What to Do When Things Get You Down

Life can be rough sometimes. We all have felt low on our luck in one way or another. Instead of falling into the trap of negativity, take action and read these six answers on what to do when things get down.

Let the Tears Flow

Most of us feel ashamed of crying when we feel down. Never hold back your tears for they can actually make you feel better in an instant. Tears is your body’s own method of releasing stress and if you keep on denying your emotion you will only worsen the current situation. Crying is no way a sign of weakness but just a mere expression of emotion. Next time you feel terrible, let the tears flow.

Hug someone

Physical contact like hugs can naturally increase oxytocin in your body. Oxytocin is a powerful hormone released whenever you feel loved and cared. Give or get a good hug every day from people around you. Initiate the physical connection if necessary to help you maintain a healthy level of this love hormone in your system.

Change your thoughts

If you want things to change then you need to start changing your thoughts. Replace your weak thoughts with strong ones, replace the negative with positive and replace hate thought with a loving one. Remember that the nature of our thoughts determines the quality of our life. Act like an enthusiastic person and just be on fire. Start creating goals no matter how small or big they are. Produce a list of actionable items you can start doing.

Practice Gratitude

Counting your blessing can actually make you feel better. Gratitude means thankfulness, counting your joys and blessings as well as acknowledging the simple pleasures in life. Try writing three thinks you are thankful for today. Introduce each item with a bullet and reflect upon the things that make you happy and content inside.

Physical Exercise

Regular physical activity can relieve you from depression. Research show that workouts can help manage physical and mental stress. You don’t just burn calories but also pumps up endorphins that make your brain feel good. Exercise will surely free positive mental outlook and feeling of well-being. Follow a regular exercise routine, even if brisk walk through the park or an hour of solid activity in the gym near you.

Learn When To Stop and Let Go

The hardest part when things get down is accepting the situation. Stop fighting the universe and allow yourself to get control of your life finally. With right eating habits, right exercise, right thinking and right living you will definitely find the sense of living again. Do yourself a favor and stop the things that make you more miserable deep down. Things like trying to make things what they are not, pretending that what is happening is not happening and wanting things to change in an instant. You will only start to feel real happiness when you let things be as it is.

Bounce back when life gets you down by following the above tips. Experience the happiness, peace and joy you deserve once and for all.


How To Handle Long Distance Relationship?

Handling the long distance relationship completely depends on the way how you look towards it and how you handle it. Every relation needs time, devotion, sacrifice, sincerity, trust, care and above all; never ending love. These all implies especially in the case of long distance relationship. It might be as happy or as annoying as any other relation could be. Everyone has his or her own point of view on this. Here in this article we will go through some of the simplest yet important ways to handle long distance relationship with much of ease and they are:


  1. DON’T BE POSSESSIVE: It is good to be caring but anything that is in excess does not do any good rather turns out to give negative impact. Stay in touch but that does not mean you need to be in touch for all 24 hours of a day as it might create unnecessary complications. This will decrease your love with intense speed and create exhaustion. So, give ample space to each other and don’t turn out to be sticky and possessive. This will not only keep your love alive but also the anxiety of talking to each other at day end.
  1. LOOK IT AS AN OPPORTUNITY: Long distance relationship acts as a learning phase so look towards it as an opportunity. Feel yourself lucky to be blessed with such a chance where you will get enough time to know and understand each other. You will be able to acknowledge the positive and negative aspects of one another. With the passage of time the distance between you two will strengthen the bond of your love and trust if handled maturely. Remember the famous proverb – “If you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart.”
  1. BE OPEN AT HEART: It is always good to be open at heart especially when the distance is long. Do not hide talks and things in your heart and assume anything that is baseless rather be open with each other. If you have any confusion or your heart is struggling with any such thought that might create misunderstanding amongst you then just don’t delay and share with one another. This will quickly relax your mind and avoid any sort of misinterpretation.
    1. COMMUNICATE SMARTLY: Be a smart communicator. Always share about your life and its happenings that you think your partner should know with one another. In daytime, once or twice you can even send small audio recordings or any beautiful pics that expressed your love for him or her. This is a smart way to stay in touch with each other and without causing any disturbance.
    1. BE CLEAR TO EACH OTHER: There is no relation that can last forever on the basis of long distance so it is better to be clear on things like: when will you be returning, how long you will be far from each other, what about your future plans, at the end of the day, what are your final plans etc. Such questions need to have an answer among both of you because a goal for any target and the plan to achieve it is really important. The more you are clear to each other about your thoughts and opinions, the more it is easy to handle such relationship.
    1. PLAN DOING THINGS TOGETHER: At times to feel a little more closer even being far at distance you can plan doing some activities together like: watching a common movie together, doing online shopping for each other, reading any romantic novel, cooking same stuff etc. This will definitely give you matter to gossip and talk and you guys will surely feel closer to each other. Remember, things done together are a great fun.
    1. GIVE SURPRISE VISIT TO EACH OTHER: Whenever possible, do give each other this lovely surprise by visiting each other’s place. This turns out to be one of the best gifts especially in long distance relationships. Do not forget to carry a gift for your beloved. Go for lunch or dinner and spend quality time with him or her. Nothing else than this can make you more happy!
    1. BE UTMOST HONEST: Hiding anything which your partner should know is something that can spoil all your efforts and end up your relation in few seconds. So, be very honest to each other so that there is no place for any sort of misunderstanding. In case of any problem, do share with each other because it is your partner who will be there for you to support you. After all your honesty will be reflected in your character and increase your trust and love for each other.
    1. KEEP YOURSELF UPDATE ON EACH OTHER’S SCHEDULES: Keeping each other updated about the schedule of one another will save your relation from getting affected from any sort of unnecessary anger and irritation. You can even drop a message if there is anything urgent so that one can respond back immediately once he or she is free. This will make your life much simpler and a lot happier.
    1. BE ACTIVE ON SOCIAL PLATFORMS: Express your love and feelings to each other by tweeting or messaging each other on social media platforms as well. Liking each other pics and also complimenting on them gives a special feel and add three stars to your relationship. Be chill and cool and don’t miss any chance to show that how much you love one another.2

