A10 Eyes: The Ice Blue Eye Color in the Eye Chart Meme

a10 eyes

A10 eyes – Some people say that your eye colour changes the way you look. In defining your eye colour, you would normally turn to the mirror and call it based on the regular colours, blue, green, or brown. However, if you are smack on top of memes, you may have encountered an amazingly more intricate graph in circulation.

Overall, more and more people prefer The A10 eyes colour; when it comes to a closer look at all of these memes, however, there are mixed opinions on the A10 ice blue eye color? What does it mean? Moreover, are there any scientific facts to support the claims? Let us find out.

A10 Eyes: What is A10 Eyes Color?

If you possess super light blue eyes, there is a slight chance to actually coincide with one of the ‘A10 Eye color’ options in an eye chart of that doll from the year 1998. Interestingly, the eye chart was published between 1996 and 2002, allowing people to tailor made-to-order dolls. The A10 eyes colour was the palest of them and has also turned into a meme, gaining both positive and negative opinions from people.

Now, when the talk goes about human eye colour, one has to consider that a person is unlikely to look at a chart intended for dolls. However, in the past few years we have observed some peculiar memes that even claimed either with A10 Eyes (ice blue or light blue eyes), will be leaders or quite on the contrary.

The Origins and Spreading of ‘A10 Eyes’ (The 1998 Eye Chart Meme)

However, to begin with, if you intend to consult a standard eye color chart, you will not find the A10 option there. Instead, your eye color may be between 51 and 53; however, the figures vary depending on what chart you are using.

Thus, where did these A10 Eyes come from?

In 1996, a firm introduced personalized dolls. The dolls were named “My Twinn” and a profile was sent to parents or the person requesting a doll to be manufactured. This sheet was quite heavy on information to fill, and its modification continued over the next two years, with a more detailed questionnaire coming in 1998. 

The third personal profile question was eye color and this usually started with the A10 eye colour, which most people refer to as Ice Blue Eyes.

The goal was to be able to know the characteristics of the child: hair colour, eye length, eye colour, eyebrow shape and freckles on their face. After that, they would create a doll with such features.

This resulted in the Eye Caste System (A10 to T50), often seen as one of the first memes from this document. However, if you turn this system inside out, the A10 Ice Blue eye color sits at the very top.

A10 Eye Color Meaning

However, if you have blue eyes that are very pale in colour, one might ask about its significance. You may have seen some memes on the net and are not sure what they mean, mainly if your eye colour is in line with one of these options that have features relating to A10.

Of course, this image represented the A10 eyes as being better than any other colours that were at the top of the pyramid. However, it soon resulted in other memes that were making fun of this characterization.

For instance, one meme showed an image of a trailer park where everything was in disarray. It essentially turned the pyramid upside down and put A10 at the bottom. Naturally, the meaning of this meme can be construed differently.

Some Questions

What is the rarest eye color?

This shift, however, makes grey the most unique of all eye colours. Also, there could be sufficient melanin in the front layer of gray eyes to absorb some of the blue wavelengths reflected off by eye tissues. Dark grey has a little more melanin in the front layer than pale grey.

Which eyes are the most appealing?

Broken down by gender, men rated grey, blue, and green eyes as the most attractive, while women said that they were attracted to green, hazel and grey eyes. Secondary to brown eyes ranking at the bottom of our perceived attraction scale, about 79% of our global population has melanin-rich brown eyes.

How come hazel eyes are so uncommon?

The hazel eye genetic mutation affects less than 5 percent of the world’s population. They have the second-highest melanin after brown eyes. . The mix of melanin (for the case of green eyes) and a lot of melanin (brown eyes) makes this eye colour present itself in an interesting manner.