Larsa Pippen Before Surgery and After Surgery

larsa pippen before surgery

Larsa Pippen before surgery – Are you confused with Larsa Pippen before surgery and after surgery pictures? Well, so were we. So we did some digging into the topic, and here we have answers to all your questions. 

Larsa Pippen is a famous model from the United States who gained worldwide popularity after marrying Scottie Pippen. People started observing differences in her appearance after 2018. Rumors started to spread about her plastic surgery

Larsa Pippen, a star of real housewives of Miami, has dealt with allegations around her divorce from Scottie Pippen and a public rift with Kim Kardashian, her long-time BFF.

She made a comeback in the fourth season, and she has been under scrutiny for rumors about her appearance. However, Larsa set the record straight by disclosing her plastic surgery. 

Larsa Pippen Before and After Surgery 

Larsa Pippen did not publicly announce anything about her plastic surgery; however, her bikini images from 2016 to 2019 show a dramatic change in her body. Soon Lars’s career took a huge leap forward. She also got her lips treated by Dr. Ourian, a lip surgeon.

In 2017, Larsa underwent skin tightening therapy, a non-surgical process on her abdomen. After this, much speculation was raised again for possible plastic surgery. In recent years the butt size of Larsa Pippen before surgery and after surgery has a significant difference. However, this can also be possible due to a better workout regimen and diet. 

Per some reports, Larsa got lip injections done, resembling Kim Kardashian. Per the experts, she got work done on her butts, torso, and face over the past years. Liposuction is a surgical process of extracting fat from the abdomen and injecting it into the butt. 

How Does Larsa Pippen Maintain Her Body?

In a reunion, Larsa disclosed that she prioritized maintaining her figure even after claiming to undergo three surgeries. In an interview, she said she worked seven days a week but did not completely rule out cosmetic surgery

Larsa claims to keep a check on trendy fashion and is always up for trying something new. She is happy with the progress made by her, as can be seen in Larsa Pippen before surgery and after-surgery pictures.

When not working out, Larsa enjoys co-parenting Scottie Jr., Preston, Sophia, and Justin, her kids with Scottie. The couple was married for 24 years and got a divorce in January 2022.

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Its and Bits About Larsa Pippen

The real name of Larsa Pippen is Larsa Younan. Larsa Pippen was born in Chicago, Illinois, on July 6, 1974. Larsa Pippen current age is 48 years old, and he is 5 ‘2 in height. She has been married Scottie Pippen, a basketball player, in 1997. Pippen is a mother to four kids, which is hard to believe by looking at her athletic body. 

Larsha debuted in their first reality television show in 2011, “The Real Housewives of Miami,” where she was part of the cast in the first season. She made a guest appearance in the Keeping Up With Kardashian episode Kim Kardashian E. Larsa Pippen current net worth is between $12 and $14 million. She has more than 2 million followers on Instagram.


Larsa Pippen did not admit publicly to getting cosmetic surgery; however, the changes in her figure prove that she seems to have undergone surgery. As per experts, Larsa Pippen before and after surgery is proof that she has gone under the knife for her buttocks along with her chest and face. A major change in her appearance can be seen in recent years. 

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