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    1. USE ROMANTIC IDEAS: Right from writing hand written love letters to arranging surprise gifts through online shopping captures some of the most romantic ideas to impress each other and convey the hidden love. Sending flower bouquets, greeting cards or any sort of love gifts on especial events like birthday, valentines etc will definitely boost up your love.
  1. BE POSITIVE ABOUT EVERYTHING: This is one such factor that can keep your any relation alive forever. Though it is understandable that staying away from each other at long distances is not an easy task but if you are positive in mind and at heart about each other then distance won’t become the hurdle in your love life. If you think this way that you have someone who loves you so much, is also something that will revive you with immense positivity. Here comes a piece of advice that ‘Being positive serves as the strength of any relationship especially the long distance ones.’

Apart from the above factors, you can also happily handle your long distance relationship by giving each other with any cute names which you can generally used to call each other. This will surely give you a special feel. To add on, do not miss on the chances of video-calling and chatting also. Sitting at distance but still able to see each other, lost in each other’s eyes is like a cherry on the cake. Always share things about each other’s family and friends because this takes you closer towards him or her. There is a true saying that “If a long distance relationship survives, it’ll only grow stronger”. So, now it’s up to both of you to make it work in the best way and be together forever.


    • Well, there is nothing to worry about fights till the time you hold on love and trust for each other. No relation can remain healthy without fights or arguments because if we don’t then it means that we are suppressing our feelings and this is no good at all. Use words in limitation and don’t let that fight turn out to be a disaster. If one is high at temper then probably other can remain chill and this will settle down the argument soon. Later, you can definitely put up your words when things are settled down. This trick will definitely give your relation a sense of maturity and stay healthy always.
    • Make sure that issues that you are raising up for your fight are actually fair and nothing that highlights the past of one another because this turns out to be the most pathetic. Also, question yourself that what will you get by being against your beloved rather be together and sort out the matter mutually with little patience, softness and love. Mind you, it just takes few seconds to mess up or end up any relation but lifetime to keep it safe and happy.
    • Don’t just go on speaking and speaking, also listen to each other so that you do not misinterpret the talks. If you still find the fight not ending up, then better give some space to each other so that when you sit calm you can actually think with all senses and then do the needful. Never ever include any third party to solve your fight because this will only worsen the whole situation. Let the things stay between you two and solve it together. No one else can understand your feeling better than you guys yourselves.
    • For an instance, you had a fight yesterday and did not end up on a good note. This does not mean that you stop communicating with each other like not picking the call, avoiding each other or banging down the phone. Understand the fact that fight is equally painful for both of you and don’t make it more painful by doing such immature acts. Act mature and be sensible enough to handle it with utmost care and love again. Soon, everything will become fine and you will cherish smiles over your faces.
  • Every fight that happens is a lesson for you to understand and learn that what went wrong and what should not be repeated in future. Do discuss with each other and lay down your perspectives so that you both get to know each other in a much better way. Fights are good if they are in their limitations but they are turn out to be a tragedy when it crosses its boundaries and go far way. Don’t let it increase in any way; end it up as soon as possible. Remember, after all you love each other.

