Why Did Among Us Shut Down?

Why Did Among Us Shut Down

AMONG US SHUT DOWN – Several questions remain unresolved, including the rationale for Among Us’s closure. One of the most played games of 2020, “Among Us shut down”, has been transferred from mobile to Nintendo Switch and Xbox Games Pass, notwithstanding a small decrease in popularity. There has been no indication of whether it will be released on PlayStation, despite the hopes of many. 

Is Among Us going away?

It is a major worry for some people. As previously mentioned, a brand-new map named the Airship will be included in the Among us, servers are shutting down, and numerous rooms have already been verified. The launch of this map was planned for early 2021; thus, it ought to be accessible soon, though no exact date has been set as of yet. 

They had intended to switch game engines and make Among Us 2 when they became well-known during the Pandemic. They discarded that plan in favor of putting all of the concepts for the second match into the first, guaranteeing that everyone would stick around and enjoy with their pals to preserve the community.

A social deception game called Among Us is available for PC purchase and free download for Android and iOS. Between four and ten players can participate in online games of Among Us shutdown; you can organize a game with friends or join one with random players. 

How well does Among Us function? 

The basic idea behind the game is that individuals either play as crewmates or even impostors. The assigned jobs, such as “Clean O2 Filter,” are simple for the crewmates, while others, like “Fix Weather Node,” involve more steps. Even as the game progresses, the imposter starts to corrupt and kill crew members.

Whenever a body is found, or a conference is called in such an emergency to determine who the impostor might be and why the game has been halted. Players will then be studying other players’ actions in the game to determine who the impostor just on the ship is. 

Players would vote about who they think is the impostor based on what they observe during the conversation. The crew members must complete every job or identify the impostor to win. They will triumph if the impostor avoids capturing and eliminates the entire staff.

Is Among Us Being Shut Down? 

Is Among Us ending operations? No, Among Us is not ceasing operations. The servers for Among Us shut down are not going down, despite a supposed CNN tweet that surfaced in just a few social media places. 

Updates occasionally cause the Among Us to be currently unavailable, but this should be anticipated on occasion. Contrarily, InnerSloth is not entirely discontinuing the game and has even scrapped an early draft of a sequel to continue developing the main title beyond 2021.

The Reason CNN Servers Are Closing Is As Follows:- 

The Among Us is reportedly going down, as per a purported CNN tweet. On the other hand, the CNN tweet alleging that the Among Us servers are now being shut down is false and originated from a different joke or humorous website. These ‘funny’ hoax tweets and news stories are nothing new; they have existed for years thanks to Roblox and other games. Just be aware that game updates will often occur all year long, and the servers won’t be completely shut down. 

A screenshot of a purported CNN tweet making the rounds on social media started spreading the myth that “among us, servers are shutting down.”

As stated in the tweet: 

  • Due to the “nauseatingly unfunny” memes around the internet, the author of Among Us decided to permanently close the game’s servers. 
  • Comparing the screenshot to CNN’s Twitter is pointless because it misses the date above. But we can categorically establish that it’s a fabrication.
  • A simple Google search revealed that CNN hadn’t ever retweeted about Among Us. Additionally, there’s no link to a story inside the text, and CNN doesn’t simply tweet anything without a source or an article to support it.

Overloaded Servers Among Us!

You can now feel at ease if you had been worried that The among us servers are shutting down indefinitely because the developers have not made any such declaration. True, there have been a few problems with that In the US; however, the problems were immediately fixed.

It is always more beneficial to wait for official statements than to let erroneous online posts influence you during some times. So, constantly wait for official communications, like tweets and updates on social media, before taking action.

Among Us Teases the Release of ‘The Airship’ Map!

After teasing its new level, named “The Airship,” last month, the social networking smash hit Among Us has finally provided a thorough look at it. The gameplay of The Airship’s many rooms, a kitchen, and a welcoming-looking living room were demonstrated during the announcement just At Game Awards 2020.

The Toppat Clan Airship from InnerSloth’s latest game, Henry Stickmin, inspired the new map. The developers decided not to proceed with the planned release of Among Us. All focus will now be placed on the updated map and eliminating Among Us’ issues. 

We can thus conclude from reading this that the news of our country’s shutdown is false.


“among us shut down”. No, the game is not going to end. The launch of the gaming sequel Among us 2 is anticipated by InnerSloth as well as the game production team. They have put off the sequel’s release to enhance the first game.


Q1) Are Among Us servers down right now?

Ans- No, we aren’t currently detecting any issues with our servers shutting down.

Q2) Why is Among Us shut down?

Ans- Tweets from the official “Among Us” Account on the Twitter claim that the DDoS attack started on March 24 and took a long time to take down the game’s servers.