All about Clix Net Worth


Clix Net Worth – Cody, also known as “Clix,” is a super awesome Fortnite player. He got his first gaming computer using his dad’s cash but paid it back by doing different jobs, as promised. In 2019, he won the top spot in the WC NAE Qualifiers.

Clix is super famous in gaming and is part of Misfits Gaming. He became known worldwide by qualifying five times in the WC Qualifiers for Fortnite. He faced three bans on Twitch but is back now. His third ban happened because he accidentally broke the rules about ‘Nudity, Pornography, and Other Sexual Content.’ Let’s know all about Clix Net Worth:

What is the Clix Net Worth

In 2022, the American gaming pro, Clix net worth is of $2.2 million.

Most of his money comes from people who subscribe to him on Twitch and watch his videos on YouTube. Currently, 3.92 million people follow him on Twitch, and 1.88 million subscribe to his YouTube channel. All of this together makes up how much Clix Net Worth is.

Where Does Clix Show Live Videos?

Clix began showing live videos on Twitch in November 2017. He only streams live on Twitch. As per Twitch Tracker, his latest 5-hour live video got an average of 24,464 views.

How Much Is Clix Net Worth Make Altogether?

Clix is thought to earn about $2.5-4 million each year. Considering how fast his number of subscribers grows, fans can expect it to go even higher.

Social Blade says Clix makes approximately $1.9k to $19.1k monthly from his YouTube videos.

Likewise, the numbers on Social Blade show that Clix’s channel got 8.83 million views in the last 30 days, and he has 280,000 followers.

Making Money by Playing Fortnite

Clix made about $350,000 by participating in Fortnite tournaments. This American gamer became famous when he qualified for Fortnite’s first annual World Cup and won $58,000 as his prize.

Earning as a YouTuber

Clix posted his first YouTube video in 2018 and now has 3.69 million subscribers. This brings in about $1.2k – $18.7k per month. Social Blade says he gets around 155,432 views daily, making his daily income between $39 and $622.

Making Money on Twitch

Twitch streamers earn cash from people who subscribe to them. Clix, according to Twitch stats, has about 10,244 subscribers. He gets at least $2.5 from each subscriber monthly, which is about $25,610 monthly. Usually, he gets around 10,244 views.

Making Money as a Social Media Star

Clix is happily in a long-term deal with the esports group NRG, teaming up with really famous brands.

In a recent update, Clix shared that he made a special kind of keyboard with MatrixKeyboards. These custom keyboards are super popular among Fortnite fans and are a big part of Clix’s sponsorships.

Besides, Clix gets money from working with brands like Turtle Beach, Roccat, and more. He also sells his own cool stuff to his loyal fans.


As a top Fortnite player, Clix knows all about keeping up. He uses most of his money to improve his computer and streaming setup. Since he is famous on Twitch and YouTube, staying updated with the newest gadgets is a big part of his spending.

Latest Updates

In a recent online show, Clix and Corinna Kopf played Fortnite together, but they ended up arguing after losing a game. Clix got in trouble on Twitch for sharing a private picture of his teammate Ronald Mach. Thankfully, he got back on Twitch after #freeclix became popular on social media.

Clix recently teased Bugha, another Fortnite pro, saying the world champion spends too much time playing Valorant. Clix caused a stir by indirectly criticizing Donald Mustard, the Creative Director at Epic Games, which led to him leaving the Fortnite community.

Some FAQs

How Much is Clix Net Worth?

Clix makes an estimated $2.5-4 million every year. With his number of subscribers growing fast, fans can expect it to go even higher. Social Blade says he makes about $1.9k to $19.1k monthly from his YouTube videos.

Who Made Clix Famous?

Clix got noticed by the public when he qualified for the first World Cup of “Fortnite.”After qualifying for the first World Cup, Clix became one of the highest-earning “Fortnite” streamers. People know him for his impressive one-versus-one [1v1] high-ground plays. He has been super successful in the eSports industry.