in dry hair are:

  • Washing it too often.
  • Using a harsh or hard shampoo.
  • Excessive use of the dryer, straightening or curling iron.
  • Exposure to sun, wind and dry air.
  • Perms and dyes.
  • Poor nutrition.
  • Certain medications.


If you have dry hair, you can use these general tips to avoidcausing dry hair:

  • Don’t wash your hair daily unless you have a scalp condition such as dandruff which needs daily shampooing to control. If you are washing your hair daily, use a mild or gentle shampoo. Also, use conditioner at each wash.
  • Limit the use of blow-dryer, curling iron, straightening iron or hot rollers. Increase the time between the hair treatments like dyes and perms.Wear a hat on cold, windy days and put a bathing cap while swimming.


Best shampoos available in market for dry hair and for damaged hair:

1)   SUNSILK VELVET SOFT: Sunsilk velvet soft shampoo is available in the yellow bottle and especially designed for dry hair and features olive oil and eggs proteins which helps in making hair soft and silky.

2)   FAB INDIA PROTEIN SHAMPOO: Fab India protein shampoo contains Aloe Vera extracts which soothe the scalp, thus making the hair more smooth and manageable. This is perfect for dry hair. It has a mild smell which is loved by most of the users.



3)   MATRIX BIOLAGE ULTRA HYDRATING SHAMPOO: This dry hair shampoo has the creamy formula which cleans scalp deeply. If you have thick and dry hair then this is most suited for you.


4)   DOVE INTENSE DAMAGE THERAPY SHAMPOO: Dove is the most trusted hair care brands in the world. Dove intense damage therapy shampoo helps in repairing dry and damaged hair while helping regain the shine.


5)   L’OREAL PROFESSIONAL VITAMIN COLOUR RANGE SHAMPOO: L’Oreal professional range of shampoos has been designed especially for dry, colored, bleached or rebounded hair. This also serves as a good shampoo for dry hair.



  1. FRIZZY AND CURLY HAIR: Wavy hair has S-shaped curl down its length and much of the hair can appear straight with slight bends towards the ends of the hair. Wavy hair can frizz fairly easily and requires care to achieve perfect waves. The curly hair tends to have S-shaped down the entire length of the hair shaft. The greatest challenge for curly hair types is frizz, lack of curl definition, shrinkage, and dryness.


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Best shampoos available for frizzy and curly hair are:

  1. GARNIER FRUCTIS HAIRCARE FORTIFYING SHAMPOO, SLEEK, AND SHINE: If you have unmanageable curls, then this is a great shampoo at a great price. It chased away frizzes.
  2. L’OREAL VIVE PRO HYDRA GLOSS MOISTURIZING SHAMPOO, DRY HIAR: This is not only for curly hair but it is also for dry hair. It infuses moisture and gives the hair that glossy shine you wanted always.


  1. FINE HAIR: Fine hair is the most fragile texture and can be easily damaged. Fine hair can tend to be oilier than other hair types. For those of you with fine hair, you may find difficult holding a style; your hair is light and can fall flat against your head. Volume is often desired but not often attained. Some of the disadvantages of fine hair are:
  • Doesn’t hold styles well.
  • It can weighed down with heavy products, causing the hair look stringy.
  • It can look thin.
  • It can break easily because it’s fragile.



Best shampoos available in market for fine hair are:



INGREDIENTS WHICH SHOULD BE IN YOUR SHAMPOO:the best brand ingredients are:


1)   GLYCERIN: it acts as a protective barrier to follicles, helping hair retain moisture long after you have rinsed.


2)   NUTS AND SEEDS OIL: Jojoba, avocado, and Shea naturally add moisture and shine to hair while removing oily build up.


3)   ACIDIC INGREDIENTS:Sodium citrate or citric acid helps keep shampoo at the right PH balance to wash away dirt and oil. So the hair looks shiny and smooth.