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  • Enjoy your togetherness by understanding the fact that you lucky to be loved by someone so passionately.
  • Pull out the best of the time that is available between you two and that could be either when you are together over phone, webcam or before each other.
  • Never be suspicious and shower the maximum trust, unconditional love and care over your partner. This is something which will always bind him or her to remain yours forever.
  • Let go small things or fights. Do not give them any importance. Remember that at the end of the day all that matters are, you two being together, love amongst you and faith.
  • Do not mix the professional and personal life as it will take you nowhere and unnecessarily create havoc in both the fields. Respect each other in every aspect of life.
  • Time when you are together, enjoy to the fullest. Do things which you love in common as this will increase more of understanding. If possible, plan out a day or two outing with each other or close friends so that you both can have a quality time spent in a refreshing way.

Nobody denies the fact that handling and carrying a long distance relationship is not as easy as it is advised because there is nothing that can take the place of the presence of your beloved. A physical presence of your loved one is totally incomparable. But true examination is when you are at distance. So, maintain your love, faith and bestow him or her with care and see the magic. Little patience, few adjustments and some sacrifices, this all that is needed for a happy relationship and this is the only advice. Have trust on yourself that you will never give up and give your best to your relation!!


How Men Express Their Love Without Saying ‘I LOVE YOU’

Are you one of those wives or girlfriends who usually complain about their men’s inability to express themselves? Believe us, we really understand the feeling when you want your lover to express his love but he just couldn’t put it into words. But once upon a time someone said beautifully that love doesn’t always need words because it is much better expressed through actions and ideally, may be this is the theory that men believe in. Guys use a lot of gestures to imply their love to you. Yes, that’s true so notice all those gestures and all you need to do is to put some efforts to understand what better way they opt. In this article we have enlisted some innocent and loving gestures and actions that men use to show their love instead of saying I LOVE YOU directly.

Read it carefully so that when next time he expresses his deep hidden love through his own style, you quickly understand what he means and this would make you happy that you were wrong because your beloved loves you to the moon and back.


What better gesture could be to express love of a warm heart than a long passionate kiss? So, if he does try and initiate it just try to get into the flow and feel the passion he has for your love. This in a way implies that he just could not resist loving you. Thus try and understand the hidden words.


If his friends find you likable and feel very comfortable to jell up in your company this means that he has been talking to them about you and telling them how lucky and happy he feels to have you. Trust us ladies if a guy does this he really appreciates your presence in his life and love you loads.


When he comes down to you to you to just lie in your lap and feel better, nothing can define how much he adore you as his better half and is thankful that you are always there for him.


This is one of the sweetest gestures of his love, which is natural and genuine. Undoubtedly when we do something we like we are ought to have that ear to ear smile. If he had one alike after kissing you this strongly means that he is in over with that feeling and with you.


Did you ever think that listening can be an alternative to speak? It can, in fact it is. A good lover will always be a good listener. Therefore, if he listens to your opinions, ass you how was your day and is interested to know the same and when he pays attention to you problems and happiness he surely loves you.


Ideally when we not aligned to someone and still we had to listen to them, often our postures would be slouchy with cold expressions. So next time whenever you will be having a deep conversation make sure to listen what his body language says. If he sits attentively with a spark in his eyes that’s enough you do not need any other clue.


If he likes to hold your hands especially when you are out with friends or in a gathering, he surely is proud of your company and of the fact that he has a lady like you in his life.


If he catch up some free time just to call you up and listen to your voice he guys are true soul mates and he surely wants to tell how much he love you even I he doesn’t mention it. However this point need not necessarily suit every person so please do not completely assume things based on this judgment.


If he stands beside you in everything you want to do. Whether you want to go sky diving or grocery shopping he never leaves your back and always accompany then he really is a keeper and would never let you go.


On a candle light date night sitting across each other if he has a gentle eye contact when you talk about your interest, or in a loud pub with friends sitting in different corners if his eyes wander around to check whether you are fine and comfortable or not. He actually tells you that he care without even saying a word.


People are ought to ruffle their own hair in situations where they fall nervous or feel shy, if he does it often when you compliment him or he compliments you or at times when you amidst of having an intimate conversation, believe us girl he is one adorable, cute lover.


