The Selection Movie Is Coming To Netflix

The Selection Movie Is Coming To Netflix

The selection movie – Fans of Kiera Cass’s most loved novel, “The Selection Movie”, have been on a rollercoaster ride for a number of years; people are waiting eagerly for the moment their favourite book would be brought to life on screen.

The story, which is all about 35 girls competing for a chance to live amongst the elite and win the heart of a prince, has captured the imaginations of readers all around the world.

What was the movie supposed to come?

The journey started with hope when the news broke out in April 2020 that Netflix had acquired the rights to adapt “The Selection Film” into a movie.

The project was set to be directed by Haifaa Al-Mansour, the first female Saudi Arabian filmmaker known for her work on “Wadjda” and other Netflix projects like “Nappily Ever After” and “The Society.”

Katie Lovejoy was announced as the writer, bringing her experience from penning “To All The Boys 2” to the table. Fans were enjoying, and the internet was rife with speculation and excitement.

What is the The Selection Movie about?

The Selection movie is an adaptation of Kiera Cass’s bestselling novel, which follows the story of America Singer, one of 35 girls competing for the heart of Prince Maxon and a chance to live amongst the wealthy.

Who is directing ‘The Selection Movie’ for Netflix

Haifaa Al-Mansour, known for her works like ‘Wadjda’ and ‘Nappily Ever After’, is set to direct the Netflix adaptation of ‘The Selection Movie’.

Has the ‘The Selection Movie Cast’ been announced?

As of the latest updates, the ‘The Selection Movie cast’ has not been known yet. There has been an important fan campaign to learn more about the casting details. Here is the expected casting list for the movie:

The cast for ‘The Selection Movie’ includes:

  • Arden Cho as Elise Whisks
  •  Anthony Head as King Clarkson
  •  Louise Lombard as Queen Amberly
  •  Melanie Liburd as Fiona Castley
  •  Sean Patrick Thomas as Sylvan Santos
  •  Michael Malarkey as Prince Maxon
  •  Yael Grobglas as America Singer
  •  Lucien Laviscount as Aspen Leger
  •  Peta Sergeant as Gaia Woods
  •  Linzey Cocker as Lucy
  •  Cosima Shaw as Calla Singer
  •  Tonia Sotiropoulou as Ondine
  •  Sarah Winter as Ashley Brouillete
  •  Matt Devere as Enforcement Officer
  •  Celia Massingham as Celeste
  •  Daniel Pirrie as Mylan Singer
  •  Austin James Wolff as Gavril Fadaye
  •  Joel Einhorn as Royal Guard
  •  Lisa Bibb as Silvia
  •  Jack Fayter as Soldier

The Unexpected Turn

However, in a twist that left many hearts broken, it was officially announced in May 2023 that Netflix would not be moving forward with “The Selection Movie” movie. Despite holding onto the film rights for a few more years, there were no longer any plans to produce the film or series.

This news came as a shock to the loyal fanbase, who had waited over a decade, witnessing various attempts to adapt the book, including two failed pilots by The CW in 2012 and 2013 and an unfruitful acquisition by Warner Brothers in 2015.

The Selection Movie”: A Dream Deferred

The cancellation of “The Selection Movie” adaptation by Netflix marks another chapter in the saga of the book’s screen adaptation attempts.

While the reasons behind the decision is not clear, it’s not uncommon for projects to be came out in the development or early stages. The disappointment is real among the fans, but the love for the story remains strong.

Some Important Questions

Is there a release date for ‘The Selection Movie’?

There is currently no official release date for ‘The Selection Movie’ movie, as it is still in the pre-production phase, and no further details have been provided.

Will the The Selection Movie follow the events of the book closely? 

While specific details have not been released, it is expected that the movie will follow the key events of the book, which pits 35 girls against each other in a competition for a better life and love.

Are there any trailers available for the The Selection Movie?

No, there are no trailers available yet for ‘The Selection Movie’ movie, as the project was still in the early stages of development.