4)   PANTHENOL: A form of vitamin B, it thickens hair follicles and helps to retain moisture and shine.


In the conclusion, I would just say that whatever your hair type may be, always use shampoo which suits your hair best. And never compromise with the quality of your shampoo.

Stay safe and feel free to write to us in the comments section below!

All about receding hairline; it’s meaning, signs & causes…from teens to men

Are you horrified with the trouble of receding hairline and that too at such an early stage, when you are in your eighteens and twenties? Well… this happened because you were unaware about the causes and signs of this issue else if you would have taken the correct measures timely, you might have not suffered this amount of loss. Hair loss is a huge loss because hair enhances your overall personality and makes you look smart and handsome. Still, not to worry because here we bring an informative piece of article for you centering the topic of receded hairline in men.



Receding Hairline is a sort of continuous hair loss, specifically underwent by men and rare women. When the hairline thins down on both the sides of the forehead and proceeds in the form bald speckle in the mid top of your head and then towards the front is termed as ‘Receding Hairline’. It is also generally known as male baldness patterns and androgenic alopecia in the medical world. In simple words, it is a stage of excessive hair loss in men. Moreover, it is highlighted by a widow’s peak where the forepart of the forehead contours a pattern forming ‘V’ shape.

                                                                    Receding hairline

While this trouble is usually found in men with 25+ age but with some of the changing factors, it is now common in very young boys as well, aging 13+. Surprised to know? Yes, it is a fact. It is just that the ones who face this problem in their teens do not notice it and when they are in their 19s or 20s, receding hairline can be easily seen. Below you will read about the causes that are supremely responsible for the beginning of this problem. But first of all, learn about the signs so that when you notice any of these, you immediately go for the cure.





After understanding the term ‘Receding Hairline’ and before entering into the depth of its causes, it is equally significant to know what the signs of this problem are. Knowing every bit of this problem will give you a clear picture and will be helpful in attaining its cure. You should know that the receding hairline is not something that suddenly happens in an overnight duration. There are various small stages that you undergo but actually do not notice the same. It begins with little baldness over your temples and forehead and hair on the sides and the middle remain as it is. This is the first and foremost stage of receding hairline. With the passage of time, the hair loss will be visible enough on the top mid of your hair. Then gradually it will impact both the sides and you will be able to notice this issue clearly. But yes, differing from person to person, the pattern of receding hairline also differs.



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As a matter of fact, the ones who are the sufferers will surely notice lot of hair fall while hair washing and combing. Many times broken strings can be seen on your shirt that you are wearing. Some other signs that symbolize this problem are: dead hair growth in catagen, anagen & telogen levels, very slacken growth of hair, very sensitive to cold etc.




When we have come to know about the problem, it is very important to know about its causes as well, so that the solution can be taken in the same accordance. Hence, let us acknowledge as to what are the primary causes of receding hairline one by one. Check out the list here:

1. Exuberant and Continuous Production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

If we talk about the factors that are creditworthy for receding hairline, then hormones and genes will hold the topmost place. A male sex hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), is considered to be one of the major factor causing receding hairline. If found more than the required quantity in the body, this hormone turns out to be a disaster in the growth of hair and hence starts producing undesirable side effects in the form of excessive hair loss. Logically as per the medical science, this hormone should be abridged after puberty but if its level keeps on increasing then it fortifies different places in the body thereby even causing hair follicles. In such a condition DHT adhere to these follicles and then clogs up the blood circulation. This further does not allow hair follicles to receive adequate nutrition and so they start weakening, shrinking and falling.


Now, if the problem of receding hairline is not taken care of, it will turn out to cause baldness gradually over the whole scalp and later on leading to permanent loss of hair. Mark a point that this problem only happens when DHT production in the body is more than required else DHT leaves no harmful effect if the production happens as per the requirement.


