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Indian culture is just incomplete without Mehandi. The pure fragrance and its magical color add richness to any tradition or culture. Mehandi plays a substantial role right from a small function to a grand one, whether it is the innaugration of a shop or home or a high profile wedding. If we talk about the earlier times, not only mehandi but also haldi played a vital role especially whenever it was a wedding event and the same is followed today even. Hindu Vedic ritual book imbibes of detailed description on all this. If we go through the glimpse of the ancient time, mehandi was only applied on hands that too on the palms till wrists but with the progress of time, the tradition has changed a lot and has added many beautiful things. Now, mehandi is not only applied long till elbows and arms but also on legs till knee depending on one’s choice and preference. In addition to the advancement, even men are not left untouched by the touch of mehandi. Just like brides, grooms also apply mehandi as the aroma of mehandi is believed to bring happiness and love in the life of newly wedded. The name or initials of groom are also veiled under such patterns easily but is really difficult when it comes to search the same. Even spotting someone with the stains of mehandi is still a part of our religious rituals which reflects a symbolic meaning – Awakening the internal light.?????????????????????????????????????

If we begin to count the Hindu rituals and festivals where applying mehandi is a tradition, the list will be too long. Rituals like: wedding, birth of a child, innaugration, engagement etc and festivals like: gangaur, karva chauth, Teej, Diwali and many others, all are followed by the tradition of applying mehandi on hands or feet or even both. Irrespective of the age, girls and women both apply mehandi on such occasions. Generally people have started hiring mehandi artists for such occasion and one who is an artist herself can go for it as well. It is always good to be as versatile and talented as you can be. This also adds five stars to your own personality. The mehandi artists are so professional and well trained that they have complete knowledge of variety of mehandi designs. They apply it artistically beautiful and take very less time because of super speed. Morevover it looks very beautiful and is completely hassling free. Among the variety of mehandi patterns and styles in India, one of the most renowned one is Rajasthani Mehandi Designs. The rajasthani mehandi designs are quite privileged as the rajasthani culture as they exhibit a royal grace and style.



Mehandi designing has been a major component of Indian culture for ages and progressively this trend is becoming more and more popular among the foreign nations too. The tradition of rajasthan state is superbly reflected in this art. Folk dances, peacocks, elephants, twists and curls, flower and leafy patterns all are merged into the Rajasthani mehandi designing. The best way to show how royal the heritage of Rajasthan is!

Now a days, when the life is running at the fast pace and people hardly have much time for all these activities, the best option is to go for a readymade mehandi cone that are available in the market and guarantees for a dark color. But if we talk of rural places, women residing there still believe in doing all the hard work by themselves. The entire process that begins from plucking the henna leaves and then grinding those leaves with the stone, mixing the oil in it and to get the powder form and den making it a paste by adding water to it, all this is done by them manually. Undoubtedly, this henna when you apply has no comparison to that of readymade mehandi cone in terms of odor, long lasting color and the royal look ofcourse. It also stays on hands and feet for a much longer duration. The rajasthani mehandi designs are really difficult to make and the amount of hard work it demands, is really worth it.

Rajasthani Mehandi Patterns for Brides:


When we talk about attending any Rajasthani wedding the first glimpse that our eyes await to see is the rajasthani bride. From head to toe, she is dipped in the rich hue to tradition and culture. Rajasthani wedding ceremonies involves of a huge list of rituals and ceremonies and the best part is that all of them are unique and worth enjoying. A rajasthani bride is absolutely incomplete without applying exclusive rajasthani mehandi design because it truly showcases her beauty. Both, hands and feet are embellished with heavy style rajasthani mehandi pattern which are just designed for the rajasthani brides. Such designs showcase the picture of bride in one hand and groom in the other. To add on, there are leafy motifs, shaded flowers, checks design, peacock pattern and mango shaped patterns etc. Similarly, in rajasthani applying mehandi to the groom is given equal importance. It is as intricate as that of the bride to be.

When the bride is fully dressed up in heavy lehanga, with vintage looking jewelry, mehandi on whole hands and feet, the addition of bangles to hands and anklet to legs will make her look outstanding.

Rajasthani Feet Mehendi Designs:


The selection of rajasthani feet mehandi design is as important as to that of the hand design because when the bride take a new step into her married life it should be fragranced with the pure aroma of mehandi and the love of the couple should as deep as the color of her mehandi. Whichever design we choose as the mehandi design whether for hands or feet, the point to be on board is that it should exhibit typical ‘mirror reflecting’ type pattern. In such a pattern, rajasthani mehandi designs on both the hands are kept almost identical and same goes with the feet too.

So, rajasthani mehandi patterns are considered to one of the most appealing and eye catching ones as they demand a lot of hard work when you are an artist.

Rajasthani Feet Mehendi Designs for Brides:


During a rajasthani wedding, decorating the feet with rajasthani mehandi design carries an equal importance to that of hands. The reason behind this is that among so many ceremonies there are some peculiar ones which emphasize on the feet of the bride like: applying haldi, making her wear anklet during engagement ceremony by her in laws etc. There the rajasthani feet mehandi design which is just made for the pretty bride speaks the story of her beauty itself. It is up to you to choose either the flower shading designs, peacock pattern designs with mirror reflecting theme or in the form of tattoo if the bride is a little ultra modern. To add on more grace, you can also nail print matching to the color of your special attire.

Easy Rajasthani Mehandi:


If you are a bride, who does not want a mirror reflecting theme based mehandi design on your hand then you can definitely prefer this easy rajasthani mehandi pattern. It is less intricate and can be drawn with much of ease. As given in the image, your fingers are decorated with the leafy patterns highlighted with another sleek boundary. The traditional looking mango shaped motifs filled with very small squares turn this pattern to be an easy rajasthani mehandi design. If you have rajasthani wedding in the family, you can easily go for this because this mehandi design will bestow you with the most sober and refined look. Depending upon your choice you can keep the length of this design. And if you a bride who prefer simple, then extending this design till the elbow will give you a desired look.

Modern Indian Bridal Mehandi Design:


By all the means, this design justifies to be a true example of the Modern Indian bridal mehandi design. Grand looking and attractively made these big floral motifs are so neat that they leave everyone spellbound. You can witness yourself how clearly and neatly the shading and lining is done inside the flowers and leafs and the beautiful bands pull out the maximum grace for this design. The peacock pattern in the mid of the palm and the finger tips highlighted with the stylish leaves marks its supremacy. As and when moved forth, the design gets more and more intricate especially on the wrist and elbow part. So, if you want to be a bride with modern look, then this modern Indian bridal mehandi is just made for you.

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Traditional Rajasthani Mehendi Design:


A traditional rajasthani mehandi design is a true manifestation of the vintage Rajasthani culture dipped in the rich imbue of enchanting customs and traditions of every corner of Rajasthan. The history of high class centricity speaks the story itself. The above given picture which boast all these in one single design like: the mango pattern, kalash image, peacock theme, leafy motifs etc can none other than a perfect example of traditional rajasthani mehandi design. All these are beautifully embellished in the form a superb mehandi design right from the tip of the fingers till the elbow.

Circular Rajasthani Mehandi Patterns:


The above given circular rajasthani mehandi pattern image imbibes of theme based on circles and semi circles further enhanced with mango shaped figures. So, if you are little bored of the peacock pattern design, shading pattern then this one is the best for you. At times, such intense mehandi designs are difficult to create because due to lot of detailing. This circular rajasthani mehandi design consumes much of time and due to which at some places mehandi starts drying and reflecting its colors and there is enough time to re apply it. As a result at some places of the hand the mehand is too dark and at some very light and many place just the medium shade. Mirror reflection pattern goes the most appropriate with this pattern. An artist needs to be very accurate in designing such a pattern.

Feet and Fingers covered Rajasthani Mehendi Designs:


When we talk of mehandi, our main concentration is on the palm portion of the hand and feet potion of the legs and due to this we at times ignore the fingers. Whichever form of mehandi you apply, it will seem incomplete if the fingers are not covered with any type of mehandi design or left vacant. All in all, if you want the desired look, you will have to pay equal attention to the fingers as well while applying rajasthani mehandi design.

Hand fingers can be covered by the identical or completely contrast design to that of the palm depending on your choice and same is the case with the leg fingers too. The fingers of hands and feet when covered with the traditional rajasthani mehandi design will give a stupefying appearance to your mehandi else it will mark it as an incomplete look. You can fancify your fingers with simple linings, dots, check patterns etc and rest you can leave on the artist to decide.

Beautiful Rajasthani Mehendi Design:


If you wish to be the one to apply the most beautiful rajasthani mehandi design then all you need to take care of is, the peculiarity of the every detailing that is required for a rajasthani mehandi design. With the help of lining pattern you can complete the motifs and by darkening the borders can bring lot of visibility to the fillings done inside the shapes. Shading the flowers and the petals will also enhance its look. By all the means, this piece of beautiful rajasthani mehandi design imparts a trendy look.

Flower Rajasthani Mehandi Design:


If you wish to try something unique and distinct than before when the story is about applying mehandi, this time you can try the floral rajasthani mehandi design. Are you thinking that it is all about the flower pattern and nothing else? The answer is no, because this mehandi design portrays not many but only a single flower on both the hands surrounded by unlimited leaf patterns. To add on, mehandi is applied on the whole fingers tips so that it gives a perfect rajasthani look. So, are you all set to be a head turner wherever you go?

Rajasthani Bridal Mehndi Design for Full Hands:


Bridal mehandi is believed to strengthen the bond of love and trust between two people. It is said to bring good luck and happiness to lives of the two. Generally, there are two major styles of bridal mehandi: one is Rajasthani with full hands and another one is Arabic design. One one side where the traditional and typical rajasthani bridal mehandi design is very intricate representing detailed themes and complex patterns, on the other side Arabic style mehandi pattern is so delicate and subtle that it only covers a part of hands and feet. If you are a bride who is a die hearted lover of tradition and culture then this rajasthani bridal mehandi for full hands is the best for you.

The full hand mehandi design for bride is generally extended till the elbow and in case you love mehandi like anything the extension might go till arms. The images of bride and groom are the major signs of bridal mehandi along with other things like; drawing kalash, shehnai, doli etc. As a part of the tradition, the mehandi artist even hide the name or the first letters of the name of the groom in this intricate design so it become more difficult to find out. The hand is completed using such a design that it gives a heavy look with the heavy attire of the bride.