As per observations, if a person possess interest in the personality and talks of the person he is talking to then possibilities are that he would depict his/her body language unintentionally. This is a strong signal of how deeply he intends to listen to you and care about all your words and actives that he loses himself in you.


It is one thing to offer flowers and gifts but what matters in a gift is never its price but it’s worth and usefulness. A guy in love will always take time and put efforts to find out the perfectly suitable and useful gift to be presented to you. Along with that, he would never wait for an occasion to present you something he would do it when he realizes that you need it and he can get it for you. However on your part please try to never judge the gift with its grandness but appreciate his efforts and accept with a warm lovely smile and a kiss in return would be the cutest deal.


If he cannot resist but adore your silliness and childish behavior, also if he laugh out loud and looks at you with starry eyes when you do something stupid and no one can tell him how insensible you are at times because he already know it and he admires you for it. Do I still need to mention how much he loves you? You know it better.

Do let us know, what way of your beloved made you feel special.

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How to Impress Someone on a First Date

Dating… a word that invites a mixture of various feelings within us! It makes us conscious, excited, overwhelmed and happy too, at the same point of time. A day, when the girl dreams to be the ‘princess’ and the boy want to be the ‘prince charming’ and such is the state of their heart and mind. Basically, dating is a term that defines social meeting of two people for fellowship which is definitely much more than friendship and looking forward to be together for an informal or a lifetime relationship like wedding. The first date could be with your friend whom you have secretly started loving and now wish to propose him or her. It could also be with the boy or the girl that your families have chosen for you, wherein they want both of you to meet each other and see if you guys can be the best buddies for the rest of the life or not. So, two different individuals turning to be couple… is the best line describing the purpose of the word…first date and hence the first date carries a lot of important in one’s life.


When we think about our first date, the first question that strikes to our mind is how to impress someone on a first date? Though there are no peculiar rules defined for dating but there are certain important things that you really need to take care of when planning for a date. At times, your appealing look, high status, wealth and power are just not enough to impress someone, above all these you just need to be yourself to mesmerize someone you want to be with or someone you really love. It is rightly said that love is not bound of any conditions because when it happens, it just happens from the heart. All in all, you need to be make the best impression for an impressive date and this is only possible when it is the real you nothing that is fake. Being on date, involves knowing each other, creating an understanding, initiating the bond of trust for each other and further all this leads to the vision of our future that whether you will be able to go well with one another or not. So, looking at the uncertainty, it is not sure that ball will be in your court or not. None of us wants to be heartbroken and face the phase of rejection so here are some influencing tips on how to impress someone on a first date:

Best Tips to impress someone on your first date

Be who you are:

Be the real you, who you actually are, because the one who will wish to be with you forever, would love to see honesty in you rather than the show- off of materialistic things. This will prove as to how dependable and reliable you are and make the decision making easy for the one. But all this does not mean that you do not prepare yourself for the day. Grooming oneself is equally important to anything that is needed for the day. Always remember the proverb… first impression is the last one! So, there is no second chance to it. There is neither any hard and fast rule as to what needs to be done nor you need to turn the world upside down. You just need to be calm and confident. Mark few points on board like: Dress up simple and elegant which adds to your personality, don’t speak too much and whatever you speak should make sense. If you are not aware about what to be spoken, at least don’t turn offensive or be rude. Let the soft talks begin and then you can merely add your views or speak in such a manner that adds comfort and happiness to the environment. Be a smart listener too and let one feel that he/she is actually enjoying your company!

Gift a small gift:

Even if it is your first date, a formal one, you can greet him or her with any simple gift that actually expresses your gratitude towards him or her. Nothing like a red rose because that would be too early without knowing and developing the feelings for one another but something like a small gift wrap of chocolate box will work the best. Though, later the best gift will turn up to be your company for each other for life time if everything goes well.


Be soft and gentle:

Use a polite and friendly tone to whomever you meet someone around whether someone known, hotel manager, waiter, butler or anyone not known well also. For an example, if you have a senior couple sitting on the next table, you could just show your respectful attitude by passing a decent smile to them. It shows your positive and friendly attitude because even small gestures leave a big impact on the heart of the other. Once you are served, thank the waiter and appreciate them for the good service verbally and also by giving the tip.

Don’t keep him/her waiting for too long:

If there knocks any such situation, where it becomes urgent for you to take an incoming call, do excuse yourself by taking permission and then move out to do so. Keep the conversation very limited and short or ask the once to call back once free. This is really important because you have someone special waiting. Once you are in as a part of courtesy, do say Sorry for taking his/ her time and re-start the conversation from where it was clipped. This will show that you were concentrated and are so much interested in talking to him or her. Strictly avoid taking any sort of call before the one or screaming over like anything.

