What Does No Location Found Mean?

What does No Location found mean

What does no location found mean –  Apple introduced a useful app called Find My Friends for iPhone users to communicate with friends. As a location based app, it enables its users to find friends and family from any Apple device easily. But if you face problems related to what does no location found mean, this article will solve all the questions.

Since the previous iOS 13 was delivered in 2019, the “Find My Friends app” was incorporated into the “Find My iPhone app.” Therefore, after the release of iOS 15, this whole merge was named as “Find My.”

So free yourself from the stress of finding my friends, no location found, because you have already found a solution. And know what does no location found mean in your iPhone:

What Does No Location Found Mean 

If the Find My Friends app keeps showing no location found, problems are definitely afoot. That is probably due to the location service not working properly. The application runs using GPS and the phone’s location service. In that juxtaposition, if any problem arises, the app would probably handle a couple of adjustments.

Moreover, if there is any malfunction in the phone’s internal functioning, GPS and location trackers may not be effective enough. Something terribly wrong could be caused by a simple error. Therefore, the app will fail to be able to detect any location of your family or friends.

Why Find My Friends Say No Location Found

Many of you may believe that your friend might have blocked you from the phone or turned off the location for you. What does no location found mean?’ It is not what happens. Perhaps your phone is turned off, or there may be some serious problem concerning your device. There can also be some additional possibilities, including:

  • Your friend should set the date and time right on that device.
  • Neither phone is connected to cellular or Wi-Fi.
  • Presumably, the individual activated ‘Hide My Location.’

5 Ways to Fix No Location Found Error in Find My Friends

To ensure that your app works without a hitch, make sure you follow the steps below.

1. Verify that the GPS is turned on and functioning

Disabling GPS saves battery life. Therefore, you can turn off GPS when you are more required to use it. But Find My Friends can know the location using the phone data even if the GPS is switched off. However, the data is not always accurate or dependable. While out of coverage, it will show ‘ location not available’. So, access “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Location Services,” and turn it on.

2. Restart the app and log in again

If something goes wrong for “what does no location found mean”, restart the application and log in immediately. It is the simplest solution to repair almost every app problem. However, using the tracker requires you to log into your app account.

3. Check the date and time and make it correct

Even the smallest discrepancy of time and date on your device can inhibit Find My Friends from working well. Always configure the phone to set the date and time from network sources automatically. Or the app can function again accurately.

4. Turn on “Share my location”

Find My Friends can also fail to show a place in case Share My Location is turned off. Moreover, therefore, verify it and turn it on. So, all you need to do is go to “Settings” > “iCloud Settings” > Location Services’s ” Share My Location”. Turn it on now.

Still No Location- Find My Friends Try iToolab FixGo

If you have tried the ways above to fix it, your Find My Friends location still has not been found. There may be some problems. 


Find My Friends is an app that can be considered reasonably secure for looking at the location. You can protect your online privacy with a strong password to your online account. However, you can invite or uninvite people from your list if you do not want them to continue locating your location. We hope that we can assist you in resolving all your queries like ‘What does no location found mean.’


What does no location found mean?

Usually, the “no location found” warning is shown when a phone is not connected to Wi-Fi or loses service. Not Available shows that the GPS tried but did not manage to know the phone’s location.

Why are you not showing up at the Find My Friends location?

The no location found message will also appear if your friend has not signed in to the Find My friends application, turned off Location Services or used the Hide My Location in Finding Feature.

Why is it that I do not see someone’s location, yet they share it?

The other device is not connected to a network, or it is off. Your friend’s phone is turned on for Hide My Location. The friend’s device also has the Location Services switched off. Your friend has not logged into the service.

How do you know if someone turned off their location?

If someone stops sharing their location with you on his or her iPhone, the next time you try to open the Find My app, it will show a “No Location Available” message. On the other hand, if you see a “no location found” message this has a different meaning.