Complete Guide to Create a 360 Degree Image|

360 view photo

360 Images – It is common nowadays to encounter 360 images on social media platforms. Earlier it was done mostly by professionals, but it has gained popularity among casual photographers. Don’t worry; you can still catch the drift since this article discusses five easy steps to take a 360 view photo.

All you need is a smartphone that has a decent enough camera. Don’t worry, as this process might sound a bit difficult, but it is not, and in no time, you will be able to take 360 view photo on your own. Remember that your photos might not be as good as the ones taken from a dedicated 360-degree camera. But still, it doesn’t hurt to learn, right?
Beware, though, because it is known that photography is quite addicting, and once you get ahold of 360-degree photography, you might start investing in expensive dedicated equipment.  

How To Do A 360 Photo

Scroll down below to find the 5 easy steps to create 360 photos:

Step 1: Identify the App:

Let’s assume that you will be beginning your journey with a mobile phone, and for that, you need to have an application that creates the 360 view photo. You can find these apps in the Apple App or Google Play store. We have shortlisted a few for you to save you from the hassle. 

The best of all the apps available on both of the platforms is Google Street View which is best known for its amazing panoramic views. Some other applications you can consider are Fyuse, Photaf Panorama, and Panorama 360. This marks your first step on how to do 360 images.   

Step 2: Installing Your desired App:

Next up, download the app on your phone and let it install. This will take a few minutes or second while you can think of the theme you want to create.
And once the installation is complete, start the application and follow the steps to sign in so you don’t lose your valuable data. 

Step 3: Creating a Scene:

Now comes the important part: making your imagination do the part. A photo will only come out perfect if it has a reason or a good level of imagination behind it. So think of a place you always have to capture or a vibe you enjoy around a particular surrounding. And then, you can start the process of creating 360 images.             

Step 4: Start Clicking:

Now comes the fun part, where you will be clicking your first 360-degree photo. Clicking a 360 view image might differ from app to app. But each app will guide you to do the same thing, i.e., turning in a circular motion while clicking the picture to capture the surroundings.

These apps guide you to the perfect position from which you can start taking the picture, and after you do what the app has prompted, the app will automatically attach all the snaps to form a perfect 360 view image.

Step 5: Upload the photo:

After the app attaches all the photos, you can now view and share the photos with your friends on social media. Some apps may offer the ability to use a gyroscope to move the photo around, but at the bare minimum, you will be offered to navigate the image using arrows. You can further use this image to upload on almost every social media platform that supports 360-degree media.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Can a 360-degree photo be taken using a Mobile phone?
    Yes, you can take a 360 images using a phone. Download the right apps, and they do all the work for you.
  2. How to create 360 degree view photo using Photoshop?
    Just follow these simple steps to convert a regular image into 360 images.
    Select layers panel> Then go to 3D> Spherical panorama>New panorama from selected layers. After that, you can further adjust the settings according to yours.
  3. Are 360 degree photos using a Mobile device better or equally good as a professional device?
    Unfortunately, a professional device will take a better picture than a mobile device.