Wanna Date? Here’s What Happened After Shark Tank

wanna date

Do you know ‘Wanna Date’? It is a manufacturer of data spreads. The one who initiated it is Melissa Bartow. She came up with the idea while in college. She once worked at a smoothie shop, and she was very fond of dates. Thus, she began to make her date spread in her dormitory.

She wanted to create something that was both very healthy and also very delicious. All her spreads are all-natural, vegan, and also free of allergens. Moreover, they contain 30 calories per serving.

Melissa pitched her great idea to the TV show Shark Tank. She wanted $100,000 and was willing to sell 20% of her firm. One of the sharks, Mark Cuban, liked her idea very much. He promised her $ 100,000, but he demanded 33% of the company. Melissa said yes.

This article will reveal more details on ‘Wanna Date?’ and what happened after the show. And we will discuss the company’s current state and Melissa’s plans for the future. So, if you are interested in learning more about ‘Wanna Date?’, keep reading:

Wanna Date? after ‘Shark Tank’

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Wanna Date? is still in business.

For this fruit spread line, date night is every night. Even more than three years after Wanna Date? is alive and spreading. In a recent caption, the company stated that the American dream of spreading dates on Instagram is still in progress. Wanna Date? now available at Home Goods, Amazon, and the company’s website. is still producing its enticing spreads and doughs and usually is selling out.

Even though Bartow confessed in a YouTube video in September 2022 that she would not discuss the money-related questions, some sources have approximated that Wanna Date? They may be worth up to 2 million dollars.

Wanna Date keeps its customers by providing consistent discounts like free shipping and 10% off when the items are bought in quantities of four or more. The current price range of the products is from approximately $12 per jar of the spread to $14 for the edible dough.


What is Wanna Date?

Wanna Date is a brand selling good date jam. It was founded by Melissa Bartow, who conceived the idea while working in a college smoothie shop.

What is the author of Wanna Date?

The founder of Wanna Date? is Melissa Bartow. While she was in college, she tried some dates for the first time and they became her favorite fruit.

How did Wanna Date? start?

Melissa Bartow started Wanna Date? In her dorm room, she creates her fruit-based sweetener as a healthier alternative to the sugars generally used in foods like acai bowls.

When did Wanna Date? Appear on Shark Tank?

Wanna Date? Three weeks after Melissa Bartow graduated from college, it aired on Shark Tank, Season 11, Episode 11.

What was the tone of the Wanna Date like? on Shark Tank?

Melissa Bartow asked for a $ 100,000 investment for a 20% share in her business. She mentioned that all her products are all-natural, vegan, and allergen-free, and they also contain only 30 calories per serving.