Where to Sell Designer Shoes?

where to sell shoes

Perhaps you have changed your mind about a quick buy, or your affection for those designer heels has waned. Or it could be that you are passionate about high-end footwear and see the potential in purchasing and flipping them as a regular side gig.

No matter the motivation, offloading designer footwear can pad your wallet and also help tidy up your closet.

If you are looking to streamline your wardrobe, refresh your style, or just enhance your budget, we are here to help you with your question: Where to sell shoes? Here are some top spots for trading in those chic shoes.

How much can you make selling designer shoes?

The profit from selling designer shoes can vary widely. An average online shoe store can generate over $100,000 in pure internal profits from sales of roughly $800,000. For individual resellers, profits can be significant if shoes are bought at a discount and sold at a higher price, with some resellers making upwards of 100% profit on a single pair of shoes.

However, general profits for companies like Nike average around 5%. The profit margin can also depend on the type of shoes being sold, with an average profit margin for a shoe store being about 40%.

It is important to note that these figures can fluctuate based on various factors, such as the brand, the rarity of the shoe, and market demand.

How much does it cost to sell designer shoes?

The cost of selling designer shoes can vary depending on the platform you choose to sell them on. For example, online marketplaces like Poshmark may take a commission of around 20% of the sale price. If you are selling through a consignment store like The RealReal, they might take a larger cut, typically over 50%. 

Also, if you are selling shoes that are still available in stores, you might use a formula where you cut the retail price in half, then deduct around $12 for shipping and another 10% for listing and payment fees. It is important to factor in these costs when pricing your shoes for sale to ensure you make a profit.

Where to sell shoes online?

You can sell designer shoes online through various platforms, each catering to different types of buyers and offering different services. Here are some options:

Online Marketplaces

  • Poshmark: A popular resale platform where you can list your shoes, set your prices, and interact with buyers. They take a commission of just over 20%.
  •  eBay: A global marketplace where you can auction your shoes or set a fixed price.
  •  Mercari: An easy-to-use app for selling various items, including designer shoes.

Consignment Stores

  • The RealReal: A high-end consignment store that takes care of the selling process for you, including photography and pricing, but they take a significant cut, often over 50%.
  •  Vestiaire Collective: A platform specializing in pre-owned luxury fashion where you can list your designer shoes for sale.

Niche Marketplaces

  • GOAT: A marketplace focused on sneakers and streetwear.
  •  StockX: Known for sneaker resale, it operates on a bid/ask system, allowing for market-driven pricing.

Social Media Platforms

  • Instagram and Facebook Marketplace: You can leverage your social media following to sell directly to your audience.

Other Resale Websites

  • ThredUp: An online thrift store where you can sell your shoes.
  •  Grailed: A community-driven marketplace aimed at menswear and designer brands.

Top 17 online marketplaces and consignment websites for selling designer shoes

Here are the top 17 online marketplaces and consignment websites for selling designer shoes:

  • Poshmark: Think of Poshmark as a huge virtual closet. You can put your shoes in there, set a price, and talk to people who want to buy them. It is like having a yard sale but on the internet.
  •  The RealReal: This place is like a fancy second-hand online shop. You send them your designer shoes, and they handle everything else. They will take pictures, decide on the price, and find someone who wants to buy them.
  •  Flyp: Flyp is like having a friend who is good at selling stuff. You give them your shoes, and they use their skills to sell them for you.
  •  Grailed: This is a trendy spot for men to sell cool clothes and shoes. It is like a fashion club where everyone cares about looking sharp.
  •  BuyMYheels.com: This website is all about high heels. If you have fancy heels you cannot wear, you can sell them here.
  •  ThredUp: ThredUp is like a giant online thrift store. You can send in your shoes, and they will sell them for you, just like if you were donating them to a thrift shop, but you get some money back.
  •  Vestiaire Collective: This is a European marketplace all about luxury. If you have high-end shoes, this is the place to sell them.
  •  Mercari: Mercari is an easy-to-use app allowing you to sell almost anything, including shoes.
  •  GOAT: If you are into sneakers, GOAT is where it is at. It is a favourite place for sneaker fans to buy and sell.
  •  StockX: StockX works a bit like the stock market, but it is for sneakers. You can see how much people will pay and sell your sneakers to the highest bidder.
  •  Kixify: Kixify is another spot for sneaker enthusiasts. If you have cool sneakers to sell, you can find buyers here.
  •  eBay: eBay is like the granddaddy of online selling. You can auction off your shoes or set a price and wait for someone to buy them.
  •  Varage Sale: Varage Sale is like having a garage sale, but you do it through their website. You can sell your shoes to people in your area.
  •  OfferUp: OfferUp is a place where you can sell your shoes to people nearby. It is like a local marketplace.
  •  5Miles: As the name suggests, 5Miles lets you sell things to people within five miles of you.
  •  Craigslist: Craigslist is one of the oldest online classified sites. You can list your shoes there, and someone local might come to buy them.
  •  Local Consignment Stores: These are actual stores in your town where you can take your shoes, and they will sell them for you. You will not find them online, but they are a good option for dealing with people face-to-face.


Where to sell shoes online? 

You can sell designer shoes on various online platforms dedicated to fashion resale, such as SideHustles.com.

What Types of Shoes Can I Sell? 

Most platforms allow you to sell a wide range of shoes, from casual sneakers to high-end designer footwear.

How Do I Price My Shoes? 

Research similar listings and consider the condition, brand, and rarity to set a competitive price.

Are There Any Fees Involved? 

Some platforms may charge listing or transaction fees, so be sure to read the terms of service before selling.

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