2. Genes – Inherited Elements

The hormonal factors are also equally liable for the problem of receding hairline along with that of genes factor. As per the medical science, the ones who face receding hairline trouble are detected to have a gene known as AR (Androgen Receptor) within them. It is said that as firmer as this AR is, the sooner you will face this problem. Hence, this fact also makes it clear as to why receding hairline is usual in teenagers and the ones till the age of fifteen. In the early research it was found that this gene known as AR could only be transferred from mom to son but as per the new research, it has been made clear that this gene can even be transferred from father to son. So, both the parents can be responsible for this problem.

In addition, apart from AR, there are few other genes as well which have been discovered as the reason for initiating baldness in males in different ways but AR is the primary one.


3. Age Factor

Moving further, another major factor behind the trouble of receding hairline is ‘Age Factor’. Even the researches have justified this point. As per the analysis and research done by National Institute of Health (US), it has been found that the problem of receding hairline is the highest in old aged people and there are nearly 65% of men who undergo baldness or sort of baldness. Among these 65% of men, there are about 25% of such men who are the sufferers from an early age of thirties. This shocked you, didn’t it?




4. Ecological Elements – Stress

It is not only DHT that is majorly responsible for baldness and receding hairline, but also there are various ecological elements that equally hold the credit of this problem. You must be thinking how? To justify this, it can be said that persons who undergo emotional and mental stress everyday are the supreme sufferers of receding hairline. They experience hair loss at a huge extent. So, stay stress free always.



5. Drugs & Medications

You will be surprised to know that there are some such medications that result to receding hairline. This goes for both; men and women. To add on, there are even some drugs that can quicken the issue of hair loss thereby resulting in the problem of receding hairline. Such medications and drugs are: the ones used for handling heart diseases, cholesterol, gouts, blood pressure etc. Even the drugs which have Vitamin A in high quantity and are anti-depressants are also risky for the hair growth. A therapy known as Chemotherapy, which is given to cancer patients also accelerates the loss of hair at the fastest speed.


6. Bad Eating Habits

Last but not the least, our eating habits play a major role in our body. It can impact our body both the ways: positively and negatively. Same is the case when we discuss about the cause of receding hairline in men. If the body gets healthy food which is rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrition, these will definitely accelerate the receding of your hairline. On the other hand, if you are a food lover and eat more of refined food in your daily diet like grains and sugar, then the problem of receding hair will increase speedily. Ascertain that you consume lot of protein eatables in your regular dietary chart because protein is considered as the most important element for hair growth. To add on, smoking is considered injurious to the growth of hair as well apart from the overall health. This is a sure fact proved by some researchers.


Additional Causes of Receded Hairline

Apart from all the above, there are many other specifies and diseases that also hold the credit of causing receding hairline in male. They are as follows: Trichotillomania, burns, thyroid issues, cancer in Adrenal Gland, Seborrheic Dermatits (causing both: dry scalp & excess oily scalp) and last but not the least, diabetic patients undergoing weakened immunity. Moreover, even scalp infections like acne (majorly cystic acne in relation DHT), fungal, eczema can also result to receding hairline. Excluding fungal contagion, rests of the causes are rare to be found. All these are also the reasons of normal hair loss as well.





The Best Hair Conditioners to Moisturize your Dry Hair this Winter

Winter is a very tough season for people with dry skin and dry hair. Dry hair needs extra care from the fall of winter till the end of it. The cold winds absorb the natural hair oil and make it excessively dry and frizzy. Now if your hair looks unimpressive, then you lose on your total look. We have to accept that hair largely complement our looks. Not only that, excessive dryness is capable of damaging our hair. The best and easiest way to prevent hair damage is to condition your hair. Oiling and shampooing your hair daily, may not be enough for complete nourishment of your hair. Plus, when you need to try new hairstyles with your long hair like these  or for short hair like these, you need to condition your hair well for the perfect look.

