Prose Hair Care Review

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I care about my hair, so much so that it might seem like I am obsessed. For my birthday, I even organized a trip to Dallas, which is quite far, to have my hair styled. Despite the snow that day, I went through the storm to ensure my hair looked perfect. I’m just as careful when choosing the products for washing, conditioning, and styling my hair.

Like skincare, I prefer Prose hair care products that work well and do not contain harmful substances. I was thrilled to learn that Prose offers exactly what I want. What is more, they create special products tailored to my hair’s needs, taking into account where I live and the quality of water I use, all based on my zip code!

What are the promises of Prose Hair?

Walking down the shampoo section at a store, you’ll see that each brand has different shampoos for different kinds of hair. Take Sauve, for example. They have special products for people with curly hair, dry hair, and hair damage, and even items to tame frizzy hair. However, these brands usually only target one problem at a time. 

It’s not common to find a product that’s made for hair with more than one issue, like being both dry and curly or frizzy and damaged simultaneously.

To add more to this, it’s important to know that hair care is not just about dealing with problems. It’s also about nourishment and maintaining healthy hair. Some brands now recognise that people might have multiple hair concerns and are starting to offer solutions that cater to these complex needs. 

Enter Prose! On their website, Prose explains their main goal for haircare: ‘Custom haircare is designed uniquely for each individual, continuously improving and adapting over time. We believe everyone deserves exceptional care, and customization is the key to achieving the best results for each person.’

Prose Hair Care aims to create personalized shampoo, conditioner, styling products, and hair treatments tailored specifically to your hair type. As someone who cares about what I put on my body, ingredient transparency is just as important to me as product performance.

How does Prose work?

Prose has a thorough questionnaire to help you determine the best ingredients and products for your hair. When you go to their site, click “Get Your Formula” and then “Begin.” 

Based on your answers, Prose will suggest a hair care plan tailored just for you. This includes shampoo and conditioner and other items like dry shampoo, curl cream, or leave-in conditioner, all made especially for your hair.

The survey asks about your age, lifestyle, hair texture and greasiness, style, and much more. I really like that they ask for your zip code to understand the water quality, sun exposure, and air moisture where you live, as well as what you want to achieve with your hair.

Is it safe to use Prose Hair Care?

Prose is committed to creating products that are safe and healthy for everyone. They make sure their items don’t contain any harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Also, they let you personalize your products. Whether you’re looking for something that’s vegan, without gluten, silicone, dyes, or fragrances, Prose has you covered.

They believe in being open about what goes into their products. They share a detailed list of ingredients and how each one is rated on the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) scale. The EWG Skin Deep database is a handy tool to check the safety of skincare and makeup items. It tells you what’s in them, if they’re toxic, and how safe they are.

The ingredients are scored on a scale from 1 to 10. A score between 1 and 2 means the ingredient is pretty safe, 3 to 6 is somewhat risky, and 7 to 10 is very risky. Prose carefully uses ingredients that score no more than a 4, to keep things safer.

Also, Prose is dedicated to sustainability and ethical sourcing. They strive to use ingredients that are safe for you and kind to the planet. They work with suppliers who share their values of environmental responsibility and fair labour practices. 

This means that when you choose Prose, you’re not just taking care of yourself, you’re also supporting a company that takes care of the world around us.

Is Prose worth it?

I have been using Prose consistently for about three months, and I have noticed a significant reduction in the brassiness of my hair. As a blonde who frequently highlights my hair, I often use purple shampoo to counteract brassiness. However, since using Prose shampoo and conditioner, my hair has become much less brassy, and I do not need the purple shampoo as often. 

After I filled out their survey and mentioned brassiness as a concern, Prose customized my formula to address it. Additionally, I quickly noticed that my hair had significantly less frizz when using the Prose system!

Here are a few other reasons why I have had a positive experience with the Prose Hair Care System:

  • Prose is a B Certified Corporation, which means they prioritize transparency and efficiency in wages, supplies, and sustainability.
  • They offer a subscription called “The Salon,” which includes 15% off every order, an auto-replenishment program (with a snooze option) each month, and a free product after every ten orders.
  • Their customer service is excellent. I once made a mistake with my order, but Prose still honoured my change and sent me the item I wanted, even after it had already shipped.
  • They also provide a convenient text message service to inform you when your items have been shipped.

Here are a few areas of improvement: 

The auto-refill feature is handy, but I wish Prose would text me before shipping my order. Sometimes, I want to delay my order, but it is already on its way. They send an email to alert you, but I often miss it. Emails can get buried or marked as spam.

I really like the shampoo and the masks you use before shampooing, but the conditioner did not seem moisturizing enough. Since I bleach my hair, I need a conditioner that’s really hydrating, and mine felt like it was not.

Having used the Prose Hair Care System for six months, I am happy to say it has been a great experience. The hair products are just for me, and the customer service is excellent. I would tell a friend to try it. My hair has become less yellowish and smoother, and it is growing quickly.

Some Questions 

What is Prose Hair’s return policy?

Prose Hair offers a 30-day return policy when you purchase their products from their website.

How do I use Prose Hair products?

Many of the products are designed to be applied directly to the skin or hair. Follow the instructions provided for each specific product to get the best results.

How does Prose create personalized formulas?

Prose takes you through a short online consultation where they ask questions about your hair, scalp, lifestyle, and preferences. They consider factors like hair texture, thickness, and even water intake to curate a custom regimen just for you.

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