Bridal Rajasthani Mehndi Design For Girls:


Who says that it has to be your wedding day to apply mehandi with complex designs? There is no hard and fast rule which says so. It is completely your wish as to which mehandi design you need to select for yourself. If you’re the bride’s friend or groom’s sister or carry any special relation with them, you have all the right to go for this particular bridal mehandi design which is specially designed for beautiful girls like you. This mehandi design will itself speak of your close relation with the special person of the day.

This is an Arabic styled mehandi design which is perfect for girls as it does not involve much of complexity but yet look mind blowing. Some shaded flowers along with leaves, bubbles like dots can work wonderfully as shown in this mehandi design. You need not to sit for a long time to apply mehandi and can easily enjoy every bit of the most awaited wedding. This design looks awesome when you dance in the sangeet and your hands can easily be visible from any corner showcasing this design.

Rajasthani Hand Mehandi Design for Any Occasion:


Here comes such a rajasthani hand mehandi design which imparts your hand a heavy look thereby filling the whole palm with the floral and mango shaped pattern. In the rest of the space, the veil sheet theme can be opted to make a perfect combination. The finger tips should be designed in such a way that it appears to be a slight different but still goes with the entire theme. It is important that the design as a whole should artistically complement each other. As a piece of advice, one should not even try to go for a mirror reflection pattern in such type of rajasthani hand mehandi design because the minute detailing need a lot of time, patience and hard work. Irrespective of whatever the occasion is, you can go for this mehandi design without giving a second thought.

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Simple Rajasthani Shaded Flowers Mehandi:


This is a simple rajasthani style mehandi design with intense floral patterns and fine linings. If you are a little impatient and wish to apply mehandi design with a good speed then you can go for boxes or checks patterns and criss cross lines. In this you can fill one check/box and keep the second one empty to lend it a dramatic look. The flowers can be highlighted by applying shaded design and further the design can be connected to fingers with chain type pattern.

Entire Feet Covered Rajasthani Mehendi:


Typically, if you are a strict follower of the traditions and rituals, the feet mehandi can be extended till knee. The design should be very neat and clean so that the legs appear to be extra ordinary beautiful. Though minute detailing should be taken care of especially in the entire feet covering rajasthani mehandi but there should not be any type of fuss else all the hard work will turn to be a waste.

The main theme of this mehandi design covering the entire feet of the bride is based on peacock pattern accompanied by straight linings till the end. On the rest portion of the feet and complete fingers, the veil sheet pattern is followed to give it the most desired look that you have been wishing for. With a view, to make this mehandi design look more clear and attractive enough space is kept amidst the designs. It gives a perfect bridal look with all the means.

Angular Shaded Rajasthani Mehndi Patterns:


This Angular shaded Rajasthani mehandi pattern is a superb work of art and one will be surely short of words when it comes to complement it. This mehandi design itself speaks of the immense hard work and patience that is put in while designing it. Hats off to the artist! If you see the peculiarity of this angular shaded design, the palm is decorated with the intense pattern highlighting the angular theme and the fingers are kept simple and decent. If you are the bride to be and wish to add some glossiness to this rajasthani mehandi design then the best way will be to add some colored stones and little glitter and then see the magic. Your groom is sure to complement you every second.

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Are you shopaholic and love to discover new places every time? Then no other place than Dubai can be a better option for you. It is such a cosmopolitan city which will make you fall in love at the first sight. It is the perfect destination of spending enthusiastic holidays. The magical imbue of this city will give you uncountable memories for your lifetime and you will wish to visit it again and again. Right from the little ones to the aged, for all the age groups, locals to tourists, this vibrant city has a lot to bestow. If we talk about the top tourist places of Dubai, The list will too long and all of them stand equally on that list as nothing can be compared to the other. Each place has its own significance and distinct beauty.


As we all know, how tough it is getting day by day to pull out some free time from the hectic life and when we are blessed with such golden opportunity we should never miss even a bit of it. Enrich yourself with every little and large information so that when you plan a trip to Dubai, you leave nothing untouched and enjoy to the fullest. Here is a detailed description of the top Dubai tourist places which demands a must visit and try missing out on none at all.

  1. Dubai Fountains:


Dubai Fountains, one of the top tourist places to visit for sure is enlightened with beautiful colors of light, captivating music, dancing like twists and curls at high altitude and what else you can ask for, amidst the soft breezy evening walk in the city. Your evenings are sure to turn majestic by viewing these dancing fountains. This is going to such an experience that you will never forget. These fountains touch the height of 500 feet and equalize the same lines to that of Las Vegas Fountains of Bellagio which is unique in its own kind. So, don’t miss on the fun to evidence these exclusive Dubai Fountains at Burj Khalifa Lake, and memorize it forever.

  1. Jumeriah Mosque:

dubai-Jumeriah Mosque

One of the most beautiful mosques of Dubai and of course, the main tourist visiting place too! Jumeriah Mosque is an enchanting example of the royal Islamic culture and tradition and is said to be the exact Xerox of Al-Azhar Mosque situated at Cairo. The only difference between the two is that the Al-Azhar Mosque is eight times the size of Jumeriah Mosque. So, you can imagine how huge and vast it would be. You can witness delicate and simple particulars in the stone work of this mosque which was constructed in the gothic Fatimid tradition exhibiting two towers. On one side where the natural light of sun adds subtleness to its appearance, on the other side at the time of evening this mosque is elucidated with uncountable lights. With a motive to boost clear understanding of the Muslim religion, a renowned center of Dubai named The Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Cultural Understanding arrange the guided tours of this stupefying mosque. Apart from Friday, these tours are conducted and well managed on the daily basis at sharp ten in the morning.

  1. Dolphin Bay:


Dolphins are one of the cutest mammals in the world. Their fun filled activities and friendly nature also makes the man go crazy about them. Your excitement will reach its peak when you visit ‘Dolphin Bay’ in Dubai which is perfect for all age groups. This place has turned up to be one of the most tourist attracting places of the city. Dolphin Bay is the largest home for these intellectually appealing mammals. You will be pleased to see the interaction of these dolphins not only with each other but with you as well. Sound really exciting and wondrous, isn’t it? Moreover, if you are a good swimmer then nothing could be better than this because these dolphins will give a warm welcome to you as their guest by playing with you, performing their different activities beneath the shallow water. This is termed as ‘Dolphin Adventure with Deep Water Interaction. Once you turn up friendly, they even allow you to kiss them on their nose. Scuba dive is also a fantastic idea to add stars to your fun. You can save all this fun as everlasting memories by clicking photographs with them.

  1. Dubai Dolphinarium:

Dubai Dolphinarium

Somewhat like the Dolphin bay, this place is also one of the loveliest places to visit as a tourist; else you will surely miss out the real fun. Dubai Dolphinarium imbibes of a live Dolphin and Seal show that lasts for exact forty five minutes. These 45 minutes show will showcase the high jump of dolphins and furred seals, dancing, juggling with rings and playing basketball. The best part is that you are even given a chance to swim and interact with these cute mammals and also get different poses clicked as you do in Dolphin Bay. So, if you have missed out there, you can take the advantage right here. Seven stars are added to this spectacular show when fancy music and laser lights are a part of it. The excitement and fun does not end here because this place also has a 5D theatre where you can watch the movie in a unique way that you have never ever done before. Exceptional effects like: twinkling of lights, blow of wind, tingling of legs, seat vibration etc can be felt while watching the movie. There is also a small gift shop which sells unique souvenirs, make sure you purchase at least one for yourself as the memory or even more to gift your friends.

  1. SMCCU Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding:


As the name speaks about itself, Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding where trainings and sessions are conducted to give detailed view on the knowingness about the religion and culture of the rich royal heritage of Dubai and Early Arab. This further initiates a deep knowledge about the tradition among the tourist and locals of Dubai which lays down the base for enhancing the cross-cultural understanding within them. This centre is a fun filled place and is loved by the people of all age groups, right from kids to old. This centre takes you through a journey of cruising the Dubai creek, relishing the yummy Emirati breakfast and meal, traditional houses, heritage tour of ancient mosques and buildings, learning and understanding the Arabic language, the dance form and many more interactional and educative programmes.

  1. The Burj Khalifa:

dubai-tourist-places4Burj Khalifa… is the latest tourist attraction place of Dubai which demands a mandatory visit to view something unique and admiring. It is considered to be the landmark edifice of the mesmerizing city, Dubai which has total of one hundred and twenty four floors. It is wrapped by the most creatively designed gardens on the ground enhanced with twisty paseos. This top most floor is known as the observation deck from where tourist can enjoy the view of entire Dubai, right from the desert to skyscrapers and beautiful beaches and sea. This knavishly built observation deck also imbibes of such a multi-media presentation that it takes you through the journey of the entire United Arab Emirates and in and out of Burj Khalifa. The night view from this deck will leave you speechless where the whole of Dubai seems to be dipped in scintillating lights, colorful tall fountains and hue of natural moon and stars in the sky. It is time when photographers are ready with their camera to capture the best of the views. Burj Khalifa has become the tallest building of the world marking a height of 829.8 meters. Huge, isn’t it? Now you would be thinking what else makes it so huge and tall? This tallest architecture has numerous branded hotels, entertainment wings, shopping hubs, pubs within it. Words would just not be enough to describe its beauty, so plan a trip to Dubai and make a for sure visit to Burj Khalifa.

  1. Dubai Museum:

Dubai Museum

This tourist destination is also worth to visit if you have planned a holiday trip to Dubai. One who has deep love for history and enjoys seeing historical monuments and ancestral attributes then Dubai Museum is the right place for him/her. To bestow it a rich heritage look, this Dubai Museum is domiciliated in royal Al-Fahidi Fort which was constructed in the year 1787 to fight back Dubai Creek. In the golden history, this fort was the abidance of the ruling family along with the fortified military place where soldiers were stationed.

Talking about its exterior and interior, on one hand where the fences of this fort is constructed from the precious coral blocks held unitedly with slaked lime, on the other hand the top floor is affirmed through thick wooden poles which are termed as handles. The roof is built with the use of plaster, clay and palm fronts. Once can easily think how Dubai prospered in a gigantic way from a heating dessert to the city of skyscrapers by looking at the entrance way of this museum which exhibits vintage maps of United Arab Emirates and many royal attributes. Your eyes will remain open when you see oldest weapons in the hall made on the right hand of the entrance and Emirati musical devices on the left hand hall and a lot more to relish. Rejuvenated twice, once in the year 1971 and then in the year 1995, this Museum has turned up to be the prime tourist attraction now. You can imagine how mesmeric it would be to see such a historical place.