There are many conditioners available in the market which vows to bring back the natural softness to your hair. This post sums up some of the best conditioners available in the market. Take a look:


1) Tony and Guy Nourish Conditioner for dry hair

This hair conditioner may be slightly high priced but you are bound to be happy with it. It nourishes each hair stand from root to tip. It penetrates the hair fibre and locks in the moisture, thus revitalises dry and dull hair. So as a result you get shiny, smooth and manageable hair.



2) Garnier Fructis Fortified Cream Conditioner

I totally vouch for this conditioner.  Garnier has always come up with the best nourishing products for face and hair. The Garnier Fructis Cream conditioner has the goodness of fruit extract to nourish your hair naturally. If your hair is too dry, this conditioner will help to keep it moisturized throughout the day.




3) Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Hair musk

This hair mask is specifically manufactured to give your frizzy hair a relief from the rough cold winds. It smoothens the rough portion of the hair and gives each hair stand nourishment from the root. According to the hair experts, if you keep this mask for some time on your hair, the end result will be a beautiful and soft hair.




4) Tresemme Conditioner for dry hair

You will notice the difference from the first wash itself.  It effectively nourishes your hair from the first wash. So for quick and immediate result, Tresemme is the right choice.  If you want that shiny look for the party, condition your hair with Tresemme. It gives you the soft, supple and moisturised look with a diamond glow.




5) The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Conditioner for Dry Hair

It effectively reduces dryness from your hair and moisturises it with care. It is enriched with pracaxi oil, manketti nut oil, babbasu oil and coconut oil. It also has community trade fair honey contained in it. Together, they give the effect of soft, shiny looking and damage free hair. It is a colour free and paraben free moisturizer.





6) Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturising Treatment Mask

If your hair is extremely unmanageable, then try this product. It moisturises your hair and soften it from the roots. It comes with gentle and light formula to give that extra soft and manageable effect to your hair.

If you want a daily conditioner which nourishes your hair with care, then include this conditioner in your toiletries.




7) Dove Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner

It contains a very mild nutri oil which has 3x nourishing power to moisturize your dry and frizzy hair. Its mild yet powerful nourishing formula, provides deep moisture to hair and hair roots. If you have coloured or styled hair, then use Dove Nourishing Oil Care as it has an advanced repair and care formula to bring the moisture back into your hair.





There are plethora of hair care conditioners to choose from. But these above few listed are our favourites and has been voted among the best. They will keep your hair fresh and happy and if you are a constant dandruff victim, you should first check out this and then go for choosing the best conditioner here. So this winter season, you should have all the reasons to be happy for your hair girls!


If you think we have missed on any specific product or something, do let us know in the comment section below. Feedbacks and questions are always welcome!

Amazing benefits of neem shampoo for dandruff


Let’s grasp some technical and interesting information first: The word “Shampoo” is derived from a Hindi word “Champo” and in English it is called “Shampoo” and it was first delivered into markets in 1762.

In ancient times, Indian people used variety of herbs to clean their hair and “Gooseberry” is also used to clean hair like aamla, shikakai etc to make hair healthy, strong, shiny and thick.
According to the ideal definition: “Shampoo” is a hair product which is used to clean and nurture hair and it is basically in liquid form. Shampoo provides leather in hair.

The exciting things we will explore in this article are the “secrets” about shampoo which you can never think a shampoo can have.


Ingredients in a Shampoo: Shampoo is mainly made by “Surfactant”, most often “Sodium lauryl sulfate” and “Sodium laureth sulfate”. Shampoo contains sulfate in high amount which is quite irritating. Less irritating shampoos are also available in market especially for children and such type of shampoos contain less amount of sulfate and a good ratio of “Organic Product”. Some other ingredients are also added to shampoos to maximize some qualities like:



  • Making foam
  • Easy to rinse
  • Minimum eye irritation
  • Attractive fragrance
  • Less toxic
  • Less acidity
  • No damage to hair
  • Less dryness
  • Fresh feeling

Some of the commonly used ingredients in shampoos are:

  • Ammonium chloride
  • Ammonium lauryl sulfate
  • Glycol
  • Sodium laureth sulfate: It is made from “Coconut” oil yaw! You heard it right: coconut oil. It is used to form leather easily.
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate.
  • Sodium lauroamphoacetate: It is used to make shampoo less irritable.
  • Polysorbate 20: Used to spread equally in hair and form leather.
  • Polysorbate 80: Used to remove oil from hair which is the main motto of a “Shampoo”.
  • Citric acid: It is used to balance the PH level of “Shampoo” because if PH value will be less or more than required; hair could get rough. “Lemon” is good for hair and it contains a higher amount of “Citric acid” to make your hair healthy and shiny. You can also use lemon directly on your hair for brilliant results. You can check more benefits of it from Google.
  • Quaternium-15: It is used to remove fungus and bacteria from hair.

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Specialized shampoo: Some specialized shampoos; specific for different kinds of hair and hair problems are also available in market and here are some categories:


  • Dandruff: Some shampoos are available in markets which are specialized for Dandruff removal. These shampoos contain fungicides like ketoconazole, zinc pyrithione and selenium sulfide which reduces the bacteria of “Dandruff”.
  • Colored hair: Many companies also launched color-protection shampoo’s which contains gentle “cleansers” that keeps the color stay longer in hair and doesn’t leave the hair harsh.
  • Gluten-Free and Wheat-Free: Some people have “Eczema” and some have allergy from Gluten and Wheat. Shampoos can accidently go into the mouth, especially with the children, you need to take special care. So, people with such type of problems can use “Gluten and Wheat free” Shampoos.
  • All natural: If you are slightly possessive about your hair and afraid to use such shampoos that contain chemicals; you can use shampoos made up from all natural products like (plant extract or oil).
  • Baby: Looking out by name, you can visualize that this type of “Shampoos” are usually for babies and they are irritation free. A very popular brand Johnson’s baby really kicked it right with their tagline: “No more tears”. They have minimum PH value which result in less dilution and it is almost irritation free.
  • Animal: These type of shampoos are specialized for Animal use. In India, we realize that most of the people use the same shampoo for animals which they use for themselves. Animals have different kind of body structure and logically, if their food is different from humans, then why are their shampoos the same? The type of shampoo for animals contain special chemicals which contain insecticides and pesticides. So if you have a pet in your house, do take care of its personal health as much as you take care of its food.

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Firstly, let us tell you the importance of “Neem”. Our ancestors used to tell us the importance of “Neem” but by using it, you will too feel the difference. “Neem” is not only good for hair but it is beneficial for our skin also and those who have skin problems knows it well.

There are so many home remedies of raw “Neem” which you can search but in this busy schedule no one have time to do all that searching. You can easily buy any neem product from market and see the difference yourself.



Neem is a very good ingredient to remove dandruff from scalp. Neem contains ingredients which helps to get rid of scalp problems like dandruff, head lice and dry scalp. Neem oil is good for scalp as well as skin diseases; especially for acne.


  • Neem shampoo is best for scalp problems.
  • Neem shampoo makes your hair shiner and thicker.
  • Neem shampoo is also known as anti-lice shampoo.
  • If you are facing hair problems like hair loss and premature graying, then you should try Neem shampoo it will definitely work.
  • You can also use Neem oil with Neem shampoo for better results.
  • The best part about Neem shampoo is that it is totally safe and doesn’t have any side effects.


We know that you are still in a confusion on the way to use this “not-so-common” shampoo so here are some instructions to rely upon before using Neem Shampoo:

  • First, take sufficient amount of Shampoo in your hands, rub it on your head using your palm.
  • Leave it for five minutes and rinse it thoroughly.

How Neem is beneficial to reduce Dandruff ?

Neem is a plant which is used as an Ayurveda medicine from generations. It is beneficial for skin diseases, dandruff and some diabetic issues also.

