How to Buy the Latest Handmade Mangal Sutra?

Married ladies in India are expected to wear an eye-catching Mangal Sutra or a kind of a chain with gold and black beads and a cute pendant. Most people wear a Mangal Sutra because tradition and customs demand it while there are some women who prefer to consider the scientific benefits of wearing a Mangal Sutra. Did you know that by sporting a Mangal Sutra, there could be an improvement in the overall health and fitness of a married lady?

What Is a Mangal Sutra?

Mangal Sutra means the sacred thread. It is used extensively by married Indian women all across the country. It is an integral part of a bride’s jewelry and is a significant part of Indian tradition and Hindu culture. Indian people pay a lot of importance to Mangal Sutras and most married women are expected to wear a Mangal Sutra to demonstrate the fact that they are married and no one should look at them with any evil intentions.

Whatever the reasons, Mangal Sutra is regarded even today as the greatest symbol of the love and bonding of marriage. It is simply a set of beautiful black beads that are strung together with the help of a gold chain or a yellow thread along with a cute pendant. This piece of jewelry would never go out of fashion as designers are coming up with sleeker and more attractive versions including the handmade Mangal Sutra that is becoming increasingly popular among the modern and the fashion-conscious Indian women. For every Hindu married woman, Mangal Sutra has some special importance that simply cannot be undermined. This beautiful ornament is known to symbolize the union of a woman and man. This is regarded as the most important and precious jewelry item that a married woman needs to wear all through her lifetime.

Mangal Sutra Promotes Health

Our Indian culture and tradition are really scientific and advanced. In the field of Ayurveda, it is believed that metal gold offers multiple benefits. Mangal Sutra is made from pure gold mostly effective in improving heart and also keeping the chest clear and healthy. Right at the center you would see two cups that are mostly round and sans any designs. This is great for generating a super-cool and harmonious relationship between the wife and her hubby.

Gold is effective in stimulating the sun channel found in a woman. Remember that the sacred black beads comprising a Mangal Sutra are effective in protecting a married lady from evil eyes because black is supposed to effectively absorb all negative energy.  Moreover, the three distinctive knots of the Mangal Sutra beads would be signifying diverse aspects of marital life. The first knot would be signifying obedience towards your life partner. The second knot would be symbolic of obedience and respect to your parents. Finally, the third knot would be representing your respect for God Almighty.

Choosing a Handmade Designer Mangal Sutra


Today, the jewelry designers are coming up with absolutely amazing handmade versions of the traditional Mangal Sutras. A Mangal Sutra is indeed a beautiful and a precious piece of jewelry for an Indian married woman. The modern Mangal Sutras come in a variety of designs to complement your personality and cater to the diverse needs, tastes, and preferences. Often it becomes pretty challenging to make the right choice. Here are some of the simple factors to keep in mind while buying the best Mangal Sutra for your wedding.

Budget: Budget plays a pivotal role in determining what Mangal Sutra type to buy. You must chalk out a budget. Thanks to a great variety of metals, cuts, and designs, the price range is sure to vary quite a lot. Determine a precise budget and always stick to it. Try not to exceed the budget.

Metal: Decide which metal to opt for while buying the Mangal Sutra. Previously gold Mangal Sutras were in great demand but today, you could get Mangal Sutras in amazing designs in not only gold but platinum, silver, and even white gold. Choose as per your budgetary constraints. If your budget permits, buy a stunning Mangal Sutra with diamonds for that amazing glittering effect.

Need-Based Buying: Your Mangal Sutra should cater to your precise requirements. No need to get swayed by someone else’s choice and designs. If you wish to buy a Mangal Sutra for simply daily use, opt for a lightweight one with the chic design so that it is quite comfortable to wear and easy to carry. Special occasion Mangal Sutras should, however, be relatively heavyweight with a large or minimum a medium-sized pendant with eye-catching and an intricate design matching your precise requirements.