  1. Dubai Creek Golf & Marina Yacht Club:


DMYC… Dubai Marina Yacht Club is said to be the beloved of the city. It is one of the most esteemed and renowned places of Dubai and of course, a major tourist attracting place too. There are about five hundred of yachts and tourists can make a choice among so many to have fun of the long canal rides which lasts up to 3.5 kilometers. Isn’t it lovely? Here in Dubai, all the ones who have their personal yachts can also acquire membership from this club. But this however does not impact you as a tourist because you can go there by all the means and pay a memorable visit for our lifetime. In addition, there is also a waterfront golf course which gives an unforgettable experience to the golf lovers. The designing of this Dubai Creek Golf and Marina Yacht Club is done like that of sails of a conventional Arabic sailing ship which also makes it a photographic tourist destination.

  1. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve:


Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is well managed under the supervision of Dubai Desert Conservation Centre. From exciting Desert Safari to The National Park covering wildlife and many more things, this conservation centre will bestow you with the loveliest experience as a tourist. It is so highly reputed that this place is also a member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Strictly protected under the management of this conservation centre, this place is also acknowledged by The United Nations Environmental Program and thus possesses a natural domestic and effective ecosystem on the lines of this peaceful desert. Various types of plant and animal species, different migratory birds depending upon the climate, reptiles and the well known Arabian Oryx are its major attractions for all the types of visitors.

  1. Al-Sahara Equestrian Centre:


Situated right in the center of an oasis, this Al-Sahara Equestrian Centre is highly consumer centric and very fun filled and friendly. It is exclusively made for the ride lovers. You will feel privileged to enjoy the rides of the best horses in the world, which are definitely one of their kinds. There are trainers who train you on every bit of horse riding. Isn’t it super exciting? Another activity that is loved by almost all the locals and the tourists is Camel Encounter Program. You will get to know in deep once you visit this amazing place of Dubai which is also a top tourist place.

  1. Palm Jumeirah:

Palm Jumeirah

The gift of nature could be anything and there is no surprise to it because after all it is the creation of the Almighty but when there is something similar to the creativity of God made by man, no words can be enough to appreciate such work. The Palm Jumeriah is the live example of a man made archipelago which means there is a group of many-any islands in a huge water body. Sounds so tough to imagine, isn’t it? But Dubai has made it possible. Palm Jumeriah is one among the three Palm Islands and is the latest one in the list of Dubai tourist visiting places. There is a six lane highway bridge made with latest techniques and modernization to show the path to this magnificent place. Far from your imagination, this palm island bestows with numerous activities especially for tourist to enjoy. From theme parks, luxury hotels, spas, beaches, exclusive shopping malls, Palm Jumeriah offers one and all. There are even homes of the rich Atlantis in this Palm Jumeriah Island. One can truly feel the world of fantasy converted into real!

  1. Atlantis Palm Jumeriah:

Atlantis Palm Jumeriah

This is much more than a luxury hotel. It is so damn giant and beautiful in its exterior and so one could imagine what interior it would have. Apart from providing highly luxurious hospitality, there are many other things that make it the centre of attraction and a fantastic tourist place to visit for sure. The Aquaventure section of Atlantis Palm Jumeriah also involves Shark Safari, Dolphin Bay as its water slides, Fish and Cownose Ray feeding, and entertainment show in aquatheatre, diving, skornel diving, along with mesmerizing marine adventures and much more. The ones, who are making their holiday stay at this place, can enjoy all these attractions as complimentary.

  1. Dubai Underwater Zoo & Aquarium:

Dubai Underwater Zoo & Aquarium

One of the finest places to visit for the locals and the tourists both! Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium not only takes you through the journey of evidencing uncountable varieties of animals, birds, mammals and reptiles but also gifts you a lot more. This place gives you a superb feeling of walking in the water and you thoroughly enjoy the beauty of the nature. The Aquarium gives you the chance to explore the uncountable number of species of fishes which you would have never seen before. To add on, you can go for scuba diving, swim with sharks, interact with dolphins and also choose glass bottom ride as per your wish. Live the way you want to and have lots of fun!

  1. Ski Dubai:

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai has a record in its name of being the very first indoor ski resort in the whole Middle East. It seems like Dubai has become an expertise in innovating new and modernistic places that one has always seen in dreams. You will be surprised to know that there is about 60,000 tonnes of snow at this place which gives you a complete hill station feel. For those moments you will actually forget if you are on earth. It will seem nothing less than a snow paradise to you. Extra activities like: snowboarding, skating, skiing, tobogganing, making snow-balls and throwing at each other, making snowman and a lot more you can do here. Cute snow penguins are the latest addition to this place… Ski Dubai. One of the best attractions of Dubai again!

  1. Wild Wadi Water Park:

Wild Wadi Water Park

Last but not the least; Wild Wadi Water Park is a theme based water park around the story of a character named Juha who belonged to Arabian Folklore. This water park is also one of the most enjoyable and attractive tourist places that demand a mandatory visit when you plan a trip to Dubai. About thirty thrilling water rides and breath taking roller coasters are its major attractions. Located amidst the nature, Wild Wadi Water Park fills you up with freshness and relaxes your mind and body. Some of the most recommended water rides that you should not miss on are: Wadi Leap, Falaj Fury, Flying falls and falcon Fury. To add on, there are some activities that are specially made for the kids such as: a big wave pool, racing slides, water guns, water balls and many fun games too.

Undoubtedly, Dubai has excelled in bestowing the world with spellbinding tourism. However, the list of tourist places does not end here because your holidays might come to an end after few days but the places are lot more. So, if you have planned for a long holiday tour to Dubai then you can even go for some more places which are worth visiting as the ones given above and will fill your heart with lots of fun. Kids Zania, is also one of the tourist place that kids will surely love. Here the kids get the opportunity to play the role of their best-loved cartoon character. The whole concept is laid down keeping in mind the urge of the kids and the youth.

The next comes is the Burj Al Arab Beach which offers the free entry for public that is without charging anything. Even simply relaxing on a hammock and admiring the beauty of the nature, neat and clean blue water, endless coastline will give you a distinct experience altogether which you will surely love. You can also look at The Tower of Arabs – Burj Al Arab which is the fourth tallest hotel in the whole world. It is marvelous when it comes to designing, architecture and engineering and so is a seven star hotel. Bur Dubai Abra Dock is one of the oldest places of Dubai and famous for boat rides in ancient Arabian boats also called Dhow. The Dhow takes you to, many beautiful sights-seeing and art galleries. Hatta Rock Pools, Al Mamzar Park, Ferrari World, Heritage House, Aquaventure Park are some of the worth visiting tourist place too. So, rush and book the holiday to Dubai and share your experience too!!

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How to Impress Someone on a First Date

Dating… a word that invites a mixture of various feelings within us! It makes us conscious, excited, overwhelmed and happy too, at the same point of time. A day, when the girl dreams to be the ‘princess’ and the boy want to be the ‘prince charming’ and such is the state of their heart and mind. Basically, dating is a term that defines social meeting of two people for fellowship which is definitely much more than friendship and looking forward to be together for an informal or a lifetime relationship like wedding. The first date could be with your friend whom you have secretly started loving and now wish to propose him or her. It could also be with the boy or the girl that your families have chosen for you, wherein they want both of you to meet each other and see if you guys can be the best buddies for the rest of the life or not. So, two different individuals turning to be couple… is the best line describing the purpose of the word…first date and hence the first date carries a lot of important in one’s life.


When we think about our first date, the first question that strikes to our mind is how to impress someone on a first date? Though there are no peculiar rules defined for dating but there are certain important things that you really need to take care of when planning for a date. At times, your appealing look, high status, wealth and power are just not enough to impress someone, above all these you just need to be yourself to mesmerize someone you want to be with or someone you really love. It is rightly said that love is not bound of any conditions because when it happens, it just happens from the heart. All in all, you need to be make the best impression for an impressive date and this is only possible when it is the real you nothing that is fake. Being on date, involves knowing each other, creating an understanding, initiating the bond of trust for each other and further all this leads to the vision of our future that whether you will be able to go well with one another or not. So, looking at the uncertainty, it is not sure that ball will be in your court or not. None of us wants to be heartbroken and face the phase of rejection so here are some influencing tips on how to impress someone on a first date:

Best Tips to impress someone on your first date

Be who you are:

Be the real you, who you actually are, because the one who will wish to be with you forever, would love to see honesty in you rather than the show- off of materialistic things. This will prove as to how dependable and reliable you are and make the decision making easy for the one. But all this does not mean that you do not prepare yourself for the day. Grooming oneself is equally important to anything that is needed for the day. Always remember the proverb… first impression is the last one! So, there is no second chance to it. There is neither any hard and fast rule as to what needs to be done nor you need to turn the world upside down. You just need to be calm and confident. Mark few points on board like: Dress up simple and elegant which adds to your personality, don’t speak too much and whatever you speak should make sense. If you are not aware about what to be spoken, at least don’t turn offensive or be rude. Let the soft talks begin and then you can merely add your views or speak in such a manner that adds comfort and happiness to the environment. Be a smart listener too and let one feel that he/she is actually enjoying your company!

Gift a small gift:

Even if it is your first date, a formal one, you can greet him or her with any simple gift that actually expresses your gratitude towards him or her. Nothing like a red rose because that would be too early without knowing and developing the feelings for one another but something like a small gift wrap of chocolate box will work the best. Though, later the best gift will turn up to be your company for each other for life time if everything goes well.


Be soft and gentle:

Use a polite and friendly tone to whomever you meet someone around whether someone known, hotel manager, waiter, butler or anyone not known well also. For an example, if you have a senior couple sitting on the next table, you could just show your respectful attitude by passing a decent smile to them. It shows your positive and friendly attitude because even small gestures leave a big impact on the heart of the other. Once you are served, thank the waiter and appreciate them for the good service verbally and also by giving the tip.

Don’t keep him/her waiting for too long:

If there knocks any such situation, where it becomes urgent for you to take an incoming call, do excuse yourself by taking permission and then move out to do so. Keep the conversation very limited and short or ask the once to call back once free. This is really important because you have someone special waiting. Once you are in as a part of courtesy, do say Sorry for taking his/ her time and re-start the conversation from where it was clipped. This will show that you were concentrated and are so much interested in talking to him or her. Strictly avoid taking any sort of call before the one or screaming over like anything.

Stay calm & don’t panic:

No one can stop emergencies from occurring into the life! God forbids, if you ever get into such a situation on your first date where you need to rush due to any personal exigency, don’t panic at all instead take a deep sigh and with lots of politeness make him or her understand the urgency of the situation. Looking into his/her eyes, saying sorry gently for cutting the date short, expressing the sincerity will surely leave a convinced impression. This will also show that you are mature enough to handle any problematic situation.

