Rules When Looking for Online Color Contact Lenses


Whether you want to completely transform your appearance or merely highlight your natural beauty, colored contacts give you a few options. Most people prefer to use the lenses as an enhancement, hoping for a stunning result.

In that vein, there are critical rules to remember to achieve a natural appearance without risking vision or eye health.

The priority when choosing colored lenses is selecting a shade to accentuate your skin tone. Choose colors with toasted undertones, including browns, if you have a warm glow. Colors like blue or green will enhance cool skin. The goal is that the colors complement the skin tone, appearing natural and attractive in comparison.

The size also plays a part in the natural effect. The prosthetics should be roughly 14.2 mm in diameter or less for anyone with large eyes. Smaller eyes must have a 14.5 mm diameter to ensure a proportionate natural appearance.

As a rule, you will receive a prescription with the brand following the doctor’s order for each lens. The best brands, like those at, enable clients to order tailor-fit lenses based on specific needs. These are regularly replaced for optimal eye health and comfortability.

It’s tempting to turn to bright and bold eye colors for a dramatic change, but they look unnatural. You want to stick with a more realistic look.

What Rules Should You Follow When Searching Online for the Right Color Contacts

There’s the right way and mistakes you want to avoid when searching for colored contacts for purchase online. The objective is that the lenses look natural, fit perfectly, and have the right prescription.

That means following the guidance of a doctor to have the eye measured and a prescription determined, plus finding a tone to match your skin type. While you might want to enjoy a good time with bright, bold colors, these should be reserved for Halloween or when you’re trying to be something you’re not.

Avoid lenses that are not the right size

The size of contacts can not only affect the natural appearance, but these can also impair your eye health. A lens that is too small can move around with the potential of scratching the eye, and one that is too tight can cause damage. The look is overall awkward and unappealing, an obvious fake.

The goal of contacts is that no one can tell whether you’re wearing contacts or not. When they don’t fit, it’s a direct giveaway. Go here for guidance on how to wear color contact lenses.

Avoid sharing contacts with other people

Some people decide to trade their colored contact lenses with friends, so they have more options. You’re not only exposing yourself to the wrong fit and an inaccurate prescription but the potential for an eye infection and other possible complications.

These are not something meant to be shared among friends or family. Contacts are personal items intended solely for the individual who prescribed the lenses. No one else should wear these.

Get a prescription

While you can get colored contacts from virtually any vendor especially around holidays like Halloween to wear with costumes, you should avoid buying a one-size-fits-all pair. It’s actually required in the US that vendors ask clients for a signed doctor’s order with a prescription and measurements to sell the lenses.

This is to ensure that the fit is accurate to avoid any possibility of damage to the eyes. Before setting out on a search for a pair of color lenses, take the time to see a doctor for a prescription whether you have perfect vision or not. You’ll still need a measurement and to have this prescription documented to get the pair suited to your eyes.

Remove them before sleeping

Complications can arise when sleeping in contact lenses, particularly colored lenses. You can irritate the eyes or develop an infection. The contacts should be removed each night when getting ready for bed.

Most have protocols for proper cleaning and a storage system for keeping them safe until replacing them the following morning.

Consult the optometrist

The eye doctor will determine the prescription and the adequate size for the lenses. A reputable online store will expect to see the doctor’s order to satisfy the sale properly with contacts that suit you naturally, fit your eyes sufficiently, and meet your prescription.

Hygiene is essential

When handling contacts, especially the contact brands, engaging in good hygiene is vital. Before handling the lenses, your hands should be washed with the contacts adequately cleaned and disinfected before replacing them in your eyes. This is the best way to avoid eye complications, including infections.

Contact lens replacement

Contact lenses need to be replaced for optimum eye health. The schedule will be based on the lens type and the doctor’s orders. Disposable lenses are discarded based on a monthly, bimonthly, or daily schedule.

Gas-permeable lenses are long-lasting and designed for wear for up to a year. With each, it is crucial to follow the doctor’s guidelines to avoid potential discomfort and other complications.

Final Thought

For optimum eye health proper doctor’s instructions must be followed regarding how to wear the lenses, the length of time, and when to replace them. The objective is to prevent dryness, irritation, infection, and other complications within the eye.

The doctor will provide an accurate eye measurement and prescription to send with the order for colored lenses.

When selecting colored lenses, the shape and color should be a natural complement for a stunning albeit realistic result.