Miley Cyrus Teeth Fixing News

miley cyrus teeth

Miley Cyrus Teeth – Miley has won the hearts of many people and is undoubtedly one of the best in the world. She started to be famous as Disney’s Hannah Montana child star, and for years, she has changed even more musically and visually. One of the most significant visual transformations from her early days is her smile, which is very unlike compared to her old days. Many fans have wondered whether Miley Cyrus teeth fixing news is true or not.

What Procedures Did Miley Cyrus Teeth Had?

Yes, she did. As stated by dental specialists, Miley has had a number of treatments to make her teeth better in terms of their shape, size, color and alignment. Here are some of the possible treatments she has had over the years:

  • Gum contouring: This is a type of surgery that involves the reduction of gum tissue and changing the gumline shape to give an appearance of longer and equal teeth. A gummy smile is when an excessive amount of gums covers the upper sides of the teeth, and this used to be Miley’s case. The effect of this problem can be minimized through gum contouring so that you have a more balanced smile.
  • Braces: This conventional orthodontic technique uses metal wires and brackets to guide the teeth through the desired tooth movement. Before straightening, Miley’s teeth were crowded and overlapping, which might cause chewing, speaking or even oral hygiene issues. Braces can fix all these problems, bringing more balance to the smile.
  • Veneers: These are veneers, which refer to thin sheets of porcelain or composite resin that stick to the front surfaces of the teeth and enhance their looks. Veneers revolutionize the teeth’ shape, clarity, colour, and length, with holes and chips that can also be improved. Miley’s teeth are highly uniformed and polished as if they have been restored and jobbed in veneers.

Miley has never publicly confirmed or denied having any dental work done, but it is clear that her smile has changed significantly over time. Whether you prefer her natural or enhanced smile, there is no doubt that Miley is a beautiful and talented artist who knows how to express herself.

Before-And-After Miley Cyrus Teeth

Her teeth have traveled quite a bit since Miley. Pay attention to how Miley Cyrus’ newer teeth are fully straight and even. It can occur after covering up with cosmetic solutions. It could be that the smile that Miley Cyruses have is due to her teeth implant caps or veneers.

Her bottom teeth appear longer and more uniform than prior to the treatment. Therefore, she should also have fitted her bottom teeth with new veneers/crowns.


Miley is a worldwide star, and with the way her teeth look, they had no choice but to get some attention (should it be said that “some” is not enough?)

There are also some changes in her before and after photos, which indicates that she had some dental surgery. Today, her teeth are not as crooked anymore, and the gums rarely show. However, Miley Cyrus teeth’ cosmetic dental surgery looks interesting.