How to locate Cuckoos Evergal?

locate Cuckoos Evergal

CUCKOOS EVERGAOL – Gamers can travel to Cuckoos Evergaol in Elden Ring. So this is where to locate Cuckoo’s Evergaol in Elden Ring if you want to discover it and get goodies such as the Greatblade Phalanx Spell.

How to locate Cuckoos Evergal?

On the maps, search for the area known as Liurnia of the Lakes to locate Cuckoos Evergaol. East of the West Minor Erdtree, in the western half of the area. Start looking for the sizable circular disc on the floor once you arrive at this location. Here, you will locate a doorway in the center of the disc. The fact that Cuckoo’s Evergaol doesn’t need a Stonesword Key to reach, even though this is an Evergaol, is yet another point to keep in mind regarding this place. 

Step into the portal to explore the location, and you’ll arrive at Cuckoo’s Evergaol. It’s also important to note that Bols, a Carian Knight, would challenge you when you arrive at Cuckoo’s Evergaol.

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How to beat Bols in Elden Ring, the Carian Knight?

Whenever they arrive in Cuckoos Evergaol, Gamers’ primary objective is to take on Bols, a Carian Knight. You will receive the Greatblade Phalanx Spell and 4,600 Runes if you can beat him. 

Remember that Spirits cannot be called during combat until you confront him. Additionally, you must ensure that your weapons have a level of +5 to +8 (standard), and +1 to +3. (somber).

Suggested Weapons 

We advise employing ranged techniques to deal as much harm as possible in this fight. He does not dodge assaults, so you can be prepared to hit him with your blows. 

However, if you want to utilize melee weapons, ensure your weapon has a +5 or higher rating because close-range combat with Bols and Carian Knight can be challenging.

Carian Knight attacks Bols. 

You ought to be aware of four strikes from this world boss within the Elden Ring

  • Phalanx-  A Greatblade named Phalanx Bols, a Carian Knight, is composed of 3 magical blades that Phalanx can call out. Bols, the Carian Knight, may release all of these swords toward you at once, so be careful.
  • Sword Smash- Bols, the Carian Knight, would charge at you and slam his swords on the surface. 
  • Stab-  Be on the lookout for such an attack since it can take you down immediately. Bols, the Carian Knight, will use his sword to stab the ground in this assault. 
  • Stomp- The Carian Knight would smash just a few times if he detects you beneath Bols.

Strategies for defeating Bols Knight, Carian!

You’ll notice Bols, Carian Knights, ,’s when you first encounter him. He has a weakness here since you can attack from under him. He cannot withstand your assaults due to his strength. 

Utilizing your surroundings in the Elden Ring is yet another simple technique to kill this boss. Bols, the Carian Knight, runs against the arena walls when you take him to the outskirts of the battle zone. Additionally, the impact of running into the walls causes him to sway briefly. Make use of your surroundings.

Furthermore, you are not advised to use a shield during this conflict. Bols, the attacks of the Carian Knight cut past your defense. Therefore, for this boss battle, it is best to use a two-handed weapon or a second weapon on the other hand. 

We sincerely hope that this guide assists you in locating Cuckoos Evergaol and eliminating the world boss here.


The western continent of Liurnia contains Cuckoos Evergaol, which is close by and accessible on foot or by horseback. There is no need for a Stonesword Key to open this Evergaol. As fast as you reach the region, the gateway mechanism in the center is turned on. Bols, the Carian Knight, is the boss inside the portal, therefore approaches to face him. are 

Bols is a Carian-armoured Troll Knight carrying a huge greatsword. Its size causes him to travel quite slowly and strike with considerable force.

He makes up for everything by repeatedly howling, amplifying his harm, and sending players into a daze. Take care, since after roaring, he often combos into subsequent attacks. Always keep an eye on Bols since he can instantly turn around to deliver a disastrous follow-up attack. Bols is big enough so that you can quickly and safely sidestep under his legs to eliminate much of his attacks.

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In conclusion, the article has attempted to give details about “cuckoos evergaol”. Several tips are mentioned above to defeat the evergaol.


Q1) how do you get a cuckoo in evergaol?

Ans- The western continent of Liurnia contains Cuckoos Evergaol, which is close by and accessible on foot or by horseback. There is no need for a Stone Sword Key to open this Evergaol.

Q2) How many evergaols are there in the Elden ring?

Ans- There are 11 evergaols dispersed throughout the Elden Ring for all of you to discover.

Q3) what level should I enter in evergaol?

Ans- Spirit-Caller Snail — End of the Road’s End Catacombs — 15

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