Choose the Right Pendant: Designers today are coming up with a broad spectrum of pendant designs such as hanging pendants, heavy design pendants, lightweight pendants, small pendants and much more. Buy what really looks best on you and suits your personality. Remember to consider the comfort factor. Think about the occasion when you wish to wear the Mangal Sutra and choose a lovely design accordingly.

Examine the Authenticity

Always remember to examine the five most important marks of authenticity, 1) Purity Grade, 2) BIS Standard Mark, 3) Hallmarking Center, 4) Jeweler’s Identification Mark, and 5) The Manufacturing Year. This thorough scrutiny would make sure that you do not get cheated and you end up buying an authentic jewelry piece.


Mangal Sutra is the expression of the deep love, bond, dedication, and commitment between marital partners in India. The Mangal Sutra is essentially a graceful jewelry piece that every Indian married woman would love to flaunt.

Article by:  Mandy Bular is an artist and jewelry designer working with an independent boutique jewelry creator. She loves art, photography, and blogging and shares a number of her unique designs and pointers to great stores and resources online like

4 Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing Your Wedding Lehenga

Summer weddings. What do you think first when you get ready to be married in summers? Umm… your ethnic wear clothing! Well, to start off your shopping for your wedding, first attire you eagerly wait all your life to get a hold onto is your Wedding Lehenga.

Every year, lots of dresses wrapped under the label of plenty of designers are showcased, which leads to a lot of drama and confusion to choose from. With the urge of keeping it stylish with the traditional look, the most preferred option is to choose a lightweight lehenga with visually soft colours and appealing work on it. As a guide to solve your dilemma and make your wedding a BIG hit, we enlist few details and points “to be noted” while selecting your wedding lehenga. So, here you go:

  • Colours:Maroons and Reds are a passé. When you talk about choosing the colors for your lehenga this summer, you could never go wrong with light pastels and pinks are the way to go.

ethnic wearYou can also experiment your look by going for beige color this summer. Its sootheness and calmness can turn the heads on.

ethnic wear2Apart from the colours, you can go for the floral prints, which is taken up from the 70s.

ethnic wear 3if you are experimenting a beach wedding to be more adventurous, you can always go for something bold and crazy like the geometric multi coloured prints.

ethnic wear4

Make sure to use minimal accessories when choosing light colours as mismatch or over accessories could spoil your bridal look drastically. They may not be as big and grand as dark lehengas but they sure has their own sumptuous look.

  • Cloth material:first and foremost thing to be taken a good care of is that in summers, one must not go for the silk and the velvets. Make sure the material of your lehenga is light and comfortable to wear in the screeching heat. Velvets and silks are a big NO because of the heat they absorb; which would lead you to be an uncomfortable and scratching bride!
  • ethnic wear5Work:Talking about the work on your lehenga, try using the stone or the embroidery work instead of adopting the traditional red lehengas.

ethnic wear6Lightweight lehengas with heavy work are also an option you could crave this summer.
A heavy bordered lehengas are IN for the summer weddings with the simple work of zari, embroidery or stonework here and there. This would give you a complete look of a stunner.

ethnic wear7ethnic wear8

Net dupattas with sequins work are the show stoppers. Whatever you choose, make sure you make it a hit by embellishing it with the perfect accessories and elegant makeup.

  • Price range:Marriage in India is definitely a costly affair. To make it worth all the drama and stardom, you need to have an outfit complimenting all of it. Many of the modern and socialists don’t like spending a big amount on the lehengas as it is mostly just a one-day affair and then, it is stored in a box somewhere in your house forever! So, instead of wasting piles of money on the designer ones, you can always rent it or purchase it from good and affordable ethnic wear platforms. You can check out the range from various social media sites too and compare if it could fit into your wedding diaries. You can choose from a variety of lehenga options and choose the ONE made for YOU. Or, you can always have an option to break the monopoly and design it on your own!