Accompany her only if she wants:


Last but not the least; when you are set to bid good-bye, etiquette says that woman should always be accompanied by men to their home. It is your responsibility as a man to take this initiative and drop the lady to her home but only if she is comfortable to do so. If she is happy to travel on her own, do not insist more than once rather let her be on her own. You can ask one another to message or call once made a safe reach to the home and can also express gratitude for the lovely date. Never ever compel the lady for a good bye hug or kiss or hand shake especially when you feel she might not be comfy with all this. Give her ample space.

So, you can only enjoy your first date or even the forthcoming ones with your beloved by being the real you. Expecting the fantasy world to land on the earth like stars dancing and moon singing for you will take you nowhere rather spoil your efforts too. So do everything that is required but nothing exuberant. Leave an everlasting impression on the first date by being the true gentleman and sensible lady. A very specific short description for boys and girls that you can follow on your first date:

For boys: Girls loved to be pampered and cared a lot so keeping this into mind, lay emphasis on every small and big things that can make you win her heart. Dress up well, elegantly with decent clothing. Avoid dressing up too trendy or funky. After all, she wants to meet her dream boy not a cartoon character. Be gentle and subtle while speaking and be what you are as a person.

For Girls: Generally, boys love beauty with simplicity, sweetness and brain. Do groom yourself with a facial so that your skin can glow out. Apply a graceful make-up that enhances your look but nothing such that spoils your natural persona. Choose the attire that is simple yet appealing and above all suits you the best. Carry a small stylish handbag complementing it. Be soft and sweet while speaking showcasing the best of etiquettes. Just like you wish to meet a person who is true in himself, be true at your end also.

For both, boys and girls: Make sure that advanced booking is done for dining with an addition of light instrumental music or candle theme. Whoever has planned this date needs to be before time to make sure that everything is up to the mark. Be patient to wait for him/her and as soon as he/she is there greet each other with a sweet smile. Moreover, depending on the comfort of the two, you can initiate a hand shake, a formal hug or a kiss. Equal concern and care should be reflected from both the ends. Remember, it is the effort of two that can actually convert the first date into many more to come.

Please Avoid (Don’ts):-

Not only the do’s but the don’ts are also equally important to know so that you lead on to a perfect date with no single mistake at all because a silly mistake of yours can spoil the complete planning. Here are some of the don’ts that you need to underline while preparing for a first date to impress someone thoroughly.

  • You just need to be the genuine you. Express only that, that you actually think, agree, like, dislike etc. Do not say yes to anything just to impress.
  • Don’t rehearse yourself on any sort of dialogues or daily soap lines because that sounds too dramatic and totally unrealistic. You will reflect yourself as fake if you do so and none of the either will get to know each other properly. So, be natural and go with the normal conversation.
  • Never become too stylist for one day. Wear what suits you and you are comfy in because that is the best way in which you can carry yourself.
  • Mark a statement by always wearing the perfume with natural fragrance, nothing sharp that distracts the one. Something that pleases the person sitting right before you!
  • Strictly avoid being too personal while discussing or sharing thoughts as you hardly know each other and one might not like you so possessive and interfering attitude.
  • Don’t go with the experiences of your friends or relative rather make your own. From head to toe, make the decision yourself because one is the best judge of oneself.
  • Don’t ask too much of questions, ask limited but sensible ones. Make a point that the questions should be open type which initiates the conversation between the two. Nothing of the sort that ends up the answer with a yes or no else he/she will lose the interest and you might sound boring. Remember, it is date not an interview for the job.

Dating is not a job like interview; hence enjoy it rather being nervous. If everything mentioned above is taken into consideration, then no one can stop your first date turning to be a lifetime event. You are sure to impress the one you actually wish to, on your very first date. Enjoy your first date, take him/her as a friend, create a comfortable environment for both of you and then see the magic. Though it is destiny but at times the result lies in your hand just with few efforts of yours! So, what are you waiting for, start getting prepared, after all it is your first date!!

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Hairstyling is also one of the most important parts when we talk about grooming our personality and look. Not only this, it also reveals your fashion sense and lifestyle. A perfect hairstyle depends on the length of your hair along with your face cut. For an appealing look, it is important to go for such a hairstyle which enhances your overall persona. As our country differs in cultures and traditions at every few kilometers, the hairstyles also differ according to the places and occasions. In this article, you will go through the famous South Indian bridal hairstyles that even you can opt for a distinct look. The rich imbue of Banarasi saree and heavy golden jewelry adds a lot to the South Indian hairstyle.

The South Indian girls are blessed to have thick, black and long length hair. On one hand where the traditional wedding is their culture similarly on the other hand it is the dream of every girl to be uniquely dressed up as a bride. With the changing time, trendy hairstyles and accessorizing them has also become a part of South Indian wedding along with the ‘braid’ culture. A little modernization in the hairstyles has given the South Indian brides, a chic look to embellish on the special day of theirs. Below are the top nine South Indian hairstyles that can be chosen by the bride to be or by any girl for any special event in her life or family. Look the way you have always wished to and earn loads of praises and appreciation by one and all.

  1. A look with accessories:


If you have long decent looking hair, then this is the most appropriate hairstyle for your wedding day. A traditional taste with a trendy twist… is the perfect line that defines this stunning hairstyle. You can also embellish yourself with this hairstyle on any type of special occasion apart from the wedding. Just like the picture showcased on the top, one can enhance the look of this South Indian Hairstyle with the rich imbue of fresh flowers which will also create an awful aroma all around. In addition, adding some of the glittering metals of different types can also lend you with grace. All this completely depends on the choice and preference of the one who is the bride to be or anyone who has chosen this hairstyle for the special event. Rich looking Banarasi saree with scintillating maang teeka in the mid will make you look extremely mind blowing.

  1. Perfect posing braids:


Are you the one who has always dreamt to look like a celebrity on the big day of yours? Here it is… A flawless South Indian bridal hairstyle, that will make your dream come true. This superb South Indian bridal hairstyle is the one where you can boast a long length beautified divisions with the golden colored accessories at the equal distance. These accessories have colored stones in the mid matching the color of the saree. The image is given at the top to exhibit how gracious it will look. The accession of kamarbandh and heavy looking necklace will add seven stars to your personality.

  1. The appealing glorious look:


For the ones with or without long length hair, this South Indian Bridal Hairstyle will give you an appealing glorious look. Right from the wedding function to a casual one, this hairstyle will make you fall in love for its centralized segmented theme. If the weather is summer like hot or humid like rainy, such a hairstyle can be quickly tried as it won’t let your look be spoiled because of either of the two. In fact you will be able to carry yourself graciously. The mixture of diamond and golden jewelry covering the neck along with the maang teeka dangling in the top mid of the forehead will make you earn endless compliments.

  1. The long length flowered braid:


The long hair length braid embellished with round shaped golden accessories segmented into the equal portions with the flowered touch will not only lend you with the most beautiful look but also fill the whole atmosphere with fascinating fragrance. The moment you step in the wedding hall, your flowered braid will mark your esteemed presence automatically with its magical aroma. Each and every one who is a part of your special day will praise your stunning look which is definitely the result of this long length flowered braid South Indian bridal hairstyle presented in the above given image. Also, the length of the segments can be increased as per your wish through the floral extensions. A white colored saree with mehroon golden border will add a lot to its grace.

  1. Reversed accessorized flowered hairstyle:


This reversed accessorized flowered hairstyle is also one of the most popular South Indian bridal hairstyles. For the one who loves extremely simple look enriched with the sense of fashion and trend, this hairstyle will mark a special place in her heart forever. The small garland of fresh or artificial flowers is draped around the bun of your hair in such a way that it also showcases the look of accessories in the most fabulous way. So, whether you are a bride to be or her friend or sister, this south Indian hairstyle will give you the desired look for sure.

  1. The small sectioned floral hair bun:


If you are a girl who loves to adore herself with small floral sections, then this is the best South Indian bridal hairstyle that will bestow you with the dream look of yours. A proper expression of the same can be seen in the image given at the top. Such a hairstyle is easy to be carried and fashionable to be shown. With the golden colored Banarasi Saree and shining border, you will look extremely glamorous. The addition of kamarbandh right above your waistline and the captivating kundan jewelry covering the neck will speechless to one and all. You will be a live example of the beauty with tradition and fashion both.

  1. Overall modernization from head to toe:


Right from head to toe, when you are dipped in the hue of fashion and trend, what a spell binding look you will have!! It is so difficult to be expressed in words as only such an appearance of yours can justify it. Different to others, in terms of saree color, draping, jewelery, hairstyle will make you look unique and distinct from the crowd. As exhibited in the picture given at the top, a puffed sleeved and contrast colored blouse accompanying a multi colored banarsi saree in a free pallu style is imparting a stupefying look to the wearer. Moreover, the traditional cum trendy jewelry covering the neck and upper centre portion of forehead is adding endless grace to her chic look. An overall modernization can be seen showcasing her south Indian hairstyle where hair is tied in jooda sort of bun with flowered garland holding it.

  1. Captivating celebrity look:


Undoubtedly, when it is your wedding day, you are the celebrity meaning thereby, you are the centre of attraction. From attire to jewelry, make up to mehandi everything demands exclusiveness for a captivating celebrity look. The image given above will leave you with an impression… OMG! Completely speechless! Unique kundan jewelry with floral braided hairstyle and glorifying golden Banarasi saree is the major attractions. So, are you ready for such an appealing look? Well, you must have noticed this look in South Indian movies where the South Indian actress sport in their movies especially at the time of wedding scene. After all, who does not wish to be the celebrity of the day by all means!

  1. Traditional & trendy:


Traditional and trendy are the right words to define this South Indian bridal hairstyle. The garland of fresh flowers embellished on the hair bun with the red rose in the middle leaves this hairstyling as the most demanded one. Heavy worked zaree saree will accompany in the best way with this amazing hairstyle. From wedding to any sort of family functions will be the right occasion to put up this South Indian hairstyle. Accessories to the hair can also be added for an additional grace.

With the changing time, there will always be more and more good and new changes in the hairstyles too. If we look back the early times, hair cutting was also prohibited in many orthodox families but now there is a huge change in the thinking of many. We are the lucky ones to cherish these amazing changes in our society and live life king size. Today, hairstyling has also become a flourished profession along with a fashion trend. It has become a personality grooming part of both, males and females. When it comes to sporting hairstyling on the occasions like wedding, we have got numerous hairstyles, like the ones given above depending upon the place, preference and occasion. So, enjoy this change.