It is an evergreen tree which is used for its medicinal properties in 30 international locations of the world.



  • Bacterial removal
  • Fungal removal
  • Inflammatory removal

Neem extract is used in so many products like bathing soap, brands of shampoo, toothpaste and lotions.

Neem is basically a solution to almost every problem we face nowadays.

Dandruff is formed by the useless skin cells of scalp. It may lead to itching and redness of scalp.

It can also be an embarrassment many a times. Here are varieties of ways to get rid of dandruff from neem leaves:

Purified Neem H2o: As per the heading, you can take some Neem leaves and mix it with water and boil it till solution gets thick. Now, cool down the solution and rinse hair from it and you will see the difference.

Neem hair conditioner: Take some neem leaves and boil it to make it thicker; now make a paste and add honey to it and use it as a natural conditioner.

Neem and Fenugreek Seeds Paste: Fenugreek seeds also have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Soak some Fenugreek seeds in water for 2-3 hours and make a paste of it along with neem and use it on your scalp to get rid of dandruff.


Organic Shampoos are slightly costly but when it is about our hair, quality matters isn’t it? By using Organic Shampoos, your hair becomes soft and silky and it reduces the bad effect of the harsh chemical products you used steadily. Traditional products are easy and cheaper to buy but leaves bad effect on your hair. So use “Organic Shampoos” and feel safe.


Benefits of Organic Shampoo:

Organic shampoo contains the Organic ingredients like “Tea tree” which we discussed already and from ancient time benefits of Tea tree are well known. Tea tree is best to treat dandruff, burns and blisters. Tea tree contains antiseptic quality which is used to kill bacteria in hair.


If you want PERFECT hair, you should try natural Shampoos. Natural Shampoo is made at home and it is inexpensive. You can make it from ingredients which are easily available in your kitchen. And neem is the natural ingredient which can be used frequently as a natural shampoo to treat and care your hair well.




These type of Shampoos are safe for all type of hair. I know they take time to prepare but after using it, the wait would be worth and you will see the difference.

Before making natural shampoos on your own, please read the ingredients and method twice before applying on your scalp.


Here are some tips to get “Over” the problem which you faced thoroughly.

  • Be sure you trim your hair regularly.
  • Use shampoo wisely; as less as you can(maximum thrice in a week)
  • Avoid using heating elements like curl, flat, blow drier etc)
  • Try to massage your hair once in a week with a tbsp of “Olive oil”.
  • Use coconut oil in your hair.



“Hair” is one thing that is most important for everyone as it adds up a crown of beauty on a person. Most of the people become victims of Hair thinning; may it be men or women. The main reason of hair thinning is hair loss and it had been shown in a survey that 40% women are victims of hair thinning.

But have you wondered the main reason of Hair loss? It is the improper diet, hormonal changes and due to hard water that the hair gets thinner.

Want to know the method to get rid of it? Sure. The basic rule is; to find the reason of hair loss and try to get over it. Or you can use some home remedies to stop “Hair loss” and make your “Hair Thicker”:

Hair loss is normal if you lose some strands of hair daily, but if it is more than the normal hair fall, it is quite abnormal! And you need to worry about that! Scientifically speaking, the main reason behind hair loss is alopecia, Malnutrition, accumulation of toxics, lack of moisture etc.

If you are looking for the best home remedy then believe us, you will not find any ingredient better than the “Neem”. Plus, it is the most affordable and easy to locate plant you could find near every alternate house.

Neem is used since years to treat skin problems. The anti-microbial and blood purifying properties of Neem address the root cause of hair loss. Neem can make your hair much more strong than they are.


Additional benefits of neem:

  • Prevents premature graying
  • Removes head lice
  • Treats the itchy scalp
  • Reduce the redness / inflammation of scalp
  • Treats infections in the scalp

Neem is best way to treat all hair problems so try it once. It will definitely works. So girls, show off the perfect hair you always wished! Good luck.