Forthright Surveys Review: Is It Legit and Worth Trying?

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Forthright is a platform where you can earn money by sharing your opinions on many subjects, from food items to intriguing theories.

Forthright has rivals like SurveyJunkie and Swagbucks. What makes Forthright unique is that you can cash out once you have earned just $0.01, while most similar websites require you to accumulate $5–$15 before withdrawing your earnings.

This is a big advantage, but how does Forthright compare to its rivals in other aspects? Is it a worthwhile platform for earning money, or should you consider other options?

We have sent an expert to check it out.

Is using Forthright worth it?

Forthright, also known as Forthright Surveys, is a top-paying reward platform we evaluated. Its advantages include quick payments and a very low minimum payout limit.

Therefore, if you enjoy taking Forthright Surveys, Forthright is certainly worth a try.

However, it is important to note that even survey sites that pay relatively well, like Forthright, do not offer substantial earnings compared to conventional jobs. If you are looking for a higher income than what Forthright can provide, you might want to explore our list of side job ideas to see if any of them interest you.

How much can you realistically earn?

We spent approximately 3½ hours testing Forthright.

Here are our earnings:

Hourly rate: $2.94 Average time to redeem rewards ($0.01): Roughly 0.5 hours Time to get paid: Instant payment Survey completion rate: 32%

It is worth noting that, unlike some platforms, Forthright does not provide specific estimates about potential earnings per hour, day, or month.

Forthright’s website suggests that you could make $5 per day from their partner surveys, and their blog even suggests a higher amount of $10. However, our findings indicate that these estimates might be too optimistic.

Here is what Forthright suggests:

  • You can earn $5–$10 a day with partner Forthright surveys.

Here is what we got:

  • We earned about $1.47 per hour from partner Forthright surveys. At this rate, it would take about 3½–7 hours to earn $5–$10, which is quite a significant amount of time to spend each day.

Other pros and cons to consider


  • It does not cost anything to use.
  •  There is a reward system where bonuses are given out immediately and automatically.
  •  You have various options for cashing out your rewards, including cryptocurrency.
  •  You can cash out any amount, no matter how small.
  •  Payments are made instantly.


  • Only surveys are offered for you to do.
  •  If a survey disqualifies you, you will not get any rewards.
  •  You will not get any rewards for answering questions about your survey profile.
  •  There is no bonus for signing up.
  •  You will not get any bonuses for bringing in your friends.
  •  They do not have an app.

Alternatives to Forthright

There are several alternatives to Forthright for taking surveys and earning rewards. However, the specific alternatives would depend on your preferences and needs. Some popular survey sites similar to Forthright include:

  • Zap Surveys
  •  ySense
  •  Toluna Influencers
  •  Swagbucks
  •  Prime Opinion
  •  Opinion Outpost
  •  MyPoints
  •  LifePoints
  •  InstaGC
  •  InboxDollars
  •  Branded Surveys

Ways to earn money on Forthright

The main way to earn money on Forthright is by taking surveys. Also, they have a bonus program to increase your earnings.

Before you can start earning, you need to sign up. Here is how you do it:

Signing Up

To join Forthright, you need to provide an email address and answer some basic questions:

  • Do you live in the US?
  •  What year were you born?
  •  What is your gender?
  •  What is your zip code?

After this, check your email for a confirmation link.

Forthright recommends that you verify your phone number. They claim this will speed up your payments. You also need to verify your phone number to access partner surveys, one of the two surveys offered by Forthright.

Since partner surveys are the most common on Forthright, you will not earn much without access. So, verifying your phone number if you plan to use the site regularly is a good idea.


Is Forthright worth trying? 

Yes, Forthright is worth trying if you enjoy completing surveys. It’s one of the best-paying rewards sites tested, with speedy payouts and a very low minimum redemption threshold.

How much can you realistically earn on Forthright? 

Testing showed an hourly rate of $2.94. However, Forthright doesn’t make any specific claims about how much you can earn per hour, day, or month on their site.

Is Forthright legit? 

Yes, Forthright is legitimate and not a scam. It is a real company founded in 2014 and formerly known as innoPoll.

What are the ways to earn money on Forthright? 

The main way to earn money on Forthright is by taking surveys. They also have a bonus program to increase your earnings.

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