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Loved by one and all… Dal Makhini is the most loved dish almost by everyone. Its name is enough to bring water to the mouth and is one of the most popular North Indian Cuisine which is known all over the world for its yummy taste. From kids to older, ever age group is fond of this form of curry. As per the taste one loves, Dal Makhani can be cooked both the ways, spicy and decent as per the preference of the one who is eating. The best part of this luscious dish is that the dal which is used to prepare Dal Makhani is highly rich in vitamins and calories both, so even if you have a bowl, you will feel like your tummy is full. It is quite heavy in eating so less of it also makes too much.


This curry has become a big-name in every corner of North India and is cooked in almost every restaurants and hotels of India. It is good to have a change of taste and that is the reason why hotels and restaurants came into fashion so speedily. But nothing can ever be compared to the taste and purity of home-made dishes.

The creamy, rich and decent flavor of Dal Makhini is so tempting that the moment you think about it, it makes you mouth watery. It has been given the name ‘Makhini’ because of the flavor of the cream that is added in quite a good amount to it and this is also the reason of its rich creamy taste. Generally, you need a proper one day time to prepare this dish without any hassle. But if you are in a bit hurry, it can be cooked in a less time as well. Now the question arrives, if you have some special guests invited for the lunch or Dinner or you just want to cook something that can compliment with Dal Makhini, what can it be? So, here is the answer to your question… This curry can be served with simple butter naan which will add to its taste. Also, you can opt for Jeera rice or Plain rice to serve with Dal Makhini.

Now, Let’s begin our cooking class of Dal makhini and the list of ingredients are given right below, just go through them and accumulate all of them at one place so that you don’t miss out anything when you are all set to cook. It is the sign of a professional cook, to be well prepared.


The ingredients needed are:

Whole Black Gram – ½ bowl (also known as Sabut kalli urad ki daal)

Rajma – 2 tablespoons (also known as Red Kdney Beans)

Garlic – Properly chopped about 6 cloves

Butter – 3 tablespoons

Ginger – 2 inches, chopped or grated

Salt – as per the taste

Red Chilli powder – 1 teaspoon

Cumin Seeds – 1 teaspoon

Garam Masala Powder – 1 teaspoon

Green Chillies – as per the spiciness, one or two

Onion – About 1 with a good size

Tomatoes – two in quantity


Take the given quantity of clean rajma and black urad daal in a container and wash them well. Then soak both of them in about three to four cups of water for a complete one night. When you will wake up, you will find that almost whole water has been absorbed and the size of the dal and rajma has increased. Immediately, drain the remaining water and take a pressure cooker. Now add both of these ingredients to it, with three cups of water, some ginger and salt to it. Wait for about three to four whistles of pressure cooker and check if these ingredients have turned soft and can be mashed easily.

Next step that knocks in is, Take a medium sized pan and pour some butter and little oil in it. Once the pan and the ingredients are heated add cumin seeds and wait till they turn brown. Then add very little asafetida, chopped garlic, grated ginger, onions and sauté well. When they turn brown in color, add the tomato puree and green chillies and again sauté well on high heat.

Once you are done till here, add the red chilli powder to this complete gravy and keep cooking till the time this gravy leaves the oil. This proves that the gravy is properly cooked. Here comes the final moment, when you will add the cooked rajma and dal of the pressure cooker. Add some water to it and let this whole come to boiling. This will automatically thicken the dal and your Dal Makhini is ready. End up by adding some garam masala to it and garnish it will some rings of onions and coriander on the top.

Serve it with hot butter naan or chapati or even plain/jeera rice will accompany it in the best way. Also papad will be taste twisting.

Who says you are less than a chef?? You are a complete one… Just give it a try and earn endless compliments on the dining table. Be it a candle light dinner or an official lunch, the aroma of this dish is so pleasing and tempting that it will surely make you the star of the day.


For a speedy preparation – Take a container and rinse off rajma and urad dal under the tap water and just like we do for other pulses, add sufficient quantity of water to it. Now pt this container on the gas flame for few minutes till the water starts to boil and then turn the gas off. Cover the container with a plate for an hour so that the steam can remain in and then use pressure cooker for further boiling. You will see how quickly all this will happen.

If you do not have cream, not to worry… you can use milk for about half cup but then cut down the quantity of water by half cup.

Once the cream is added, never boil the Dal Makhini, else it will lose its entire creamy flavor.

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Are you scared of looking yourself in the mirror? Are the aging effects running much faster than your age over your face? Then what are you waiting for!! Begin with the easy and quick exercises that can work in an amazing manner. It has been noticed that most of us do not want to go for home remedies, instead prefer cures like face packs, creams and medicines which at times do not work so well and all you get is disappointment. But not to worry when we are the lucky ones to be bestowed with the charming wonders of nature. Hence, utilize them as best as you can. Moreover, there are no side effects of them at all. When we say, Yoga is one of the best ways to cure aging it means there is no doubt at all. Since uncountable number of years Yoga has been doing miracles in terms of curing one’s ill health, maintaining good health, enhancing overall personality, bringing beauty etc. So, why not to make the use of this best gift of nature!! Begin your morning with these anti aging facial exercises and other yoga aasans if you are fed up of the aging effects or any sort of health issues and notice the positive impact of these.

It is the dream of everyone to look smart, beautiful and cool. Without giving a second thought, we do whatever we are advised to, in order to attain a slim waistline, models like look and an overall perfect personality. We prefer going to gym, maintain diet and what not to get that look which has always been your first love but we result in ignoring the fact that it is the face that is first and foremost noticed. So, does it sound worth of having a perfect figure with a wrinkled face? Undoubtedly, not! Go through this detailed description given on the anti aging facial exercises which will not only maintain your complete look but also give you a wrinkle free skin forever. The most appropriate time to perform these anti aging facial exercises is the morning time because this is the time when your body is fully relaxed physically and mentally. These will not only enhance your personality and look but will also help you to overcome aging. You will notice your body is filled with immense energy and gives you a fresh feeling altogether.


Though earlier there were many doctors who opposed to the fact that these facial exercises are of any benefit in terms of removing aging effect. But slowly and gradually when these anti aging facial exercises started showing the results, they also took their words back and supported this fact happily. Logically, these facial exercises are successful in their job because our facial muscles are directly connected to our skin and so the oxygenated blood that is produced while doing these facial exercises enters and flows in the tissues of the skin properly thereby making your skin look young and vibrant as before. Here we are marking the words of Madam Rowland who laid down these wondrous anti aging facial exercises who said “To maintain the lift, you need to devote yourself to the program’. The word program refers to this complete phenomenon of anti aging facial exercises.

Whatever we do definitely has logic and it is important for us to understand the same to justify your mind with the fact that you are doing it for a reason. The logic behind the facial exercises is as simple as, when the compression and relaxation of the muscles can give the shape and tome to your entire body which you generally acquire by going to gym, cycling or doing yoga then why cannot the facial exercises can tone up the facial muscles and make it wrinkle and aging free! Exercising in the right manner for the right body part will work similarly in the case of entire body. Do not expect the results in a day or two give ample time exercising for your face as well and then anticipate for the desired results. At least give your bit to attain a bit.



  1. Chewing the gum:

Chewing the gums is said to be one of the most efficacious exercises for anti-aging. Does not sound tough at all, right?? In fact, this exercise is something that you can do anytime and accompany any other work as well with it. You need not to spare particular minutes for this. Now the question arises, how does it helps and the answer is while chewing the gum there are movements in your cheeks and jaws in such a peculiar way which is best to get rid of aging impacts. In addition, this work out also enhances our overall facial expressions. As a piece of advice, do not perform this in excess as overdose of anything is always harmful. Also do it sincerely and slowly by implying the right amount of pressure on the cheeks. All you need to do is to make sure that you perform this exercise regularly so that the best results can be achieved as quickly as possible.

  1. Tighten up your eyebrows:

The second exercise that stands second on the list of anti aging facial exercise is, tightening your eyebrows. The area of eyebrow is also one such place where the effects of aging are very much visible. With the increasing age, you will notice that the eyebrows loosen their steadiness and appear less in comparison to before. All this is the effect of aging but there is a solution to every problem and so does this. With the help of the tip of your fingers, hold the eyebrows from the right side and apply some pressure on them. Then raise them upwards thereby keeping the eyes broadly opened. Perform the same for both the eyes for about five times each for the desired results and see the magic. Also remember, while doing any exercise one’s mind and body needs to very relaxed else if your mind is somewhere else you won’t get the desired output of any of your efforts.

  1. Give a surprising reaction!

Now, this sounds the simplest of all… one of the most frequent reactions that we perform in our daily lives. You just need to give a super surprising reaction and that will be your anti aging facial exercise. The right way to perform this exercise is; broaden your eyes with eyebrows lifted upwards, open your mouth as you do when you are actually surprised, amplify your cheeks and widen your forehead too. This makes a perfect surprising reaction face. You are sure to get aging free forehead. The best part of this anti aging facial exercise is that there is no limitation as to how many times you can do this exercise. Repeat as many as times it is easy for you to do. So, learn to be happily surprised even at small things and them watch how this effectively this work. Even if the situations do not demand the surprised reaction, you can still do so because it will be two in one for you. The action and reaction together!

  1. Reduce your Double Chin:

One of the most common aging problems faced by many especially the ones with heavy weight and min you, this is not at all easy to get rid of it. So, in order to figure up your chin and neck, this exercise is right one for you. Keep the position of your body and neck erect and then compress the lower lip over the upper one. Lift up the corners of the lips by smiling and then rub the rudimentary muscles smartly for four to five times by the help of your palms. Once you begin to realize the clue of strain on the below portion of your neck, stop immediately. Go for this exercise on daily basis to get rid of double chin as well as neck. Don’t give up without giving your hundred percent effort and come out of lazy zone to get the successful results.

  1. Facial yoga:

Since ages, yoga has been giving best results in terms of good health. One had always attained what one has wished by doing the necessary yoga regularly. Even the medicines have been failed to give results in the medical science at times, but yoga has always proved it’s worth cent percent. So, when the question is about performing anti aging facial exercise, facial yoga will do wonders. It imbibes of some simple steps to perform: Stand erect with mouth opened and then take a deep breath. Now, with the closed mouth hold this breath for the maximum time you can. Once you are ready to relieve the breath, do it through your nose and this is all. For eradicating the aging effects, perform this facial yoga for about five to ten times and that too twice in a day. Such facial exercises can be practiced anytime of a day if your morning is fully occupied in house-hold works. You can practice these while listening to music, watching your favorite daily soap, talking to your children etc.