Stay calm & don’t panic:

No one can stop emergencies from occurring into the life! God forbids, if you ever get into such a situation on your first date where you need to rush due to any personal exigency, don’t panic at all instead take a deep sigh and with lots of politeness make him or her understand the urgency of the situation. Looking into his/her eyes, saying sorry gently for cutting the date short, expressing the sincerity will surely leave a convinced impression. This will also show that you are mature enough to handle any problematic situation.

Accompany her only if she wants:


Last but not the least; when you are set to bid good-bye, etiquette says that woman should always be accompanied by men to their home. It is your responsibility as a man to take this initiative and drop the lady to her home but only if she is comfortable to do so. If she is happy to travel on her own, do not insist more than once rather let her be on her own. You can ask one another to message or call once made a safe reach to the home and can also express gratitude for the lovely date. Never ever compel the lady for a good bye hug or kiss or hand shake especially when you feel she might not be comfy with all this. Give her ample space.

So, you can only enjoy your first date or even the forthcoming ones with your beloved by being the real you. Expecting the fantasy world to land on the earth like stars dancing and moon singing for you will take you nowhere rather spoil your efforts too. So do everything that is required but nothing exuberant. Leave an everlasting impression on the first date by being the true gentleman and sensible lady. A very specific short description for boys and girls that you can follow on your first date:

For boys: Girls loved to be pampered and cared a lot so keeping this into mind, lay emphasis on every small and big things that can make you win her heart. Dress up well, elegantly with decent clothing. Avoid dressing up too trendy or funky. After all, she wants to meet her dream boy not a cartoon character. Be gentle and subtle while speaking and be what you are as a person.

For Girls: Generally, boys love beauty with simplicity, sweetness and brain. Do groom yourself with a facial so that your skin can glow out. Apply a graceful make-up that enhances your look but nothing such that spoils your natural persona. Choose the attire that is simple yet appealing and above all suits you the best. Carry a small stylish handbag complementing it. Be soft and sweet while speaking showcasing the best of etiquettes. Just like you wish to meet a person who is true in himself, be true at your end also.

For both, boys and girls: Make sure that advanced booking is done for dining with an addition of light instrumental music or candle theme. Whoever has planned this date needs to be before time to make sure that everything is up to the mark. Be patient to wait for him/her and as soon as he/she is there greet each other with a sweet smile. Moreover, depending on the comfort of the two, you can initiate a hand shake, a formal hug or a kiss. Equal concern and care should be reflected from both the ends. Remember, it is the effort of two that can actually convert the first date into many more to come.

Please Avoid (Don’ts):-

Not only the do’s but the don’ts are also equally important to know so that you lead on to a perfect date with no single mistake at all because a silly mistake of yours can spoil the complete planning. Here are some of the don’ts that you need to underline while preparing for a first date to impress someone thoroughly.

  • You just need to be the genuine you. Express only that, that you actually think, agree, like, dislike etc. Do not say yes to anything just to impress.
  • Don’t rehearse yourself on any sort of dialogues or daily soap lines because that sounds too dramatic and totally unrealistic. You will reflect yourself as fake if you do so and none of the either will get to know each other properly. So, be natural and go with the normal conversation.
  • Never become too stylist for one day. Wear what suits you and you are comfy in because that is the best way in which you can carry yourself.
  • Mark a statement by always wearing the perfume with natural fragrance, nothing sharp that distracts the one. Something that pleases the person sitting right before you!
  • Strictly avoid being too personal while discussing or sharing thoughts as you hardly know each other and one might not like you so possessive and interfering attitude.
  • Don’t go with the experiences of your friends or relative rather make your own. From head to toe, make the decision yourself because one is the best judge of oneself.
  • Don’t ask too much of questions, ask limited but sensible ones. Make a point that the questions should be open type which initiates the conversation between the two. Nothing of the sort that ends up the answer with a yes or no else he/she will lose the interest and you might sound boring. Remember, it is date not an interview for the job.

Dating is not a job like interview; hence enjoy it rather being nervous. If everything mentioned above is taken into consideration, then no one can stop your first date turning to be a lifetime event. You are sure to impress the one you actually wish to, on your very first date. Enjoy your first date, take him/her as a friend, create a comfortable environment for both of you and then see the magic. Though it is destiny but at times the result lies in your hand just with few efforts of yours! So, what are you waiting for, start getting prepared, after all it is your first date!!

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