Roblox Marketplace Halts New Policy After Backlash From Creators

Roblox Marketplace

Roblox is updating its Creator Store and will no longer take a share of the money from sales. This means creators can keep all the money they make from selling things like models and plugins.

Roblox has given much money to people who make things for the platform. The best creators, who make avatars and accessories, can make more than $20 million a year because other players buy what they make. However, those who create models (like buildings, vehicles, and furniture for games) and plugins (which give players new abilities) were losing some of their earnings to fees.

In the past, Roblox would take some money from the sales of models and plugins in the Creator Store. The creators did not like this and told Roblox. So, at the Roblox Developers Conference in 2023, Roblox said it would stop taking this money. Now, creators can keep all the money they make from their sales, except for taxes and payment fees.

Roblox is making a big update. Now, people can use real money (USD) to buy things like models and plugins instead of using Robux, the pretend money in the game.

Here is something important: The Creator Store, which used to be called the Creator roblox marketplace, differs from where you buy avatars and accessories with Robux. This change does not affect that other store or how much money those creators make.

Roblox developers said, “Soon, people who want to sell plugins in the Creator Store can get their accounts ready and decide how much they want to charge in dollars. We’re giving everyone time to get used to this new way and prepare their things for sale. You won’t be able to buy these things with dollars until the end of March.”

When everything is set up, creators will get all the money from their sales.

Roblox has been working on changing the Creator roblox marketplace into the Creator Store for two years. They have been thinking about how to help creators make money and keep things safe.

The main goal of the new Creator Store is to create a place where creators can share and sell high-quality stuff like models, plugins, and other things that help people make games on Roblox.

Communities that stand together:

Roblox creators quickly said no to a new rule. This happened right after Unity’s new pay-per-install rule upset developers and brought them together. A lot of developers thought this rule was not fair and would make it harder to make and share good games.

This rule might help bigger developers who can spend more money to install their games, which could make it harder for smaller developers to get noticed. Unity has now said something about the big complaints and might change its rules. They are also looking for other ways to work with developers and help with their worries.

Roblox’s creators are just as ready to speak up and say no to any rule that is not good for them. Roblox quickly listened to the creators’ complaints and will share news about the new rule soon.

Some Questions

What is Roblox Marketplace? 

The Roblox Marketplace is an online platform where users can buy, sell, or trade items created by developers and creators within the Roblox community.

How does the Roblox Creator Marketplace work? 

The Roblox Creator Marketplace allows creators to sell their creations to other users. It includes features like setting prices, managing inventory, and tracking sales.

What was the recent policy change on Roblox Marketplace? 

Roblox recently proposed a new marketplace policy, which faced backlash from creators. The policy was then halted due to the community’s response.

Are there any fees associated with selling on Roblox Marketplace?

Yes, there are fees involved when selling items on the Roblox Marketplace. The exact fee structure can vary and has been a topic of discussion among creators.

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