What is kaiware in Sushi?


You might have heard about Kaiware in Japanese cuisines like sushi, salads, and in garnishings. Do you want to know what kaiware is in sushi?

Kaiware in sushi is radish sprouts with a strong peppery flavor. You can easily find these in Asian or Japanese grocery stores looking like little lumps on the roots. 

Let’s take a look at some of the FAQs associated with Kaiware.


What is Kaiware radish in sushi?

Kaiware is a frequently used ingredient in Japanese cuisine like sushi, salads, and garnish as Kaiware Daikon (Radish seeds sprouts). These radish sprouts have a strong and pungent peppery flavor. These can be found in any nearby Asian grocery store.

How do you grow radish Kaiware?

Soak seeds in clean and cold water for eight hours to germinate seeds. Find an empty container near which is two inches deep and fill it with a high-quality potting mix. Evenly distribute the Daikon seeds all over the soil surface.

Are radish sprouts good for you?

Radish sprouts contain chlorophyll and essential amino acids, which have plenty of cancer-fighting benefits and digestive properties. Kaiware is rich in roughage and fiber, which is good for the stomach.

How do you eat radish sprouts?

Like sprouts, you can use Kaiware in salads, stir fry dishes, sandwiches to add crispness and mild flavors. This is a popular Asian cuisine ingredient used in different dishes like stir fry and sautees. 

Is turnip a radish?

The major difference between radish and turnip is that radish belongs to Raphanus genu, and turnip is from the Brassica genus. This means that radish is a plant, whereas turnip is a root vegetable.

Can I sprout lentils?

Yes, you can sprout lentils by following a simple method. Add 2-3 cups of water in a jar and cover it with a mesh sprouting lid. Soak lentils in the jar for about 8 hours or leave overnight. Drain the lentils and rinse in clean water until you start seeing sprouts.

Can you substitute alfalfa sprouts for bean sprouts?

Alfalfa sprouts are germinated seeds of alfalfa that have a sweet, fresh, and nutty flavor with a delicate crunch. These sprouts taste delicious with sandwiches and salads in substitute for bean sprouts.

How do you eat daikon radish microgreens?

Daikon radish is microgreens with a strong radish flavor and can be added to any salad to add crunch. It is a very popular radish sprout that can be used to replace sliced radishes. These radish greens have a peppery flavor that is pleasant to taste. 

Is daikon radish healthy?

Daikon is a low-calorie, nutritious and cruciferous vegetable with plenty of health benefits. It helps in maintaining a healthy body weight and keeps you protected against chronic health conditions like cancers and heart diseases. 

What is Kaiware Gobo?

Futo Makkil is a Japanese dish that contains pickled cucumber, radish, gobo, carrot, and spinach. Fresh vegetable rolls include cucumber, yamagobo, lettuce, kaiware, avocado, pickled radish. Gobo is a fancy name for Arctium or burdock root. It has a sweet, crispy, and earthy flavor like any other root vegetable.

What does Oshinko taste like?

Oshinko is made using salt, so it has a salty pickled slight radish-like flavor. It is made like the homemade sauerkraut, unlike the homemade pickles, and is also given along with a deli sandwich. 

Do radish microgreens regrow after cutting?

No, most microgreens cannot regrow. However, if you have one healthy microgreen leaf left, then there is a chance of regrowing and survival. This happens because the seedling will be able to do the photosynthesis process using light.

Are green radish tops edible?

The radish greens are edible and have a fuzzy texture which many eaters dislike. These greens have a delicate flavor and taste best when eaten raw.

Can I use regular radish instead of daikon?

Red radish has spicier and more prominent flavor. You cannot use this instead of daikon as a palate cleanse, as the overpowering flavor can ruin your dish.

Is white radish the same as daikon?

Daikon is also known as Japanese radish, white radish, Chinese radish, luobo, winter radish and is popularly used in Japanese, Chinese and Asian cuisines. The vegetable looks like a large plump white carrot that can be eaten raw, pickled, or grilled, any which way you like.

Can you substitute white radish for daikon?

Radish is included in raw salads, but they are also pickled, roasted, grilled, or sauteed. White radish has a mild and sweet flavor like Daikon radish. Therefore you can easily substitute Daikon for white radish or vice-a-versa.

Are radish sprouts the same as radishes?

If you like eating radish, you will love the flavor of radish sprouts or Kaiware. Every radish sprout resembles the flavor of full radish so imagine eating radish in small bites.

Do sprouts cause bloating?

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and cabbage contain fructose like asparagus and onions, whihc cause gastric issues. 

If you experience bloating and cramps after eating salads, try eliminating one item to find what triggers your stomach.

What are radish microgreens?

Radish microgreens add a crunchy, fresh, and spicy flavor to dishes. These do not have a peppery flavor similar to root radishes but milder and earthy. Radish microgreens taste best in cold soups or salads. 

Can you eat a raw turnip?

Whether eaten cooked or, raw turnips taste incredible. You can steam or boil turnips and then add them to mashed potatoes for extra nutrition from minerals or vitamins. 

You can neither grate them raw into slaws or salads. Eat them roasted and other root vegetables like sweet potatoes and carrots to bring out the natural sweetness.