How to Write an Unusual Essay Following the Standard Rules

essay writing tips

Are you a student looking for information on how to write a perfect essay? We are here to help you. As we progress through school and our level of education increases, the level and complexity of the essays which our teachers demand from us increase.

We, as US students, can write essays easily. All we need is a little bit of guidance and help. If you pay for an essay, you can get help with your assignment and ensure that your work is of top-notch quality. Keep the basic essay format in your mind and keep an eye on the essay tips we have mentioned below.

However, no matter how complex the essay topic that your teacher has assigned to you is, you can write an effective essay by following the standard essay rules and basic essay format.  Every essay has three main sections.

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Let’s take a look at the rules that you should follow to make your essay stand out from those of your peers.

1.    Make an Outline

The idea of writing a huge essay is scary for everyone. If you break down the tasks into small steps, it’s more likely that you will get your work done on time. Make sure that you organize your thoughts in your mind first before you start writing.

It is helpful if you create an outline of what you want to present in your essay. You can use various diagrams, flow charts, etc. to organize your thoughts. Make a mind map, with the topic or the main idea in the center, and then draw lines for further arguments in favor or in opposition to the main idea.

Keep building the arguments until you have ample material for your essay. You can use online resources to help you with essay and paper writing as well. You can get expert writers at your service if you pay for college essay online.

If you have loads of pending assignments, it’s easier to pay for essay instead of submitting substandard work to your teacher and missing the marks.

2.    Write a thesis statement

After thoroughly understanding the topic of your essay and creating an outline for it, you have to write a thesis statement. The thesis statement is the most important part of your essay. After reading your thesis statement, the reader should have a very clear idea of what your stance is on a given topic. You can pay for college essay and get expert help with your thesis statement.

It is very easy to write, and you shouldn’t let the word “thesis” intimidate you. A thesis statement basically tells the readers what the essay is about. Moreover, it lets them know, briefly, whether you oppose that notion or support it. Make sure that your thesis statement in light of the type of essay topic you have been assigned.

3.    Introduction

The very first paragraph of your essay is the introduction. If you write a captivating introduction, you will be able to grasp the attention of your readers from the very beginning, and they will be hooked. Make sure that you present the main idea of your essay in the introduction and then go from there. One of the essay tips that most expert writers give is to start with an introductory question to engage the readers.

4.    Body

After the introduction, comes the body of the essay. The body of the essay is the part where you argue, describe, or explain your essay depending on the type of essay that you are writing. The number of paragraphs in the body depends on the number of ideas that you want to present. If you want to present 5 supporting ideas, then your body will have five paragraphs.

Make sure that you present the strongest argument that you have in the first paragraph. Begin each paragraph with the idea you want to discuss in it. Follow it up with additional information that supports it. After thoroughly discussing it, conclude with a solid example that supports what you were saying in the paragraph.

Keep following this format until you have written down all the ideas you want to discuss in lieu of the essay topic. Back the ideas with facts, figures, and real-life examples.

5.    Conclusion

Now comes the conclusion of your essay.  In conclusion, you have to sum up all the ideas that you discussed above and link them all back to your thesis statement. Make sure that your conclusion comes off as confident, and assures the readers that you have proven the idea you presented in the thesis statement thoroughly.

One essay tips for expert writers is to write in a way so that if the reader only reads your thesis statement, introduction, and conclusion, (s)he should have a really good idea regarding your thoughts on a particular topic.

Final Word

You have to ensure that you know how to write essays effectively. Follow the basic essay format, and you will be able to write on any topic. Use online resources for writing perfectly. Keep the essay tips that we have provided above in mind, and you will excel. Though, if you do not feel confident doing that, better pay someone to write an essay instead of submitting rushed, low-quality work since essay writing is going to be a major part of your studies.