We hope our effort to cater you help will be appreciated and we hope this summer, you will be the one rocking the summer bride look and will slay the audience with your look.

Which one of these is your “perfect attire”? Let us know in the comments section below. Happy wedding!  J

Shhh! Here’s the secret to finding the best wedding makeup artist

The wedding dates are fixed, and before you know it, you are prepping up for the big day. While it is quite difficult finding the right venue, caterer, outfits, etc. you may still find one task most humongous of all; the task of finding a perfect make -up artist.

Planning a wedding in a city like Mumbai will not save you much. Also, your budget may also have a chance of going much overboard than what you originally planned. But you still need to find an excellent bridal makeup artist in Mumbai and that too within your budget! Sounds impossible, right? Well, not anymore with mobile marketplace like apps in the market. Here’s how they can come to your rescue.

Booking the best wedding artist with a mobile marketplace app

Every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day and not hiring a bridal makeup artist due to an already jam-packed budget is not an option. In fact, if there is anything that tops a bride’s list as much as the perfect wedding outfit, then it’s the makeup!


Hence, we suggest taking help of a mobile marketplace app like UrbanClap which provides bridal makeup artists in Mumbai at your doorstep. This way you can choose only those makeup artists who suit your budget.

For the smaller as well as bigger wedding functions the app has a solution for all your makeup needs; which are available with just a touch of your Smartphone!

How to find the best bridal makeup artist on mobile marketplaces

  • Browsing for a good makeup artist

Mobile marketplace for services just spoil you for choices. Browse through the list of services and choose the ones you need (in this case a bridal makeup artist!). Alternatively, you can also select other services such as pre-wedding shoot, bridal mehndi artists, and so on.

  • Events

Indian weddings are gala events featuring several functions. The pressure of looking close to a movie star at these events bring higher expectations. Mobile marketplaces are platforms that help you pick the functions for which you need a makeup artist for. UrbanClap for instance helps you opt for a makeup artist best suited for your Mehendi or Cocktail party.

  • Choose your type of makeup

Want to choose a sweet, subtle look for your engagement, or a bold look for the reception, or maybe a fresh dewy and all natural look for a simple function at home- everything is available on these platforms. This way the artist has a heads-up from the beginning and will work with you only on those looks and ideas you like, hence saving a lot of time. It is best to book a trial session on the app before finalizing a makeup artist. What’s more, you can even schedule makeup sessions for your friends and family.

  • Pick a reasonable budget

Those extra bucks saved will come to use when you plan a getaway with your hubby the next year. Specify the budget you are comfortable with and get connected with only those artists who match your budget. Since apps like UrbanClap provide only verified and professional experts, you can expect good quality artists to connect with you.

  • Give your details

Your requests are precisely matched to professionals, which help avoid any last-minute problems. Specify where you want the service, and the app will get you connected with the right professionals matching your needs.

So within few easy steps, you will soon have access to expert makeup artists and that too matching your budget. Within 24 hours the best professionals will call you or be at your doorstep, consulting with you about the gorgeous look you need to match your wedding functions.

So, don’t wait anymore! Can’t find a good bridal makeup artist in your budget? Go ahead and get the benefits of an expert makeup artist within your budget; by simple clicks and taps on apps like UrbanClap.

What Engagement Ring Is Your Fiancé?

So she has finally said yes! But wait, the battle is just half won. Make sure you celebrate her commitment with a ring she deserves. Trust us when we say, finding the ideal ring for engagement has more to do with the personality of your partner than your intuition. We suggest you analyse her personality and serenade her with a piece meant just for her.

                                                                  Is your fiancé quirky in nature?

Your quirky fiancé may not be easy to convince. It’s her unconventional outlook towards life that attracted you towards her for the first time (and always since then)! But, now it’s time to find an engagement ring that is as unusual as your partner is. If a round shaped ring is too conventional for her, look for the rings with open ends. This rose gold engagement ring from the Ornati collection by Farah Khan from is perfect to amaze your partner.