  1. The cheeky way:

This is a must anti aging facial exercise which needs a proper work out on your cheeks. Like the previous facial exercise, first of all, stand erect with the broadest of all the smiles and lips sealed. The corners of the mouth should be turned up matching the direction of the ears. After this, crinkle your nose in such a way that the muscles of the cheek are elongated upwards. Before you come to your normal position, remain in this position for some seconds. You are advised to make the repetition of this anti aging facial exercise for about tem times in a day. So, stop being lazy and turn active if you want to cherish your young look for longer time.

Scientifically, there are about ten groups of muscles in our complete face and scalp. Now these muscle groups are well connected to the bones of your skin in such a way that it enables you to give uncountable facial expressions every day. As and when we repeat the facial expressions which we unknowingly do, it results in forming lines and causing wrinkles with the passing age. Now this is when these anti aging facial exercises works superbly in toning and stiffening your muscles back to the shape which further overlays the skin to look young and tauten. These exercises enhance the overall blood circulation in your body and expel the stress and depression to restitute a vigorous look.

  1. Jaw line Exercise:

A muscle names ‘Platysma’ colligate your jaw line to that of your shoulders so the laxation of this particular muscles results to flagging skin on the neck and also double chin. For this, you will need to sit or stand erect and then incline your head backside in such a way that you are looking at the roof. Let your head stay still for few minutes and with the help of your tongue touch the top of your mouth for about 25-30 seconds. This will lead to the contraction of muscles which you will able to feel by the minor tickling painful sensation in your neck. As soon this happens, slowly bring down your chin to the neck portion. You are advised to do this exercise for about five times a day and tone up your chin and neck elegantly.

In addition to all these exercises in your daily life, do drink at least eight to ten glasses of water regularly. Water plays a very crucial role in maintaining your overall health and keeping the skin look young and shiny. You are sure to overcome aging as well with this nature’s gift.

Whatever is your aim, to achieve it; one must be sincerely dedicated and devoted and then there is no one who can stop you from achieving what you wish.


Belly fat, when the excessive fatness accumulates at the waist portion… sounds so scary, isn’t it? Are you the one who also tops in the list of ones with belly fat? If yes, you are not alone. With every passing day, changing lifestyle, eating habits and stressed life, the problem of increasing weight, belly fat, obese is also continuously increasing. It is a serious health issue which can lead you to something you have never imagined before. It is pretty sure that you want to get rid of this as soon as possible but before that it is very important for you to know what the causes of belly fat are. This will help you to at least learn some unknown truths and understand how you can save yourself from such a disastrous disease. The issue of belly fat not only precludes you from living a healthy life but auspicate troubles like high blood pressure, heart disease, insomnia etc. Here is the answer to your question which has moved your life upside down. Just remember the proverb… Prevention is better than cure and hence you need to follow them strictly so that you can relish the precious life without any sort of hindrance.


What makes it necessary to lose belly fat?

Apart from looking beautiful, there are other reasons too as to why it is important for one to lose belly fat. From the above given causes, it is quite clear that health and belly fat are closely related to each other. The increase in belly fat leads to increase in various health related issues. The fat accumulated at other places of the body is not that harmful as in comparison to the waist portion which is termed as belly. If we talk about the human body, it is naturally designed in such an amazing way that it stores additional fat and expels when needed, especially at the time of hunger but when our weight has increased, this system works completely opposite thereby impacting the whole metabolism process of the body. The fat cells automatically start ejecting fat molecules in our blood at speedy rate which is quite harmful. As a result of all this, a rapid increase of risk is seen in your health like; unnatural lipids, diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, insulin immunity and even few types of cancers. The major reasons that result in belly fat are given below:


  1. Excess Eating:

There is a well known proverb which suits the best here and that is… The excess of anything is harmful. When it comes to health, one needs to be extra conscious and careful. From a balanced diet to regular exercise, everything is essential. Well, it is good to be a food lover but if you do not manage your body systematically then your love towards the food can really be dangerous. This can lead to the constant increase of fats and calories in the body, further resulting in the gain of more and more weight and finally turning up to be the reason of belly fat. So, avoid eating immodestly. Basically, belly fat starts emerging immediately when you miss on the proper dietary chart and daily physical exercise. The only way to burn off the extra calories in our body is regular exercising, so if you want to eat what you love and also maintain yourself, then do not forget it. Make it a part of your everyday activity and enjoy your life.

  1. Changes in the hormones:

Though hormonal changes in the body results to various problems in one’s body but continuous increase in weight causing surplus belly fat is one of those along with menopause. Menopause is a natural process that everywoman undergoes. It results into the least production of sex hormones like estrogen and this fosters the increase in the abdominal fat which is generally termed as Belly fat. Another negative impact of Menopause can be seen in the form of fats storing in the body which used to excrete out earlier. This fat increase can be seen on your waist, hips, arms, legs and also the abdominal area. Such hormonal changes are obvious to occur and it cannot be prevented hence exercising in the form of yoga or morning and evening walk can definitely be a great help to you. So, do your part and leave the rest because by regular exercising at least you will stay healthy at heart.

  1. Tension or Strain:

Today, tension is one thing that every second woman is prone to or rather it should be said that this is something that almost every woman falls in love with. Tension is much more harmful than one’s imagination. Whatever the reason may be behind being stressful, the result is just the same and that is the increase in weight along with many other uncountable health issues. Very rare of us know this fact that strain can be a reason to gain weight but the question is how? The increase of tension in the mind results in excreting the quantity of the hormone named Cortisol generally known as hydrocortone or cortef. This hormone is liable to the additional development and gathering of fat in extremum quantity and that too in the abdominal area. So, tension will take you nowhere rather mislead your health hence be happy, stay chill and kick the stress off your life if you love to look wow.

  1. Ageing:


With the increasing age, the problem of belly fat also tends to increase. The difference is just that, few people struggle with excess weight issues right from the beginning where in other few start putting on weight in their thirties and then it gradually keeps increasing with the passing age. This goes for both, men and women. One need to understand that with the age changing phase one also needs to change food habits, exercising, sleeping time and many more. Eating late hours and then sleeping later than was fine when you were in your youth age but now when you can see side effects like belly fat impacting your health, everything needs to be done on time and systematically. So, ageing is also one of the main causes of belly fat.

  1. Sugar Consumption:

Are you taking lots of sugar in your daily diet? Yes… then this is also one of the reasons of having belly fat. Consuming eatables that are rich in sugar also enhances the production of insulin in your body which further accelerates your craving for more food increasing hunger and also the development of visceral belly fat too. Please keep a safe distance from sugared soft drinks, desserts or candies. To add on, apart from belly fat all this will also boost your overall sugar level and gift you the disease named Diabetes. So, one precaution can save from many upcoming problems. The choice is all yours.

  1. Consuming surplus salt:

Like sugar… consumption of excess salt in your diet also results in belly fat. Though salt plays an important role in maintaining overall development of the body but surplus of this can lead to several health issues. The redundant usage of salt happens to shift water into the skin from your bloodstream. So, sincerely ignore adding surplus salt to your body by saying no to the canned foods, cottage cheese, various dairy products, over salads etc. You will be shocked to know that as per the scientific research, there are about 90 percent of people who consumes more salt than the one advised for the body. At least you don’t be the one and let’s start from you today!

  1. Performing incorrect workout:

Do as you are advised to! If you perform an exercise that is not meant for reducing calories or burning fat rather it is for something else, you will end up getting zero results when the examination is about deceasing belly fat. In fact, at times few exercises work adverse. For example: the exercise suggested for heart would never work for belly fat. Prefer doing muscle work out because muscles have the capability to exhaust additional calories in comparison to fat.

  1. Inactive lifestyle:

Now this is the main cause of health issue like belly fat… Inactive lifestyle, which means where the person is not at all an active worker, he performs very less or nothing at all, when it comes to physical exercise which needs lots of efforts and energy. Few examples could be like: sitting on the chair and then working, too much computer addicted work etc. Even if you have any such job profile, it becomes very important to involve yourself in the work where physical effort is required. All in all, go for an active lifestyle which will definitely help you in burning extra calories and fats.

  1. Scarcity of Magnesium:

Magnesium is an important element of the body that maintains the complete metabolism. As per the scientific report, our body urges for magnesium surplus than about three hundred chemical reactions. This nutrient also efficiently manages the stable heart beat and maintains appropriate blood sugar levels which in further helps to maintain the overall development of body by maintaining the weight and shape of the body. If there is scarcity of this nutrient in the body, it will adversely impact the body weight and shape both and result in becoming the cause of belly fat.

  1. Very less sleep:

Scientifically, eight to nine hours sleep is considered to be mandatory for maintaining a healthy body. If a body does not get the required, it makes you irritated thereby increasing the level of stress hormone named Cortisol and also boosts your urge for sugar foods. This in all, results to the cause of belly fat. So to keep everything under control or in a balanced form, make sure you take ample sleep so that your body gets the sufficient rest and the internal system does not act weird.

Include following in your dietary chart to get rid of belly fat:


  • Sleep on time and take ample sleep of about eight to nine hours as recommended by the doctors. A sound sleep will give you a stress free life. Also you can add Holy Basil in your dietary chart because it is an adaptogen herb which not only taste nice but effectively cuts down the production of stress generating hormones.
  • As per the research, it has been proved that one with the belly fat should eat those food items that contain zinc in it so that it restrains the production of cortisol hormone. Non vegetarians can go for beef and seafood such as oysters and strict vegetarians can prefer spinach, pumpkin seeds, cashews, beans etc.
  • Consume more of such fruits that are highly rich in Vitamin C like lemonade drinks, kiwis, oranges etc. This also reduces the cortisol production immediately. Add spinach in your daily dietary chart as it is highly rich in magnesium and worls for the same cause.
  • Dark chocolate also work wonders in terms of stopping the output of cortisol in the body, so one who are crazy for dark chocolates gets the advantage here. Reduce the belly fat with something you love.

Eat healthy and stay healthy. So, the secret of reducing belly fat also lies within you because the more effort you do, the more fit you will be. Understanding each and every cause of belly fat, make a point not to add any of them into your life instead follow the above given dietary chart sincerely in your daily life and enjoy a fit and healthy body. Make a point to exercise daily like regular walks, doing specific belly fat reducing yoga; few sit ups etc which initiates muscular work out more and more. A healthy body also enjoys improved metabolism and gets the power to fight against other harmful diseases. You are sure to get a great help from all of these.



