DIME Beauty Review: The Skincare That Ages With You


In skincare, I do not stick to just one brand. I pick up various items based on what friends and online posts suggest, leading to a mixed collection. I have been curious about using a set of products meant to work together. Would use a group of products, each made to enhance the others, feel different from my mixed routine?

I looked into it and found DIME Beauty, a company boasting over 20 clean and budget-friendly items. You can choose what suits you best to create a custom skincare plan. The thought behind it is that your skin changes over time. What helps your skin at 30 might not be right for you in your forties or later. 

DIME Beauty offers choices for all stages of your skin’s journey. After trying out more than nine DIME Beauty items, I am happy to say a few have become my new favorites, replacing ones I have used for years.

Checking Out the Goods:

DIME Beauty really catches your eye (just see my shelf picture) with its glass bottles that are better for the environment than plastic. Each bottle is made to last 1-2 months and all the products are kind to animals and plant-based. 

I decided to give The Works bundle, priced at $153, a go, along with some other items. This set is perfect for anyone wanting to update their skincare game and replace old picks that they have just stuck with out of habit.

Foamy Jelly Surprise:

I pay close attention to how to use cleansers (even if I am casual about other skincare items) because the way you apply them matters. I was happy to find that the Gentle Jelly Cleanser, which costs $24, actually creates foam, unlike some other jelly cleansers like the well-known Glossier Milky Jelly.

 People love jelly cleansers because they make your skin feel rich and luxurious without feeling greasy or oily, which can lead to pimples. However, to me, jelly cleansers that don’t foam seem to do nothing.

With this one, you just put it on and wash it off, and it does not get deep into your pores. This cleanser gives you the best of both – a jelly texture and a foamy wash, plus it smells great (shoutout to strawberry oil). It is good for sensitive skin, and I think it is perfect for all seasons, but especially during winter when you need something soft for dry, rough skin.

Favorite Serum: Hyaluronic Acid Magic

Choosing a favorite from The Works bundle is tough, but I’m leaning toward the Hyaluronic Acid Serum priced at $30. I have tried various hyaluronic acid serums before, but none really convinced me. Some were too thick, leaving a sticky feeling, while others were too watery.

What I have been hunting for is a daytime serum that plays well with makeup, and I have finally found it in this formula. It has just the right consistency and does not cause makeup to pill up.

Skin Cycling Trend: Active Days and Recovery Days

I have been diving into the “skin cycling” trend using several DIME Beauty products. On my active days, I reach for the Hyper Glow Serum with 15% Vitamin C. It is a thin formula, similar to the Vintner’s Daughter toner, which I apply sparingly and gently pat onto my face after cleansing. 

Unlike some other active serums, it does not sting and absorbs beautifully. I reserve this serum for once a week (usually on Mondays) to give my skin a radiant boost.

Let’s talk about Thursdays, the second and final active day of my week. I have been using DIME’s TBT bundle, which is priced at $69 and includes a serum and a night cream. Since I stopped using physical exfoliants a while back, I was thrilled to discover that the TBT serum relies on mandelic acid (a chemical exfoliant) to enhance cell turnover. 

Also, it contains niacinamide, which I adore for its oil-regulating properties. In the past, I have tried retinol, but I did not follow the gradual introduction instructions and got scared off by the irritation. The TBT cream, however, uses bakuchiol a gentler alternative to retinol. 

I applied it once a week, easing my skin into the bakuchiol (DIME Beauty suggests starting twice a week, but I played it safe). Both TBT products focus on anti-ageing, so if that is your skincare goal, you can gradually incorporate them into your routine.

Pimple Patches to the Rescue:

I used to think pimple stickers were just for looks and mainly for teens who did not want to show they had a pimple. However, after trying DIME’s Power Patches, I see them in a new light. They are amazing for treating back acne. No need to wait for acne cream to dry you can just slap on a patch, big or small, and let the Salicylic Acid work its magic.

As for looking good, these patches helped me out, but not how I thought they would. They’re not invisible the peach color stands out if someone looks closely. But the great part is, I could deal with my pimple even with makeup on. 

Choosing skincare products is personal, and it is normal to try different things to see what works. I must say, I was really happy with almost all the DIME Beauty products I tried. Some, like the toner, were too strong for my skin in the winter, but I am saving them for summer when my skin gets oilier. Changing from what you are used to can be scary, but with DIME’s quality ingredients, finding new lotions and serums that you might end up loving is worth it.

5 More Reasons to Love DIME

Here are five more reasons to love DIME:

  • DIME’s glass bottles are aesthetically pleasing and more sustainable than plastic. They are designed to hold 1-2 months of product, reducing waste.
  • The Power Patches are a game-changer. Not only do they work wonders for acne, but they also allow daytime treatment without makeup interference. Plus, they prevent picking!
  • DIME Beauty encourages “skin cycling,” where you use active ingredients on select days and let your skin “recover” on others. Their Hyper Glow Serum with 15% Vitamin C and TBT bundle (including a serum and night cream) are perfect for this approach.
  • DIME Beauty products impressed me with their high success rate. While some were strong for my winter skin, I plan to use them during oilier summer months.
  • The peach-coloured patches may not be invisible, but they let you treat zits even with a full face of makeup. No more suffocating blemishes under layers of foundation

Some Questions

Are DIME Beauty products safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Yes, none of the ingredients in DIME Beauty products have been banned during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, it is always a good idea to consult with a physician before using any skincare products during this time.

Do DIME Beauty products contain fragrance?

No, none of their skincare products contain added fragrance. They focus on clean and fragrance-free formulations.

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