                                                              Is your fiancé demure and sophisticated type?

If your partner wants to keep the engagement an affair without pomp, then she is not the one to be convinced by any dazzling engagement ring. You need to be a little choosier with the piece, as she may find a shiny rock too loud to sport. Believe us, a platinum ring would suit her best.  You can also get the cue from her quick but frequent glances at platinum jewellery designs available at CaratLane.


                                                             If your fiancé flamboyant?

It’s completely fine if she likes to show off all that she holds close to her heart. After all, she never hesitates from expressing her love for you! When she is so loud and clear about her feelings, why not let her engagement ring be as flamboyant as she is?

If diamond jewellery is what pleases her, then look no further. Pick up a quintessential ring from an avant garde diamond jewellery collection and seal your love in style.


                                                             Is your partner a diehard romantic?

Two bands with one design – isn’t it like your own love story where you and your partner have similar likes and dislikes? If you and your darling fiancé love to be the reflection of each other, then why let the engagement rings be different! Couple bands will truly reflect the bond between you two. Further, a couple band also gives an excuse for the two love-struck persons to come together and enjoy the courtship period.


                                                              Is your partner a social bird?

If your partner is an extrovert and loves socializing, then we suggest solitaires would work well for her. A glittery piece on her fingers would be a statement she would love to make.  She would love to own a solitaire ring that sets the stage for appreciation rolling. Moreover, she is the love streak of your life. And, a love streak deserves nothing less than a solitaire.


The more you understand your partner, the easier it will be to figure out her jewellery preferences. The secret lies in spending more time with your partner to ensure the glittery piece you pick ultimately, is exactly what she wants. Put your heart in picking the engagement ring for ‘her’. Respect her personality, and accordingly, make a choice. Trust us! You will never go wrong this way.

Amazing Gift Ideas To Bestow Your Wife On Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth… A day to express and celebration love between a husband and wife!

Karva Chauth is celebrated all over the North India with lots of enthusiasm. It is one day fast which is specifically performed by the wives for their husbands. It is one of the famous festivals of Hindu religion. The fast is kept by the wives from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and long life of husbands. If we talk about the toughness of this fast, Karva Chauth is considered to be one of the most difficult fasts. Women don’t even take a single drop of water during the whole day and evening till the moon rises. They apply mehandi on the previous day and get ready on the day of fast by wearing traditional saree or suit and jewelry, bindi, bangles, sindoor and doing complete make up to look most beautiful. Then, they hear the story of Karva Chauth and when moon rises, they offer water to the moon and looks at their husbands with the help of sieve. Wives even touch the feet of their husbands after this and then break their fast. Such beautiful, this day is and so gifting something to your wife is the way to unveil your hidden love for your wife!

Are you confused thinking what should you gift to your beloved wife? When your wife is showing her sincere love, commitment and dedication towards you in the form of keeping fast then as a husband, it is your responsibility to make her feel special by gifting her something that she loves a lot or she has been desiring for long. There are various gift ideas that you can gift your dear wife on such an auspicious occasion. It could be any among these:

Bouquet of Flowers:

boquet of flowers

Flowers, especially red roses or white lilies are loved the most by woman. Red roses are said to be the symbol of love. You can get a beautiful bouquet prepared from a good floral shop which includes a bunch of beautiful flowers with pleasing fragrance. You can even get a heart shaped bouquet prepared of red roses, which will give a perfect look on this day of love. Adding a small greeting card will add five stars to this gift idea. So, what have you decided??



Jewelry is the second love of every woman and nothing can impress her more than this. Irrespective of the collection she owes, her craving for jewelry keeps on increasing with the passage of time. Depending on your budget, you can gift her any jewelry item like: ring, pendant, earrings, bracelet, necklace or anklet. These can be of silver, diamond or gold as per your choice and the size of pocket. But the best part is that whatever you gift her will be the most precious one for her because it showcases your love and respect towards her. So, the price of the gift does not matter but your feelings hidden behind it definitely matters.