Every religion imbibes of different tradition and culture and each one has its own importance. Among all of them, Hindu religion stands on the first position and when the occasion is wedding, one will be short of words to describe how grand it is in terms of tradition. The first thing that comes into mind, when a marriage date is fixed of our loved ones or our own is Mehandi. Not only bride but the groom as well is not left untouched with the pure aroma of mehndi. Applying the bridal mehendi, especially to the bride is believed to be an integral and major part of the wedding because as per the belief Mehandi bestows the life of the bride with lots of prosperity, encircles with the hue of happiness and best wishes for her newly married life. The Bridal mehandi is truly special in every terms and one of its kind in comparison to that of any one else. To become a bride with beauty, is the dream of every girl.


Bridal Mehandi is such a mirror that truly reflects your regal legacy, culture, tradition, society in it. From floral theme to leafy strokes, from subtle designs to the intricate ones all falls under one roof depending upon the choice of the bride. Not only hands and legs but applying mehandi in the form of tattoo has also been added to bridal mehandi designing list because it gives her an ultra modern look. It is a true work of art.

When we talk about bridal mehandi for wedding, we can even go for the varieties of mehandi that are easily available in the market. The variety includes: Artifical mehandi tattoo with glitters and colorful stones, red and black colored mehandi etc. Moreover, while selecting the dulhan mehandi design or designs for guests we can go through many options like: Simple Style Mehandi, Arabic Style Mehandi, Marwari Style Mehandi, Rajasthani Mehandi pattern or any sort of regional mehandi that you have been wishing to apply for long. Though every sort of mehandi pattern are distinct in their own ways depending upon their designing but bridal mehandi is completely unique. Here you will be able to browse 30 different types of mehandi designs that you can apply on special events like wedding or anniversary or even casually.

Arabic Mehandi Designs for Wedding Occassions :

Arabic Mehandi Designs for Wedding Occassions

One of the patterns of mehandi design that can be opted for the wedding occasion is Arabic mehandi designs. This pattern imbibes of motifs formed in a unique style thereby covering the complete hand and imparting a trendy look. Such Arabic mehandi designs goes perfect with the guests and even for the bride too because it is based on a connected pattern. Moreover, it does not take much of time. As per the preference, a bride can easily choose for an intense looking Arabic mehandi design which takes extra time or the simple one which consumes much less of time. So, if you are planning to look decent yet voguish, just go for it without giving a second thought.

Cute Flower Bridal Mehndi Design:

Cute Flower Bridal Mehndi Design

Brides just look complete when their mehandi speaks of traditional looking cute flowers and leaves. To make it look unique, fingers can also be covered with henna designing to give it a little heavy look. Moreover, adding details like dots and darkening of the borders with little shade inside the flowers will give it a stupefying look. Be an eye catcher with such type of mehandi design.

Full Hand Bridal Mehandi Designs :

Full Hand Bridal Mehandi Designs

What to say of this particular mehandi design which cover your full hand in such a subtle way that whoever looks at it does not resist him/her from complementing you. The full hand bridal mehandi designs comprises of very peculiar detailing on both the sides of the hands and adding the matching nail print to that of your attire will add seven stars to it. Depending upon the look, strokes and shades can be added to the floral part. The best part about this full hand bridal mehandi design is that it does not leave any area vacate rather is based on the linking pattern where one design is linked with the other.

Such a design not only accompanies wedding, but other grand occasions too wherever you wish to stand out in the crowd. Look privileged in every style of yours!

Circular Flower Mehandi Design for Brides :

Circular Flower Mehandi Design for Brides

Undoubtedly, history repeats itself and when it is about fashion or Mehandi, history has always showed its antiqueness. This circular flower mehndi design is also one of the designs that a bride can easily opt for without giving any second thought. Even in the former times, whenever there used to be any special occasion or festival, ladies used to adorn themselves with this mehandi design where a little large sized flower was drawn in the centre of the palm. Similarly, we can do the same now as well and to add some more grace to it we can draw some small sized circular motifs in such a way that they are connected to the fingers.

The circular theme is sure to make you look spellbound because it showcases the design very clearly avoiding any sort of mess.

Simple Mehandi Designs for Brides

Simple Mehandi Designs for Brides

This is a simple mehandi design for a simplicity loving bride! Any princess who is a bride to be has her own choice and selection about attire, food, decoration, sangeet and even mehandi. And why not, after all it is her special day that she has always dreamt about. A bride who loves more of simplicity and subtleness, this simple mehandi design will be her desire to have on her hands.

The one sided pattern of this above given picture imparts it with a sober look and in order to capture the eyes of one and all the border is made little darker highlighting tiny dots and beautiful flowers.

Bridal Mehndi Designs for Foot

Bridal Mehndi Designs for Foot

As we had a good discussion about bridal mehandi designs for hands, let us also go through the bridal mehandi pattern for the foot of the bride. Here again depending upon one’s taste, a choice can be made to apply mehandi on foot. Generally, brides love applying heavy looking mehandi on foot as well along with the hands because there are hardly any occasions when one think to put mehandi on the foot. There are even such brides who are subtlety lovers and always prefer everything in a decent way. Just as a tip, if you wish your mehandi to look outstanding, better go for a pedicure and prefer waxed legs.

Bridal Mehndi Designs for Occassions

Bridal Mehndi Designs for Occassions

If you are a bride looking for such a bridal mehandi design which gives a heavy look but it is quick and easy when it comes to applying then this one is just made for you. This pattern can be termed as a Semi heavy bridal mehandi design. Adding to the description, this pattern features different shapes and sizes of leaves accompanied by some circular exquisite detailing figures. When bubbles likes dots and shades are drawn on the finger just like a thick weaved design it marks this design as one of its kind.

Black and Red Bridal Mehandi Designs


If you wish to turn the heads of the crowd towards you then just go for this black and red combination mehandi designs. You can decorate your complete hands with such a pattern in which you can enhance the border with the black color mehandi and the red one you can use to shade the floral motifs and leaves. After all the contrast always look mind blowing.

This pattern is really unique than that of others so it is always right to go for a look which is distinct and appealing!

Latest Bridal Mehndi Design

Latest Bridal Mehndi Design

This bridal mehandi design is the latest talk in the town because of its unique designing. This design as you can see in the above given picture is quite complex, not as easy and quick in making like the previous ones. To give a refined and rich look to your hand, this bridal mehandi design imbibes of huge gaps amidst the patterns thereby extending it till the elbow by adding large intricate patterns.

In order to get a clean look of this mehandi design, it is very essential to synchronize it smartly whether it is the front part of the hand or the back one. Mark a point that the designs on the both the sides should perfectly complement each other rather than being identical. In case it is similar, it won’t give you the desired look and you might not be satisfied. With all the means, this design will impart you with the most appealing look.

Wonderful Mehandi Designs for Full Hands

Wonderful Mehandi Designs for Full Hands

When your hand is embellished with a mehandi design that has circular and floral motifs of every size within it, that is sure to be called as the most wonderful mehandi designed for your hands especially. Amidst of this intricate design flowers are drawn with the help of mehandi cone and these flowers are darkened with re applying henna on their borders to give it an intense appearance. This design goes the best with your special guests who are there just to attend your wedding day and make it special in every way.

Simple Mehndi Design for Wedding Functions

Simple Mehndi Design for Wedding Functions

Even simple mehandi designs when made with little creativity and extreme concentration bestows you with the most desired look when you are all set to be the bride on your special day. All that needs to be taken care of is that the simplest mehandi design for wedding functions should also be smartly organized and presented with proper co ordination between flowers, dots and accessories.

With a view, that you can enjoy the tinge of wearing jewellery, the tips of the fingers are kept clean meaning thereby no mehandi is applied on it. After all, the main focus of this design lies on the accessories like bracelets, ring and bangles etc. Cherish being a bride in every way you can!

Big Flowers Mehandi Designs for Brides

Big Flowers Mehandi Designs for Brides

When we talk of applying mehandi to a bride, designs for both, hands and legs are kept in mind. To give bridal mehandi an intense look, one can apply it on hands, right from elbow to fingers and on legs right from the foot to one fourth part or even more of the ankle. In both the cases, this above given mehandi design featuring big flowers is an everlasting one for the bride to be. In order to give a contrasting look and make your appearance look more stylish you can add criss cross lines along with the floral theme.

Peacock Mehandi Designs for Brides

Peacock Mehandi Designs for Brides

Finally, when the wedding day arrives and the bride is right there holding every ones eye on her being the centre of attraction, it is sure that the bride will greet one and all who walk to her with a big smile on her lips and joined hands to receive precious blessings.

Now, here comes the point that when this peacock mehandi design is applied on the hands of the bride will definitely add five star reviews to her beauty because the perfect bridal look will only be delivered when one will see her hands joined. An example can be witnessed right here from the given image. Every small detailing has been kept into consideration and all the sizes of petals are drawn too.

As a part of fun and frolic, or even as a tradition, in various religion it is seen that on bride’s hand the first alphabet of the bridegroom’s name is written in such a way with the henna that it seems tough to be find by the groom himself.

Cool Leg Bridal Mehndi Design

Cool Leg Bridal Mehndi Design

Now, here comes the cool leg bridal mehandi design for the bride. When you are all set to step into a new married life, why not to step with the most beautiful mehandi legs? A point that needs to be on board is that the mehandi design prepared with the proper co-ordination of various style motifs with different sizes looks wonderful thereby leaving one and all spell bounded. But on the other side if one tries to use all kinds of motifs and patterns in a single hand lacking right arrangement will make it look nothing less than dirty.

Inspite of making the bridal mehandi design in the inner side of the leg, try doing it on the outer front so that the hard work done is easily visible and worth appreciable.

Front Hand Look Wedding Mehndi

Front Hand Look Wedding Mehndi

Undoubtedly, beauty is the best gift of god and when you have accessories to add more grace to yourself there are no words at all to express what a princess you will look like. If you desire for an esthetical look then no other mehandi design can bestow you with it than this front hand look wedding mehandi given in the image. All you need to add is the perfect match of accessories with your attire as this time rings, bracelets and bangles can do wonder in making you the dream woman of your beloved.

To add on, cover the tips of your fingers completely with henna thereby highlighting with little dark boundaries for a distinct look.

