Stand Out With Festive Phone Messages for Your Business This Holiday Season


Personalize Your Messages

Adding a seasonal voicemail to your business phone system is an easy way to create a happier customer experience, reduce hangups, and increase engagement. It also provides an opportunity to communicate your business’ modified holiday hours, which helps prevent customers from guessing your business’ availability and calling back multiple times to find out. Elevate your holiday phone messages for business to create a more positive and informed customer experience.

The holidays are a busy time for businesses, and you’ll likely receive more calls from your existing client base and new prospects. Your business phone system can help you manage these extra calls without the extra cost of hiring more staff members. It can help you improve your on-hold messaging and music with a bit of holiday cheer that’ll help decrease the frustration of callers put on hold.

Infuse Warmth and Cheer

Many businesses see a massive increase in calls during the holidays. Adding a festive greeting to your phone system can help customers avoid frustration while waiting on hold. It also helps them to quickly access the information they need, such as your holiday opening hours and contact details.

Addressing callers by name adds a personal touch and makes them feel genuinely esteemed. Use phrases like “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” and “Season’s Greetings” to promote an upbeat tone.

Your voicemail greetings offer a unique opportunity to communicate appreciation for your clients and build genuine relationships with them. This can make them more likely to return the favor by calling you back in the future.

Include Other Holidays

If you will be closed on particular days during the holiday season, it’s essential to inform your callers about this. Use a short voicemail to thank them for their business and inform them about your new holiday hours.

Alternatively, you can text them to notify them about your change in working days and when they can reach you. This will give them another contact method to reach you and a more convenient option for busy shoppers.

You can even add a fun emoji to the text that works with your brand, but make sure you keep it professional and relevant to your customers. Updating your holiday hours on your company’s online platforms is also essential.

Be Concise

Your holiday phone messages don’t have to be overly sentimental to make a big impression. They can be short and still provide the information your callers need.

Remember to sign your message and give your contact information at the conclusion. In this manner, you can reply to your clients’ inquiries promptly.

You can also inform your callers of your holiday hours. This can be particularly helpful if you are a business normally open at specific times and shutting down during holidays. This can prevent your callers from getting frustrated and disappointed if they cannot reach you when needed. You can even provide them with another contact method that they can use if their call is urgent.

Be Creative

Maintaining a faultless business throughout the holidays can be difficult, especially if you close early or have limited hours. To prevent callers from becoming frustrated, it is essential to leave a holiday voicemail greeting that is warm and friendly.

This message can be simple but should always include your contact information. If you want to promote a special offer during the holiday season, include it in your message!

Make a cheerful Christmas voicemail for your company that will reassure clients and entice them to call again by keeping these pointers in mind.