Simple or Designer Saree:

model no 31005PRICE:- 2170

Now, this is again something that woman keeps adding to her wardrobe without counting the existing ones and why not, after all it’s her right! Depending on what your woman loves, you can make a decision to whether purchase a simple saree or a designer one. The best part about this gift is that it suits within the range of every man. All you need to do is to go to a good saree shop and select the latest style saree of the color she loves to wear and get it gift wrapped. Isn’t it an awesome idea?

Designer Attire:

designer attire1

If your beloved wife loves modernized wear, then you can make a choice of any designer attire. The entire woman is not comfortable to carry saree always, so any designer outfit will serve to be a superb idea. If your mind is blank with what to purchase, then just drive to any designer boutique and quote the choice of your wife to the owner and then he or she will help you in making a decision. A designer one piece or top or kurta, you can choose any among these. The right way could be to close your eyes and imagine her in the attire you chose!

designer attire 2

Personalized Gifts:

personalized Gifts

Nothing can be more than amazing gift than giving your beloved wife any personalized gift. These could be: coffee mug, cushions, pillow covers, bed sheet or photo frame with the imprint of your romantic photos and messages in them. You must be thinking, where to purchase them from? Well, you can either prefer any online store or now days there are various malls which have such shops that offer making of personalized gifts. So, make a choice that you think will be loved by your wife. An awesome gift that she will cherish forever!

Branded Watch:

Wrist Watch

A trendy watch for her wrist is also a perfect gift to give her on the day of Karva Chauth. Whenver she will wear it, that watch will remind of this day. You can choose any: copper, metallic, silver or golden polished washed, whichever you think has run a little obsolete out of her collection. You are sure to love the smile on her lips when she will unwrap that gift and nothing you can wish more than this. Choose one, keeping her choice in mind!

Recreated Wedding Photo Album:

recreated wedding album 2

This idea of gift is especially for the ones whose marriage period has crossed five years or more. But this is sure to create a feeling of intense love and emotions over her. Just take your wedding album secretly to any artistic studio and ask him to recreate it in a novel style. It is sure that she will never forget this moment of her life when you will gift her recreated photo album with a red rose. A journey of years wrapped in a stylish way!

Stylish Handbag:


Without giving a second thought, you can gift her, a stylish handbag on this special day of Karva Chauth. This will serve as a true expression of your intense love and respect you carry for her. Carrying it to a kitty party or when going to market, this stylish handbag will always make her remember you. The shine in eyes will speak her hidden feelings.

Gift Hamper:

gift hamper

For this, you can take a bucket and include various small gifts that she will like and contribute to the gift hamper. Things that you can include are: Love card, chocolates, teddy bear, red rose, any night wear, different accessories, branded cosmetics etc. Even the imagination of such hamper is making you excited, isn’t it? Though this will demand little extra effort, but will mark as one of the most heart touching gifts for her because this gift hamper will showcase that you know and care about each and every choice.

Branded Perfume or Deodorant:

Perfume or deodrant

If she loves to wear the perfume or deodorant whenever she steps out, then gifting her, a branded perfume or deodorant with a soft and pleasing fragrance will also be an excellent idea. May be this is something that she has been wishing since long, so why to leave a chance to impress her and show your love for her. Don’t forget to gift wrap it in a trendy way so that she cannot guess what it can be! Asking her to guess can also be a real fun.

Well, not to worry, if you are running short of money this month. You can gift her, a simple red rose with knees bent and say her three magical words “I LOVE YOU” and this will make her speechless. Affordable and extremely romantic! Gifts are just a way of expressing your love but actually no gifts are required to express your true love because eyes and deeds speak everything. All she needs is your time, respect, love and care.

Do comment and let us know if you appreciate the ideas given by us. If you think that we have missed on any gift idea then please feel free to share with us. We would love to hear from you!