Ranking Papa John’s Papadia Flavors from Worst To Best


Papadia – During the times of plague and dearth of resources in ancient Italy, the piadina, a sandwich made of affordable ingredients, was a very sustaining meal for the citizens. In 2020 the year when the global COVID-19 pandemic began Papa John’s $6 Papadias became a real lifesaver during the tough times. 

In February, unaware of the upcoming March stay-at-home orders, Papa John’s introduced its papadia-inspired half pizza and sandwich as a quick on-the-go lunch. However, in that year, no one moved anywhere, even the papadias.

Since then, Papa John has grown its chimaera sandwich range a lot, including a parmesan crust, introducing buffalo chicken and also collaborating with Doritos to bring out a limited edition trio of Dorito Cool Ranch Papadias, which probably left Taco Bell a famous Doritos partner, feeling the heat. 

On the other hand, it seems that Papa John’s Papadias have become overconfident. Time to spice up their sauced-up universe and give knowledge to you a devoted gourmand, which ones are very worthy of their place in your stomach. 

Yes we have done the taste test and are now revealing the true, mouth-watering essence of the six Papadias variations. Thus, based on the taste, the sauce ratio, and also the profile of the unique flavours of the ingredients here are the Papa’s Papadia flavours from least to the most favourable.

Meatball Pepperoni Papadia

 Meatball Pepperoni Pizza Inspired by one of Papa John’s favourite menu items, this Papadia is a flatbread filled with an amazing blend of cheese, pizza sauce, meatballs, and pepperoni. True to its Italian roots, the Meatball Pepperoni Papadia offers an undeniably delicious flavour.

This sandwich’s combination of cheese, sauce and pepperoni perfectly reflects what a well-sauced pizza should be. Most importantly, the side dipping pizza sauce complements the sandwich without much dominating it. 

On the other hand, the Meatball Pepperoni Papadia fails to deliver in the meatball department since it lacks a significant amount of this vital element. After that minor obstacle, the flatbread sandwich has no unique taste. After completing it, there was a desire to order a classic pizza instead.

Doritos Cool Ranch Beef Papadia

Applying the cool ranch flavour is just enough to make you want to dip the sandwich in for an additional kick of flavour. The powerful nature of beef goes with the sauce’s creaminess in an amazing combination of creamy and meaty taste. 

Nevertheless, these redeeming features are outweighed by a striking flaw that undermines the whole experience: the onions and the tomatoes in the mix are almost invisible. The problem is in the sauce to veggie, whether it is the quantity of onions and tomatoes or that the sauce overwhelms their taste, which is unclear. However, the monotonous taste of the Doritos Cool Ranch Beef Papadia leaves it behind as our fourth choice.

Grilled BBQ Chicken and Bacon Papadia

Coming straight from the world of pizzas, BBQ Chicken and Bacon Papadia is a direct offspring of Papa John’s BBQ Chicken and Bacon Pizza, absorbing the flavour of the southern comfort food. This flatbread sandwich is loaded with many onions, grilled chicken, crispy bacon, and cheese dipped in the tangy BBQ sauce, making it a real flavour powerhouse.

With its well-balanced, full, full-bodied, sweet and tangy notes, the sauce enhances the flavours of onions and chicken. Interestingly, unlike most of the Papadias in this lineup, this pizza sandwich is very generous with the chicken flavours. But these chickens seem to make up for the almost negligible amount of the bacon.

BBQ Chicken and Bacon Papadia lacks bacon, which is so apparent that we had to double-check the receipt to ensure that the meat was not supposed to be part of the sandwich. However, even though the sandwich is full of flavours and the abundance of sauce encourages you to use BBQ dipping sauce, these advantages cannot outweigh the reality that this sandwich may be considered an example of false display.

Steak Cool Ranch Papadia

The third and last of the Doritos and Papa John’s collaborative is the Doritos Cool Ranch Steak Papadia, which also follows a similar narrative in terms of the sauce and filling, similar to the beef and chicken variants. However, the steak flavour is the most suitable among all the Doritos types.

