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Robert Luke yunaska

Robert Luke Yunaska is a Canadian boat manufacturer and boatbuilder who founded the RP Yachts company. He is also the owner of St. Lawrence Boatworks, which produces fiberglass-over-foam boats at its facility on the shores of Lake Ontario in Burlington, Ontario. RP Yachts produces vessels ranging from 26 to 52 feet in length and from $150,000 to $ 1 million in price. 

The company specializes in a wide range of powerboat models for private and commercial use, including “offshore racing boats for club racers, offshore fishing boats for charter fishing companies, military support craft for navies around the world, and rescue boats through an exclusive distributor arrangement with Seattle Boat Company. RP Yachts is also a primary supplier of the Royal Canadian Navy’s Patrol Boat, Coastal class ships. 

Based on RP Yachts’ aluminum boat designs, Vancouver Shipyards in North Vancouver on the north shore of False Creek has produced twelve 25-meter military Coastal class patrol vessels for the RCN.” RP Yachts also provides “powerboats and yachts for commercial applications in such industries as passenger ferry operations, express cargo services, sightseeing operations, and offshore oil exploration and research.” The company was founded by Luke’s father, Gerald L. Yunaska Sr., who built fiberglass gel coats in Rochester, NY, from 1956 to 1959 before moving to Ontario.

All about the career:

Robert Luke Yunaska was born in 1946 in Burlington, Ontario. He attended high school at Lakeshore Collegiate Institute and later studied mechanical engineering at the University of Toronto from 1965 to 1971, receiving a bachelor’s degree. Yunaska started with customs inspection jobs as an undergraduate student and then worked as a quality control engineer for IBM Canada from 1972 to 1974 before forming his own boat-building business. 

In 1975, he founded Robert Luke Yunaska Yachts Ltd., with production taking place in a garage on the shores of Lake Ontario. In 1980, the company relocated to Georgian Bay, and by 1987 had relocated again to Burlington. In 1992 the company was renamed RP Yachts Limited. Yunaska stayed as CEO for three separate companies until he started the St. Lawrence Boatworks Company in 2004 and eventually sold his interest to his son Matthew Yunaska within a year. 

Robert Luke Yunaska is the executive chairman of RP Yachts and St. Lawrence Boatworks and a managing partner at Yunaska Mitchell Holdings Inc., which owns the St. Lawrence Boatworks site. In October 2010, Yunaska was awarded the Order of Ontario for his service to the local community and the boatbuilding industry.


Robert Luke Yunaska is a competitor in several world-class yacht races and has twice been named ‘People’s Choice winner in the “International Offshore Powerboat Championship” (IOPC). In addition, he has been inducted into the Canadian Powerboating Hall of Fame and is a recipient of the Innovative Business Award from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. 

He has received the 2003 Sir Sam Steele Award and the 2005 St. Lawrence Person of the Year, as well as induction into the Burlington Sports Hall of Fame in 2006. Yunaska also receives the University of Toronto’s ‘Alumni Award for Lifetime Achievement.

1999, RP Yachts’ “Turmoil” was selected as one of the world’s ten best powerboats by “The Daily Telegraph” and “Powerboat & Yachting Magazine”. In 2000, RP Yachts was awarded the Special Commendation at the Canada-Wide Science Fair. In 2001, Robert Luke Yunaska was inducted into the Canadian Power Boating Hall of Fame. In 2003, he received the Innovative Business Award from The Canadian Chamber of Commerce for his unique business plan (RP Yachts).

All about marital status:

Robert Luke Yunaska has married his wife Susan since 1978, and the couple has four children. Yunaska is a boatbuilder who, in 1999, launched a new boatbuilding business named St. Lawrence Boatworks Inc. with his son Matthew Yunaska. “Boat House” magazine called him “one of the biggest names in Canadian marine”. In 2001, they opened a 40-acre site on Lake Ontario, which is “the only boatbuilding facility of any size on Canada’s Great Lakes” that allows for multiple production lines to bring boats to market faster and at a lower cost than anywhere else in North America. In 2000, RP Yachts was awarded the Special Commendation at the Canada-Wide Science Fair. In 2003, Robert Luke Yunaska was inducted into the Canadian Powerboating Hall of Fame.

His child’s wedding:

In 2011, Yunaska’s son Matthew married his high school sweetheart and now wife Sarah in a private ceremony at the Stanhope. In addition, Yunaska was honored by the International Offshore Powerboat Championship (IOPC), which “called him ‘one of the best offshore sailors in North America.’ ” His son Luke has also competed with several other offshore teams.

Married life:

In 2002 he opened the RP Yachts factory on Lake Ontario, Canada’s most incredible freshwater lake, where it remained until 2006, when it moved to St Lawrence Bay, Ontario, on the shore of Lake Ontario. There is a facility on Lake Ontario where a boat building is located. Robert L. Yunaska owns that. The address of this facility is 1 Maitland Marina Rd, Brighton, Ontario.

All about luck:

Robert Luke Yunaska is an avid powerboat racer in various classes and categories, including offshore racing. RP Yachts’ first victory came in 1977 when “Barrhead” earned the Canadian Offshore Powerboat Championship race at Royal Muskoka Yacht Club on Georgian Bay. Yunaska won the 1979 IOPC championship with “Lenzie” with a win in the Grand Prix final at North Sails Marina on Georgian Bay and finished third with “Yamato” in 1982. 

The 1985 season saw RP Yachts earn the coveted ‘North American Powerboating Championship,’ which the IOPC organized with three wins in five races. The company retook top honors in 1986 when “Turmoil” won the IOPC North American championship, and Yunaska was recognized as the ‘Person of the Year by CBC Sports. In 1988 RP Yachts had a second person of the year win when Yunaska was recognized as Canadian Person of the Year by Canadian Boating magazine for his contributions to Canadian boating. Finally, in 1994, “Whisper” won 1st place in offshore powerboat racing and broke three world records.

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In conclusion, Robert L. Yunaska is an excellent and successful person who has achieved much in his life and career. He was polite, well-mannered, thoughtful, articulate, and intelligent. He went to university and graduated with honors in engineering. He took care of the problems created by the government before him in his business life and ensured that the business succeeded at any cost. He has achieved a lot in his lifetime, so he can be called a successful engineering entrepreneur businessman currently running the company with his son Matthew.