Elaborate Mehandi Designs For The Weddings

Elaborate Mehandi Designs For The Weddings

Elaborated mehandi designs for weddings are the latest one in the trend. The best part is that this type of mehandi design is the choice of both, simplicity loving bride and even the bride who loves complexity. As the name defines itself, elaborated mehandi designs can be elaborated that is extended long. When applied on hands it extends till arms and when applied on legs it extends till knee. The design based on floral theme with lots of curves and dots will heighten the grace of the bride’s beauty and her mehandi too. Generally, this elaborated mehandi design is the most appropriate for the bride.

Indian Bridal Mehndi Designs

Indian Bridal Mehndi Designs

Mehandi is truly an art of a perfect artist. When you are planning to apply for a design which is quite heavy in looking, you can definitely guide your artist on darkening the borders of the large motifs so well that it enhance its grace to its height. One can easily differentiate between the patterns drawn on the hand when you opt for the trick of darkening.

The designs which give an intricate look are generally made on the palm portion of the hands to give a profound look whereas the rest portion of the hand can be filled with something subtle and simple like criss cross pattern, check boxes etc. In such a design, always remember to apply thick henna to your finger tips neatly to derive the best out of it. Just imagine a bit of it and cherish how your hands will look with such an Indian bridal mehandi design which is exclusively made by the artists for your especial day.

Black Mehandi for Brides Hands

Black Mehandi for Brides Hands

Black Mehandi which is so new in trend is surely a superb idea brought into the market keeping the bride into mind. Red brown mehandi is the obvious ones which have been put since ages but applying black mehandi on the hands of the bride is totally a distinct way to make her look extra ordinary. The best idea to apply black mehandi is to use it in making the borders and highlighting the shapes of the flower motifs and leafs. The contrast combination of red or brown mehandi with that of black one will turn up to be a master piece.

With the brilliant idea of mehandi artist, black mehandi has been hundred percent successful in imparting a fabulous look to even the simplest mehandi design.

Bridal Mehandi Design for Your Hands and Feet

Bridal Mehandi Design for Your Hands and Feet

Are you looking for the bridal mehandi design for your hands and feet? Then, you have knocked the right door as here is the mehandi design that you actually wish. If you are truly a jewelry lover, then you can add amazing grace to your legs by wearing traditional anklets that goes well with your bridal dress.

Moreover, if you are not happy with the intense mehandi design for your hands and feet, you can easily choose the designs that are elegant in look thereby covering the toe part and little portion above it. For a better understanding, you can through the image given here.

Dark Brown Colour Mehandi for Wedding Occassions

Dark Brown Colour Mehandi for Wedding Occassions

Every bride wishes to have the best color of mehandi. It is also believed the darker the color is, the deeper is the love of her husband for her. Not only intricate bridal mehandi design but even the simplest of designs looks outstanding when they attain dark brown color mehandi. When the occasion is a grand wedding or anniversary, then you are sure to earn endless words of compliments for your mehandi color which is richly complimented by your gold jewelery. This is something which instantly gives an ordinary girl, a feel of bride.

Peacock Mehandi Designs Perfect for Brides

Peacock Mehandi Designs Perfect for Brides

This peacock mehandi design is an ideal one to make the girls look a perfect bride. Though the illustration of peacock as a mehandi design is a bit tough but it ends up giving your fashion statement an edge which every bride desire for. Flaunt your hidden love for the tradition by wearing such an awesome mehandi design. Shading and colored stones can also be used in this peacock mehandi design which is the perfect one for the bride to be to make the hand look more graceful.

Wrist Length Wedding Mehandi Designs

Wrist Length Wedding Mehandi Designs

Wrist length wedding mehandi designs have become a style statement these days featuring the space that complement one another and simple looking fingers highlighted with large motifs. Such a mehandi design is also used among the young girls as the substitute of jewelry as it serves the purpose of a bangle or a bracelet. The overall look is simple but artistic. The detailing imbibes of circular waves, delicate flowers, simple leaves etc which does not make it intense but sober. Even if you are willing to wear an indo western outfit this wrist length mehandi design will accompany you very well. All in all, this wrist length wedding designs are perfect for those who are a bit impatient and cannot sit for long hours. It takes less time in comparison to that of the other designs.

Popular Peacock Mehandi Design for Bridal Hands

Popular Peacock Mehandi Design for Bridal Hands

Mehandi has always been an ancient art for embellishing hands and feet especially with the floral and leafy designs that are being used since years. Now, what about melding the popular peacock mehandi design on bridal hands? It is so unique and divine. Peacock, the national bird of India has always been paradigm of its beauty with grace and therefore, when added to the mehandi design it adds five star reviews and it becomes popular peacock mehandi design for bridal hands which are one of the best on your wedding day.

While applying peacock mehandi pattern, the artists do not draw a whole peacock on the hand infact only a part of it or half, including its fascinating feathers, bewitching beak, exotic eyes, neck and the upper portion is drawn.

Big Round Bridal Mehandi Patterns

Big Round Bridal Mehandi Patterns

Nothing lengthy, but if you are looking for short, simple and sweet mehandi pattern then select the big round bridal mehandi pattern only. You can add your own taste and choice by requesting your artists to draw intense circular patterns and fancify them with bubbles, petals, drops, leaves, curved lines or even with dots. As such a design is sure to give a significant look; you can leave the fingers clear without any designing so that it can impart you a delicate look.

This design will go superb when the day is an engagement day or even a wedding day. The choice is yours!

Maroon Mehandi for Wedding Outfits

Maroon Mehandi for Wedding Outfits

Since years, red color for the outfit of the bride is considered to bring loads of prosperity and is also the symbol of love. One of the most preferred colors is Red or Maroon when it comes to the selection of the bride’s attire on her special day. So, with a motive to match with the wedding outfit, the trend of maroon mehandi is on heights. To add more grace to the looks of the bride and make the mehandi look more appealing black outlining is also done. The combination of red or maroon with tinge of black appears to be awesome.

If you wish to try something distinct, then apart from flowers in red you can even go for square shaped theme, where you can make checks and fill one block leaving the other empty. So, if you are a bride to be with red or maroon outfit then don’t give a second thought to this mehandi design combo.

Pakistani Bridal Mehandi Designs

Pakistani Bridal Mehandi Designs

When the mehandi is designed as per the style of different regions, such design is sure to be one of its kind. While applying Pakistani bridal mehandi design on your hands, designing the fingers is also given equal importance. All you need to do is go with the simplest design without many curves and curls but apply it on palms and fingers both and then just cherish the look. A combination of modern and traditional look thereby imparting it a chic look altogether.

The design is made keeping least patterns and floral themes of different sizes co-coordinating each other in such a superb well that it turns out to be an appealing mehandi design.

Complete Floral Mehandi Design for Brides


Nothing much to think of, just one pick and it is done! In this complete floral mehandi design for brides; the main theme is flower pattern of different shapes and sizes depending upon the design. The borders of the flowers are darkened by using mehandi cone with thick hole so that the strokes and motifs drawn inside the flowers are easily distinguishable.

Proper gaps between the flowers and shading pattern will surely make the complete floral mehandi look very happening and stylish. Weaves are attractively used to deliver grace to the mehndi design.

Such designs are apt for both the modern and traditional brides.

Rajasthani / Marwari Bridal Mehendi Design

Rajasthani Marwari Bridal Mehendi Design

If you are die hearted tradition lover than none other than rajasthani or even termed as Marwari bridal mehandi will win your heart. Not only this, the rajasthani/Marwari bridal mehandi on your hands itself speaks of your love and sincerity towards beautiful tradition and culture. Basically, a Rajasthani or Marwari design imbibes of the brides and grooms depiction in the mehndi design even along with musical instruments and objects that are used for well beginning of the wedding ceremonies like: shehnai, kalash etc.

The bridal mehandi based on the culture of Rajasthan are so unique that it features huge variety of motifs, leafs, flowers and many more with crystal clear clarity. You are sure to fall in love with this design!

Mehandi Designs for Engagement Parties

Mehandi Designs for Engagement Parties

Before deciding the mehandi design for the wedding day, it is equally important to do the same for your engagement day. Even if you are a guest at the engagement ceremony of your cousin or friend, applying what type of mehandi designs and selecting one of many is really important. As the occasion is not so grand, you can go for subtle wrist length mehandi design which goes perfect with any engagement party. Only the tips of the fingers are simply designed with a light pattern so that the main focus remains of wearing rings.

Even simple mehandi designs can do wonders in terms of adding grace to your beauty if customized brilliantly in accordance with your beautiful attire.

Bridal Mehndi Designs for Hands

Bridal Mehndi Designs for Hands

Though there are numerous ideas as to which bridal mehandi design to apply on hands of the bride but thinking of adding something different and unique to it will do wonders. This is possible by implementing the idea of using different colors gems, stones, glitters and sparkles. This will add seven stars to the grace and glory of the pretty bride. Moreover, if these colorful stones and sparkles are matched with the attire of the bride, you can imagine what a beautiful bride it would be!

Also, if you want to go for something really subtle rather than glossy then you can easily add some colorful beads to your bridal mehandi design corresponding your outfit so that a combo of beauty with simplicity can be unveiled. The only part you need to take care of is do not outsize them else the complete design will look littered.

Last but not the least, it is considered that the bridal mehandi are surely pure and very safe with no kind of side effects or allergy to skin but you need to be extra cautious of following things: Make sure that the mehandi is derived from the plant only and no chemicals are used. Such mehandi derived from the plant is the best and original as it is being used since hundreds and thousands of years without any sort of issues and is well known for lending its appealing color like orange, red, brown or even dark chocolaty. The aroma of pure and original mehandi is truly magical.

Also, do remember that mehandi acquired through the plant is always green in color and not black. So, avoid using black mehandi as it can cause harm to your skin.

Few tips for making the mehndi last longer

Few tips for making the mehndi last longer

Once the mehandi is applied by the artist, let it stay for a good enough time so that the actual color can be pulled out. The quicker you remove the mehandi or by mistake you wash your hands, the mehandi is not going to gift you its original dark color.

As soon as you feel mehandi drying up on your hands or legs, apply the mixture of lemon juice and sugar so that it does not spoil the design and mehandi can be kept for longer duration. But do not over use this mixture as it will pull back the color.

The best time to apply mehandi is at night once you are free from dinner and before you go to sleep. This helps mehandi to stay on your hands for much time. Prefer keeping it for the whole night.

Do not wash your hands immediately after the removal of henna in fact avoid using soap for a few hours if possible. All these can really be a true help to you.

Hope you follow these tips strictly so that the color of your mehandi comes out deep, dark and rich that you have always wished and then no one can stop you to look stunning on your special day.