 Taco Bell has a long history of marketing steak-filled Doritos, and the famous snack brand has steak-flavoured chips. The combination of Doritos and steak has a glorious and delicious past, and steak-filled Cool Ranch Doritos Papadia certainly adds to this.

This sandwich sauce application is very perfect. Unlike the heavy-handedness of its predecessors, the Doritos Cool Ranch Steak Papadia allows you to enjoy the onions, cheese and tomatoes with every bite of this Doritos inspired. 

When mixed with the steak, these ingredients form a crunchy and multi-dimensional taste, which is further intensified with the help of ranch dipping sauce. The sauce ratio wins many praises, this sandwich, like most of Papa John’s Papadias lacks in the meat category. Our top two Papadia’s beat it in both the taste and meatiness.

Italian Papadia

Giving a slightly unusual turn to the fact that piadinas or pizza are of Italian culinary heritage, mainly the Italian Papadia follows the thematic pattern very visible in many Papadias, Papa John’s Zesty Italian Trio in the sandwich form. It is made of Italian sausage, banana peppers, salami, cheese and a pizza sauce similar to the Meatball Pepperoni Pizza version, and it may change your attitude towards the Papadia concept, especially after a rather neutral meeting with the Meatball Pepperoni Pizza version.

The Italian Papadia offers a perfect blend of flavours. The banana peppers combine with the meat and cheese without the risk of merging into a pizza flatbread fusion. It is the strong flavour of the banana peppers that makes this Papadia best. 

Striking the right balance for different spice preferences, folded in vegetables, transform this offering from a pizza in reverse into a real genuine and very tasty sandwich. The essence of the Italian Papadia lies in the fact that the sharpness of the banana peppers is a perfect match for the umami taste of the pizza sauce.

But while perfectly illustrating the Papadias’ potential, the Italian Papadia fails in the salami area. This essential component is missing, and it just misses out on the number one position in our ratings.

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Papadia

The buffalo chicken flavour has taken many shapes and forms, from chips to party dips. Based on the success of its Fiery Buffalo Chicken Pizza, he has now taken this popular chicken wing and has turned it into a flatbread sandwich with the launch of its Grilled Buffalo Chicken Papadia. 

The first was concerned because a lot of sauce would affect the Papadia bread a lot. Strangely, even with the addition of a liquid element, the crust remained wonderfully fluffy and also remained intact.

Interestingly, though, buffalo or ranch sauce does not leak through the bread of the Grilled Buffalo Chicken Papadia even though it is applied liberally but rather as a consequence of a brilliant design. The first bite of this pizza sandwich is very rich with full-bodied flavour. 

In addition to the powerful and harmonious sauces that do not remove the taste from the ingredients, this Papadia is quite meaty. It contains most of the main ingredients of any version in this list. 

The Grilled Buffalo Chicken Papadias meat rich content and extraordinary taste, complemented by the ranch dipping sauce, is the realisation of the full potential of the pizza sandwich concept. Therefore, it ranks first among the best Papadias of the Papa John’s.


The worst to the best flavours for Papa John’s Papadia offerings are very subjective experiences. The Grilled Buffalo Chicken Papadia is a top pick due to its delicious taste. Lastly, the ratings indicate personal preferences, and it is by studying several choices that one can determine a perfect Papadia.


What is the healthiest Papadia option available?

The Grilled BBQ Chicken and Bacon Papadia is the most balanced option, offering 840 calories, 28g of fat, 13g of saturated fat, 85g of carbohydrates, 60g of protein and 2,410mg of sodium.

What is the difference between a Papadia and a pizza?

The Papadia is a unique merger of a pizza and a sandwich. It is folded like a sandwich but filled with the traditional toppings you would find on a pizza. It is different from a calzone, taking a cue from another timeless Italian dish to provide a unique eating experience.

How does Papa John differentiate itself in terms of quality?

The underlying component in Papa john’s commitment to excellence is that the cheap and highly processed ingredients are shunned. As for our special sauce, the superior toppings along with handmade dough in which we focus on serving are the best ingredients from packing containers. This commitment ensures that we continue providing the best quality pizzas to many clients.